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My sense of direction has never been too good. If I'm faced with a choice of directions, I will invariably pick the wrong one. This has become such a strict pattern, that lately I've taken to going into the direction opposite to the one I choose to go in originally, and so far it's worked. However, on that day I took an entirely erroneous course and landed back at the lake.

Just as I was about to turn back and find a tree to climb, I heard a strange noise. I came in closer, motioning for the girls to shut up. Sensing a distraction, they did, and watched as I crept through the bushes.

Then I saw them. Else and two girls, a third standing watch. They were all naked, Elsa lying back on the grass with one girl between her legs, another on her face, all of them sucking and being sucked, writhing around and groaning earthily.

Angela appeared at my side to take a look. I tried to shoo her away, but it was too late. Her eyes grew round and feverish at the sight, her hand unconsciously slipping down to her crotch to satisfy whatever pangs might spring up. Next to arrive was Doris, and then they were all craning their necks to get a good look.

Elsa and her friends had noticed nothing. The sentinel was far too absorbed in the tangle of bodies at their feet to bother looking around. As for the trio, all they could see or hear was cunt.

Elsa got up on her knees after shaking her friends off gently, and began licking the sentinel's box with long strokes. She trembled, her girl's face flushing with the unmodulated sensations coursing through her, and she had to hold on to Elsa's blonde head for support.

She had certainly chosen well. The two girls got up and watched Elsa regale the sentinel. Both were quite well built for their age, straight backed with round little asses and tender budding tits with pink, delicate nipples. Blonde and freckled like Elsa, innocent eyes like Elsa, they might all be her daughters to look at them.

One of them stepped up closer and took Elsa's big hairy cunt in her hand, to squeeze and knead it while Elsa's tongue slipped up the trembling sentinel's cunt. What a contrast, I thought, between the naked little cunt and Elsa's densely overgrown pussy. Little girls get bigger every day.

The girls in my party began to giggle. I supposed they were amused to see women do it together, that is, if they had seen men and women do it together. I tried to keep them quiet, because Elsa had the sentinel on the ground and was starting to fuck her with her pubic bone gnashing into the girl's cunt -- but the giggling grew till they alarmed the fucking foursome.

Elsa jumped up, her eyes wider than ever, scanning the bushes. When she saw me she became furious and opened her mouth to curse me out -- but then she saw forty pairs of eyes around me, and her mouth fell to like a steel trap.

Some sense of mutual respect made us all withdraw. The girls in my party had enough on Elsa and me to send us up the river for years to come, but I knew they had other plans. The victorious look Angela threw me, and the smug smile on Laura's face was enough to tell me that.

We got back to the camp in time for dinner, after which we sat around the fire like idiots and sang songs. Angela sat at one side of me, Laura on the other as if guarding their property. I wondered who would visit me that night, and then I began to wonder if they'd keep me waiting long.

I was developing quite a taste for young flesh. This thought alarmed me a little, but then I shrugged. Whatever I might decide, these fiends in girl's clothing had me in their power. Nothing persuades like blackmail.


On the way back to my cabin I ran into Mark Dennis the muscular bronzed hero of all Good Health. He gave me a broad smile and invited me into his room for a drink. I agreed and followed him inside.

His place was the same as mine, except for one or two important details. First, he had a cocktail cabinet filled with liquor and fitted into the wall, and second he had three little girls resting on his bed watching a portable television. Mark saw the look on my face. "Shocked, old boy? Don't worry. This is my fifth consecutive year here and believe me, if you don't fuck yourself silly here the girls will rip off your balls."

"But the rules," I stammered, "I mean, what if you're caught?"

"Who's going to catch me?" he shrugged. "All those middle-aged ladies you saw organizing the girls are too busy planning snakes & ladders tournaments. Of course, now and then you get a girl with principles who wants to lift the lid, but the other girls deal with that. A little internal terrorism, you know what I mean?"

One of the girls on his bed, a pretty thing dressed in very tight, crotch-hugging shorts, lit a cigarette and took a sip of her drink, her eyes unwaveringly fixed on the television. The other two lit up as well.

"I see," I said slowly. "But what about the director of this place? Doesn't he care about what happens?"

"The director has a postage stamp collection that's dearer to him than anything in the world," Mark shrugged. "If you bother him with anything but philately, he's likely to snap your head off."

"Sounds ideal, and here I was taking all sorts of precautions, that seems silly now."

"You know," he said slowly, raising his martini glass up high, "I have never asked for a raise in pay." He laughed and we drank it down.

He poured another, and freshened the drinks of his girls. One of them complained how hot it was and removed her halter top. She was pretty well built for her age, he thought. She stroked her breasts and gave me a sidelong glance. I felt my cock throb, but I fought it down. With my choice running into the hundreds I wasn't about to be bulldozed by anyone.

We drank to our month at the camp, and then I returned to my cabin. For a moment I felt like a pop star who comes back to his apartment only to find the hallways choked with eager groupies. There were about six of them, all sitting on my doorstep, some more inside, and others hanging around the hut with a nonchalant air about them. It was up to me to say who could come and who could go without.

I ran my eyes over them -- young, lissome, some as flat-chested as boys, others with their shoulders thrown back to accentuate the little plums under their flimsy tops. A few of the girls were in nighties, far too short, their long foal's legs loosely crossed to give me tantalizing glimpses of naked cunts, hot and new.

I couldn't come to a decision. Finally I told them all to undress and we would decide by means of a contest. They all stood outside my cabin in a row. Naked, their little bodies shining in the lights, cleft little chubs poking out from between their legs, naive little cunts and unbruised little tits. I gazed into their eyes, and they too were innocent. But a little spark of mischief danced in them.

Apprentice women, I thought, about to submit their bodies to the instructor in an attempt at broadening their lives.

"Okay, I want you all to race to that hut over there and back. The first two to get here will spend the night with me."

As if set off by the same trigger, the girls began running like dervishes towards the indicated hut, their little buttocks shaking and twisting with the effort. Long gawky legs pounded over the grass. Squeals and nervous giggles resounded through the night. The first one touched the hut and turned to head back, but other girls got in her way and made her trip. She struggled to her feet, crying out, getting in the way of others who fell and, in their turn, tripped up running girls.

A ball of naked girls fighting to disentangle themselves. I stared intensely, my eyes searching out the little boxes from the heap, my eyes peeling away the darkness to see more closely. Finally, a figure broke loose and ran straight for me. It was Doris.

Deep inside I cursed my rotten luck. Poor little Doris. She was covered in scratches and bruises received from the melee. The second girl was a lot better. Tall, high breasted, narrow hips and full ass, she came running at me like a nymphomaniac after a year in a woman's prison, and for a second I felt timid in the face of such sexual drive.

But then I took them both inside and slammed the door shut before the other contestants could take their anger out on me. For a few minutes there was shrill arguing going on outside, but eventually they all went to bed to take care of themselves.

I waited till Doris and the other girl, Irene, had caught their breath, meanwhile admiring Irene. In the dark she had looked good, but in the light she looked even better. Her skin was dark, her eyes a deep brown, but her hair was a natural yellow color, a fact born out by the thin fuzz on her cunt.

This beauty's tits were almost on her shoulders, they were so high, and she had high cheekbones, a touch of oriental in her blood I guessed. She was a true beauty, thirteen, perhaps fourteen, but already poised and sure of herself.

I took my clothes off and Doris immediately huddled up between my legs to bring life to my prick. I took Irene by the hand and drew her close to me. Now that she was the girl for the night, I could see she was having grave doubts, and would take any excuse to get out of here.

She began to tremble when I took hold of her, her eyes nervously flicking to the busy head of Doris. I patted her paternally, soothing words coming from my mouth, while my eyes devoured her. Caressing her, stroking her arms, trying to make her feel at home, till her eyes became less shifty.

I brought my hand to her tit and carefully brushed over her tender flesh. Her eyes closed for a moment as if in pain, but her chest moved closer to me. The next time I touched her more positively, squeezing her subtly, rolling her nipple between my fingers till she was totally relaxed.

Only then did I take a handful to knead and, when she showed pleasure, I leaned over the reclining Doris to kiss her nipples and suck at the taut flesh, my lips and tongue regaling her tits with all the pleasures at my disposal. Her breath came less regularly and her eyes closed to become small slits.

Slowly, my eyes upon her for the slightest misgiving, I ran my hand down her silken belly and let my fingers rummage through the fine down covering her pubic bone. How good she felt! She looked uneasy, her eyes open again and searching mine for reassurance. I smiled and kissed her on the mouth. Below us Doris was making slurping sounds around my hard cock.

My hand moved down a fraction, a finger hooking into the top of her cleft. Smooth and tight, giving elastically when I tugged at it to get her started. She responded well, her legs opening ever so slightly, the fear draining from her.

I wanted to eat her up right there, but Doris lay between us like an old inhibition! I didn't know what to do about her. The girl was probably unbalanced or something, and might very well be having delusions about me. Maybe I had been the only person to treat her nicely. Some girls mistake sex for that. Yet, somehow I had to get rid of her.

Irene looked at me, then down at Doris, and back at me with a frown. I nodded, still trying to think up ways of doing away with Doris without hurting her feelings. She had a way of being hateful and pitiable at the same time. Still with her mouth around my dick, slobbering and gagging, her thin frame racked with deep tremors.

"Damn!" I said suddenly, "I wish we had something to drink in this place. That's the way to really get turned on."

As I expected, Doris could hardly wait to please me. She jumped up, her face wet and flushed, and volunteered to borrow beverages from Mark. I told her that was a great idea and, as soon as she was out the door, I locked up behind her.

Then I went back to Irene. She was lying back on the bed, her eyes closed, the light shading her face so that her fine bones stood out and gave her a regal air. Little girls get bigger by the minute, I thought to myself, letting my eyes feast on her high tits, pointed slightly towards her armpits, firm and still, her nipples rigid. She had her arms by her side, so I could see the smooth plane of her belly, the way it flowed down into her sparse little bush.

Her legs were slightly parted, the full cunt open just a crack. The wide cleft polarized all my senses. My eyeballs felt like popping, everything in me was drawn towards her, and she lay there exercising her magnet with lazy assurance.

I stumbled back onto the bed and let my face sink into her resilient flesh, my tongue licking at her dew, tasting her and finding she tasted different from any woman or girl I had ever been with. At first there was almost no taste, just a tingling fragrance that I identified as bath soap. But as I sucked at her pink hole, more came down. A subtle taste appeared, setting my taste buds on end, a fine flavor of crushed leaves and moss.

I couldn't get enough of her. She lay quietly while I tried to swallow her. I forgot about her. A serious mistake, now that I look back on it, but I couldn't help myself. This was heaven. Her smooth little cunt, polished talcum stone but yielding, wet and hot, those little downy bristles brushing against my nose while I dug in deeper with my tongue to reach for more fluids, and the nectar taste, all of it combined to make me lose all self-control.

Hours could have passed, I don't know. I recall hearing an hysterical knocking on the door, but it never really registered. I drank and ate, lost in her loins, eating her asshole along with her cunt, sinking my teeth into her springy buttocks just to taste her firmness, and pushing fingers up all orifices. I was a victim of frenzy, and it wasn't till much later that I thought to see how she was doing.

To my consternation, there was no expression on her face. If there was one, it might have been a trace of disgust. For all her wetness and all her heat, she hadn't enjoyed this one bit. I sat up, wiping my face and feeling a fool.

"You don't like me to do this?" I asked.

She shook her head, sending her yellow hair flying, "No, not at all. I mean, it feels nice, but there's something missing. It's as if you're jerking off over me, like I'm not here."

Her cunning eyes looked into mine with a note of appeal. A sensitive one, I thought, and wondered how to rectify the situation.

"That's not true," I told her. "I'm just lost in you, your beauty and your sexuality. It's all about you, you're the reason I'm doing all these things. Do you see that?"

"Not really. I mean, we're lovers, so we should talk shouldn't we? But you haven't said a word."

I was losing my temper. There she was, naked on my bed, the sexiest little girl in camp, and she wanted to fucking talk! My prick was burning, it demanded hot action, right now! And she wanted to discuss the junior prom or something.

"We'll talk later," I said, and pushed her down on the bed, at the same time covering her body with mine and nudging the throbbing knob towards her cunt hole. Her eyes opened with fright at the first contact, and when I pushed it further in she began to protest.

But I was in no mood to listen. Feeling her silky figure below me, her helplessness, her distilled sensuality, all of it made me rock hard and desperate to get inside her young sheath. I pushed harder and she screamed. That was the end of that cherry, I thought grimly, and began to poke my dick up further, fighting against the elastic resistance put up by her little cunt.

I moved my loins back and gave it to her good, not sparing any of the horses. My cock was inflated with a powerful lust, and the rest of my body was at low power so as to send all excess energy down into my prick. I lay over her, all dead weight, my hands holding on to her fine shoulders for support, my face buried into the pillow. I felt the spit dribbling out of my mouth and I was powerless to even swallow.

In and out, out as far as the tip of my knob, in up to the hilt, widening her cunt despite the fact that she was drying out down there. The resistance was terrific, it was starting to feel as if I was fucking a cunt made out of life-like plastic! And it proved too much for me.

The friction set my prick on fire. My knob contracted as a spurt of hot sperm rushed up through it, tearing it apart and blasting up her cunt with gale force. More sperm followed in hot bursts each salvo draining me of life force. Till finally I grunted like a bull that's been stuck for the last time and fell over her.

"Get off!" I heard her say, and small hands pushed at my shoulders. "Get off you dirty pig!"

I wanted to oblige her, but I couldn't. Vaguely I heard her insistent demands, and I heard the hysterical knocking again, but I was on the brink of consciousness, trying to rally. Slowly my blood flooded out of my prick and back into circulation. And just as slowly I regained all my senses till I was able to get up off Irene and stand back to gaze over my handiwork.

Her eyes were shooting sparks of fury at me. For a minute or so she lay on the bed in the same position, the sperm oozing out of her box and over the sheets. Blood was mingled with it, coloring the stain red. She was flecked with sweat and dribble, there were bruises where my hands were and she was mad.

"You fucking pig!" she said, and it sounded almost comical coming from her childish lips. "You'll pay for this!"

She jumped up and rushed for the door. I caught her in mid-flight and threw her back onto the bed.

"Now listen," I said in a reasonable voice, "it's always hard to take the first time. Give me a second chance and I'll show you how good it can be."

She stood her ground, quivering with rage, her childish form taking the sting out of her words. "You disgust me!" she screamed. "First you put your mouth where I pee and then you nearly crush me! You've caused me to bleed and you messed me up inside and now you want me to let you do it again!"

"You don't understand. You'll see how different it is the next time. Just think how it felt in the beginning before Doris left. That felt good, didn't it?"

"Yes. But that was before you got disgusting."

"You'll learn later that all men like to do that to a girl as pretty as you."

"You think I'm pretty?" she said, her manner changing in a flash. "Prettier than Doris?"

"I'm prettier than Doris," I said, "but I would say you're the prettiest girl in the whole camp."

"Now you're fibbing," she said, but I could see her glow with pleasure. She sat back down on the bed and began to wipe herself. I got a basin of warm water from the shower, some soap and a cloth with which I rinsed her little cunt free of blood and sperm. Then I massaged it gently till she said she was all right.

The massaging had made me feel a lot better too. My fingertips still tingled with the sensation of her full labia. I kept my face as cool as possible, though, till she announced her willingness to try again. But my cock kept bobbing nervously, slowly refilling.

"You see, when I put some of this stuff on you down there, it won't hurt so much. In fact, it'll give you nothing but pleasure. Do you want me to put some on you?" I asked, extending the jar of Vaseline.

She sniffed at it and finally nodded. Her body grew tense as my finger applied it to the rim of her cunt, but relaxed while I took my time. Rose pink, almost round, firm and warm, gleaming under its coat of Vaseline, the mysterious darkness beyond hinting at untold pleasures. I had trouble holding myself back from brutally ploughing into her.

But I wasn't about to take any chances. I finished greasing her, replaced the top on the jar, and sat on the bed beside her. We talked for a bit, a few laughs, my hands caressing her back and shoulders, now and then lightly brushing over her tits and belly, but staying clear of her cunt. And I felt her recline towards me.

She was ready and we both knew it. Her eyes flicked down at my cock, her shy hand reaching out to stroke it, and hold the knob like it was a delicate flower. I wanted her to give me some head, but I knew better than to suggest it. Instead, I took to stimulating all her parts till she was driven to put both her little fists around my proud erection and jerk at it instinctively.

When she felt up to it, she lay back and invited me to enter her. I told her she'd better get on top of me, that way I wouldn't crush her. She gave me a dubious look, but complied.

Under my direction, she squatted over my hard cock, and carefully eased over it. The Vaseline certainly helped. She almost slipped right down to my pubic bone and had to clutch hold of me. But then she felt the intense pleasure of it and actually forced her way down to around my hilt.

She stayed in that position for some time, her tender loins bobbing over my cock. My hands cupped her taut buttocks and steadied the motion till my cock was subjected to an intensely pleasurable rhythm that made me squirm with the effort of holding back.

It felt so good that I lost my perspective again! Even as I write this, I feel annoyance at myself for making the same mistake twice, but what happened, happened, that's history. I closed my eyes and gripped her spring chicken ass more tightly, savoring each beat and each buzz-bath of sensations it provided my cock. Emotions rippled through my system and broke in my head. My awareness of her physical presence was complete. Her slender form, her high tits, her boyish buttocks and her long, gawky legs, all of these were imprinted on my mind.

But I was ignoring the part of her that she thought most important. Suddenly she got up off me and made for the door. I snapped out of my euphoria as if somebody had turned the ice water on me, and jumped up to stop her.

"Let me go!" she yelled, struggling as I dragged her back to the bed. "You don't care about me! To you I'm just a machine."

I couldn't talk. My mind was a cloud, all I wanted was to fuck, my cock demanded it, my body seconded the motion, and no one, especially not this little girl, was going to deny me my fulfillment!

I threw her on the bed and fell on top of her, my cock reaming up her oily snatch so that my pubic bone slammed into hers. She screamed with pain and fear. I didn't care! She had asked for it.

She shuddered and fought. Her nails raked through my skin and her teeth bit at me. The pain only intensified my pleasure. Harder and harder I fucked, my prick plunging in and out with lightning speed, trying new angles, bumping into new spots, nothing availed. She kept fighting and spitting, biting and scratching.

Something happened to me during that tussle. Suddenly her button-small pink asshole bloomed all over my mind, there was nothing in the world I wanted except that, and I would have it. Seeing as she was in such a bad mood anyway, there'd be no harm in taking it.

I pulled her off me and flipped her around. With quick, determined movements I slipped a pillow under her belly and pulled her arms back so her back arched and pushed her little ass upwards.

There it was. Xanadu! I pushed my oily knob up against her ass and began pushing so hard my rock-like dick almost snapped in half. Her screams resounded through the cabin, adding fire to my fury. I felt my dick slip inside, up the hot, smooth passage, and get gripped all over by alarmed muscles and nerves.

I blew almost immediately. Using the sperm to slip all the way inside, I held her pinned down, impaled like a butterfly in a collection, till my breathing was back to normal and she stopped screaming. Whimpering, still mad but impotent, she lay still, just waiting for me to give her a break.

Finally I got up, and like a shot she was at the door, fumbling with the lock and out. Before she disappeared into the night, she turned around, waved her clenched fists and shouted, "You'll pay for this, you pig!"

A few minutes later Doris came inside. Her face was tear stained, her hair limp from a drizzle of rain that had fallen while I had been fucking Irene. She looked like a cat that had drowned.

Since all my nasty emotions had blown themselves out by this time, I felt sincere pity for her. I invited her inside, closed the door, and let her crawl into bed with me for the night. Lovemaking was out of the question, so I just cuddled her till she fell asleep.

I slept with all the soundness of a man with a good future ahead of him. Doris' little body lay hard against me, her breathing regular, her cunt twitching nervously against my ass now and then as if she was dreaming of things to come. And the cabin was quiet and peaceful after the evening's struggle.

Little did I know the storm that was brewing up just for me in the huts surrounding the cabin. As I said before, girls together form terrible pacts, and if a man doesn't toe their lines, he might as well wave himself goodbye.


I noticed the change at breakfast. The fan club that had sprung up so suddenly, had disappeared just as fast. Silence fell over the dining masses when I walked in, cold glints appeared in the childish eyes, and the few greetings I issued went unreturned.

The other instructors were ignorant of all this, and greeted me as usual. But Mark knew what was going on. He beckoned me over to sit beside him, and whispered to me.

"What did you do, old boy? They're giving you the collective cold shoulder, you know. You must have really upset somebody."

"This little girl, Irene, must have blown the whistle on me," I shrugged. "We didn't see eye to eye on a few things last night."

"You mean you fucked her badly," he asked. "That's big trouble, old fruit, big trouble indeed."

"You've seen this kind of thing happen before?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, every year somebody cops it. Usually it amounts to little more than a suspension, a few days of ice, then he's back in favor again. Tell me, how badly did you fuck this Irene?"

"She was as mad as a hornet when she left," I said, "But I thought I'd done rather well by her."

"If she was mad, you failed, doesn't matter what you think. So, well, maybe you'll get three days for it, could be a week. They'll make it tough for you till then."

"What the fuck is this!" I said, suddenly impatient. "They're just kids and we're adults. They do as we say, that's how it is. I'm not putting up with any nonsense from them. That's for sure."

He just grinned and said he wished me luck before going back to his breakfast. On the surface of it, everything in the mess hall was back to normal, giggling chattering girls, all of them dressed in thin shirts and little shorts, ready for a day of exercise and games.

Straight after breakfast I had to take a hundred of the girls for gymnastics. Nothing complicated. Just a series of routine exercises. But it didn't go too well. The girls pretended they couldn't hear me, and I was yelling so hard I went purple in the face. Then they messed up their exercises, and burst out into giggles, just making a shambles of their class.

I tried to upbraid them, and snap them back into line, but nothing worked. Not one of them did anything that was specifically wrong. If they messed up, they did it in a bunch. It was very scary the way they cooperated among themselves. At the end I decided to punish them as a group by making them run around the camp twice.

They accepted this order and began to run to the perimeter so they could follow the fence. But they weren't caring! Their pace was slow, and when they got tired they simply walked. Laughing and giggling, shoving each other, cracking jokes at my expense, ignoring my orders to shape up. For the first time I realized what a ruthless band of cutthroats they were!

For the rest of the day I had to take a party of forty hiking again, and once in the woods, I was supposed to organize them into teams to search and evade each other. To this end they had all been given compasses and a lunch pack, and I had been given detailed instructions on how to conduct them.

But they found a comfortable spot, sat down, and ate their lunch, not heeding my commands at all. In the end, I sat on my own some distance away from them and ate my lunch out of sheer nervousness.

By the evening I was a nervous wreck. No one came near my cabin. Even Doris had obviously been warned to keep away. From the adjoining cabins I heard shrieks and giggles, the popping of corks and masculine laughter. Even the timid-looking Lester Phipps, camp dietitian, had girls lining up outside his door. And Elsa was holding a little party for select friends.

Only I was alone. The middle-aged ladies were busy in their cabins, planning the fun for the coming day. I could imagine them, bent over a strategy board, pushing mock regiments of girls around from place to place till they had devised some satisfactory, health-inducing, game plan for everyone.

But I had nothing to do. I thought about my wife and what she would be doing right now. Playing bridge with her friends, no doubt. Bridge had displaced sex for her. I hate the game. She had taken the game up during our honeymoon, playing it with other honeymoon couples while I played a lot of sports. And now, in the fifth year of our marriage, she was playing bridge full-time, going to matches, clubs and casual card evenings.

As for the full deck of cards between her legs, she had forgotten about them. Not so these little girls. They were just discovering them, and dealing them all out! My flesh hungered for them, anyone, even little Doris and her bald, underfed cunt. If I could only get my hands on one!

I took a walk. It was a hot night, many of the huts were already in darkness, all the windows open. I peered inside some of them. Mostly I heard regular breathing or high little voices mumbling sleepily. But in some the girls were wide awake and conducting their own pleasures.

One hut was especially active. I took up a well-concealed position and watched as four girls stripped in front of a dozen spectators and set to making love with unbridled energy.

They were all very pretty, and seemed to have been chosen for the color of their hair. One girl was black, very black, in fact, her skin glowing in the bright lights, silky sheen. She had tiny tits with big nipples, the first emerging little curls spreading over the top of her cunt. Another was white-blonde, about ten years old, no tits, just a deep cleft in the chubbiness between her long legs. The third I recognized as Angela, the little precocious woman. And the fourth was a redhead, snow-white little tits with startling pink nipples and red down over her crotch.

The four of them were engaged in some kind of erotic dance, cheered on by the audience. One by one they assumed a static position, making love to their partner lightly at first, but soon growing heavy.

The black girl and the redhead were in a tight embrace, kissing, tongues poking out their cheeks, their chests pressed together and their loins grinding. The blond and Angela were on the floor pretending to fuck, and slowly getting the measure of tribadism till it became real enough for Angela to cry out in ecstasy.

Then all four of them jumped up on a big table. The black girl and the redhead stood at either end of it, facing each other. The blonde and Angela squatted at their feet, asses touching, their mouths burying into the red and black cunts, hands clasping buttocks as their heads bobbed and their mouths sucked.

I was getting very hard and restless. For a moment I considered storming inside and throwing my feverish body into that puddle of flesh, grabbing at those nude little cunts and sucking whatever came into my mouth. But the experiences of the day warned me against it. They would either ignore me, or run screaming into the cabins of the middle-aged ladies.

I watched for a few minutes more as the girls amused themselves, the audience cheering them on and helping out with willing fingers wherever necessary. Restless little girls, nervously fingering their own boxes as they watched their friends up on the table fucking and sucking. Little practice runs, I decided, but with an over-ruling passion for the flesh such as can only be caused by boredom.

I moved on, and headed unconsciously for the showers and the bathroom. The layout of this camp was so innocent! Simply by climbing up on the roof of a hut, one could look over the walls, through the wide gaps that had been left to expel the steam and smells. That's what I did, and there's where I stayed for a long time.

There was something about my situation that nearly drove me crazy with lust. Only a few girls were showering at this hour, and three or four were on the toilet. They went about their business unaware of my prying eyes, and that's what made it so arousing to me. These wisps of women, these nude children, washing themselves like little grown-ups, wiping their asses, and taking a leak, their bodies still young but their mannerisms ancient. I don't know how to explain it, I just felt a lot of rushes and sharp shivers running through me while I was up there.

But eventually that failed to satisfy me, and I moved on. I checked out the party cabin and saw all the girls on the point of leaving. Most of them were already dressed, the others were in the process. The girls who lived in the hut were crawling into their beds, their cunts still gleaming wetly from the evening's proceedings.

An idea occurred to me. I hung around at the back of the cabin, hearing their silvery voices bid each other goodnight, while I waited for the last one. Perhaps one of them would stray from the herd.

My luck was good. The tall, black girl was late in getting away. She walked around the cabin to get to her hut and to get there she had to pass me. Burning with lust, but my brain cool, I seized her around the waist, one hand clasped over her mouth, to carry her back to my cabin.

She put up quite a struggle but it wasn't good enough. I pushed her inside and locked the door. For a moment it looked like she was going to scream, and I rushed over at her, my fist raised as a warning. She took the hint. Not that there would have been much point in screaming. With the color television blaring next door, and Elsa's stereo playing the top forty at full blast, no one would have heard her.

She was frightened. She stood in the far corner of the cabin, her hands over her mouth as her wide-open eyes looked for a way out. I poured us a drink from a bottle borrowed from Mark to pass the time. She shook her head, and pressed deeper into the corner.

"Come on," I said, as soothingly as possible, "there's no need to be afraid. All I want is a little company. Here, take a drink, it'll make you feel better."

She shook her head again, but relaxed when she saw I wasn't going to ravage her. And ravaging was the furthest thing on my mind. I knew if I was to ingratiate myself with the leaders of the girls, I had to give a mighty good performance. This, then, was the lucky girl.

But the lucky girl seemed disinclined to accept her good fortune. She reluctantly sat on a chair, her long, gleaming legs crossed as if throwing up additional barriers. I guessed her to be twelve years old, well-developed, her buttocks extra round and firm, dimpled at the flanks, her breasts promising big things for the future.

I asked her her name, and she whispered it was Sandy. I sat down opposite her and poured her a glass of scotch, adding plenty of water and ice. She sipped at it, pulled a face, but didn't put it down. I took a tug on my drink and continued my quest.

"You're a beautiful girl," I told her. "Extremely beautiful. But I guess you've been told that so often that you're sick of hearing it, right?"

She smiled thinly and shook her head. I went on to praise her lovely limbs, long, rippling muscles running along them at each move she made, then told her how I loved broad shoulders on girls, especially when they had such terrific breasts to go with them. Sandy liked to hear me tell her such things. She showed it in the way she looked down at the ground and grinned.

Embarrassed but pleased, she finally told me to stop jiving her and to give her a refill. I sank my drink and gave us both another shot. I asked her questions about her home and her past, and slowly we got a conversation going in the course of which her shyness gave way to a sassy kind of street toughness. I liked that a lot.

I sat down on the bed and patted it. She grinned at me with knowing eyes, but she came and sat with her back resting up against the wall, her legs drawn up under her. Her eyes were big, long lashes fluttering, childish, but smart. I knew she wasn't going to be easy, but I also knew that if I didn't make it with her, I was as good as dead.

Another drink helped things along. She was getting a little giggly, and more outgoing. She got upset over something I said and jokingly punched me. I punched her back, laughingly, and we began to wrestle. She was lithe as a panther, surprisingly strong for a girl her age. But I soon got the drop on her, and pinned her down on the bed. She struggled harder, her face screwing up with the effort of it all, but finally she had to admit defeat. I fell down beside her, both of us breathing hard and laughing.

Obviously she had overcome her inhibitions towards me. She lay close to me, her head on my shoulder, snuggling in occasionally. My hand moved over to her breast and squeezed it gently. She gave a satisfied little groan, so I slipped my hand under her halter and tasted her hard, smooth flesh.

"Wait a minute," she said, and her voice had grown husky, "let me give you more to play with." She undid her halter and let it fall to the floor. "There," she said, and lay back, her eyes falling too with contentment, "now squeeze 'em."

I hurried to comply, flexing them in my hands and bringing my lips to the dark nipples. I let my teeth slide over the rubbery little protrusions, my tongue slithering around them, till I heard her breath grow hard.

My hands went down to her shorts and undid the top button. For a moment she seemed to panic. Her hands flew down to stop mine, but then she relaxed and pulled back. I undid the button, and the others. And, when the shorts were hanging only by her pert cheeks, she lifted up and let me slide them off all the way down over her feet.

Before I went any further, I undressed so as to be ready for anything. She didn't look at me, as though she didn't want to be confronted by my throbbing, heavy cock. I took the hint, and lay on my belly by her side to return to kissing her tits.

She pushed them out at me, delighting in the wet trail my tongue was leaving over them, and the subtle sensations my teeth evoked. Slowly I sent my hand sliding down her tough, flat belly down into those tiny curls over her crotch, taking care to see that she was ready for it.

She didn't object at all. In fact, she brought her loins up higher to press my hand into her cunt. I dawdled, plucking gently at the little black threads so that the skin came up and tugged at her cunt's nerve centers.

It wasn't long before her legs parted, the green light, and I let my hand descend into her slit to enjoy the warm, barely moist nakedness of her lips. Her hips began to jerk spasmodically, quick staccato outbursts, then nothing, then another, each burst accompanied by low little moans.

My prick was so hard I thought it might burst out of its skin like an overdone sausage. My brain threatened to close down at any moment. But by dint of sheer will power, I kept a good grip on myself, and teasingly went on with my seduction.

Actually, Sandy was ripe and ready, and just waiting for me to poke my agonized prick up her wet little cunt. Her black lips were shining hysterically with the juices running down her legs, and her tits quivered with each harsh breath she took. I was debating with myself whether to go down on her. My taste buds were up in arms, crying out for a sample of her ample juices. Only my bad experience of the previous night held me back.

Then I threw all caution to the wind and let my tongue run down her hard belly straight into the open cleft and into her tropical hole. For a moment I waited to see how she would react. To my relief her legs shot open like the arms of a mother at the return of her soldier boy, and I buried my head into her bare little cunt as if looking for hidden treasure.

She tasted nutty somehow, nutty and wild. I drank her down like mother's milk, slobbering, my face wet with her sticky fluids and my sweat. Sandy arched her back, her little fists beating at her sides, gasping for breath, all the while shoving her loins harder into my face.

My hands cupped her firm, squeezably soft buttocks, pressing them down onto her asshole to give her a bonus tingle. She really liked that. I let go of her ass and concentrated on her asshole. She nearly jumped through the ceiling, but in no time at all had recovered herself, and was pushing down for more.

I gave her everything, delighted to have found a girl who tasted like heaven and loved to be eaten. I made a pig of myself, meanwhile fingering her asshole and squeezing her muscular cheeks, one hand reaching up for her small, hard tit and rubbing her nipples. She was groaning like a ship at sea, her legs wrapped around my neck for extra traction, and I knew if I didn't plug her soon my prick would self-destruct out of sheer spite.

With a swift motion of my whole body, I covered her, and the swollen knob of my red-hot prick eased into her little cunt without resistance. She was so wet it sopped as it moved up the spout, slurping in a most unladylike fashion. Sandy cried out, an animal cry of bliss, and I bashed the remaining inches of meat right up her.

We settled into a violent fuck. Our loins worked furiously but in time. For a girl of twelve she had grown up awfully fast. But then in some parts of the city they're ready for marriage at that age. Periods begin at nine, childbearing at eleven, there was no need for me to be surprised that she was neither a virgin nor incompetent.

At one point during our mindless, all-consuming fuck, she interrupted briefly to change position. She stood on the floor and rested her long, slender torso over the bed so that I had to get behind her and fuck her standing up. This excited me even more, so much so that I had to take a quick breather so as not to run over.

But finally I got it together. She presented her full black buttocks to me most charmingly shaped like an upside down heart, her tiny asshole and her shining, naked lips poking out from between the cross of buttocks and strong thighs. I rested the purple head of my shining, oily prick up against the hole for a second, then shoved it right up her so that my pubic bone slammed against her ass and she gulped for breath.

"Beautiful!" she cried out, and I knew I was on the right track. My hand found a grip on her slippery ass, and my whole body swayed to deliver each thrust with the maximum of power. Each blow to her cunt sent her face sliding over the sheets, her hands vainly grappling about looking for a support.

We were ascending together. I leaned back while my prick ploughed into her, my head was heavy and I let it lie back, closing my eyes and breathing in through my wide-open mouth, while the remains of my brain tried to keep my knees from buckling. She was breathing like a car without a muffler, her pitch heightening with every master stroke.

The moon was within reach. Both of us were puffing, she fucking me back for all I fucked her. I felt my innards cramping up for the final explosion, just as she was gasping for a shred of oxygen to spark her orgasm off with, and then the roof fell in.

At least, that's how it felt. The door burst open and a swarm of irate girls rushed inside, cursing and pulling me off her. I didn't have the power to beat them back, I was so stunned and so horny. From the corner where a dozen little girls were holding me, I saw Sandy writhing with unfulfilled ecstasies. One of the older girls rushed over and, with several skillful thrusts of her bunched fingers, tipped Sandy over the brink of an explosive climax. When that was done, they all turned to me with menace in their eyes.

"What's the matter with you," said the older girl, licking at the juices on her fingers, and eyeing me, insolently. "Do you want to get busted or something? We can oblige you, you know, anytime we feel like it."

"Yeah," said a ten-year-old next to her, raising herself on tiptoes to impress me, and so bringing the hem of her nightgown high over her little cunt, "we can bust you, mister!"

"Now, listen," I said, "I'm tired of you girls thinking you can lord it over me. Sandy and I were doing very well until you came barging in here, I'll thank you to leave us alone."

They laughed sarcastically. The older girl turned to Sandy and told her to go back to her hut immediately, or she'd be reported. Sandy walked out, and the girl called out she'd be reported. As Sandy stormed from the room the girl said she'd see her later about this. Then back to me, unfriendly to the extreme, "This is your last chance, mister," she said, pointing her finger at me. "If we find you with another girl this week, your ass is grass."

With that she turned and left, followed by the other girls. Each of them seemed to think they had to add weight to the threat by eyeing me darkly. The door fell to and I was all alone with my enormous palpitating erection, and no place to put it.

Those little fucks, I thought bitterly, they really pour it on when they've got it in for you. I resigned myself to jerking the load off myself, but then I heard a timid knock on the door. I walked over quickly and opened it. No one there.

Just as I was about to shut it, a pale figure flashed through the dark and ran inside, pushing the door shut and resting against it. It was Doris. She was pale and frightened, shifty-eyed, and begged me to switch the light off in case anyone saw her.

I did what she asked, knowing I was lucky to at least have her on my side. In the dark she undressed and we went to bed where she set to taking care of my painful hard cock with her mouth.

But I wanted to fuck. With a dab of Vaseline I took a shortcut into her cunt. My big dick slipped inside her, and, without further ado, I fucked her. She seemed to enjoy it. One day she would make someone a dutiful wife. Until then she was my safety valve.

Her little arms curled around my back and her skinny legs came up and around my waist as my dork ploughed into her cunt. She was still dry, but the grease made it enjoyable. Slowly she got into the spirit of things, gripping me more tightly and moaning like a puppy.

A sense of compassion made me hang onto my impatient wad. Gnashing my teeth I fucked her till she was happy, helping her along by rubbing her tiny clitoris and so giving her a diminutive orgasm all of her own. She was very pleased with that.

Then, with all the forces unleashed, I slammed my prick into her little cunt from a high angle to get that extra friction, and brought myself totally undone. A hot geyser of cream rushed up her youthful tube, and I felt relieved like a boil that's been lanced.

I rolled over on my side and fell asleep, her arms around me and her loins against my ass. A dutiful wife, I thought, before dropping off. Plain girls make the best wives. They have to try harder!


Several days went by. Doris hung around me like a puppy in love, and sneaked in late at night to take receipt of my surplus lust. This kept me going. But then fate struck another blow. Doris' parents came to the camp and took their daughter home. It seemed they had received an anonymous letter written in a childish hand warning them of their daughter's incipient insanity.

The cunning little bitches, I thought. Not a hint of immorality. Insanity. Nice and decent. Oh, well, they had done me out of my last recourse. Why should I worry? I had done without sex before, certainly for longer than three weeks.

Besides, there was Elsa. She might feel like a real fuck for a change. The way she had been cohabiting lately, I figured she had to be glutted. Or, if worst came to worst, one of the middle-aged ladies might enjoy a young piece of meat for her hope box.

I told myself there was nothing to worry about. The girls would see who was the smarter. Smug, even grinning, I walked around the camp to police their activities, not in the least disturbed by their indifference towards me. Elsa. I recalled her thickly-overgrown blonde cunt with vague pleasure, and her kinks. Perhaps I could straighten her out before we left this place.

I walked around, watching a class of little girls bending and touching toes under the direction of Mark. He waved at me, smiling broadly. I waved back, and walked on, trying to erase the memory of his ribald cabin from my mind. For the past three nights his place had been the center for all the action, and the giggles, the squeals, and the ominous pounding sound of his bed, were driving me crazy. Now that Doris was gone, I would have no consolation at all. At least her poor little body had a hole in it.

Elsa waved at me, too, standing by the side of the pool instructing a class of youngsters in the art of swimming. They were lined up on the edge, their little buttocks encased in clinging, wet material, all of them paying strict attention to her.

She looked delicious to me. She wore a brief bikini, her full breasts bulging out over the top, tanned and shining with health, her ample buttocks covered by the skimpy garment. And she knew I was looking at her. But ignored me, just the same.

I grew more depressed while I wandered through the camp. The middle-aged ladies were joyously taking troops out into the woods, or sending them off on treasure hunts, teaching folk dancing or some other wasteful pastime. They didn't even know I was alive. Maybe it was just as well, their cunts probably had cobwebs in them.

The only one to talk to me was Lester Phipps. Looking thinner than on the first day, he was nevertheless a lot happier. Obviously, he, too, had developed a craving for the tender flesh of little girls, just as an animal may recapture his lust for meat if it's encouraged. We didn't talk about that, though, not directly. I just mentioned that he'd been having a lot of company lately.

"Oh, yes," he said airily, putting his menus aside for the moment. "The girls seem to like me, and I certainly like them. You know, my guess is that they miss their parents, and that we're the substitutes. So I do my best for them, you know. It's the least one can do."

"Of course," I replied, and for a moment I felt doubt creep in. Perhaps Lester was straight arrow. "I like the girls, too," I went on, checking him carefully, "even though they've been giving me a hard time lately."

"I've noticed that," he nodded, "and I've been meaning to ask you why that is. Are you too strict with them? I do believe in leniency, you know."

"That could be it. I wish they'd give me a second chance, though. They're such an unforgiving bunch."

"Well, I'll have a word with them. Perhaps I can help change their attitude," Lester said, picking up his pen again and smiling as if to say goodbye. "I do think I have a little pull in that direction, frankly."

"I hope so." I walked on, thinking about Phipps. His cabin was as noisy as Elsa's and Mark's. What was he doing, holding a bingo game or something? I shrugged and resolved to find out later.

For the time being there was nothing for me to do but wait till after supper. Maybe I could get Elsa away from her admirers. I decided I would try her first. If that failed, I could try and think of something else.

As soon as dinner was over, I stuck with her and walked her back to her cabin. I asked her if she felt like fucking with me again, and she hesitated for a moment, perhaps taken aback by my direct approach. Then she shook her head and hurried on. I wasn't satisfied. When she passed my cabin I grabbed her around the waist and pushed her inside.

I switched the light on and faced her, holding the door shut. She looked angry, not very angry, more as if I was in her way.

"Come on, James," she said, and tried to get past me. "I have things to do tonight. Later, we'll get together later, is that all right?"

"Now," I said, moving towards her and taking her into my arms, "I need you here and now, Elsa. I haven't stopped thinking about you since that first day. I need you. I must have you. You're too desirable to resist any longer."

"No, James, I don't have the time. Besides, I haven't changed my views any. I still don't like to be touched on my -- my -- well, down there!"

"I won't touch you there, and I won't take up much of your time," I said through clenched teeth. Just touching her made me horny, her big, firm shoulders with those fleshy tits quivering just below my hands. It was strange to hold a grown woman again, not unexciting, and my cock rose up despite my tight trousers.

"Damn it," she said moodily, seeing the determination in my eyes. "All right then, but hurry up about it."

She pulled loose and took off her halter top and her shorts, to lie down naked on the bed. I got out of my clothes in a hurry before she could change her mind, and went straight for her generous cunt with my tongue. She screamed, angry and flushed, sitting up to take me to task, but I apologized and contented myself with sucking her springy tits.

Elsa lay back down and accepted my blandishments with a certain quiet grace. My mind wandered back to Irene and her modulated expressions of arousal, and Sandy's loud approbation, Laura's tight little screams and Angela's animal outburst -- somehow it took much of the fun out of making love with Elsa.

But I persisted, mainly on the camel principle, which means storing up so you won't need it later. Nonsense, of course, one can't store up on sex, or sleep, or food; but in the realm of imagination it holds true.

Elsa lay perfectly still, her arms by her side, her face calm, like a prostitute who's doing her last trick of the shift. I kept on sucking her tits and trying to caress passion into her via indirect means. But doing that without the aid of the nerve-laden cunt is no mean feat! Her shoulder blades proved unresponsive, her belly was the no man's land, just as her thighs were a DMZ in themselves.

That left her tits and her calves. Kissing her didn't seem to bring her on either. I did my best for a while, squeezing her tits and sucking at her pink nipples. But all of a sudden I felt like a giant fool! Who was she to tell how to do it? Dammit, I was the man and she had to take what I handed out.

I grabbed hold of her calves with both hands and pushed her legs up and back, pressing down so she couldn't move, but lay trapped under her own legs. Her face lost its smug expression. Her knees pinned down her shoulders so she couldn't even get her hands to my head when it fell down into her wide-open cunt and sucked at it for the first time.

She became desperate, her legs doing their utmost to kick me off, her fingers scratching at any part of me that was within reach. But I held her down with all my might, and her box was open to my mouth like a split fig.

I couldn't figure out why she was so against it. She tasted great, even though she'd sprayed some kind of vaginal deodorant up there, which made my tongue tingle numbly for a while afterwards. For the rest, her cunt was great. The lips were densely haired and swollen, the clitoris was huge, standing up like a fierce miniature prick, and her hole was a deep pink, moist, and pulsing.

For a moment I was tempted to forget about biting her box, and to plunge my throbbing cock into that wonderland. But I was out to teach her a lesson -- and with so many bridges already burnt, what did it matter if another became a charred ruin?

So I went ahead and bit deep. My tongue explored the oozing walls of her cunt, oozing in spite of her angry protests. My nose rubbed against the hard clitoris, nuzzling and pressing till she subsided a little, even relaxed under the stimulation I was giving her. And, to top it all off, I jammed two fingers up her cunt while my lips pursed around her clit.

She was still uncomfortable about it, convulsing now and then in a bid to escape my grip. But her cunt was in a vise, nothing could shake me loose. I had even locked the door to make sure the vigilantes couldn't rescue her. All the while I sucked and licked, giving her cunt all that it must have missed over years of willfulness.

I ran my tongue around her clitoris for some time, then descended, once around the rim of her cunt, then down to her asshole, flicking inside, exciting her more than ever, keeping up a constant pressure now that I had her.

She signaled her complete surrender by taking my cock in hand and masturbating it gently. I crawled closer to allow her to make more generous strokes and she did that. I took my fingers out of her box and stuck them into her mouth, experiencing the wet warmth of her tongue as she licked them clean. Slowly we moved around, almost as if neither of us wanted the other to know -- but suddenly it was there, her mouth around my prick!

I was elated! I let her legs down and rolled on top of her, my belly on her tits, my chest on her belly, she eating me, me eating her, an embrace that locked us into the other's body as far as it was possible to go. Her juices ran free. My loins began to bob, so that I was literally fucking her in the mouth. My loins were on fire!

Time to fuck for real. I tried to get up but her arms held me down. I insisted. So did she. I couldn't figure out what her plan was. But while waiting, I lavished attention on her cunt, my nose sticking up her ass as my mouth sucked the juices down. Her hard clitoris poked against my chin, so I moved my face regularly to give it its due. She was breathing hard, sucking at my cock as if she was trying to extract something from it.

I tried to get off again to plunge my dagger into her wide-open, super-ready, dripping cunt, my whole body waiting for the moment of entry -- and again she held me back. This time I tried a little harder, and she, just to show me she meant business, bit into my cock. Not enough to hurt me, just enough to let me feel what it could be like.

Cunning was my only way out. I pretended to return wholeheartedly to eating her out, my loins still bobbing over her mouth shallowly. But my thrusts went deeper and came up further. Just a little higher and I'd be able to pull my prick out of her mouth safely, and break her embrace at the same time.

She was ready for me. Just as I decided the time had come she closed her teeth ever so gently around my prick so that the ledge of my knob came to a stop right there. I grew desperate. I wanted only to fuck. What had come over her? She preferred fucking!

I soon found out. She began sucking at my cock even harder, her hands pressing the cheeks of my ass together and a lone index finger creeping down into my furrow to tickle the rim of my asshole. Tiny flashes of pleasure shot through me. These grew as her finger edged past the tight sphincter muscles and up my ass, where she crooked the top joint of her long finger to tickle me in vital places.

Right where the sperm emission control center is located, that's where she tickled me. And I, at the mercy of my body, could not help but begin the short buildup to my climax, my prick pumping into her mouth till she gagged and brought her free hand up to govern my loins. My prick contracted sharply, then blew out a load of sperm that could have choked a horse. But not Elsa.

She threw me off and got up, spitting the come out on the floor. She took a long drink of water, rinsed her mouth, and spat again. Then, with a withering look, she put her halter and shorts on again, and stalked out of my cabin.

I was still on my bed, bewildered by this. What did she have in mind? Then it struck me. She only wanted to pull my plug out when she saw there was no other way of getting around being fucked.

Well she had succeeded. I felt a fool. For a second, a white hot anger rose in me, choking me up. But then I took a drink and thought about it some more. It wasn't a total loss, Elsa sure gave a hell of a blow-job. The thing that bothered me was her calculatedness. Just like the other girls, always a few steps ahead of me. They were playing too dirty for my liking.

But two could play at that. I didn't know what I would do in retaliation, but I would think of something. In the meantime, I wanted to check out what Lester Phipps did with his leisure time.

I left my cabin and walked past Mark's ribald cabin. The door was wide open, and naked little girls were romping around, playing tiggie or something, while Mark lay fast asleep on his bed, two girls at his side. Flashing pink cheeks, tiny quivering tits, firm bellies and naked cleft whirled past my feverish eyes. How I envied him! Somehow Mark had it all down pat. That could be me, lying on that rumpled bed, fast asleep with two little slaves just waiting for me to get another urge. Fuck it!

I walked on in a hurry, my mood growing worse by the second. When I got to Lester's cabin, I found the door closed. But I went around the back, and he had forgotten to draw his curtains, probably thinking everyone was trustworthy.

There were about four little girls in his cabin, none of them older than ten. Utterly hairless but for cute blonde curls, their chests barely swollen, three of them stood by the side of his bed masturbating each other, while Lester had the fourth beside him on the bed.

He was doing something to her asshole, I couldn't quite see what it was. But then she turned around and he bent down. What they were doing was stuffing a silk handkerchief up the other's ass!

My nagging dissatisfaction was displaced by curiosity. What the hell was Lester's bag? His thin, hairy ass opened wide as the little girl stuffed the hanky up his asshole, frowning with concentration. She left a little tuft sticking out, and then she lay back with her little legs wide open.

Lester checked both her hanky and his own before he presented his limp dick to the three masturbating maidens. The middle one opened her mouth wide and took it all inside, to chew on it lightly. Soon life flooded into it, forcing the girl back a pace, and it became hard for her to encompass just the knob.

All of Lester's growth energy seemed to have gone into his prick. Longer than mine, and thicker, it stuck out from his skinny frame incongruously, like a tree growing out of a branch. I was kind of horrified to think he was sticking that monster into the tiny snatches of ten-year-olds, but they didn't stagger back in awe, so I figured they must have had it up there enough to have grown around it.

The three girls devoted their whole attention to the monster member, stroking it, licking it, sucking at the balls drooping way down in his long sac, their nimble little fingers working hard to excite their aging stud.

Lester reached the critical point and set the girls back into their masturbating routine. They leaned against the wall and watched closely as he applied his throbbing purple knob to the tiny but wet entrance of the little cunt on his bed. She stared down, slightly fearful but with a wild lust in evidence.

One more check of the handkerchief, changing her position slightly, and then the long insertion began, slow, short jabs bringing him in deeper and deeper, the cock disappearing as if by magic. Perhaps it telescoped in, I thought, craning to look more closely, that little body couldn't contain so much! But now I realize I was just underestimating women again.

She took it all, and her face showed she could have accommodated more. Briefly I thought of the Roman arena where women would be fucked by donkeys. I marveled at it all.

Lester began his stroking, long and hard, the little girl under him opening up as wide as she could to give him maximum access to her miniature heaven. I watched as his cock emerged right to the tip of his knob, and plunged back in, reflecting how fatherly Lester was being, truly a parent to his wards.

The little girl uttered a tiny, animal scream, her body twisting with the agony and ecstasy of Lester's boa. He pumped it into her and I could see her belly bulge as it reamed right up inside. Lester's face was fanatic and blissful, his body taut as a bow string while he plunged his all into her.

The three girls up against the wall masturbated more fervently, hardly able to stand up. Their fingers flew and manipulated, providing a slurping cricket's chorus to back up the brilliant solo Lester was performing for them. Even I could only hold myself back from applauding with much will power.

Lester was doing extremely well. I felt my deflated cock rising sharply while I watched him plough into the little girl, whose face was pressed up against his chest. She seemed to be enjoying it too, as were her girl friends.

The moment of climax was drawing near. I saw Lester's face redden, flushing a violent vermilion, his low, grating grunts starting up like a rusty tractor, while the little girl clutched at him, her loins uncontrollable. Her face was red, too, as if she were holding her breath for the big moment.

I peered more closely, my face hard against the window, hand on my cock, rubbing a little. The three girls leaning up against the wall had slid down to the floor and were on their backs helplessly finger-fucking each other. The bed squeaked horribly. Lester bellowed like a bull, his little girl friend screamed, and I saw their hands tug violently at the tuft of handkerchief sticking out of their asses, to rip it out just as they reached their mutual climax!

They exploded! I had never seen a climax like it. Lester lost weight in front of my eyes as he shot his bolt. The little girl turned into a shuddering mass of limbs and cries. And their audience delivered the final strokes to each other. It was a beautiful scene. I leaned breathlessly against the wall of the hut and began jerking off.

Lester wasn't finished yet. He waited for the girls to recollect themselves, then he got them to suck his huge cock till the last drops of nectar and sperm had been removed. They worked like little ants, sucking at the big, fat, shrinking head, licking his dangling balls, their mouths running up and down the thick stem of his cock as if it was a lollipop, while Lester sat back with his eyes shut, grinning.

Paternal, my ass! I thought enviously. Lester was the most cunning of us all! Walking around looking like the local vicar who wouldn't say a damn for a dollar, meanwhile setting himself up in the nicest underage harem I had ever seen. If only I hadn't fucked up! I'd be surrounded by them, dozens sleeping in and under my bed, regaling me with every sensual pleasure devised by man since the dark ages.

I stood back from the window a little mad at myself but still interested in the situation inside. Lester's cock had shrunk down to what would for most men be a praiseworthy cock, and the three girls toyed with it idly, as if it were a new pet. The girl who had been fucked so well was asleep on the bed, her legs wide open and her naked chubby slit still running with sperm that oozed out in globules.

At a signal from the master, one of the girls got down on that runny little snatch and sucked it clean. While she was down there, Lester's erection restored itself sneakily and, without warning, he suddenly rammed it up her tiny snatch as she bent over his previous victim.

The girl straightened up as if she'd been bitten on the ass by a snake. Then, as her cunt adjusted to the enormous member, she pitched forward and spread her legs as wide as possible to make it feasible for the trouser snake to crawl right up inside her.

She lay half over the first victim, who kept on sleeping. The other two girls did their best to help Lester, separating her buttocks and lifting her ass a little for maximum accessibility, till he was up in her to the hilt. Then they stood back and respectfully watched while the girl got fucked.

She couldn't have been five feet tall, I guessed from my position outside the window, skinny, titless, hairless, pretty in a sugar candy way, her golden curls hanging down over her face like a lace curtain. Her hands groped along the bed and over her girl friend, looking for support, and her tiny ass rose and fell in accordance with Lester's strong strokes.

My prick ached for a little cunt to call my own. I looked around in the dark, there was no one around. It was quiet in the camp now, most of the lights off, only a few giggles echoing now and then. I needed to fuck! I considered bursting into Lester's place and ripping off one of his girls -- but my position was shaky enough without aggravating him.

What could I do? I felt as if I had drunk a draft of werewolf brew, my eyes yellow slits of desperation and lust, hairy all over, cock hard and throbbing, my entire being focused on only one thing -- cunt! All around me were huts, and in every hut were dozens of little cunts, bald and hairy, loose and tight, cunts sweating in the warm summer night's air, cunts with fingers in them, cunts dripping a last drop of piss on the sheets, four hundred cunts!

One last look at the fucking of Lester, at that moment driving his cock up her cunt till it threatened to dislodge her tonsils, and I went off into the night, melting as it were, into the shadows.

I felt like baying at the moon...


I found a hut at the outer fringes of the camp, far enough from the others to make it difficult for one of the occupants to raise a general alarm. The place was in darkness, not a sound came from it. I checked around carefully, making sure no one had seen me.

Then I eased in through the door and bolted it. I waited for a moment until my eyes were accustomed to the dark, and made my first move. I stripped. Naked and hard, I got into the nearest bed and took a handful of young cunt. The young cunt screamed. Lights came on, commotion threatened to erupt, but I took fast action.

"Okay, everybody keep quiet," I hissed, leaping out into the middle of the hut, "I want you to do exactly as I say or I'll make you wish you had never been born, understand!"

"You'll pay for this," said a voice in the background, "we've got your number, fella."

"I don't care anymore," I said loudly, raising myself to my full height, "I refuse to be blackmailed any more. Tonight it's my turn, and you girls better enjoy it, because you're going to get it whether you do or not."

"What's to stop us from screaming and bringing the whole camp down on you?" one girl asked.

"Just this -- after tonight no doubt someone will inform on me, which means my future is shot anyway. So you see before you a desperate man. And I'll beat the shit out of the first one who yells. You hear me!"

"You're full of shit," said a tall, older girl, "you lay a finger on me and you'll have all twelve of us on your neck."

I was so mad with lust and frustration that I could hardly think straight. The girls were sitting up in their beds, some in nighties, most nude, their tiny tits poking pertly out at me, their young curving bodies unaware of the power they exercised over me. I wanted to fuck them so bad I had trouble keeping my breathing regular!

"Try it!" I hissed, walking up to her, my erection waving in front of her nose. "Just you try it, girlie!"

"Help!" she screamed, and opened her mouth for another outcry but I filled it with fist. She reeled back, her eyes wide with astonishment. Obviously no one had ever hit her before. The pain shocked her as much as the fact that I had actually carried out my threat.

The girls gasped as she fell back onto the bed, her mouth bleeding. Dead silence reigned in the hut. Curtly, I told them to strip, and they did so, their eyes open wide and fixed on me. They thought I had gone mad -- and I had! My vision was obscured by a red mist, all I could see sharply were their little cunts as they emerged from bedclothes and nighties. I lined them all in a row, and walked up and down, my finger checking for the firmest, the fullest, the finest cunt there.

What tactile delight! Each of them shied away some as I ran my index finger up their wide slits, but stood their ground bravely. I fingered right down the line, exploring their sweaty boxes and tasting the faint drops of dampness of each with the air of a connoisseur.

Out of the twelve I found three I really wanted to fuck. The rest I ordered to stand around the bed in a tight cordon while I arranged my three girls on the bed with me. I took my time, arranging them like a housewife with too much leisure arranges her living room. And, just before I started the proceedings, I warned the girls once more: "If any of you leaves this place, so help me, I'll get her for it. And they'll be responsible for their friends losing some teeth too. Remember that. Just try to make the best of things."

The stubborn silence that greeted my words disturbed me somewhat, but first things first. The three girls of my choice were truly beautiful. One, Sylvia, was five feet six, only thirteen, small hard tits about to bud, not a hair on her body. She looked like a model, long and lanky, but perfectly proportioned for all that. The second was called Benita, little and plump, full-breasted at fourteen, down on her cunt, her ass full and prosperous with youthful tautness that would soon give way to a comfortable spread -- but not yet! And the third was Gloria, an aloof girl of eleven, no sexual characteristics bar her nude, fat little cunt, and her face. She had very long lashes, jet black hair, big brown eyes, her skin white as white can be, in stark contrast her hair. But she looked through me the whole time I was arranging, as if she didn't know I was alive.

For that reason I began with her. Slowly drawing her closer to me, I pressed a hot kiss to her firmly-shut lips. She accepted this unflinchingly, her eyes wide open, her body rigid, only waiting for me to stop. My knob was ready to be launched.

I touched her breasts, feeling the subtly-pulvinated chest with delicacy. Strangely exciting for non-tits, that invisible fullness. I caressed her hard belly and moved down into the naive gully of her cunt, dry and warm, smooth as polished stone and almost as unyielding. By searching through her valley most thoroughly, I hit upon her tiny clit and began to massage that with two fingers.

No girl can resist that. Gloria, for all her coyness, began to shift uneasily, trying to move out of my embrace, but I tightened it and continued the same stimulation. I sat with her between my legs, her back against my chest. I held her firmly with one hand on her subcutaneous tits, the other deep in her smooth groin, my prick chafing up against her ass.

The other girls were still silent, but the atmosphere in the hut was slowly changing. From resentment to naughty lasciviousness. It was creeping through their systems, making them less intractable, more interested in the proceedings.

My other two partners came a little closer, bending over to see what I was doing. I found Gloria's tight cunt hole and eased my finger up it, pushing to get as much as possible inside. She was dry, but smooth, hot, her muscles resisting at first but slowly giving in. I was hooked inside.

Finally she lost her aloofness and began to breathe with difficulty. Her back pressed into me, and her knees lifted to give me more cunt to play with. I took it all. First I extracted my finger and brought my hand around, under her thigh, and shoved my thumb up her moist passage. The finger that was already oily circled around the rim of her asshole, lubricating it till it was able to slip into the elastic vise, and begin working its way to the top.

She writhed timidly, a little ashamed of her own passion. I worked harder. Soon she cast aside all her inhibitions, as if she was no longer aware of anyone around her. Silence still reigned. The two other girls had shifted position so they were in front of Gloria, watching my busy hand sending rigid fingers up her cunt and asshole, one nimble finger manipulating her hardening clitoris.

I moved a bit so that my dick pressed into the furrow of her taut ass, sliding against her to get that touch of friction my knob raved for. My mind was clearer now, more patient with my lot since I was surrounded by cleft little chubs.

Before I went any further I wanted to fuck. And then I wanted a side show, and then I wanted to fuck again. I looked around the circle of girls once more, to make sure I had the best girls with me, and, satisfied, I set to work on Gloria to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.

I lifted her up by the thighs and brought her over my head so that the front of her thighs rested on my shoulders, and her box was flush against my mouth. I buried my nose into the tight furrow of her ass and began sucking at her as if she had a dozen oysters concealed in her person. And Gloria, dangling down, just managed to swallow the red knob of my dick, to regale it with instinctive spiralings of her tongue.

The other girls took the initiative. Benita held Gloria in place so that my hands were free to feel her and Sylvia up. I did with relish. Benita's plump little cunt was soaking wet and pulsing with ecstasy. Two fingers slipped up easily and I finger-fucked her with both barrels. Sylvia perched over my other hand felt like a candelabra. Both hands occupied, my tongue dabbling about in Gloria's wet, tight cunt, her lips stretched about my swollen knob, and the girls around the bed getting twitchy and sticky, at that moment I envied no one in the whole world, not even Lester Phipps.

My faithful cock, that had been kept waiting for so long, finally got its due. I pushed Gloria forward and rose to my knees, holding her ass up high, the rest of her stretched out over the bed like an offering to the Gods. Then, lining her cunt hole up with my burning cock, I took aim and shoved it right up her so that she choked.

How good it felt! Her cunt clamped around my dick as if to hold it in there forever, but I pushed harder and it made it to the top. I felt her hard flesh push against my pubic bone, and I rubbed it in just to get her clitoris to send her flying.

Her moans were childish at first, highly-pitched, like she was seeing spooks in the nursery. But as we fucked harder, so her moans became more womanish. Strange thrills coursed through me as I saw her little-girl face contort to give vent to such grownup passions.

Sylvia and Benita were flat on their backs at either side of me like town hall lions, masturbating to beat the band, their little fingers rubbing in tight circles about their clitorises. Hips shaking, mouths open, eyes glassy, their groans set the other girls into motion as well till the space we were in smelled of concentrated cunt.

I fucked on. Taking it easy, reasoning that the longer it lasted, the more I would get out of it. And watching the other girls get their rocks off, which inspired me as well. I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply and savoring the sensation of sending my cock rushing up her tight wet cunt, tight and new, her hymen already a memory but new enough to be squeaky.

Candles and Coke bottles appeared from nowhere, one girl even produced a professional dildo, and the girls spread out over the neighboring beds to do themselves in. My head started spinning. There they were, ten-year-old girls manipulating the candle as well as they ever would, their pink cunts shining in the light, fluids running where no fluid had been, the candles sloughing in and out with faint slurping noises, the smell of young cunt thickening by the second.

Gloria was crying out, her slender body convulsing as her first climax burst upon her like a private thunder storm. I felt well-pleased. Now that she'd had it, I could comfortably move ahead and have mine.

I tightened my grip and sent my cock reaming up her cunt, ignoring the sudden stiffening and the small cry of pain. Bashing it in, my belly slapping against the tense pink cheeks, battering her box with my balls, my senses folding one by one. Careless of everything, I just focused on her cunt, and what my prick could do with it, a pinpoint of sanity.

She must have felt how my mood was changing, because she tried to escape. I gripped her little ass like it was a subway strap and swung my hips in with some whip to send my cock roaring into her nervously contracting cunt. She cried out in protest. I left my knob stuck in the bottom of her cunt and began a staccato beat with my pubic bone grinding into her asshole, hard and fast like a man gone berserk.

Which is what I was. The combination of the whole day, its frustrations, temptations, the sights and sounds, the opportunities lost and gained, the masturbating chorus about me and the polished soft skin of this kid in front of me, all of it added up to an explosive chemical, which had ignited.

I didn't care about anything anymore, only my own satisfaction. None of this ploying and watching, always careful to keep the woman up there with you. None of that. I fucked her like she was a piece of liver, or a knothole!

Everything speeded up and intensified. I felt my mind bend under the strain, then snap. A rattling rhythm of a pneumatic fuck, then a gushing explosion of hot sperm and a dull, empty feeling which sent me tumbling in a loose heap all over Gloria.

All I heard was my own rasping breathing. The blood boiled in my ears. Sweat poured out of every pore. It took a long time to settle down. And when I did, it was only to see all the girls sitting primly on the nearby beds.

"What's the matter with you girls?" I said feebly, getting up off Gloria who was complaining about getting crushed. "Haven't you ever seen anyone fucking before?"

They ignored my silly question. I sat up and surveyed each of them. Their faces were hostile, as if they wanted to do me in. Gloria struggled up and walked over to the other side of the cabin, rubbing her sore cunt and crying softly.

"Enough of this nonsense," I said sharply, "Benita, get over here and suck me off, look at my poor prick, all greasy and limp -- come over here and get down on it."

She came, dragging her feet, looking for assistance among her friends. But they, in turn looked over at the girl I had hit, and changed their minds. Benita bent her plump body over and gingerly took my prick in her mouth. I picked her up and laid her down between my legs so she could concentrate better.

"Now you and you, get on the foot-end of my bed and give me a show," I ordered. No one responded. "Goddamn it! You want me to get nasty or something? Don't forget, I've got nothing to lose anymore!"

The girls I had indicated came forward and sat on my bed, their legs crossed, hands in front of their cunts so I couldn't see them.

"Kiss each other," I said. They looked at me, daggers in their eyes, but I knew I'd chosen accurately. These girls had something going. I could tell by the way the audience giggled.

The older one resolutely turned her head towards the other, and pressed her lips hastily against hers. Then she looked back at me, appeal on her face, but I told her to do it again -- properly!

She kissed her friend harder, but it still wasn't good enough. On the third try her reluctance gave way to resignation. They kissed for a long time, slowly becoming absorbed in the act of osculation till they almost managed to forget about me. But I interrupted with malicious timing: "Now fuck," I said, and my voice was loud with power, "fuck till you drop, and make it real."

They glared at me again, and the audience muttered restlessly. I brandished my fist, and they got down to it. The older girl lay on her back so that her head rested against the foot-end of the bed and her cunt faced me. Her friend got on top of her, and with rising pleasure I watched as the two young cunts met and flexed to instill passion in each other.

As before, at first they didn't want to, but when the river gets flowing it doesn't stop till it reaches the sea. So they were caught up in their own buzzing feelings, and their fucking became so real it helped the audience to forget its hostility for the moment to once more join in with the band.

What pure pleasure to have wrought this scene! I sat with my back against the wall, watching the asses bob in front of me and the cunt folds stretch and contract, as the pink holes began to gleam and flood. Around me, oily fingers slurped up tender cunts, and I could feel it all.

All my sensory nerves thrilled in tune with the sensations they felt. I knew what it felt like, those hot and smooth cunt passages wet with nectar and pulsing with passion. Those yielding little contours inside the cunt were as familiar to me as the palm of my hand, though a lot more exciting.

Girls fell back on the beds, helping each other jam the candles up higher, crying out, while the twosome in front of me fucked themselves into oblivion. I moved forward and rested my head inches away from the undulating flesh, my cheeks brushing against the wet thighs, just to see the cunt lips tug and be tugged.

I motioned for Sylvia to lie on top of me, her belly on my back and her naked little crotch pressing into my ass. She felt good, giving my spine a little pleasure while her flesh and mine met in passionate discourse. My tongue reached out till the tip slid along the two bouncing boxes, tasting of their free-flowing dew as my ear caught the fine nuances of their wet sounds.

Sylvia rubbed her long, thin body all over mine, moving forward, pressing her cunt down against my skin, and then moving back to get that friction she needed. Her arms were around my chest and she wriggled harder and harder, hooking the top of her slit into me and bringing herself undone in a chain of sighs and groans and mad contortions.

While she rested, I nuzzled deeper into the conjoined cunts, and they pressed closer into my mouth. My teeth nibbled at a clitoris here, my tongue sank into a wet hole there, or I just sucked greedily at the rivulets of nectar streaking their anxious thighs.

Under me, my cock was getting harder than ever. I waited for a moment while Sylvia was peaking, then I rolled around and told her to suck me. She was on me in a flash, her wide mouth taking me inside and moving my head against the wild, wet tissue till my loins began to fuck her face. I stayed in that position for some time, fucking her cunt-like mouth and sucking at the fused boxes with my head tilted back and pressing into the mattress. My head spun. I wanted to fuck again. Suddenly I sat up and pointed at Benita: "Come over here, you little pudding, and sit on my dick."

"No," she said, shaking her head violently so the dark curls flew, "I'm saving myself for marriage."

"And you're just about to collect the interest," I quipped, pulling her over. "Come on, baby, squat on this."

She struggled mightily, protesting and appealing to the other girls for help. But she couldn't fight against me, I was in no mood to be sporting.

I picked her up around the waist and planted her like I'd put paper on a spike. Her dark downed cunt split open and a trickle of blood ran down my cock into the pubic bush. She screamed so loud I thought she'd punctured my eardrums. The other girls hopped up in alarm and tried to pull her off me.

But there's something mighty powerful about picking cherries, and nothing on earth was going to wrest this one out of my hands. I kept pushing my dick up her wet hole, oiled with juices and blood, till it was up to the hilt. The girls were tearing at me, slapping me, calling me names, but I was resolute.

Both my hands held around her waist, planting her up and down, slurping into her, impervious to the scratches and slaps. Benita quivered like a pudding of flesh, her little tits shivering, the nipples alive. Her face was white with pain and fear, but slowly I managed to bring a blush to her checks.

Her screaming stopped. We were fucking well now, I was able to relax my hold on her, and her loins took over the lion's share of the work. But the girl I had hit earlier still took it upon herself to make a dash for the door.

I threw Benita off me and ran after her. I caught her just as she was undoing the lock, spun her around, and slapped her right across the face. She fell back onto the nearest bed, crying, and holding her hands up in defense.

The other girls swarmed over me like an army of hornets, pinching and scratching. I shrugged them off like a bear shrugs off attacking dogs, locked the door again, and ordered them back to their original positions.

Their faces glowering with anger and hate, the girls sat back down on the surrounding beds, and watched as I mounted Benita once more. This time she was anxious for more of my beef bayonet, opening her chubby white legs right up before I could even get on top of her.

I slipped up to the hilt and fingered her swollen clit as I fucked her. She loved it. My erection was like reinforced concrete, driving up her soft, palpitating hole with brutal strength. In the meantime, I kept a careful eye on the audience, in case any of them tried to play tricks on me before I was finished with Benita.

Her hands were on my ass, pressing down on me with every thrust. Her cunt was wide and wet now, slurping like a real woman as I pumped my prick into it, and her fleshy legs wrapped around my waist for extra support. She was open as far as she would go, the silky wet rim of her cunt brushing down my plummeting cock in such a way as to tease me into self-forgetfulness.

Absorbed in fucking her, my senses attuned to her breathing, her whispers of passion, her song of lust, and the heaving of her soft bosoms as I ploughed harder and harder, driven by the forces of the flesh. She kissed me with all her might, her tongue searching my mouth for more of me while her nails dug into my clenched buttocks as if drilling for blood.

I felt her body tighten suddenly, her breathing became rapid and tense and her eyes were shut. This was it. I lowered the boom a little, scraping up against the division between her cunthole and her ass to give her all the benefits at once. She cracked wide open and came to a shuddering climax.

Only then did I feel free to indulge myself. With short strokes, I let the knob rub up against her fleshy walls, deriving a throbbing pleasure from this which soon led to a contraction of all my innards, to explode into a burst of sperm and grunting. I crashed down on top of her like a felled oak, and lay there breathing raspily.

I heard the padding of bare feet over the floor of the hut, and the bolt slide out of its socket, but it didn't really register for a while. I was in a fog, and whispers and shuffling, nothing clicked -- till the sharp voice of Elsa pierced through my reverie.

"You dirty pig!" she said, and my head cleared as if I had sniffed up on ammonia, "You filthy pervert! You'll pay dearly for this, I promise you that! These girls are in our custody, we should protect them, not ravish them!"

The righteousness throbbed through every syllable. I got up painfully and looked at her, my eyes conveying the scenes I had witnessed of her and the little girls she'd had sucking her box like leeches. But there was a hard, marble gleam in her eyes, apparently she was prepared to overlook her own weaknesses.

I shrugged and told her that if she fucked with me, my defense would upset a lot of people. She asked what I meant by that, and I didn't reply, just smiled as if I had a complete dossier on them all.

This bothered her, I could tell. She became less self-assured, and turned to the girls instead to order them into bed and not to say a word about this to anyone till she had researched my case further.

I went back to my hut and readied my camera for a new expedition the following night.


My name stank in Camp Good Health the following day. It didn't matter what orders I gave, they were all disobedient. So, rather than subject myself to an exercise in futility, I remained in my hut for most of the time, reading and listening to the radio, thinking things over.

As soon as night fell and the camp's nocturnal action ground into motion, I was up and about with my camera. I had adjusted it to take good shots in minimum light so I wouldn't disturb anyone with flash bulbs, and as a result I managed to take some lovely snap shots.

Lester had expanded his harem considerably, eight little ten-year-olds all in a row on his bed, their feet dangling above the floor as one by one they reached for his extended, distended cock and sucked at the tip of the knob. That's all they could fit into their mouths, I figured, once more awed at the size of his monster.

I took some nice profile shots of him, then went over to Elsa's cabin. She just had her girlfriend with her head between her legs, and was busy talking with a dozen girls who were fully dressed. But that one shot was all I needed.

On to Mark's hutch. Mark was stretched over a tiny girl whose face was screwed up in agony as he drove his cock up her tiny bald cunt. A number of girls were playing cards on the floor and drinking whiskey. Cigarettes in their cupid-bow mouths, they looked like parody tough guys. Not one of them paid much attention to the goings-on on the bed.

Then, on impulse, I walked over to the cabins of the middle-aged ladies. To my surprise they weren't busy with games and fun things to do. In fact, I doubt if the camp entered their minds at all!

All ten of them were seated around the recreation room quite naked, their heavy breasts sagging over rounded abdomens, and their blue-rinsed hairdos looking faker than ever matched with the greying pubic hair curling plentifully about their old cunts. It looked to me like they were playing musical chairs or something.

While I photographed them, a strapping black man walked out of the bathroom, drops of piss still dripping from his shining, massive cock. I recognized him as one of the camp maintenance men. I used up a whole roll of film on the little play-off the old ladies held for his favors.

For some time I stood there watching. They blindfolded the black man and spun him round and round, all the women giggling and smiling, hands wringing in their laps. Then they all sat down and the black man stumbled over at one of their number, to pick the lucky woman. When they took off his blindfold, I saw him first scoop up a little pile of notes in the center of the floor, then take the old lady by the elbow and lead her over to the couch at the far end of the room where he set to fucking her with mighty strokes of his giant phallus.

I grinned to myself as I walked off into the night. So that was why one oughtn't to judge a book by its cover. The last stop was the director's house. He was home with his wife, a highly respectable looking couple, gray hairs and great poise. They were watching television, innocuous enough -- except for the two little girls that were sucking them off in the process.

I changed the roll of film and used up my second roll for the evening. This was one scene I wanted to be sure of getting. Then I went back to my cabin, well-pleased with myself, and hid the rolls in a secret spot, under the floorboards.

The rest of the evening was mine. For once I didn't care that all the others were fucking. I had had enough. Peace and quiet were enough for me. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, feeling the tiredness stretch into sleep, that would in turn be a night's coma.

But it was not to be. The door burst open, and there, with her arms folded and her face blazing with vigilante fervor, stood Elsa and her Little Raiders. About twenty of them in all, they filled my hut and kicked the door shut before a word was uttered.

"We've come to take our revenge," Elsa said gravely, and I didn't know whether to laugh or flee. I decided not to resist unless they threatened to do me violence; in which case I would lay every one of them out!

Not till Elsa produced a gun, then, did I think there was anything serious going on. The sight of the snub-nosed little ladies' gun changed everything. I had never looked up the barrel of any gun before this. Of course I had seen it on TV, and there had been times when I asked myself what I would do under such circumstances. Usually I came up with a particularly glib ploy that got me out of danger.

But right then, looking up the barrel mesmerized me into complete inaction. I sat still, hardly daring to move in case I caused her finger to twitch. The girls stood back, seeing I would not put up a fight.

"Strip," Elsa said harshly, and I hastened to obey. "Now lie down on your bed, your face in the pillows." I didn't argue. "And don't forget, if you move, it's all over."

"You can't shoot me!" I cried suddenly. "You don't think you'd get away with it, do you?"

"Who'd tell?" she shot back, and her cold but accurate logic dawned on me. None of the girls would talk, and even if they did, who would believe them? I wouldn't be missed, at least no more than the average PT instructor who had dropped off a cliff in a remote neck of the woods.

So I tried to relax. My ears picked up every sound and tried to analyze it. I couldn't imagine what they would do to me. And the last thing I expected to happen, did happen.

I felt the firm, silky body of one of the girls slide up and down the back of me. She was rubbing her cunt all over me, I realized, as some of the sticky wetness clung to me, and I felt the outline of her firm lips on my flesh. I could just see it, her naked little cunt wide open and leaving a snail-like trail on my body.

My prick reared up, worming up between the bedclothes and my belly to find room for expansion. I lifted my ass a little to give it a chance and immediately an inquiring hand darted into the gap and squeezed my dick as if taking its temperature.

"He's getting there," reported a girl's voice. I didn't understand any of this, but relished the little girl's gyrations and was soon lost in her flesh blandishments. She let her nipples run lightly down my back, just chafing ever so subtly, and brought my hand to her belly so that I would discover her firm, nude cunt.

I was so hard that I was prepared to fuck my bed if nothing better came along. The motion began all by itself, nervous and reflexive, driving the knob of my dick into the blanket where it found some pleasure in the roughness of the cloth.

"He's there," said the high voice. I waited to see what they would do next, in the meantime squeezing the little pussy in my hand. Suddenly a great rush of ice-cold water was tipped over me. I jumped up, spluttering and cursing, only to see that gun barrel staring back at me.

"Get down and stay down," Elsa said icily, and I did as I was told. The bed was wet and unpleasant, I was shaking all over from the shock and the cold, and my prick was as limp as wet rope. Little fingers curled around my cock and pulled it back. A piece of string was tied about it, just below the knob. It wasn't tight, not painful, but this time I knew what they were driving at.

I gritted my teeth, determined not to give them the pleasure they were looking for. The girl sat back down on me, rubbing her cunt against the cheeks of my ass, and another began to tickle my balls, weighing them in her hand, and kissing them. Nothing would succeed because I resisted their success.

How wrong I was. And how mortal my flesh. Within minutes, I felt the blood pour into my prick. The girls worked harder. One had her finger up my ass and crooked the top joint to inflame my passion at the very base of it. My balls were in someone's mouth, and hard cunts brushed up against my arm and hand, while in the background I heard the soft moans of love-making.

I couldn't resist anymore. My erection blew itself up like a balloon on a hydrogen tank, and at once the string bit deep into the sensitive flesh of my dick. I cried out in pain, and turned my thoughts to accounting and horse-raising so as to bore my system back to normal numbness.

No use. They stimulated everywhere they could find an erogenous zone. My ass was treated to a series of caresses that made my mind reel, kisses and prying fingers, the nibble of little teeth, and the chafe of dry cunts working themselves up into a lather against my flesh.

One of the girls isolated my index finger and jammed it hard into her cunt, where it lodged in a clasp of dry, hot flesh palpitating all about it. Naturally I reached for more, my thumb circling about her clit, and the other fingers exploring as far as their tether would let them. She got moist very quick, and began to fuck my finger.

Through all this, my prick felt as if it was being garroted! I wanted them to stop, and I wanted me to stop cooperating. Deep down I couldn't believe they would actually shoot me if I put up a fight, and yet, there was something crazy about Elsa, she might very well do it just to revenge herself on me for the other night when I had defiled her sacred shrine, the one between her legs.

With terrific effort I cut my mind off from the flesh, and to my relief I felt my cock subside, driven down by pain and will power. When they saw it was no use they took the string off, and conferred briefly to devise a torture even mote excruciating. I waited with bated breath. I was getting mad, ready to hit them all into a stew if they provoked me further. Only the idea of Elsa and her stupid lady's pistol held me back.

Their next inspiration was to turn me over on my back and tie me to the bed. I let them do it, counting on their inability to tie a good knot. I must have been stupid. Those Goddamn girl scouts tied me up like professionals, and then they all gathered around and stared at my prick, lying limp on my belly.

At least I could see what was going on. Elsa had sat down on a nearby chair, the gun still on me. The others had stripped and were either making love among themselves, or were staring at me. A timid hand reached out and began to jerk me off, bringing new energy to my cock.

How I cursed its ability to stand up whenever the vibrations were in order that night! They got me so hard it almost lifted me off the bed, and then the gamest little girl squatted over it and began to fuck me, much to the delight of the others.

I enjoyed that. Her little cunt fitted over my prick like a benign strait jacket, and the smooth friction of her made me feel like fucking all night. She got wet in seconds, the moisture opening up new territory for my ever-curious knob, till she was sitting with her ass flush with my belly.

For a moment I thought perhaps they had punished me enough, and were in the process of making up for it. But when they saw me close my eyes and begin fucking her back, they ripped her off my cock and whipped my prick with pieces of string, stinging little whips that brought water to my eyes with pain.

And suddenly they all began beating me. Fists and open hands battered my body, teeth sank into me, nails raked my stomach, drawing blood and red weals. I wrestled with my bonds to defend myself but they had me trapped.

Else sat in her chair, grinning, the gun in her purse. While she watched me, she began to masturbate, her finger deep into her hairy cunt, in and out, her pink hole wide open, gleaming with moisture. She grinned more broadly as the girls slapped me around harder, her hand squeezing her generous cunt and rubbing it as if she was getting off just on seeing me get hurt.

Then she stood up and said: "Okay, girls, that's enough. We're going to leave you here, mister, and tomorrow night's going to be even worse for you. Don't bother calling for help, no one will hear you. Anyone who helps you will get the same treatment, you see. That's all."

She turned to leave, but I called her back and said: "I just want you to know I have incriminating evidence on all of you, so don't bother thinking you'll turn me in later."

"What sort of evidence," she said mockingly, "illegal love letters or something?"

"Photos," I said curtly, "of you and all your girls and of everyone else in the camp as well."

"I told you we should have got him last night," one of the girls said heatedly, but Elsa shushed her.

"Where are they?" she asked. "Give them to me before I shoot you."

"They're on their way to my lawyer," I lied, "together with a note indicting all of you in case I die."

"I don't believe you."

"That's your prerogative," I shrugged, "but check out my camera over there, and see if I couldn't have taken photos in the dark without you knowing about it."

This convinced her, but didn't change her mind about leaving me tied up: "Okay, so we won't kill you, but we'll make it rough for you. Come on girls, it's our bedtime."

They marched out and slammed the door leaving me alone, tied up to the bed, smarting from the thousand slaps and the cuts and bruises they had inflicted on me. A dull, impotent fury burst inside me -- I'd kill them all if they gave me a chance. And I would kill them slowly!

Somehow I fell asleep, a restless night that left me more tired in the morning than I had been before. But my mind was clear enough to figure out a way of releasing myself.

The bed was a steel frame set into slits in the foot and head ends. By rocking the bed I turned it and me on the side and, by pulling at the head end, and bashing my buttocks against the frame, I managed to dislodge it. From there on, it was easy. I slipped free from the bed, untied the ropes, and sat down while the blood circulated through the formerly constricted passages.

Revenge burned in my heart. When I stepped outside there was no one around. It was a hot day, the sun high in the sky and burning relentlessly, so I figured they'd be at the lake swimming. I ran through the woods, still naked, running with the ease of an Indian, thinking what I would do when I caught them.

Elsa's troop was the first that I spotted. I rested for a moment on a low hill above them, surveying my position. Then I crept down through the bushes and stopped once more when I was mere feet from the party.

They were giggling and carefree, some of them in the water, the rest dozing or chattering on the grass slope that ran down to the water's edge. Elsa was asleep with a girl in her arms, both probably spent from incessant sex.

I found a good-sized stick and was about to make my entrance, when I noticed something. The girl swimming the furthest away from the edge was in trouble. I could just pick up her faint cry for help, and see her arm sticking out of the water, waving to catch someone's attention.

I remembered someone telling me there were some very treacherous undertows in the lake, and suddenly all my petty considerations were tossed aside as her peril took over. The girls on the beach screamed when they saw me sprint past, naked and covered in cuts, the living image of vengeance, but I kept going, diving into the water and swimming out with long strokes.

She was going down for the third time when I caught up with her. I felt the cold current of water suck me in, and my body contracted sharply to preserve its heat. Quickly I grabbed her around the chest and swam back into the warmer water before it was too late.

We got back to the beach in record time. She was hardly breathing, unconscious, blue with cold. I threw her down on the grass and applied artificial respiration. She coughed up water for some time, till she was able to breathe normally and the color returned to her cheeks.

The emergency had brought us all together again, and the question of revenge faded without even coming under discussion. Elsa was especially grateful, since she had been asleep on the job, and it would have gone badly for her had the girl drowned.

"Anything you want from now on," she told me, "is yours. I'm sure all the girls agree with me when I say all has been forgiven, and all is yours for the asking."

A great cheer went up to confirm this. I sat down and tried to think of what I wanted most. Forty young girls thronging about me, I could have my pick of them -- wouldst that I had forty pricks, I would fuck them like a hedgehog could fuck forty mice!

I found two girls that appealed to me particularly, and pointed them out. They leaped forward, smiles on their faces, and followed me into the woods. I searched till I found the right spot, a small clearing shaded by the dense crowns of elms. They sat down beside me, and stared at me till I told them to relax.

One was named Ingrid, the other Kathy. Ingrid was a white-blonde girl, golden brown, a pale down on her cunt and light pink nipples topping softly swelling mounds. She was probably fifteen, fourteen maybe, with shrewd blue eyes and long legs.

Kathy was tall and slender, twelve, no tits, black hair and dark skin. She sat in the lotus position, the lips of her cunt pulling away from her untouched valley of love, nestling up against her heel, on which she rocked gently.

After the frustrations of the previous night, it took me no time at all to get up a full-sized rip-roaring erection, and they looked slightly intimidated at the sight of so much dick. I told Ingrid to taste it and she crawled over through the grass to timidly kiss the flushed head, and began to lick up and down the stem.

Kathy came closer. I lifted her up and planted her cunt on my mouth. She crowed with delight. Without wasting time she crouched down in the right position and rocked over my face while my tongue dabbled into her valley, sucking at the hole to get the fluids down, and flicking at her clitoris.

She was a natural for this kind of thing. Her cunt literally streamed over me, great waves of pleasure rushing through me every time a fresh load of nectar dribbled down my tongue and into my throat. Her hairless cunt was open wide, the lips full and fat, responding to my tongue by parting even further.

Ingrid was getting the hang of my cock, sucking and licking it like an expert. I was boiling with lust. That old ache for cunt struck me again. I propped my head up on my arms and watched the little cunt sway over my mouth. It was almost out of focus, it was so close.

I ate and got eaten. Both girls were enjoying themselves immensely but Ingrid was the first to take the initiative and ease her loins over my burning cock. She took it slowly, trying to prevent pain from happening inside her tender young cunt. But she cried out in intense pain when she busted her hymen on me and immediately tried to get off. I had different ideas. With both hands I pushed her all the way down over me, almost toppling Kathy in the process.

That made the pain more tolerable to her. With the shadow of a smile, she moved her body up and down, getting as much of my throbbing cock as she could. Kathy lay down beside us and began to masturbate furiously, her eyes on the spot where my cock entered Ingrid's blonde cunt.

I pulled her down over me so that her body was on mine, and then rolled over to mount her. Her legs spread instinctively, her long thin legs way up in the air as she abandoned her newly broken-in cunt to the wiles of my prick.

The heaving of my loins pushed her through the grass each time I delivered a power stroke, and so we moved through the small clearing, me in pursuit of her and catching her at every lunge. Kathy rolled behind us, breathlessly jamming fingers up her little cunt, changing position whenever she lost sight of my prick ripping into the tender pink flesh of Ingrid's snatch.

What an epic scene it must have been for an innocent onlooker. I hunched over little Ingrid like a ravening bull, ploughing into her and shoving her through the grass like a barrow without wheels, while Kathy pursued us like a hot dog, beating off in a fury.

I took out all my frustrations on Ingrid's newly initiated cunt, ramming home my dick knowing I would, this time, be allowed to complete the act. So I hung back, fucking her in different positions and from different angles. Then I gave her a little rest while I fucked Kathy as an interlude, and ate out Ingrid's relaxed, wildly wet box.

Back to Ingrid, Kathy pressing her cunt against my face while I mounted her from behind and rammed my dork up between her tightly clenched ass cheeks. Eating and fucking, lost in space, tasting Kathy's fresh juices, still smelling Ingrid's horny fumes.

I rammed home the final strokes, that set Ingrid groaning like the demons had possession of her, and caused Kathy to roll in the grass, high up on her back, her legs waving in the air, while three bunched fingers forced their way into her cunt.

We reached the vinegar stroke together and pushed on through the flimsy barrier between dream and reality. The orgasms were fine and consuming, hurtling us into the zone of bliss for a period.

Then we came down, gulping and panting, our eyes closed with exhaustion, tumbling back into the grass and resting, me on the bottom, two slight bodies prostrate over me. Ingrid's hands were over my cock, rubbing it, and spreading the white sperm over my belly among the curling blond hairs absentmindedly.

I don't know how long we lay there. It grew cooler and the sun disappeared, a soft rain descended on us, and still we didn't see the need to move. Only when we heard thunder in the distance did we stir and begin the long walk back to camp.

What a difference in the reception I got when I walked inside the cafeteria that evening! Girls smiled at me, their eyes checking out my crotch once more, and the promise of much sex dangled before my eyes like a carrot dipped in the most intoxicating champagne!

Elsa sat down beside me and reaffirmed that all had been forgiven. She even went so far as to grope for my balls under the table cloth, but I knew she didn't like to so I told her it was okay.

It was okay, sure enough. Those shining young eyes upon me, and all those pre-pubescent cunts on the long benches, shifting uneasily as the anticipation of harsh fucking grew in their subconscious minds -- I'd made sure it was okay!


Despite the grandiose evening the girls treated me to that evening, I still went into town the next day to have my photos developed privately. It took me some time to find a photographer who could be bought for a sum I could afford. Finally I found a man who required little more than a masked set of his own copies.

Because I didn't trust him, and because he understood why, I was in the darkroom with him while he developed them, and scratched out the faces on the copies meant for his collection. The other copies, and the negatives, went to me.

They were perfect shots, every one of them. Gloating, I sent the negatives to my private post office box, and tucked the developed prints into my wallet. To celebrate I went into a bar for a quick drink.

The day stretched out before me. I was free till I chose to return to the camp. If the director, or anyone else for that matter, wanted to take me to task for it, that was fine with me. But I felt pretty sure no one would jeopardize his future just to slap me on the wrist.

The bar was quiet. All decent folks were at work. Only myself, a few local characters, and a middle-aged woman were in there drinking. The middle-aged woman took an interest in me, and considering the kind of competition I had in that bar, I didn't blame her.

After downing my drink and ordering two more, I sat down beside her and slid the spare glass over. She smiled gratefully and we struck up a conversation. The usual talk, was I at Camp Good Health, yes I was and what did she do for a living, stuff like that. The whole talk was just a preamble for bed, and we both knew it.

It turned out she was married to a sailor who was, at that moment, somewhere in the Mediterranean. Her children were at school, she was lonely, looking for distractions, perhaps I could help? I said I would sure try, if she would only take me to her place.

She drank her drink down in a flash and was on her feet before I even had the whole sentence out of my mouth. It was only a few blocks before we reached a neat suburban house with a two-car garage. She opened the front door and showed me into the living room. Then she excused herself for a moment.

Actually, seen in the light of day, she wasn't nearly as middle-aged as she had seemed in that bar. In her thirties, I guessed, maybe she'd had a hard life. But she was a well-built woman, full-breasted, full-hipped, and she carried herself well.

I relaxed with the drink she'd set up for me, and enjoyed my holiday away from the camp. It was good that I had met her, perhaps screwing with an older woman would make it easier for me to readjust to my wife when I got back home. Because I realized how dangerous this new appetite of mine was. I only had two hopes of escaping its deadly pincers: to fuck my way through and out of it, or to find a more alluring alternative.

Her name was Bertha, not provocative, being more reminiscent of Big Bertha and Boxcar Bertha, but one didn't fuck the name. She led me up to her bedroom. I noticed she smelled very sweet, and that her ass wobbled freely. So that's what she had been doing while I relaxed over a drink -- taken her corset off, and put on that cloying perfume.

She smiled broadly when I embraced her and pressed her ample loins into mine as her mouth found my lips, and we kissed. There was something peculiar about kissing her, not just the taste of cracking lipstick or the smell of nicotine on her breath, but its loose wetness. I didn't like it, it was too sloppy, too worn for me.

And yet I kept it up, feeling the faint stirrings in my prick as if it was willing to give it a try. I caressed her back, feeling the yielding flesh of her big ass, a real woman's ass, round and fulsome and that more than anything else got me aroused.

Clothes were scattered about the room, our flesh appearing from layers of civilization. Her full bosom turned out to be two enormous sagging jugs with stretch marks running down them like wood grain. Her stomach was full and rounded, tapering down into a triangle of bushy grey curls. Big thighs pressed together above her knees, the flesh off-white and shot with blue veins, the bulges of her ass visible even from the frontal view -- I hesitated.

But my prick seemed undaunted. It stood up from my belly and bobbed restlessly in the direction of her cunt. She grabbed it greedily and sank down on her knees before me to stretch her red painted lips wide to accommodate all of it in one frightening gulp.

I stood my ground, my hands not knowing what to do with themselves while she sucked at me. I looked down at her back, the flab hanging down, curving out into big hams that were deeply indented by her heels. More than anything, I felt sorry for her.

She, on the other hand, seemed to feel everything but sympathy for me. She had much of my horn in her mouth, and was feeling me up with both hands. Only by means of her expert stimulation did she keep me hard. Maybe she knew it. She ran her hands down my legs and back up, feeling my balls, fingering my ass, and squeezing the buttocks, while her breathing rasped feverishly.

Her head jerked back and forth over my dick, trying to masturbate me with her mouth. Then, when she thought I was horny enough, she stood up and kissed me deeply before reclining on the bed, her legs wide apart, her face eager.

I looked at her grey-haired box and was reminded of nothing so much as frosted swamp grass. It had become shapeless with age and wear, the lips flabby, and hole too big and too red, and I just knew what it would feel like around my dick. So, rather than eat her out, which is what she wanted me to do, I got on top of her and quickly poked my dick up her before it would be too limp for penetration.

I had been right. Like fucking a quaking bog. Her face was ridiculously radiant, her breathing forced, and her tits felt like old wet sponges sewn up in bags of skin two sizes too large. Suddenly I couldn't do it anymore, as if the off switch had been flicked way down in my balls.

The erection simply vanished. The look in her eyes was one of tragedy, and I felt terrible. Nothing is quite as humiliating as losing your hard-on during your first date. But I knew the reasons for it, and I also knew I'd better not tell her or she'd take after me with a cleaver.

"I think it's a vitamin deficiency," I told her in confidential tones. "I know about these things, being a PT instructor, and it wouldn't have happened if I had had access to the camp supplies of Vitamin E. But they didn't have any, and I've really been burning those calories up lately, so..."

"Is that all it is?" she asked, with relief in her voice.