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08-27-2011, 10:25 AM
Chapter 12
Tess languished in the afterglow of her blissful double-fuck for days. All her thoughts
were filled with the remembrance of the two gorgeous cocks stuffing her insides full.
She smiled almost constantly, a warm feeling radiating from her body, especially her
pussy. She rubbed her thighs together often, feeling her sore pussy and asshole.
When Tess came home from school about three days later, she could stand the
waiting no longer. She had been thinking all day about having a good fuck. She was
doing all she could to keep her pussy from drooling right down to her ankles. She
looked in the rec room. No Andy. She looked in Jeff's room. No one was there either.
She decided she might just as well service herself. She couldn't wait for hard cock to
satisfy her. She went to her room and stripped in front of a full-length mirror.
She cupped her tits and tweaked the hardening nipples. One hand went down to her
soaked cunt. Her fingers twirled in the wispy golden hair, dipped farther, and pressed
against the puffed-up lips of her waiting cunt.
She drew her fingers along the entire length of her dripping pussy, then raised her
fingers to her face. She inhaled the delightful fragrance of her sweet cuntjuice, then
licked the honey off her fingertips.
Going to the bed, she pulled out a couple magazines from under her mattress. She
lay on her bed, her thighs spread, one hand working into her drenched pussy while
she flipped through the magazines.
Then she got an idea. If she couldn't have a cock, she could borrow some of her
mother's fuck toys. Without bothering to put anything on, she pranced to her
mother's room, quietly opened the door and stood in stunned silence.
Her mother was kneeling on the bed, sucking Andy's cock while Jeff was fucking her
pussy from the rear!
Tess gasped. She brought her hand to her mouth. Her whole body quivered with
orgasmic bliss. She could feel her pussy ache and pulse, begging for cock. Her
asshole clenched.
Her legs shaking, she stood and watched for a minute. She wondered how they
could have been so quiet that she hadn't heard them.
Creamy cuntjuice streamed down Tess's tanned thighs as she watched Jeff's cock
fuck in and out of Dianne's cunt. She ogled the muscles in Andy's upper arms as he
clutched Dianne's head, watching his own solid hunk of cock disappear over and
over into his mother's mouth as she bobbed up and down on his glistening cock.
Dianne's tits hung firm and inviting under her as she sucked greedily on Andy's cock.
Andy was the first to notice Tess by the door. He glanced up from the magnificent
sight of his cock sliding into his mother's mouth. For a moment, he was startled.
Then he nodded his head, motioning for Tess to join them.
Tess smiled and tiptoed to the bed. She slipped a hand under her mother's chest
and clutched one of her tits. At first, Dianne was surprised. She couldn't figure out
where the hand was coming from. She frowned. Her eyes opened as she clutched
Andy's cock with one hand. Her other hand was in her crotch, fingering her clit as
Jeff fucked her pussy from behind.
Her head turned sideways, her mouth still swallowing as much of Andy's cock as she
could. She grunted and gurgled, her words muffled by the huge prickshaft filling her
Tess laughed.
"Well, this is great! Having a party and you didn't invite me! I should be upset! In fact,
I am quite upset! I think you deserve a good lickin'!"
She walked around the bed and hopped on, thrusting her head under her mother's
belly. As the boys made room to accommodate her, she lifted her head to the
crowded area of her mother's pussy and started tonguing her clit.
Dianne flinched, squeals of delight leaping up from her throat. She had wanted to
pull her mouth off Andy's cock - but the strong grip he had on the sides of her head
prevented it.
She tried to spread her thighs even more to make Tess's job easier. But she didn't
want Jeff's cock to slip out of her pussy.
Jeff grinned broadly. He gave his mother's cunt a few extra hard thrusts of his cock.
He could feel Dianne's cunt twinge and clutch his invading prick, inspired by the
tongue-lashing she was receiving from her daughter.
The sight of his gorgeous sister lapping pussy drove Andy wild. His cock twitched
and pulsed and swelled in his mother's mouth. He thought he would drown her with
his spunk when he came.
As much as Tess seemed to love cock, Andy never dreamed she would also be into
pussy-licking. But that didn't stop him from making the best of the situation. Watching
her tits flop on her chest as she wriggled her ass on the bed made his mouth water.
And seeing her golden-tufted pussy slap up in the air, as though seeking a cock,
inspired him all the more.
Spurred on by the sight and scent of fresh pussy, he knew what he had to do. He
slowly twisted his strong body, being very careful not to pull his cock from Dianne's
mouth. He grabbed Tess's hips, pulled her in his direction and leaned over to suck
her pussy while she ate their mother's cunt.
He stuck his tongue out and lapped along the glistening pink crevice of her cunt.
Tess wriggled her ass around and reached down with one hand to spread her cunt
open wider, shoving her moist slit up into his face. With her other hand, she parted
her mother's pussylips so she could have easier access to the quivering little bud of
Dianne's clit.
She watched with great delight at the sight of Jeff's cock fucking in and out of
Dianne's stretched pussyhole. Seeing his cock was getting her hornier by the
second. Her heart beat rapidly and she started slapping her squishy cunt up into
Andy's face all the faster.
Jeff's cock pulsed as he fucked his mother's pussy. The sights, sounds, and smells
of all the hot fucking and sucking were getting his juices boiling like never before. His
balls ached for release. His cock felt so hard he feared it might break in two.
He started fucking his mother's cunt faster. Sweat formed on his forehead and in the
small of his back. He clutched Dianne's hips tighter and leaned back so he could
watch his stiff cock fuck in and out of her pussy.
Dianne whimpered and groaned as she neared a climax. She was aware of the
increased pace of the activity since Tess had joined the gathering. Andy's cock
seemed to swell and pulse in her mouth as he licked and sucked Tess's pussy. His
talented tongue-work excited Tess all the more.
She gobbled Andy's cock all the more frantically, eager to have a generous amount
of his cum shoot in her throat. She wriggled her ass in Jeff's hands, but was
hampered in her efforts to thrust back and forth by the presence of her daughter's
mouth on her clit.
She reached into Andy's crotch and played with his huge hairy balls. Pulling her
mouth off his cock for a few seconds, she hoisted him up, with his eager help, and
tongued his asshole while she pounded his rigid cock with her fist.
Andy raised his ass high off the bed, his muscular body twisting and contorting as he
tried to press his ass into his mother's face. The tingly sensation that preceded every
orgasm began emanating from his crotch and rippling up his spine. He mouthed
Tess's pussy more rapidly, switching from flickering over her clit to delving deep into
her tight cunthole.
"Mmmmmm!" he moaned between tongue-flicks on his sister's pussy. "Annggghhhh,
yeah! That's it, Mom! Pound it harder! Unh, unh, unh, I'm coming!"
Dianne pulled her tongue out of his asshole and wrapped her mouth around his
cock. She sucked his long prickshaft as far into her throat as she could just as he
started firing great gobs of his jism down her gullet.
Her cheeks caved in from the pressure as she sucked his cum. She twined her
tongue stiffly around his pulsing prick, and increasing her pumping strokes on his
long cockshaft as his cum splashed into her mouth.
Dianne squirmed and bounced and squealed with great delight. There were few
things she liked better than sucking cock. The feel of a nice hard cock in her mouth
excited her, thrilled her and made her delirious with glee. Feeling a cock explode and
pulse as it fired blast after blast of warm creamy cum made her body shake with
ecstasy. Tasting a great load of warm spunk, rolling it around on her tongue and
swallowing it down to her stomach made her pussy quiver with orgasmic delights.
Her pussy erupted like a fountain. Tess could see the generous amounts of fluid
streaming out of her mother's pussy, coating Jeff's cock and streaming down her
thighs. She stopped flickering her tongue over her mother's clit for a second and tried
to push Jeff back.
"Let me," she said. "Let me suck her pussy."
She pushed harder on Jeff's thighs. She wasn't strong enough to overpower him, but
Jeff was willing. He pulled his cock out of his mother's flooding pussy, and Tess
wrapped her lips around the flooding opening. She grabbed Jeff's cock and jerked it
while her tongue darted up inside Dianne's erupting cunt. She licked and slurped and
sucked all the cuntjuice Dianne had to offer.
"Oh God!" Jeff cried. "Look out! Look out! I'm gonna shoot a load all over your ass!
All over your back! Unh, unh, unh, yeah! Here it comes!"
He started bucking and thrusting, his cock sliding in and out of Tess's tight fist. But
Tess wasn't about to let him waste a load of his tasty cum. She sucked Dianne's
pussy a few final times, moved her head further back and pulled Jeff's cock into her
mouth just as it erupted.
She was overwhelmed by the generous amount of cum he shot into her mouth. Tess
squealed and gurgled as her brother's cock fired round after round of his spunk into
her mouth. She swallowed, practically drowning in the massive amount of jism. Then
she pulled his cock out of her throat and let him fire the remainder of his fuckjuice
into her open mouth as she squeezed and jerked his cock for more.
Dianne pulled her mouth off his flagging cock and dove for her daughter's flooding
pussy. She wrapped her lips around the entire fuckhole and drank from the depths of
Tess's erupting cunt.
The fuckjuice flowed freely, until everyone was drained. Then they lay in each other's
arms. It was minutes before they all regained their strength.
Dianne was the first to speak.
"Let's get these cocks hard again," she said to Tess. "I want to have one fuck me in
the ass and the other in my pussy before your father gets home."
"Too late," came a voice from the doorway.
Four startled faces turned toward the door.
Ron was taking off his pants as he entered, his cock huge and hard and throbbing.
He grinned as he approached the bed.
"Now you'll have a cock for your mouth," he said.
The End

08-28-2011, 06:55 PM
Great story. Though it looks like you either skipped a chapter or just numbered them wrong. Also, I know you didn't write this story Indian, but what a crappy place for the writer to end the story. Sounds like there should be atleast one more chapter. But, whatever.