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indian aviator
08-27-2011, 10:16 AM
Chapter 5
Dianne and Jeff froze, remaining absolutely still - unable to speak, to disengage
themselves, or anything else - except to wonder, in fear and panic, what might
happen next.
The tension was broken when a broad lusty smile spread across Tess's bright pretty
"Well," she said. "You didn't tell me we were having a party." As she stepped out
onto the patio, she reached behind her and undid her scant bikini top. She dangled
the strap across the flagstones as she approached her mother and brother, then let
the top fall into a tiny brightly colored puddle near them.
They looked up along the smooth tanned lines of her shapely legs. Up past the pink
triangle of shiny material covering the mound of her cunt. Up past the curves of her
hips and narrow flanks. Up to the gorgeous set of full melon-like globes of her
exposed tits. And up further to the sensuous smile pasted on her pretty face.
Slipping two fingers under the elastic of her bikini bottom, she wriggled her ass, the
polyester material slithering over her hips and down her legs. She jutted her hips
forward slightly, exposing the delicate fluff of her yellow cunthair.
"Joiners?" she asked, her voice syrupy with sexual heat. "Or is this a private party?"
Dianne cleared her throat and tried to pull her ass forward, yanking her pussy off
Jeff's cock. But his fingertips were buried in the flesh of her hips. She reached up
and nervously flung her sweaty bangs off her forehead.
"This is none of your business! Just get out of here!" Dianne's voice cracked, her
body shaking suddenly, her eyes scanning the patio in desperate search of
something to cover her nakedness.
"Whose business is it, then?" Tess asked, swiveling her hips. She had placed her
hands on her tits and rotated them into her chest, undulating her body as though her
tits itched and ached deep inside where she couldn't scratch. "Daddy's?"
She leered at her mother and ran her tongue sensuously over her upper lip.
"Don't you dare," Dianne said. "Don't you dare say a word about this to anyone, or
you'll live to regret it!"
"Oh, I won't say anything," Tess said in a lilting voice. "As long as you let me join the
Dianne felt Jeff's cock twitch inside her pussy. My god, she thought, it must have
grown to twice its size just at the mention of Tess making it a threesome. She tried to
She looked up again at Tess's beautiful features, her shimmering eyes, her long
yellow hair, her tits cupped under her hands - and the delightful patch of bright-gold
fluff just above her pussy. Her heart suddenly leapt into her throat.
As she hungrily eyed her daughter's gorgeous crotch, Dianne thought she could
detect the fragrant aroma of fresh pussy. It had been a long time - ever since she
was in college, since before she got married - since she had savored the treasures
of a nice tasty cunt.
Her throat went suddenly very dry. She could hear her heart thudding in her ears,
feel her blood coursing hotly through her veins. Her pussy contracted and quivered
and became hotter than an oven.
Dianne reached up invitingly toward Tess. Tess lowered one of her hands from her
tits. As their fingers touched, a bolt of electrical excitement shot throughout Dianne's
body. Dianne took her hand and gently pulled Tess down to the blanket.
"Come, my dear," Dianne said, her voice quivering in anticipation of what was about
to happen. "Sit here."
Tess lowered her bare ass to the blanket near her mother's head. Their eyes
remained fixed. Their bodies shook uncontrollably.
"No, no, my sweet," Dianne said, her voice revealing the high-pitched fever of her
excitement. "Swing around this way. Put one leg over ..."
Her words tumbled off into oblivion as she held one of Tess's ankles and swung it so
Tess was sitting in front of her, her legs spread and her crotch exposed.
Jeff swallowed hard. He couldn't believe what was happening. The sight of his
sister's golden-fringed pussy opening up before him with its bright-pink membranes
glistening in the full light of the afternoon sun, and the thought that he was going to
see his mother actually dive in there and lap at that succulent slick of pussy, was
driving him wild.
His cock pulsed and twitched and suddenly exploded. He felt his body shaking with
the convulsions of an uncontrollable orgasm.
He struggled desperately to conceal the magnitude of his excitement as his body
spasmed and quivered in the throes of a dynamic climax. His mind reeled in ecstasy.
Jeff stared bug-eyed as his mother lowered her head toward the yellow- tufted
swollen lips paralleling that bright, slick crevice of his sister's pussy. He wanted to
pull his cock out of his mother's glove- tight pussy and move around so he could see
better that magical, unbelievable moment when her tongue actually caressed Tess's
But the grip Dianne's cunt had on his cock prevented him. The gripping, fiery
sensations of her pussy were like nothing he had ever felt before, and he knew he'd
be crazy to give it up for anything in the world. Just knowing that his mother's tongue
was lapping up the length of her tasty pussy, savoring the sweet delight that he had
savored so many times himself, made his balls ache and made his cock stiffer and
more powerful than ever before.
He felt his mother's cunt muscles flex and milk his cock the instant she buried her
face in Tess's crotch. A long low moan of lust and pleasure flowed up from
somewhere deep in her chest. Her body shook with tiny little quivers, and it seemed
as though she was coming and coming and coming.
Dianne nuzzled her nose into the squashy folds of Tess's upper cunt, inhaling deeply
the heady fragrance of excited pussy. She shagged her head, her nose flying over
the sensitive tip of her daughter's half- exposed clit. She was going wild with raging
desire. The scent, the flavor of sweet young cunt made her heart pound faster, her
breathing race out of control, her pussy quiver and clutch Jeff's hard thick prick.
She probed her tongue inside Tess's cunthole a few times. She could feel Tess's
pussy getting wetter by the second. It warmed and moistened Dianne's parched
tongue and mouth as she sucked some of the tasty fluids of excitement from the
depths of Tess's cunt.
Tess was quivering like a candle flame. She felt as though the entire surface of her
body was being tickled by a feather duster. She had never dreamed that her mother
would be into eating pussy!
Her cunt was practically liquid - half from the expert tongue-job she was feeling on
her cunt, and half from the unbelievable knowledge that it was her mother's tongue
that was licking her. She had long been envious of her mother's shapely form, and
considered her father a very lucky man to have the chance to crawl in bed next to
her every night and suck and fuck her gorgeous pussy.
Thinking these thoughts caused Tess to come instantly. Her body quivered, her ass
bouncing and her tits flapping in the light breeze as Dianne licked away at her supercharged
pussy. She cupped her tits and tried to pinch away the aching, begging
desire that concentrated in her nipples.
Dianne gurgled and sputtered and made slurping sounds as she struggled to lap and
suck up all of the fluids issuing from her daughter's sumptuous cunt. She herself
shook and jerked spasmodically as ripples of orgasm welled up inside her,
threatening to break loose at any second. She was excited like she never had been
before in her life, her guts rumbling uncontrollably. She thought she might pass out
from the high-voltage experience.
All the while, she continued to lurch her ass back to feel Jeff's cock spearing her
pussy from behind. The combined sensations - of Tess's cunt splashing its warm
liquid into her mouth and Jeff's long hard cock fucking her pussy - overwhelmed her.
Her heart raced and sweat literally coated every square inch of her tingling flesh as
her orgasm mounted.
Jeff was fucking her pussy about as fast as he could. His cock scorched along her
steamy cunt walls. His balls ached, hanging low and swinging freely, slapping up into
his mother's crotch.
He swallowed hard, watching the unbelievable scene unfolding before his eyes. He
could tell Tess was exploding like a grenade. The look of awe spread across her
face, the guttural sounds of lust rumbling up from deep inside her somewhere, the
way her body jerked and quivered, glistening in the bright afternoon sun and the way
she clutched and pinched her tits all excited him outrageously. And from the way his
mother's hips and ass were twitching and thrusting, he could tell she was enjoying
the rewards of orgasm herself.
His jaw hung open as he tried to concentrate his attention on every detail of the
marvelous fuck. He didn't want to ever forget it. He wanted it to stay fresh in his
memory - for he thought he would never experience another fuck as exciting, ever
His body was growing weak and tired from exhaustion. He had been fucking his cock
into his mother's drenched and super-charged pussy at high speed for longer than
he had ever fucked before in his life. The tingly sensations that signaled his orgasm
had gripped his balls and spread throughout his body minutes ago, but he still hadn't
He had to shoot, he told himself. He just had to dump his load of hot sticky cum
inside his mother's pussy or he would burst apart at the seams. He felt himself right
on the verge of shooting his load, so he fucked his cock into her faster and harder.
Tess was shrieking with delight as she felt Dianne's nose lurch into her clit with every
one of her brother's dynamic thrusts into Dianne's pussy. She let go of her tits and
clutched her mother's head. Holding it steady, she could feel Dianne's hard oral
spear lick the excited walls of her flooding pussy.
"Oh God, Mom!" she wailed. "Oh fuck! I can't stop coming! You're driving me nuts!
You're tickling me! Stop, Mom, please! I can't take any more!"
Dianne slowed her pace. She stopped rubbing her nose over Tess's clit. Wrapping
her lips completely around Tess's flooding cunthole, she sucked up the last of her
fuckjuice before Tess succeeded in pulling her mother's face out of her crotch.
"Unh, unh, unh!" Dianne gasped. "Christ! Jeff! Wait! Wait! Holy shit! I need a
breather! Your cock is fucking my cunt raw!"
She relaxed as Tess tugged on her head and pulled her body up over her own. In an
effort to keep his cock from slipping out of his mother's cunt, he leaned forward,
coming to rest on Dianne's back as Dianne rested on top of Tess. Their chests rose
and fell dramatically as they all gulped air.
After several minutes, Dianne flexed her cunt muscles around Jeff's cock and felt it
still hard and throbbing inside her aching pussy.
"Holy shit!" she exclaimed between breaths. "Your prick is still hard! Didn't you
"Oh, yeah," he panted. "A couple times. Watching you two just got me so worked up
that I got a hard-on that won't quit."
Dianne tightened her pussy around his cockshaft and milked it as best she could, but
she felt weak. Her cheek was resting against Tess's and she felt her daughter's face
stretch in a broad, lusty grin.
"Oh, good," Tess said. "I have just the thing for it."
She ground her sloppy cunt against her mother's.
Dianne lifted her head and looked into her daughter's eyes, searching for an answer.
"You? Fuck your brother?"
Tess giggled and scrunched her shoulders teasingly. "Why, Mother! You? Fuck your
son? Tsk tsk! Believe me, this won't be the first time. And don't look so surprised!"
Dianne saw the twinkling lights of mischief in her daughter's eyes.
"Imagine that," Dianne said. "Well, this should prove to be very interesting."
She wriggled and humped her body to indicate that Jeff should get off her.
Jeff got the message and pulled his long cock from the depths of his mother's cunt
and rolled sideways. Dianne rolled off Tess in the other direction. She rested on an
elbow as Jeff rolled back into position, this time on top of Tess.
Without wasting another second, he raised his hips as Tess spread her legs. She
reached between his legs and grabbed his lengthy, sticky cock and pumped it a few
times. She was about to plant it in her waiting pussy when she got another idea.
"Wait a minute. Let me have a taste first." She hoisted him off her and scooted down
the length of his torso until his long hard prick was directly over her face.
She hoped to accomplish two things. She delighted in the feel of his cock in her
mouth, for one thing. Plus, she wanted to convey to her mother that she enjoyed the
taste of pussy as well.
She popped Jeff's cock in her mouth and sucked it in as far as she could, humming
gleefully all the while. Working her tongue around as much of the entire surface as
she could, she lapped and sucked off all the great flavors of her mother's pussy that
remained there. Then she pulled her mouth off Jeff's cock and licked and sucked his
balls and the entire area of his crotch, humming approvingly.
"Mmmmm!" she moaned as she pulled her body back to its original position under
her brother's. "There's nothing like a little pussy- juice to get me really turned on!
Now, Jeff, shove your cock in me and fuck me to the moon!"
She still had a hold on his cock, and she poised it at the entrance to her fuckhole.
When she released his cock, he fucked the length of his prickshaft right into the welloiled
tunnel of her soft, warm pussy. They grinned at each other, then turned to
observe the look of delight on their mother's face.
Dianne was half-sitting next to them, her eyes glued on Jeff's cock as it disappeared
into her daughter's cunt. She started to finger her pussy. Although she had been
fucked nearly raw a few minutes earlier, the sight of Jeff's gorgeous prick fucking into
Tess's pussy ignited flames of passion in her cunt.
"Why, Mom," Tess said, "no need to play with your own pussy. Join the party."
Dianne's eyes caught Tess's for only a second. She grinned lewdly, then got up and
straddled her daughter's face. She came instantly as she felt Tess's tongue snake
inside the succulent folds of her ready cunt.
Jeff swung his cock into high gear. He fucked his sister fast and furiously as he
watched her suck their mother's wet cunt. The sight, the fragrance and the
sensations combined to heighten his sexual thrills.
He hammered his cock into Tess's receptive pussy for minutes on end as he
watched his mother's gorgeous ass hover over Tess's face. Tess and Dianne both
enjoyed several more glorious orgasms before he shot his load deep into Tess's
cunt. Then he collapsed onto his mother's ass, forcing her flooding pussy right into
Tess's face. By the time the festivities ended, Jeff was so fucked out that his cock felt
like a twisted garden hose.