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08-28-2011, 04:43 PM
Chapter 2.

It was about three weeks later that Jemma bumped into John Baldock, just as she was coming out of a shoe shop, John Baldock thought that it is his lucky day because when they literally bumped into each other his hands made contact with Jemma's breasts and if anything he managed to delay removing the for about 30 seconds. Apologising John pulled what he thought was a masterstroke for he invited Jemma to come out with him for a drink, which she accepted. Parting they both went off in separate directions but as Jemma walked away her mind was already planning out how to take revenge upon him.

As Jemma began to think about John Baldock invitation, she began to plan her revenge, initially she just wanted to humiliate him the more she thought about it the more she was determined to sexually dominate him and turn him into a prize wimp. In their minds eye she saw how the meeting would go, all polite and sweetness in the pub with idle small talk and then towards the end the implication that they should go somewhere more private and if the chance arose that privacy would be at her home. From there it would not be hard to entice him into the bedroom and to persuade him to remove his clothing then he would be in for a surprise she thought.

The day before her meeting with John, Jemma scoured the Internet looking for a local sex shop from where she could buy a few things that would be handy. She wrote out a shopping list that would have been the envy of any full-time pervert, including items to be brought such as, handcuffs, bondage rope, nipple clamps, cock restraints, and the thing that she wanted most of all a large size strap on dildo. It turned out she was quite lucky that there was such a shop literally within 10 min of her home and the prices of the items that she was looking for seemed a very reasonable, so dressed in very casual clothing she decided to pay a visit.

Jemma was surprised how confident she felt about entering a shop of this type but she did not hesitate as she approached the front door, entering she was surprised to see it was not as she had imagined a pokey little shop, instead it was a brightly lit well laid out Aladdin's cave of sexual excitement. Confidently she actually walked freely around the shop ignoring several of the older men that seemed to be browsing the magazines and DVDs, she thought to herself that this must be the only form of excitement nowadays as they were probably passed real sex.

She was surprised but occasionally by the younger good looking men in the store, as she could not imagine why they would be referring to erotic material like those that she passed. Just then she entered the section marked as BDSM and began to look for the items she required, she was a little taken aback by some of the items that were on offer, for example the internal spiked cock restraints that must have been extremely painful to anyone who wore it let alone getting a hard on with it on. In fact she was tempted to replace the one she was looking for with this but aired on the side of safety and caution and selected a less fearsome model.

Slowly her shopping basket began to fill with the items that she required but she just could not find the one thing that would complete her revenge and that was a mouth gag, one that would force the person wearing it to keep their mouth open and accept whatever was put into it. Suddenly out of nowhere a youngish looking man was beside her asked if he could help, Jemma took a chance and told him that her husband and her wanted to play a few games in the bedroom and that he wanted to be tied up and unable to do anything except accept whatever she chose to put in his mouth, businessman know where she could find a mouth spreader.

The man pointed out that something like that would be upstairs in their medical speciality section, and offered to show work where. As she agreed to go with him she felt is hand in the small of the back guiding her towards the staircase which led to the upper floor, as they went up the staircase the first thing she noticed was that there was advertising boards which indicated the use of video rooms upstairs and she was surprised to see the variety of videos on offer. Almost collapsing back into reality she suddenly felt the man's hand had slipped and was now underneath her skirt on her backside and she turned and smiled at him before warning him to remove his hand forthwith or she would start screaming rape.

The man gestured with her that it would be hard to prove rape when she had willingly come into the establishment without any force or collusion and being a woman on her own it would imply that she was willing for the sexual act. Almost out of instinct Jemma turned slightly towards the man and suddenly threw out her hand and grabbed the man by his testicles and squeezed as hard as she could. The man instantly froze and look shocked as Jemma quietly told him that she would bust is balls if he ever tried that again with her without being invited to. The man quickly nodded and removed his hand, now with a respectful gap between them they finished climbing the stairs and he showed her to the medical speciality section.

After selecting the final items that she wanted she began to walk back down the stairs and saw the same man standing at the bottom of the stairs, he was clearly looking up towards her hoping that her skirt would give him a Flash of her cunt. Jemma smiled as she slowly and deliberately lifted the front of her skirt and gave him a deliberate Flash of her wet panties. Just then she saw film advertised as fem-dom delights, suddenly she had an idea and she indicated the man that he had just flashed to, to come up the stairs with her and when he approached her she pointed to the film and asked him if he wanted to see that one.

The man turned to her and said he would escort her to see that film on one condition that he got to look at and touch both her bare cunt and tits. The idea of a stranger not only looking at her body but also touching it suddenly began to turn her on and without which hesitation she agreed but only if the man wore a couple of the items he was about to buy. Without thinking the man agreed and led her off to the video booth, both of them sliding into the room before closing and locking the door. Once inside the room it seemed like the man was waiting for Jemma to actually put the money in to see the film but she quickly snapped that he must pay if he wanted to see her body, deep inside Jemma now felt like a whore as she realised she was doing nothing wasn't selling her body to a stranger for sexual satisfaction rather than cash.

The man pulled out the required Collins and began to feed the machine, and the TV burst into life when it started with a woman in extremely tall high heels flashing a whip demanding that the man undress. In copycat fashion Jemma now demanded the man undress and even slapped his arse when he was slow to comply, for the next 5 min Jemma imitated everything the woman on the screen did until the man reminded that she had promised to show him her naked body. Reaching into a shopping basket she produced a pair of handcuffs and told him to put them on after he was naked and then without him seeing she produced the cock restraints. Now with the man unable to use his hands she quickly attached the cock restraints although she had problems figuring out where the final two straps went. The man was about to tell her that this was too much when she slapped his face and then taking courage from the situation she was then she began to undo her blouse and allowed him to see the large-ish tits, soon her skirt and panties were on the pile on top of the blouse and she stood there naked in front of a total stranger which in itself gave quite a buzz.

The man reached forward and began to feel her tits, until a slap told him not to, Jemma then took his hands and told him to interlocking fingers which the man did and she then guided his fists against her cunt and began rubbing herself against his rough hands. Being so close to her meant that the man was near enough to actually use his mouth and he tried unsuccessfully to capture her nipple in his mouth. After several minutes of rubbing her cunt against the man's hand Jemma was on the point of her own orgasm but she wanted to try out her domination of the man and so she backed off and told the man to lick his mistresses cunt. The stranger was delighted to do as she tell them and was soon tasting her heavy nectar that was flowing from her cunt and his tongue sent Jemma over the top and she had to bite your lip to stop from crying out. Jemma could not believe the intense pleasure she had received by being this dominant alter ego she had set herself and decided that she would explore this to the max at every opportunity.

Taking tips from the film was still running she developed an ideal role in her mind of the sort of things that the dominatrix would actually do and say when dealing with a wimp of a man. But now the burning issue was how to finish the session she was in with a stranger without him going so far as to actually fuck her. Then a flash of inspiration hit her and she ordered the man to back off and quickly released the cock restraints and then ordered him to beat his meat until he was covering her tits in his freshly made cream and then he had to lick it all up. Jemma actually expected the man to refuse at least some of this but he didn't instead he took his cock between his still handcuffed hands and began to stroke vigourously until Jemma saw his balls twitch which heralded the eruption from his penis.

Jemma thought it flew everywhere, but catching herself in the mirror she saw the main area that the man spunk had hit was literally from her neck down and onto her tits, there were a few strands of spunk which had gone into her hair she figured what the heck I can cope with that. Suddenly the man knelt in front of the and began using his tongue to clean up the cooling white strands of fresh spunk. Well it was doing this Jemma and carefully considered her new position and decided very much so that he was home from home for her. She vowed that she would learn all there was to learn about being a dominatrix and more importantly about the devices and tactics they use.

Once she was cleaned up she told the man to get out and not to mention what she had done to anyone, she was quite surprised when he did exactly as she said not even waiting long enough to put a shirt back on or if pants and as Jemma placed all items back into the basket and quickly dressed she heard him out in the corridor trying to finish dressing himself. By the time she emerged from the room the man was long gone and she slowly made her way with a new air of confidence down to the checkout to pay for items. As she left the store she suddenly realise what an opportunity she had missed or she should have made the guy who had come so happily on her chest pay for the items she was now taking room and he vowed that next time someone else would pay for these items not her.