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indian aviator
08-27-2011, 10:18 AM
Chapter 6
Tess and Dianne fucked Jeff to the bone that afternoon. Then, for a variety of
reasons, they lapsed into a long dry spell. Finally, Tess could stand the pressure no
longer. She was hot, wet and raring to go. She couldn't stop her pussy from drooling.
She was working herself off with a dildo one day when she heard huffing and puffing
sounds coming from the basement. She recognized the noises her brother Andy
made when he lifted weights. She suddenly got an idea. She put on a short negligee
and went downstairs.
"Hi," she said as she approached her brother.
He was flat on his back, bench-pressing a barbell over his chest. She ogled the
steely hard muscles in his arms as they bulged and strained, sinewy and sexy under
the deeply tanned skin. She eyed his crotch, also bulging inside his grey fleece
shorts as he exerted pressure to push the weights into the air.
"Hi," he said between thrusts, not wanting to waste words or energy in lengthy
"Mmmmm!" she moaned as she took a place on the mat near him, her gaze glued to
his bulging cock. Tess curled her legs and sat with her ankles under her. Her crotch
opened up, her dripping pussy coming into full view. "Are those all the muscles you
"No, I do all of them," he panted.
"All of them?" She worked her voice in a lusty way, knowing full well her brother
would understand her meaning. "Do you lift weights with your - cock?" She laughed.
"Or are there other exercises you do to strengthen your cock muscles?"
Andy just about lost his rhythm and his count. His cock throbbed and tented mightily
in his tight gym shorts.
"Do you exercise your pussy muscles?"
"Sure," she said. "Wanna see?"
A sharp burst of air exploded from his lungs as his head turned sideways. He could
see right up Tess's thighs to the furry damp spot she had intentionally revealed to
him. His eyes bugged out when she spread her legs and lowered a dildo to her
The barbell came crashing down to its cradle. Tess spread her pussylips with several
fingers, gently teased her clit for a few seconds, then worked the head of the dildo
inside the opening to her fuckhole.
Andy's chest rose and fell rapidly. His throat went very dry. His eyes bugged out in
total disbelief as his prick stiffened and strained for release from his shorts.
Tess teased him with lusty eyes as she glanced alternately between her pussy and
his face and cock. She ran her tongue over her upper lip and smirked as she
observed the look of delight on her brother's face and the incredible bulge his cock
was making in his shorts.
She raised her eyebrows. "Didn't believe me, did you? Now what about you? Do you
ever exercise your cock?" She let her eyes fall to his throbbing, swelling hard-on.
"Looks to me like your prick could use a good workout."
"Holy shit!" Andy gasped. "I don't believe this!"
He tried to get up.
Tess beat him to it. She slipped the dildo out of her pussy, got up and straddled her
brother's legs. Without wasting a second, she immediately pressed her hands over
the bulge of his straining, pulsing cock.
"Mmmmmm!" she moaned. "Boy, I'll say! Your cock is ready for action!"
As he lifted himself to his elbows, Tess slipped her hand up under the leg opening of
his shorts and cupped his cock through the material of his jock. She squeezed and
pressed and clutched and rotated his cock around for a few seconds, then pulled her
hand out.
Leaning forward, she wrapped her mouth over the bulge and blew warm moist air on
his cock. It pulsed and swelled even more, practically filling up her mouth. The thick
material of his jock and shorts made the dimensions of his prick appear all the larger.
She slipped her fingers under the elastic of his waistband and started to tug his
shorts down.
"What the fuck?" Andy still couldn't believe what was going on.
"Just relax, and enjoy," Tess said. "Didn't you ever dream about fucking me? Be
honest. Didn't you ever want me to give you a blow-job?"
Hearing her say the words excited him all the more. His cock throbbed a quick
response. He chuckled. "You gotta be kidding!"
She pulled his shorts down over the huge bulge of his expanding prick. She watched
as his dark-blond cockhairs came into view, then the thick tube of his prickshaft, and
finally the huge bulbous knob of his cock. When the waistband inched down even
farther, his cock sprang up forcefully, slapping noisily against his lower belly.
"Ooooh, Andy!" Tess cried approvingly. "What a gorgeous hunk of cock!"
She eyed its great size, the giant cockhead thudding wildly against his hairy
bellybutton, the full girth of his prickshaft throbbing with intense excitement.
She pulled the shorts even lower and eyed his massive balls, huge and thick-skinned
and dark and hairy. She hoisted her ass off his legs and pulled his gym shorts and
jock down to his ankles, where he instantly kicked them off. Her hand came back up
to his crotch and cupped his weighty balls.
A look of awe spread over both their faces as she weighed his balls. Her fingers
worked restlessly, stroking, squeezing, stretching and rolling. Then she brought her
hand up a little higher and wrapped her fingers around his cock.
His prick twitched instantly, and as she lovingly squeezed it and lifted it off his belly,
she ogled the clear drop of pre-cum oozing out the winking piss-slit. Her eyes
flashed from his cock to his face. And since he showed no signs of resistance, she
lowered her face to his cock. She stuck out her tongue and lapped off the slick drops
of jizz coating his cockhead.
Andy flinched and shuddered. He thought he would come as soon as he felt her hot
mouth on his cockhead. His heart was beating fast and his mouth was dry. He simply
lay there and watched his sister's mouth wrap around the head of his cock.
He felt the wetness and heat of her mouth as she sucked his cock. The temperature
in his prick was rising rapidly, and his knees quivered. His guts rumbled with
excitement and he felt his balls tighten up in his crotch as she pulled more of his
crazily throbbing cock into her mouth.
He swallowed hard.
"Oh jeez, Tess," he said, his voice trembly. "Oh, God. I'm gonna shoot. Suck it good,
now, Tess. Suck my cock hard. I can't hold back."
Tess's level of excitement doubled in a second. Her pussy dripped in anticipation of
tasting her brother's hot, salty cum as it blasted into her mouth. She wriggled and
squirmed, her tits hanging free from her half-opened nightie and flopping around on
his chest.
She started pounding Andy's cockshaft with a tight fist, eager to have him shoot his
load. Her mouth worked up and down the upper part of his great cock as fast as it
would go, feeling the giant cockhead press into her throat. Her other hand still toyed
with his balls, her nails scraping his tender thighs and pressing back into his asshole.
When she felt his body tense up and quiver, she knew she was about to receive the
rewards of her efforts. She bounced all the more frantically on his legs, sliding her
ass to one side so her soaked pussy could rub up and down his shin. She clutched
and pumped his throbbing cock all the harder, and prepared to accept his plentiful
spurts of cum.
Andy suddenly clutched the sides of her head and held her in position while he
fucked his cock up into her greedy mouth. He was too strong for her, and she
instantly realized it was more like he was fucking her face than she was giving him a
blowjob. His body started to buck and churn, and he grunted uncontrollably in time
with each blast as his cock suddenly erupted into her throat.
Tess squealed and squirmed with glee, welcoming blast after blast of his tasty
spunk. She wrapped her tongue more tightly around his cockshaft, feeling it pulse as
his cum squirted up from his balls and shot into her mouth. Her own orgasm wracked
her body with delightful quivers as her pussy flooded his shin with abundant
outpourings of her warm cuntjuices.
Andy started to jerk unevenly as his blasts of cum into her mouth started to slow. He
collapsed to the bench with a wet slap as his cock shot the last of its cum. He
released her head, and Tess pulled her mouth up.
She licked and sucked his prick eagerly, greedily trying to suck up as much of the
stimulating fluid as possible. She squeezed his balls, forcing up every last drop of his
tasty cum she could find. Pulling her mouth off his flagging cock with a pop, she
swished the last of his load around in her mouth, humming delightedly before
swallowing it down to join the cum already warming her belly.
She smacked her lips and grinned as their eyes met.
"Aaaahhhhh," she said, beaming.
"Delightful." She flopped his limp, sticky cock back and forth on his thighs. "Well, how
was it?"
"You gotta be kidding! The best exercise my cock has ever had!" He glanced down
to the spot where she was still rubbing her drenched cunt slowly up and down his
shin. He grabbed her and hoisted her upwards. "Now it's time to give my tongue a
Tess giggled and shook her shoulders. A broad grin of lusty excitement graced her
lips. She nuzzled her damp pussy into Andy's shin to indicate that she had no
Andy pulled her toward his face, but very slowly, and only halfway. Their eyes were
still locked in a deep smoldering stare saturated with lust. Andy's eyes eventually
bobbed downward and caught the sight of her tits coming into view as he hoisted his
sister upward. He rested her wet crotch on his lower belly, and as he removed his
hands from under her armpits, he swished her sheer nightie to the floor.
Her tits revealed, he very gently cupped his large beefy hands over them. He rotated
them as he squeezed, then pressed them against her ribs. Closing his grip, he
snared the long hard nipples between his knuckles and watched as he pinched and
pulled his sister's tits. Her nipples were like tiny thumbs, jutting out from the dark,
rose-colored circles of her tits, and they made his eyes widen with delight and his
mouth hunger for a sampling.
Lifting his head to her chest as he removed his hand from her left tit, he opened his
mouth and flicked his tongue lightly over the protruding nipple. He caught it between
his teeth and bit and rotated the erect nipple very lightly. A sharp intake of air filled
Tess's lungs, causing her tits to expand all the more and mashing more of the large,
firm mounds into Andy's face and hand.
Andy opened wide and pulled the gorgeous fleshy mound of tit into his mouth. He
sucked hard, as though he were trying to pull her tit into his throat.
Tess was surprised. She inhaled deeply and excitedly again, feeling renewed
dribbles of excitement trickle out of her cunt.
She shuddered, her shoulders shaking again.
"Oooooh, Andy!" she gasped, her voice shaking slightly. "Oh God, that feels good!
My tits really ache!"
She rotated her shoulders and arched her back in a slow undulating motion, mashing
her one tit into his mouth all the more, while her other tit pressed into his gripping
hand. She clutched the back of his head and pulled him closer.
"Your mouth feels so good on my tit!" she cried. "Mmmmm, yeah! That's really
turning me on! I can't stop shaking! Aaaaah!"
Moans of delight rumbled up from deep inside her as she ground her drenched cunt
over the thick patch of wiry hair carpeting his lower belly. She could tell her pussy
was getting his stomach wet and warm, and that thought excited her all the more.
Tess could feel the flames of her passion rising higher. Her head was swimming. Her
whole body, inside and out, was being elevated to ever higher plateaus of sexual
excitement by the wonderful feeling of Andy's warm mouth wrapped around her tit
and the tip of his stiff tongue flickering ever so gently over her nipples.
Andy pulled off her tit with a series of suction-slurps and switched to the other one.
He repeated his powerful sucking on her right tit, sending shivers of mounting bliss
up his sister's spine. Her head flip- flopped around as he sucked and tantalized and
clutched her firm fits.
But as wonderful as her tits were to suck on, he had other plans for her gorgeous
body. He could feel the jungle of hair on his belly growing wetter by the minute from
her freely flowing cunt, and he wanted to sample her juicy pussy before it ran dry.
Already the heady fragrance of pungent pussy was wafting up to his nose, sending
his mind reeling with desire and causing his cock to stir under her shapely ass.
He placed his hands under her arms once more and lifted her still higher. She was
like a light ball of fluff in his strong arms. He could have lifted her completely off him
and tossed her aside. He could have - if he had wanted to. But with the aroma of her
ripe and ready pussy stimulating his aroused senses all the more, he needed to
satisfy the hunger deep in his belly for a generous sampling of her succulent cunt.
As he pulled her higher over him, he eyed that delicate patch of fluffy yellow cunthair
- wet and matted - coming into view. He inhaled deeply, relishing the odors that
issued from her crotch as it neared his face. He paused as he held her pussy directly
over his face, and after eyeing the magnificence of her cunt, he nuzzled his nose into
her patch of pussyhair.
Tess could feel his huge chest expand and his hard nipples tickle her ass as he
inhaled deeply. She giggled and wriggled her hips, brushing the smooth flesh of her
gorgeous asscheeks over his stiff nipples. She ground her ass around a little more,
feeling his nose nuzzle between her swollen cuntlips.
Andy's tongue came out of his mouth almost automatically. He lapped eagerly up the
entire crevice of her pussy several times. He was still holding her over him, and
lowered her ass a bit closer to him as his tongue snaked up into the gaping and
drooling opening of her cunthole.
Tess shuddered and leaned forward, her only support the barbell that rested on its
rack. She could feel her pussyjuices flow all the faster and the inside walls of her
pussy itch and tickle as the fluids trickled downward. She caught her breath and felt
herself tremble in near-hysterical early waves of orgasm.
Holding her as tightly as he could, Andy rolled sideways, lowering Tess to the floor,
his face still glued to her pussy. Instantly, her legs went up and wrapped around his
head. He wrapped his lips around her entire pussy opening, stuck his tongue as far
into her cunt as he could and sucked.
Her pussy was already so wet with her tasty fuckjuices that Andy didn't have far to
go for his dessert. He licked and sucked up as much of her pussyjuice as he could.
Then, when he felt her spasms subside, he switched to her clit.
He worked his tongue over, around, and up and down, tickling and lapping at her clit
as she undulated her hips under him. Her ass rose and fell on the mat as his tongue
worked its magic on her pussy. Moans and gurgles of delight poured from her mouth
as she floated higher toward another glorious climax.
"Oh God, Andy!" she cried, clutching his head. "God, that's marvelous! Lick my
pussy good, now! Faster! I'm coming again! I can't stop shaking! I'm coming like a
fuckin' gypsy in heat!"
Andy reached around her legs and grabbed her tits. His biceps bulged into the backs
of her thighs as he pinched and pulled her excited nipples, causing her back to arch
and jerk in mounting delight. He pulled her fleshy clit between his teeth and licked
over it frantically as he felt her quiver and convulse on the brink of another orgasm.
When her thighs slapped against the sides of his head and his chin burrowed into
her flooding cunthole and uncontrollable yips and squeals of excitement exploded
from her throat, he knew she was coming grandly. He pulled his mouth off her clit
and thrust his tongue back into her pussy. He slurped and licked and sucked as
furiously as he could.
Tess was erupting like a fountain as the waves of orgasm washed over her. Her
whole body was drenched with sweat as her pussy gushed the sweet nectar of her
excitement. She yanked Andy's hair absently, causing him to wince.
When she finally stopped shrieking and jerking, her legs weakened and her thighs
loosened their grip on Andy's head. Her legs slapped wetly to the mat, and Tess
pulled Andy's head up out of her crotch. With closed eyes, she kissed and licked up
all the remaining cuntjuice that coated his handsome face - and felt his enormous
cock, hot and hard and throbbing, slide up her thigh and come to rest against her
quivering pussy.