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indian aviator
08-27-2011, 10:23 AM
Chapter 11
Tess bounded in the back door. She grabbed an apple from the fridge, called out
hello, and when no one answered, concluded she was home alone.
Feeling in a particularly horny mood, she thought she would borrow some of her
mother's sex toys, pull out some of those fuck books she kept hidden under her
mattress and diddle her pussy till she was satisfied.
She bounded to her room. When she flung open the door to her room, she got the
surprise of her life.
Andy was on the bed, naked, a hard-on as huge as a baseball bat dancing in front of
his crotch. He was half on his side, propping his head up with his hand.
"Hi, Tess!
After Tess recovered from her shock, she focused on his throbbing cock and smiled.
"My, what a surprise," she said with a smile. She walked across the room, swinging
her hips and licking her lips as she ogled the marvelous prick stretching up toward
her brother's belly. "What are you doing in here - as if I couldn't guess?"
"I have a surprise for you," he said. "We have a surprise for you!"
Andy glanced behind his sister, nodded and grinned. "We."
Tess turned around. Jeff, who had been behind the door, stood before her stark
For a brief moment, Tess was taken aback. She brought her hand to her chest as
her head twisted back and forth, taking in the sight of the two handsome young
studs, their cocks inflated and ready for action. She felt an uncontrollable quiver of
delight deep in her pussy.
"Jeff!" she gasped. "Andy! What's going on? What's the meaning of all this?"
"Meaning?" Andy said smugly. "It means it's party time. That last time we were
fucking, when you accidentally let it slip that you had been fucking Jeff, I got me an
idea. How would you like to have the two of us fuck you at the same time? You
seemed to get off on -"
"Wow!" Tess's face suddenly lit up. Her cunt quivered and drooled.
Jeff had closed the distance between them, and she reached down and snared his
wildly throbbing cock. She pumped it a few times, looking first into his lusty eyes, and
then into Andy's as he watched her stroke Jeff's stiff prick.
Jeff reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, while Andy got off the bed, dropped to
his knees and removed her shorts. While she stroked Jeff's cock, her two brothers
undressed her. When she had her chest and sucked on her tits, and Andy buried his
face in her damp crotch, snaking his tongue up between the downy folds of her
Tess spread her legs and rotated her hips forward. She felt more of Andy's tongue
work into the soft squishy folds of her itching cunt. She arched her back and shoved
more of her tit into Jeff's mouth. Then the boys placed her flat on her back on the
As Andy knelt between her thighs and tongued her wet cunt, Jeff knelt at her side,
licking and sucking on her tits.
Tess was writhing and moaning in ecstasy - arching, quivering, her body weaving
and undulating restlessly - as they continued sucking her tits and cunt. She moaned
and sighed, hot whispers of words rippling off her tongue.
"Ooooh, God! I can't believe it! More! Oh, God, yes, yes, yes! More!"
She spread her legs wide and shoved her pussy up tighter against Andy's mouth.
She alternated between clutching Jeff's head and pressing her tits into his mouth and
clutching Andy's head and working it around in her moist crotch. Goosebumps
danced over her hot flesh, and she felt waves of orgasmic bliss splashing throughout
her system.
When she stopped bouncing, Jeff quickly pulled his mouth off her tits, pushed his
brother aside, and buried his face in her soaked crotch. He moved his head
frantically, his tongue fucking in and out of her flooding pussyhole. When he had
sucked her dry, Tess pulled his head out of her crotch.
"God, that was magnificent," she said, her voice weak and shaking. "That was
absolutely out of this world. But you know what I need now?" Her eyes teased theirs,
knowing full well that she didn't have to spell it out for them. She patted the bed on
both sides of her. "Come. Lie down."
The two brothers stretched out next to her, their huge cocks pulsating and twitching
wildly. She got to her knees and motioned for them to slide as close to each other as
possible. Grabbing a cock in each hand, she ogled the magnificent specimens.
She leaned first toward Jeff's crotch and lapped the oily early fuckfluid off the
bulbous head of his cock. She made a stiff point with the tip of her tongue and poked
it in the oozing prickslit. Then as she slowly squeezed and stroked his cock, she
leaned over the other way and repeated the same thing on Andy's big prick.
She alternated from one cock to the other, licking, sucking and nibbling one while
she squeezed, fondled and pounded the other. She got them to roll sideways, and
she licked and sucked both of the magnificent pricks at the same time. When she felt
Andy about to come, she pulled his cock into her mouth as far as she could, the
great cockhead plunging into her throat, and she sucked him off as he bucked and
When she had sucked him dry, she concentrated her attention on Jeff's cock. She
thrust her hands under his ass and clutched his balls and asscheeks as she pumped
and sucked his cock until he too shot a bucket of cum into her mouth. She relished
the torrent of cum as it fired down her throat. She had never had so much come at
one time in her life, but she swallowed it happily, getting more turned on by the
As she knelt between Jeff's thighs and mouthed his prick, Andy scooted under her
and lapped her pussy until she came. His cock was hard and hot and ready again for
action in a matter of minutes.
Then Andy pulled out from beneath her and turned around. As she continued to play
with Jeff's cock, he fucked his rock-hard prick up her cunt from behind. She gasped
and swallowed hard, pulling the huge knob of Jeff's gigantic prick into her throat.
Tess coughed and sputtered, squeezing Jeff's cockshaft hard with her hand as she
pulled her mouth back off his pulsing cock. By now, she had swallowed about all the
spunk his glands were going to chuck up at the moment, and his cock had started to
soften in her mouth. She squealed and whimpered, clutching his balls to work up
more of his spunk.
As Andy fucked his stiff prick in and out of her pussy, she slurped Jeff's cock, hoping
to get it hard again. She pulled her mouth off his cockhead so she could play with his
half-limp prick.
"God, you guys!" she panted. "This is terrific! I have never had so much cock at one
time in my life!" She paused to wrap her lips around Jeff's bulbous cockhead, and
then slurp up and down the entire length of his stiffening prick a few times.
"Mmmmm, this is great! I could go on like this forever! Your cock feels so good
fucking in and out of my cunt, Andy, I can't believe it! And having another cock to
suck on at the same time is beyond my wildest dreams!"
"How would you like to have one cock in your pussy and another in your ass at the
same time? Hmh? Sound good?" Jeff asked.
Tess slurped off his cock, licking the glistening prick-knob. "Mmmmm, yeah! That
sounds great! Fuck me in the ass, Andy, while Jeff fucks my pussy!"
Andy pulled his cock out of her cunt and nosed the prick-knob around in the area of
her asshole for a few seconds. Tess spit in her hand and reached down to finger her
ass, slipping several fingers inside to lube and stretch her asshole. She grunted and
squirmed the whole time, her mouth twisting and contorting and her eyes rolling as
she geared up for the fuck of her life.
Andy was eager to help her and replaced her finger with his own, wriggling it around
and stretching the opening of her ass all the more to accommodate his huge cock.
When he figured he had her asshole stretched enough, he grabbed the thick shaft of
his cock, directed the prickhead against her asshole and fucked forward.
Tess instantly convulsed, her asshole contracting shut for a second.
"Easy, Tess," Andy said, his voice soft and encouraging. "Just take it easy. Relax."
He watched with eager eyes as his cockhead pressed against the tiny opening of her
ass. "Sink back. That's it."
He spread her asscheeks with his strong fingers. Her asshole yawned and his
prickhead fucked inside.
Tess groaned. The tight outer ring of her asshole clutched his cock- knob with a viselike
grip, but the more she relaxed and sank backwards, the more of his cock
disappeared inside her.
They began a slow rocking motion, Andy's cock reappearing and then sinking a little
deeper inside her ass with each rhythmic movement.
Before long, Andy had most of his cock buried inside her ass. He was clutching her
hips and yanking her back and forth very gently.
"Unh, oh God yes!" Tess cried. "That feels so good! I'm practically coming already!
My pussy is just itching deep inside! I need your cock in me, too, Jeff! Slide under
here and fuck my cunt with your cock."
She had been licking and slurping Jeff's cock to keep him interested in the activities,
and she now pulled him down under her. As she and Andy spread their knees to
make room for his legs, she aimed the great head of his prick right at her dripping
pussy. She lowered herself to him, pulling Andy along with her, while Jeff thrust
upward, his cock fucking effortlessly into the depths of her receptive cunt.
Tess hissed as she felt the two cocks fill her up. "Shove your cocks in me till I see
stars! This is great! I've never been so turned on in my life! I've never been so full of
cock before! Do it, do it, do it! Make me come again and again and again!"
She moaned and gyrated, her back arching and her hips rising and falling, one cock
fucking into her as the other slid out. Her hips moved in circles as she delighted in
the sheer rapture of being stuffed to capacity with two cocks.
She looked at Jeff as he fucked away furiously at her pussy. She felt him thrusting
his hips upward in time with his brother's mighty thrusts, filling her pussy with a
generous amount of his cum.
Tess convulsed violently as she climaxed one more time. Then everything went