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indian aviator
08-27-2011, 10:19 AM
Chapter 7
Tess giggled, her body writhing and squirming, as she swiveled her hips up, ready to
accept the first stab of Andy's red-hot cock into her waiting cunt. She swung her hips
up and down, feeling his throbbing prick slide along the drenched trench of her
pussy. She grabbed his ass and yanked her crotch up toward his.
His cock-knob found the entrance to her fuckhole and slipped in. Instantly Tess' neck
arched, her jaw fell open and a long expectant moan rolled off her tongue. She
pulled firmly on Andy's ass as she lifted her hips up off the mat, and his cock slipped
effortlessly into the warm waiting confines of her pussy.
"Oh, God!" she panted, barely above a whisper, her voice quivering. "Oh fuck, Andy!
More, more, more! Shove your cock in me as far as it will go!"
Andy lowered his hips to hers, fucking his cock farther into the tight oven of her cunt.
He pressed his groin against hers, feeling his cock nuzzle into various parts of her
pussy. Without warning, he pulled his ass upward and sank back down again,
feeding his cock into her all the deeper.
Braced on his elbows, he covered her completely, his body about twice the size of
hers. As his cock explored the hidden treasures of her cunt, he worked his whole
body in a way that excited her all the more. His huge barrel chest pressed into her,
and when he inhaled, her tits squished into her chest. He swayed above her,
tantalizing and exciting her hard, pointed nipples.
Tess pressed her fingers into his ass rhythmically, trying to coax him into working up
a good steady pumping stroke. She ground her ass around, flexing her cunt
muscles, feeling the size of his cock fill up her pussy tunnel all the more. With little
room to maneuver under him, she struggled to press her ass into the mat and thrust
up against him, feeling the length of his engorged prick slide along her well-oiled
cunt walls.
Tiny uncontrollable grunts and squeals escaped Tess' throat as Andy started a slow,
steady pumping motion of his cock in an out of her cunt. Each time he fucked into
her, she gripped and stroked his cock with her talented cunt muscles. They started
out slowly, rising and falling and gradually building up a good head of steam.
Tess scrunched her eyes closed and saw stars every time Andy fucked his cock
forcefully into her gripping cunt. She yanked harder and faster on his ass to get him
to increase his speed. The mounting delights of another grand orgasm were already
making her head spin, her body feel wild, fulfilled and satisfied.
She felt Andy pull the weight of his chest off of her tits. Then she felt the steam of his
breath as he lowered his mouth to her tits and teased her nipples with his tongue.
His mouth opened and swallowed one of her firm tits inside while his hand cupped
and tweaked the other.
She extended her arm and reached around one of his huge muscular thighs, her
hand dripping down the crack of his ass. She stretched farther and felt his balls slap
against her fingertips as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy. Twisting her
body slightly, she reached even farther and clutched at his balls.
She grabbed one of his balls and pulled, stretching his hairy sac. She worked one
ball around in her hand, then scraped the sensitive skin with her nails. Reaching
farther, she felt the huge, swollen root of his cock as he pumped into her pussy.
Her nails scraped over the warm flesh of his thighs and back into the crack of his
ass. She pressed her fingers into that sensitive area between his balls and asshole,
and felt his cock throb as he continued to hammer away at her cunt. Her fingers
trailed a little farther up and pressed against his asshole.
Andy grunted and started driving his cock into her cunt all the faster. Her exploring
hand and fingers were turning him on. Shivers breezed up his spine, and he knew he
was about to come.
The magnificence of her tits, the tight grip of her pussy on his cock and the deft
handiwork of her fingers on his balls and asshole sent his inside churning. He
doubled his efforts, fucking his cock into her pussy all the more energetically. His
mouth came off her tit with a sloppy pop and he panted for air.
"Jesus!" he wailed. "Oh, God! This is it! can't hold back any longer! Come with me,
Tess! I'm going to explode! Unh, unh!"
He pressed his elbows tightly against her body, his hands gripping the sides of her
head. His mouth met hers, nibbling, kissing, sucking, their tongues dueling. Their
bodies and bellies made smacking sounds as they slapped wetly into each other.
Faster and harder he fucked his cock into her, and the room filled with wild,
passionate grunts, groans and smacks.
Tess suddenly felt her body go limp all over. She had been matching his frantic fuck
strokes as best she could, but her hand came out of his crotch, and as her arms
folded around his back, her knees plopped to the mat for the pay off.
Her breathing was rapid and noisy as Andy fucked his erupting cock into her
exploding cunt. She lost touch with everything around her, everything except the
wonders of orgasmic bliss.
Andy's massive chest was expanding and collapsing a mile a minute, his hard hairy
ass a near blur as he fucked his rapidly firing cock into her. As his jism shot up his
bulging and throbbing cock, he could feel his prick swell all the more, filling her to
overflowing with cock and spunk - plus her own abundant pussyjuice.
Finally - sweaty, exhausted, and gulping for air - he stabbed her pussy with a few
super-thrusts of his flagging cock, and relaxed on top of her. He rolled sideways,
pulling her with him.
Her head spun as she rose and fell on his huge chest. She felt dizzy, like she was
going to lose her balance, but it didn't matter. There was no place she could have
Her limp, rubbery body - tiny compared to the massive size of her brother's - seemed
to be drawing its life from his. She wriggled her ass, grinding her sloppy pussy
around on his waning cock, and smiled. He opened his eyes and they stared at each
She chuckled, and he burst out laughing. Her body bobbed up and down on his
jiggling chest.
"Well," she said. "How was it? As good as lifting weights?"
He chuckled. "Smart-ass!"
"Do you lift weights with your cock? To make it stronger?"
He slapped her ass. "Do you eat bananas with your pussy - to give it a tighter grip?"
"Too bad there isn't some exercise a guy can do with his cock," she said with a sly
smile. "Or with his tongue. Wouldn't that be something? Lifting weights with your
"This is the only exercise I do with my cock," he said, thrusting his half-hard prick up
into her pussy. "And you've already seen my only tongue exercise. What about you?
Are there any exercises you do with your pussy? Or your mouth?"
"Just what you've seen today." She brushed wet bangs out of her eyes and gripped
his deflated cock with her cunt. "But it never hurts to exercise. If you know what I
"I can dig it. We'll have to do it again sometime."
"You're on!"
It was about a week later when they got another chance to be alone. When she
came down the stairs and saw him doing bench presses again, Tess approached
him, swinging her hips sexily. Without a word, she pulled his shorts down over his
burgeoning cock, removed her shorts and straddled his hips.
As he continued to pump iron, she clutched his cock and worked the bulbous knob
up and down the moist slit of her cunt. When she had his cock and her cunt welllubed,
she lifted her hips, aimed his prickhead right at her pussyhole, and sank down
on it.
She placed her hands on his chest. Leaning forward, she ground her pussy around
on his inflated prick, licking her lips as she looked into his handsome face. She
twisted and gnashed her pussy around, diddling her clit at the same time, until she
exploded in orgasm.
She tightened her cunt around his cock and milked it a few times, finding it still hard
and long and deep inside her ravenous pussy. Leaning back, she clutched his knees
and rode his cock wildly. She could see his face getting red as he continued to grunt
and pump the barbell, his breathing speeding up and becoming noisy.
Andy's body started to shake and he started to thrust his crotch up against hers. He
was bucking and panting furiously, his hips slapping up against her, his engorged
cock fucking into her pussy at high speed. Then, with an explosive gasp, Andy shot
his load.
When she had fucked and milked his cock dry, Tess pulled her cunt off his cock. She
immediately gobbled his cock into her mouth, puffing the softening prick-knob into
her throat and tasting the remnants of his cum and her funky pussyjuice. She licked
his prick clean, pulled his shorts back up to his waist and padded quietly back
One day Andy was standing nude in front of a full-length mirror in his room, having
just finished working out and showering, when he heard hushed and muffled squeals
and grunts of sexual activity coming from his sister's room. He peeked out into the
hallway, and seeing no one, strutted quickly and quietly to her door, his cock already
growing and slapping against his firm thighs as he moved.
He quietly turned the doorknob and peeked in. He gasped when he discovered Tess
flat on her back on the bed, her eyes closed and her mouth open in ecstasy as she
fucked a huge pink dildo in and out of her dripping cunt. Instantly, Andy's cock
sprang to full attention. His mouth watered as he eyed her gorgeous tits rolling about
on her chest, and especially when he saw her soaked pussyhair and what was
visible of her juicy cunt.
Andy tiptoed to the bed. Leaning over her chest, he stuck out his tongue and licked
her nipples as they jiggled back and forth. He heard a sudden intake of her breath.
He couldn't see if she had opened her eyes to watch him there, but it didn't matter.
Her body was responding favorably. She arched her back and shoved more of her tit
toward his face.
She writhed and moaned and worked the dildo in and out of her pussy all the more
energetically as her hard nipples seemed to grow even longer and harder in his
mouth. His hand roamed over her belly, his fingers tangling in the damp curls of her
blonde pussyhairs, which were darkened by the moisture that issued from her cunt.
He moved his fingers ever lower, and eventually grasped her hand working the dildo.
He slid his face down her torso and belly while his free hand clutched her tit. Pulling
the dildo out of her cunt, he thrust his large thumb up inside her dripping pussy and
lowered his mouth to her clit. She grabbed the back of his head and shrieked.
"Oh, God, Jeff!" she cried. "Oh, Christ, that feels so good! More, Jeff, more!"
At the sound of his brother's name, Andy flinched and stopped his fingering and
licking - but only momentarily. Then he started fucking his thumb forcefully in and out
of her sloppy cunt while his fingers pressed against her asshole. All the while, he
nibbled and licked her clit and played with the firm mounds of her tits.
He had Tess writhing and moaning in no time. The triple action of his mouth and
hands on the most sensitive and erotic area of her body all at once had her
convulsing and creaming. Her cunt was practically fluid as the juices seeped out,
soaked his hand and streamed down the crack of her ass. She shuddered all the
more when she felt his middle finger slip inside her asshole.
"Unh, oh God yes!" she moaned. "That feels so good! Finger my asshole! I've never
felt anything so wild before in my life! It's making me come all the more! Oh, yes,
Jeff, yes! More, more, more!"
She was a virtual writhing, twisting, shaking mass of flesh and bones as he fingered
and sucked her to ever greater orgasmic heights. As her body became limp, ever
more of his finger slipped into her asshole. He was soon slapping his hand frantically
and wetly in her crotch, his thumb fucking deeper into her cunt as his middle finger
fucked her ass.
Tess drifted and sailed from orgasm to orgasm, never wanting to stop. Her body was
soaked with sweat, her crotch drenched with the generous outpourings of her
pussyjuice. Her arms and legs flip-flopped around like loose rubber bands, and soon
she was pushing his head out of her crotch because she could stand no more.
Andy got on the bed and slipped his rigid cock into the depths of her sloppy cunt. He
fucked fast and furiously. Tess swung her arms and legs around his back and rode
him every ounce of energy she had left, then finally begged him to pull his cock out
of her pussy because he was fucking her raw.
"Can't take it, eh?" He spoke between rapid breaths. "Fucked you raw, huh? I knew I
could out-fuck you!"
When he spoke, her eyes popped open. "Andy!"
"Thought it was Jeff, eh? What, you been fucking him, too?"
She shrugged her shoulders.
"Can't take it in the cunt, huh? Well, that's too bad. Since you seemed to like that
asshole action so much, and since my cock is screaming for more, what do you say
we flip you over."
Tess didn't object. She couldn't have resisted if she had wanted to. She was like a
toy in his strong grasp, and the next thing she knew, her cheek was on a pillow, her
tits were mashed into the mattress, her ass was high in the air and Andy was fucking
his enormous cock into her tiny asshole.
She shrieked with every advance of his cock into her ass. She thought her flesh was
being ripped to shreds. It felt like he was fucking her with a flaming torch.
But she also felt her nipples stiffen and ache. A yearning sensation deep inside her
guts begged for him to fuck more of his hard prick into her ass. Her clit quivered -
also begging for more.
Andy worked his hips back and forth slowly, shoving his cock into her tiny asshole
inch by inch, feeling the great warmth and the incredible tightness. His mouth hung
open in awe as he watched the great length of his prick disappear inside her. He
clutched her hips tightly and worked her ass slowly back and forth with each of his
invading stabs into her ass.
Before long, he had his cock in her ass to the hilt. His weighty, hairy balls pressed
into the backs of her thighs, and he began a slow and steady pumping motion.
Gradually picking up speed, he soon had her asshole stretched out as he fucked his
bursting cock into her.
Tess reached under her belly and flicked her clit when she could tell Andy started
coming. Together they grunted and jerked to a mind- shattering climax. When he
finally filled her bowels with as much of his cum as he had ever shot, he collapsed
forward, nearly crushing her as his frantically heaving chest pressed against her tiny