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indian aviator
08-27-2011, 10:21 AM
Chapter 9
Spring flowed on in happy splendor, for everyone in the household - everyone finding
whatever excuse they could and whatever chance they could to get together secretly
and fuck their brains out with each other. And all assumed no one else knew
anything about it.
One weekend when Ron packed up his gear and took his two sons trout fishing,
Dianne seized the opportunity she had been waiting for. She had announced to Tess
a few days earlier that they would have a wonderful chance to get to know each
other real well.
She prepared a special dinner. They talked and giggled, their eyes caressing each
other the whole while, each knowing full well what the other had in mind. They
languished kisses and gentle strokes each time they passed each other, hugging
and brushing their tits together as they cleaned up afterwards.
"And now," Dianne said as they finished the last of the dishes, "for the special treat."
She kissed her daughter lightly on the mouth, parting her daughter's lips with her
own and letting her fingertips gently trace over the curve of Tess's tits. "Come with
She took Tess's hand and led her to her room. She slowly undressed her daughter,
paying careful attention to each new curve that came into view, each new square
inch of excited warm flesh, each wisp of body hair and each perky nipple. Dianne
cupped one hand under Tess's left tit and lifted it, the nipple already pointing to the
ceiling. She lowered her face to the girl's tit and gently flicked her tongue over the
erect nipple.
Shivers of ecstasy rippled up Tess's spine. Her head arched back and her jaw
flopped open. She softly stroked her mother's radiant blonde hair.
"Oh God, Mom!" she whispered, her voice fraught with electric tension, anxiety and
anticipation of what was about to follow. "You've got me shivering already! My pussy
is aching for your touch and for your mouth!"
Dianne took Tess's hand and led her to the bed. She pushed Tess down and rested
on top of her. Her hand immediately went to Tess's crotch. She palmed the downy
mound of her daughter's pussy, letting one finger slip between her cunt lips. Tess's
cunt was warm, soft and undulating under her cupped hand.
Tess swiveled her hips, rotating them upward and pressing more of her pussy into
her mother's searching hand. She moaned and wriggled her ass, eager for her
mother's finger to probe up inside her pussy and scratch where she itched. Her head
went to Dianne's chest, and while she sucked on one of her mother's firm ripe tits,
she fondled and clutched the other.
Dianne's back arched, forcing more of her tit into her daughter's mouth. Her
breathing was becoming more rapid and her heart thudded excitedly. She rolled and
flexed her ass, feeling her thighs rub against each other and stimulate her protruding
"Unnnhhhh, God, Tess!" she whispered, her breath hot and moist on the top of
Tess's golden head. "God, you're so hot! You're making me wild already! I can feel
myself heat up! You're really turning me on! I want to feel your pussy heat up and
turn to liquid and flood my hand with its juice!"
She wriggled her fingers on Tess's pussy to emphasize her point. Tess responded
willingly, eagerly. She slowly slid her one foot up the smooth length of her tanned
shapely leg, her pussy opening up to Dianne's fingers in the process. When her toes
had trailed nearly to her crotch, she twisted her body and let her cocked leg fall to
the bed.
Instantly, her cuntlips parted, her pussyhole gaping hungrily for her mother's fingers.
She lifted her ass off the bed slightly, so that her yellow-tufted pussy pressed more
firmly into her mother's cupping hand. She felt Dianne's middle finger slip into her
Tess sighed and shuddered. Her body was wracked with convulsing quivers. Her
legs flinched and a grunt escaped her throat but was stopped short by the mound of
her mother's tit.
Slowly, her mother's finger slipped inside Tess's waiting pussy. It felt rough and
scratchy against the only slightly wet cunt walls. But it felt good, and it filled up her
empty cunt just right.
She wriggled her ass, rotating her pussy around her mother's finger. Dianne twirled
her finger around in Tess's cunt, feeling the soft contours of the hot pink flesh. She
started fucking her finger in and out slowly, feeling the interior of her daughter's cunt
turn to liquid as she did so.
When she had her finger inserted as far into Tess's pussyhole as it would go, the
palm of her hand pressed against the upper part of her swollen cuntlips. She
pressed and rotated her hand, feeling the tiny bud of Tess's clit poke into her hand.
She massaged her daughter's clit tenderly, then drew the heel of her hand away and
flicked over Tess's clit with her thumb.
Tess flinched and moaned. She was getting hotter. Her pussy was getting wetter.
And that was just what her mother was after. She sucked harder on Dianne's tit,
rotating her ass and pressing her pussy into Dianne's hand, feeling her mother's long
slender finger scratching and scraping her tender cunt walls.
As she started a pumping, fucking motion with her ass, Dianne started a pumping,
fucking action with her hand. The inside of her daughter's pussy was turning to liquid
- hot, steamy and ready to be fucked. Together they worked faster and more
furiously, until Tess's body twisted and shook violently. Her mouth pulled off her
mother's tit and she rolled onto her back, a sharp intake of air indicating she was
coming grandly.
"Oh, God yes, Mom, yes!" she groaned, her voice just above a whisper. She was
coming. It was not a dynamic, explosive, mind-shattering orgasm, but it was still
What her climax lacked in intensity it more than made up for in duration. She couldn't
stop shaking. She couldn't stop her pussy from gushing its sweet juices. She couldn't
stop her clit from quivering.
Dianne knew what was happening. She could feel the inside of her daughter's cunt
turn to hot liquid. She could feel her finger slip and slide in and out of Tess's pussy
all the easier. She could feel the boiling juices of Tess's pussy splash against her
hand, and she suddenly felt the need to drink from that overflowing fountain.
Dianne pulled her finger out of Tess's pussy and dove into her daughter's crotch.
She wrapped her lips around Tess's flooding pussy and sucked. Her tongue darted
out and plunged into the steamy depths of Tess's cunthole. Hums and gurgles of
excitement and approval - and encouragement - rippled up from her throat as she
licked and sucked her daughter's flooding cunt.
She straddled one of Tess's legs and worked her own drenched pussy up and down
her daughter's shin. Dianne buried her nose in the wet folds of Tess's pussy and
nuzzled her daughter's clit while they both came. Her hands went under Tess's ass,
where she clenched and gripped and kneaded her daughter's lovely firm asscheeks.
Dianne closed her eyes and continued to suck on the delicacy between her
daughter's firm smooth thighs. Her tongue fucked into Tess's flooding cunthole as
fast as it could, alternating with great slurpy sucks as she sucked up all the
pussyjuice she could. Dianne's own pussy was a super-heated liquid mass as it
roamed up and down and around in tiny circles on her daughter's shin.
Tess shuddered and whimpered as her orgasm continued. It was as if her climax
never really peaked, just rose and fell and swelled more along a pleasant plateau of
mist and clouds and soft music and soothing lights. And when she came to the end
of the grand experience, her body drifted over the edge and floated back to the earth
like a feather on a gentle breeze.
Her body stopped shaking. Her ass sank into the mattress. Her eyes opened and
she craned her head and looked past the huge mounds of her tits to see the top of
her mother's head moving slowly up and down as Dianne lapped up the last of the
sweet pussyjuice Tess had to offer.
Dianne kissed the downy swollen spongy mounds of her daughter's cuntlips
repeatedly. Then she lifted her head. Her eyes met Tess's, and they smiled.
"Wonderful," Dianne said. "That was so wonderful. Your pussy is so young and so
ripe and so tasty. I love it!"
She pulled herself up over Tess, her drenched cunt leaving a wet trail up her
daughter's leg. When their faces met, their mouths pressed together, their lips
parting. Each clutched at the other's face gently as their tongues wrestled. Dianne
ground her dripping cunt against her daughter's upper thigh, and Tess responded by
massaging and stimulating her mother's pussy with her leg.
Tess tasted the remnants of her own sweet pussyjuice on her mother's tongue, and
she was inspired. She felt her heart racing once more. She felt a yearning rumble in
her belly.
That flavor of pussy was only enough to whet her appetite. It was not nearly enough
to satisfy that hunger deep down inside her.
She pushed her mother sideways. Then slowly - very slowly and very sensuously -
she slid down the length of her mother's torso, caressing and stimulating her
mother's body with her own by writhing and undulating. She paused briefly at her
mother's tits, sucking on the huge nipples. Then she drifted down to the puffy thickmatted
bush of her mother's cunt.
After sniffing and nibbling Dianne's cunthair, Tess pulled her face back about a foot.
She placed the flat of her hands on the insides of her mother's thighs and pressed
sideways. Her heart swelled and thudded as she watched the slick pink folds of
Dianne's cunt come into view. Dianne's pussy was dripping with excitement, and
Tess wasted no time thrusting her tongue into the depths of her mother's delectable
"Mmmmmm!" she moaned dreamily. Her mind reeled as she tasted the sweet flavor
of her mother's cunt.
Tess felt her own pussy twinge and trickle with excitement. She sucked and licked
her mother's cunthole, drinking up the generous flow of pussyjuice.
She reached under her mother's hips, clutched her ass and lifted. She snorted and
giggled as her nose slipped into the moist crevice of Dianne's cunt and stimulated
her clit. She tongue-fucked her mother eagerly while her nose stimulated Dianne to a
grand orgasm.
All the while Dianne was squeezing and rotating her own tits, pinching and tweaking
the hard nipples, each time sending a jolt of electric excitement to various parts of
her body. Her temperature was rising, her breathing was racing, her body was
convulsing uncontrollably.
She grunted and whined. Her back arched and fell, her legs flexed and relaxed. But
Tess continued to lap happily away at her tasty cunt.
Then barely perceptible little quivers started wracking Dianne's body. The tiny
quivers grew and grew. Her whole body was suddenly shaking like a house in an
earthquake. And she exploded.
"Oh, God yes, Tess, yes!" she wailed, her voice barely recognizable. It was deep
and raspy and laden with the sounds of an animal in heat. "Oh, Christ, eat my pussy
good! I love it! I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming! Yes, yes, yes!"
She practically broke Tess's nose as she slapped her cunt up against her daughter's
face. Her cunt was a virtual river of sweet pussyjuice. Tess yipped and bounced with
delight as she received the bountiful harvest of her mother's cunt. She sucked and
slurped and licked as fast as she could, her face wet as the cuntjuice erupted from
her mother's pussy.
Dianne's back arched and her pussy shoved up tight into her daughter's face as her
orgasm crested. She clutched the sides of Tess's head and held on for dear life. Her
knees jerked spasmodically as she tried to extend her climax. She yelped and, as
her orgasm subsided, laughed.
Then they rested. They hugged and gently caressed each other, their tits rising and
falling. Their hard nipples scraped while they tried to regain their senses. Dianne
stroked her daughter's soft yellow hair.
"God, that was magnificent," she said. "You really know how to eat pussy. I never
would have believed it."
"Oh?" Tess sounded surprised. "What about you? Can you imagine my surprise - my
own mother?"
"Why is it every generation thinks they invented sex? And why is it kids can't believe
their parents fuck?"
Tess considered it for a moment.
"Do you and daddy still fuck?"
"Mmmmm, yessss," Dianne said dreamily. "Not as often as we used to, of course.
We specialize in quality now, rather than quantity."
"He's good, then?"
"The best!"
"Mother, tell me - be honest. What would you think, or do, if daddy and I - I mean,
would you mind if ..."
Tess could feel her mother's smile against her cheek. "Why you little shit! Are you
getting ideas?"
"Well, mother," she said cautiously. "A girl has to learn somewhere. Or would you
rather I learned out on the street?"
Dianne considered it. "Why, darling, I have to admit it, you do have a point. I think it's
a great idea. He could show you so much."
Tess kissed her mother. "Oh, thank you, Mom. I was hoping you would say yes."
Their lips parted and their tongues clashed. Slowly their bodies started to undulate
and writhe. They worked each other to a fever pitch again, and it was Dianne's idea
to invert their positions so they could suck on each other's pussy.
They tongued each other's pussy several more times that evening and fell asleep in
each other's arms. The next day Dianne introduced her daughter to a small collection
of fuck toys she had. And before the three men returned home late the next
afternoon, mother and daughter had sucked and fucked each other several more