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"Well, that's easily fixed. I'll just go to the drug store and get you some."

"Don't go to any trouble," I said hastily. "I'll go and get some myself and then I'll come back tomorrow to make up for this."

"No, no," she said, getting up and dressing. "I don't want a pretty fella like you escaping me, no sir! You just relax now while I get those vitamins. It'll take me half an hour to walk to the drugstore because I don't have a car, since I smashed it up last week, but don't you worry. And I'm taking your trousers, just in case you get impatient."

She walked out, her ass bouncing with an air of triumph. I gnashed my teeth. Fucking old whore, she knew all the tricks and more! Taking my Goddamn trousers. Well, I couldn't say she was dumb.

A few minutes after she had left the house, I heard the front door open and footsteps coming up the stairs. I expected it to be her, she probably borrowed some from next door, just to speed up the showdown. But to my surprise a very pretty young girl of eleven walked in.

She was only mildly surprised to see me. "Are you my mom's new man?" she asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I guess so," I said uncertainly, "what's your name?"

"Julia, just like my mom," she said, fiddling with a lock of her long brown hair, "and I have a boyfriend."

"Oh yeah? What do you do with him?"

"We play mummies," she said, "only he calls it mothers and fathers."

"And what happens when you play that game?" Something impelled me to pursue the matter. She sat on the edge of the bed, swinging her legs in the air. What a morsel she was! My mouth watered at the very sight of her. Fresh, naive, innocent of everything that her mother had had too much of.

"Johnny lets me see his thing and then I make it stand up," she said proudly. "It always stands up for me."

"Let's see," I said, "I don't believe you can make mine stand up, so let's see you do it."

"Where is it?" she asked, responding to the challenge as if still in class.

I threw the covers back and exposed my limp member to her wide open blue eyes. She reached out and took it in her moist little fist, jerking up and down. Awkward at first, she soon got the hang of it and sure enough, she made it stand up.

"You see?" she said victoriously, "I make it stand up every time."

"What does Johnny do to you in return?" I asked.

"He makes me take my pants down and tries to stick it up me. Do you want to see where he tries to stick it, mister?"

"Yes, I would, I'm curious about things like that."

Her pants came down, a little grubby from playing at school, and her chubby, firm cunt appeared. What a feast for the eyes! Round, with a wide split running up the middle, her little ass cheeks visible behind it, I couldn't resist touching it just for a second.

She drew back at that, and told me only Johnny was allowed to touch her there! I told her that, since she had touched my thing, I should be allowed to touch her thing. That gave her food for thought. Eventually she said I could touch her.

"How about taking all your clothes off then?" I proposed, "then we can touch each other all over."

"My mummy wouldn't like it," she hesitated.

"She'll never know," I said, side-stepping the obvious reply to her statement. She nodded and undressed. All pink and soft, her chest slightly full, just puffy, with her pretty face flushed with uncertainty, till I took her hand and pulled her down on me.

Once our flesh met she sensed what to do. She kissed me. Her mouth was hard and wet, and she smelled of candy and chewing gum. I slipped my tongue deep into her mouth just to savor all those childish tastes, and she drew back coughing. I apologized and told her I would buy her candy later, which was the quickest way to mollify her. She came back into my arms and we tried again.

Vitamin E wasn't in it. My dick was as hard and hot as a red poker, just aching to get into her little snatch. She seemed to be warming up pretty quick, and, to keep her on the ascent, I began kissing her soft breasts, pressing into them and drawing the nipples out till she panted with excitement.

In some ways she was like the primitive person who experiences sun for the first time -- delighted, a little frightened and in awe of the phenomenon. Her excitement exceeded anything she had experienced before and she snapped in the middle of our love making so that her resistance vanished and she abandoned herself to me utterly.

She lay back, her stomach curving out as her loins pressed into my mouth when I reached her cunt, and I could tell by her face that my tongue was doing a grand job for her. I fell into it, almost, sucking and licking greedily, savoring each trace of piss and sweat, the remains of baby powder and the smell of cotton underwear, along with the womanly odor of her juices that ran freely from the moment I laid my mouth on her.

I drank my heady draft deep, fingering her tight cunt to relax the muscles gripping around the rim. She groaned and struggled in closer, her little hands on her tiny tits, caressing them with random squeezes.

My dick was in the process of boring a hole into the mattress. I wanted her so badly I was willing to forsake her pleasure for the sake of mine but I kept a hold on myself. I wanted her to reach her peak before I inserted myself so that taking her over the top would be a simpler matter. One thing I had learned in the past week was that without an orgasm, a fuck is just like burning the bridge. I licked her ass and ran my tongue up the tight furrow between the two firm orbs of flesh, my fingers titillating her nipples till they were hard with passion. Her slender body was racked with pleasure, choppy seas of passion causing her to jerk and writhe around the pivotal cunt.

Finally the whistle blew and I mounted her speedily. My cock found its own way in, simply knocking the door down and barging right up her hallway without further ado. She screamed in a pitch that almost defied my hearing, but I recognized it as the expression of a full pain and pleasure mixture.

Blood and juices all over the sheets, my balls banging up against her button asshole, feeling her lithe body beneath mine. Her arms came around me and held me close while each stroke I delivered sent her off into a paroxysm of passion. I thought my cock would fly off like a bung under pressure.

The clamp of her hot, pulsing flesh around my stroking dick proved too much for my self control. In a final wild flourish of pneumatic strokes I brought us both into a hearty climax and it was over. We grinned at each other the way people do when they've just made each other happy, and then I got up quickly. If her mother came home and found us like that, it'd be the sheriff's office for sure.

"Come on," I said, ripping the sheet off the bed, "find another sheet and throw this one away, or else your mom's going to know what we've been doing."

She looked at the patch of blood and stain, and saw my point. From the chest of drawers she took another sheet and, while I placed it over the mattress, she ran downstairs with the soiled one and disposed of it. I made the bed and sat down on it when I was fully dressed, i.e., as fully as a man can be when he has no trousers.

Little Julia went down into the kitchen and fixed me a cup of coffee and brought it up to me. Just as I took my first sip, the front door slammed to and big Julia came in.

"So you met my little girl, huh," she said, "and you got dressed for her sake. That's mighty decent of you, but it wasn't necessary. She's seen them all, all the men I've had in this bed. Anyway, here's your vitamins, take a handful to be sure."

She looked uglier than ever to me, but I swallowed the pills and undressed once more to join her in the bed. Julia, to my surprise, remained in the room, sitting down on the chair next to her mother, and watching while she tried to seduce me.

I wanted to oblige the mother if only to make up for the decoration of her daughter. But my prick has a mind of its own and, since it had been sated, it showed no inclination to budge. At first I was able to pretend that I was waiting for the vitamins to take effect, and the older Julia indulged me.

Little Julia sat on the chair, swinging her legs and sipping at an ice cube, watching us gravely as if endeavoring to pick up pointers for her own sex life. Her presence gave the affair a dash of flavor, anyway, and her mother tried to enliven the proceedings by tugging at my limp member and pressing her ragged lips over mine.

That turned the flame right down. She felt the limpness become complete and, with a sound like a snarl, dove down to give me head.

I lay there, looking up little Julia's skirt, doing my best to get erect. The mother's mouth drove down to the very base of my prick and went even further to fish up one of the balls and suck at it.

She was an expert. In the barrenness of my loins she managed to grow a few feeble flowers, and, with the aid of little Julia's leg-swinging, panty-peeping exhibition, those blooms turned into a sunflower. The mother got up, grinning triumphantly and made to squat over my erect prick. I wanted to tell her she had to be quick if she wanted to catch it, but I was too ashamed.

And sure enough. No sooner did the flushed knob catch sight of the hoary bog than it sagged in the middle and slipped out of her hand like a swooning damsel.

"What the fuck does it take to get you hard!" Julia said angrily, "do you expect me to suck all day just to get a thrill!"

"I don't know what's wrong with me," I said humbly, fingering my dick and trying to persuade it, "maybe the vitamins are old, let me see the bottle."

She tossed the bottle at me. The date showed they were fresh, at the peak of their effectiveness in fact. Her face was dark with fury and frustration. She sat down on my thighs and began to masturbate me. I could feel the wet hotness of her twat and wished it was the next day.

"Can I help you, Mommy?" Julia said, hopping off the chair and coming over.

"Sit down and shut up," said her mother. She blew her chance, I thought sadly, watching the little girl clamber back up on the chair awkwardly, so that her dress rode up and gave me a full view of her cotton drawers.

"Why don't you let her help you," I said, trying to look scientific about it, "you never know, she might learn something from it all."

"The kid's eleven years old!" Julia protested. "She's not supposed to know a damn thing about things like this!"

"That's why she's in the room with us?"

"She gets lonely," the mother muttered, "all right, kid, come here and take your clothes off. Maybe it is time you put some of that learning into practice."

My cock shot up like a jack-in-a-box, and the older woman turned her curious gaze on me instantly. Then she nodded and grinned to herself. Little Julia got into bed with us and wrapped her arms around me, her warm nude cunt pressing against my side. I got so hard I thought I would burst, and the mother took advantage of my condition to slip her big cunt over it.

My hands went over to little Julia, pressing her inchoate tits once more with feeling, and fingering her wet cunt, savoring its firm smoothness, so different from her mother's fucked-up swamp.

And yet, that swamp didn't feel bad as its silky, worn insides quivered along the sides of my cock, and the juices bubbled and slurped around it. I lay back, moving my loins into a better position, and began kissing the little girl while her mother fucked me harder to get my attention back. She fought a losing battle.

Little Julia knew the score. She squatted over my face and let me eat her out while she held on to the bedpost and moaned. Her mother was amazed to see her daughter behaving like that, but soon took it in her stride. Besides, her eyes got glassier by the second as she felt the virility of my upright prick barge into her ancient temple.

All of us were becoming increasingly heated. The bed creaked ominously as her massive ass belted down upon me. I was terrified she'd miss her goal, the power of those motions would surely snap my prick in two. But she was an old hand at it.

Little Julia squirmed over my face, losing track of my tongue and sitting on my nose or my forehead, even my chin, wherever she could find the pressure her naive cunt needed so badly. Her mother came like a poleaxed ox, but didn't break her beat, just kept on fucking even while she teetered and gasped on top of me.

Little Julia and I found her spot together. I nibbled at her tiny clitoris and she came with a squeal of surprise, alarm, and bliss. She lost her balance and fell back against her mother's bouncing breasts, where she rested contentedly for some minutes before coming back to my mouth.

I wanted nothing more than for the mother to get off me so I could plant the daughter on it. How I longed for the firm clasp of her flesh! Recollections of our passionate fuck flooded my brain. I couldn't take this loose bog anymore, I had to have the girl.

With an angry shrug I threw the mother off. She was unprepared and fell off the bed. It must have knocked her out, because she didn't move. Like a flash I was up into little Julia, and we began fucking like lunatics who've just come out of isolation.

She had been dying for it the whole time, and now that I was giving it to her, she nearly went crazy with joy. Gasping and screaming, her thin legs curling around me and holding me tight, she banged her loins into mine while my giant wild prick ploughed into her.

Her cunt became mine. I could feel all the sensations she was feeling, as well as my own. The way the flesh parted under the pressure of my ravaging dick and how the fluids oozed out of the dark cavern walls. My head hummed with the sharp tingles and blanket ecstasies she gave it, and I drove in deeper, deeper, while my groin ground against her cunt to bring her undone.

We fucked up a lather. She was shaking, dribbling, gulping hysterically for air whenever she forgot to breathe, and climaxing wonderfully. Finally I blew my wad into her snug little cunt and lay on top of her.

When I looked up, the elder Julia was on the chair, rubbing her head and looked very pissed off with both of us. She ordered her daughter to bed without supper, and she told me to get the hell out of her house before she could fetch the shotgun from her closet.

I can take a hint if nothing else. Dressing hurriedly, I bade my young love goodbye, thanked my hostess, and ran out of the front door while she made threatening motions from the closet. Out in the street I just kept going, trying to guess what sort of a range a shotgun had.

After a quick drink, I got back into the car and sat there for some time before I turned the ignition and drove slowly back to Camp Good Health. My heart was still beating wildly with the excitement of the afternoon, and I felt the die had been cast for good. Older women were out, younger girls were in.

And when that truth finally established itself in my mind, I could hardly wait to get back to the camp to take my pick of the spring chickens walking about in there with nothing to do but provide pleasure.

What a life -- a couple of weeks ago nothing and in that short a time I could fuck myself silly without the slightest risk of apprehension, or of the supply running low.

Somewhere, some time, I must have done something right, I figured.


After two weeks, Camp Good Health had declined into a running orgy. The director had heard about my snapshots and had instantly withdrawn into his cottage, thus creating a power vacuum. No one else dared fill it, in case they should earn my wrath. The photos hung over the camp like the sword of Damocles and the result was chaos.

Organized hikes and physical exercises just weren't in it anymore. The girls were quick to take advantage of the relaxation of discipline and scoffed at any attempt to get them to do things for their own good. Instead, they hung out in the huts and on corners, smoking and playing cards, forming gangs and terrorizing other gangs.

As for us leaders, we cut our little morsels off the bunch and consumed them in the privacy of our cabins, living high and sleeping late, with occasional runs into town to replenish supplies of liquor and beer.

I got kind of tired of this wholesale debauchery, and at one stage contemplated taking over the reins of the camp myself, till Elsa showed me some indelicate photographs of me cavorting with a troop of little girls. So we were all equal!

For a few days I went along with the riotous goings-on, walking into huts late at night to play blind man's buff, also known as blind date. This was amusing mainly because you never knew who you would screw beforehand, and some of the plainer girls got their oats this way. But then the cheating started, prior arrangements, attention-getting gimmicks, and quarrels.

Besides, much of the pleasure had gone out of fucking. With everyone doing it all the time, it had become like brushing your teeth under orders, or passing a qualifying test. I felt fucked out and listless, nothing excited me anymore, and as the days went by I began hiding out in the woods with a good book.

One day I gathered a beach towel, a transistor radio, and a book, and traipsed off into the forest, headed for the lake. Behind me, girls screeched with laughter while watching Elsa and her Little League lesbians perform a symphony of sucking, and further down were Lester Phipps and his maidens demonstrating a number of tricks designed to intensify sexual delights. Mark had disappeared long ago with about twenty girls and enough food to keep them in the woods for a week.

I felt tired, a little heartsick. It had been such fun before, why did it have to get gross? Mumbling to myself, I walked through trees and shrubs, soon lost in the silence of the forest. Suddenly I heard snapping twigs. I stood still and pricked my ears up. I got the direction, then saw the vague flash of a figure coming towards me.

It was Sandy. Tall, lithe, her black skin shining with sweat, and her little tits heaving from the exertion, she stumbled up to me and fell around my neck while trying to catch her breath. In a strange way I was pleased to see her. Ever since the time we fucked, I had often thought about her, recalling her panther-like body and the supple muscles under her smooth skin.

Finally, she found her voice and said, "Let me stick around with you, James. I'm so pissed with those girls I could throw up."

"Why, what's the matter?"

"Ah, they're all giving me the treatment. You know how they are, all mouth when they're in a group. Besides, I hate girls, they're nothing but bitches."

"Why do you say that?" We began walking, following a faint trail towards the lake. "You seemed to have a lot of friends last time we met."

"They were just out to get you, not to look after me," she said, looking straight ahead with a touch of bitterness appearing in her voice, "and then that Southern bitch, but forget it. You don't mind if I hang out with you, do you?"

"I'm glad you found me." I said. "Let's get away from all the others, right away. Maybe we'll never come back. What do you say?"

"Oh, that's too good for words!" she cried, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me with her wide, full mouth. "Man, I could really dig to see the last of those assholes!"

We walked hand in hand through the deeply-shaded woods, and reached the lake early in the afternoon. There were a few girls swimming on the opposite shores. They were a small minority who didn't like the others either. And, since we left them alone, they stayed clear of us.

It was warm and sunny, a cool zephyr blowing across the rippling surface of the lake. We stretched out in a dense patch of grass and unwound into the relaxed atmosphere of the place. Sandy had on shorts and a halter top, her long legs drawn up so I caught the beginning of her rounded buttocks just below the wide shorts. Faint tingles ran up my insides like air bubbles in an aquarium.

She saw the look in my eye but didn't respond. Her face struck me in all its beauty, the high cheekbones and the turned down almond-shaped eyes, the skin stretched taut over her firm jawbones and down over her long, finely-muscled neck. Just looking at her took my breath away. But then she turned to me, and her queenly, aloof beauty became friendlier, more approachable.

"Do you like me, James?" she asked. Her voice was high and silvery, young even for her tender years.

"I like you very much," I said huskily, the words catching in my throat. Her lips caught my eye, full and wide, the brilliant white teeth flashing behind them, lips that I recalled in minute detail from our one night together. How I longed to kiss them again.

"Why do you like me?" I wondered if she was teasing, or just looking for reassurance.

"Because you're beautiful and you're yourself," I said. She smiled and came a little closer to me. I took her hand and she squeezed mine. She told me how horrible she had felt when the vigilantes had rent us asunder, and she had found it impossible to get to sleep that night.

"Maybe this time it'll end differently," I suggested.

"Oh, I hope so, James. You made me feel so good last time and then, just as I was near to feeling perfect, those bitches interrupted and I felt like I had a broomstick up my cunt for the whole night."

"Let's take a swim," I said. She nodded and took off her clothes. Once again, she charged me up as if the sight of her jumped me. Those smooth long limbs, the blackness of her cunt with the tiny curls just pushing up out of her skin, and those hard titties with the dark nipples, all of it combined into a potent brew. Then, as she walked towards the lake, I saw her dimpled buttocks, round and pressed together into a razor-thin furrow, rolling smoothly as oiled bearings.

By the time I hit the water, I was as hard as a board, raring to go. But we had all the time we could need, no sense in hurrying anything. She cried out in pleasure as she leaped about in the water, splashing me and diving under, her short cropped curls flat down her exquisite skull, looking more like a water sprite than a twelve-year-old schoolgirl.

I stood up to my waist in the cool waters, and watched her play. The sun sent golden dusty beams through the foliage to play about her, bouncing off the waters and created an aura that lit up her skin and made her teeth flash brilliantly.

In spite of the cool water, my cock rose with dizzying speed, the flushed knob peeking out over the surface as if providing her with a beacon to home in on. And she did. Still playing, splashing, pretending not to notice me, she came closer and closer, till she threw her arms around my neck and made me lose my balance.

We toppled into the water, kissing and embracing till we were forced up for oxygen. Breathless and laughing, she waded through the water away from me, jumping when it became shallow enough to vault the water, and ran onto the beach to fall headlong in the grass.

I ran after her, tugged by my trembling erection, my eyes wide, staring at her graceful figure plunging to the shore. The water resisted my progress but I was hardly aware of it. I could only think of making love with her.

On the grass beside her, my hands running over her wet skin, feeling the curves of her flesh, its resilience, my fingers easing into the tight furrow of her cheeks and burrowing in deep till they touched her tiny asshole. She pressed in close to me, her flesh setting mine on fire.

Holding onto her ass, I slid down into the join of her thighs and allowed my tongue to tarry between the top of her wide cleft, caressing the pulvinated skin and relishing each tiny curl peeking out of it. Her back arched tautly, bringing her cunt up higher so I would dig my tongue up her hole, and I obliged her happily.

She had a taste all of her own. Though she refused to use perfume, she favored bath oils, one in particular that smelled like an orange grove, fresh, a little bitter, fragrant without being cloying. I could smell the remains of it in her cunt, together with a tangy blend of human secretions that added up to olives and mushroom, but could instantly change to quite a different taste like a sweet meat, or almonds.

I sucked all of it into me, tasting it all the way down my throat and smelling it with all the power of my nostrils. The sticky fluids and the spit mingled to cover my face and absorb me all the more into the wonderful world of her box, while she writhed and groaned, her back as taut as a bow and quiver.

Her legs came around my neck so that her sinewy thighs were clasped about my ears. I pulled the cheeks of her ass further apart so that the dark valley stretched wide, and ran my tongue up in hard licks, concentrating about the clitoris that had appeared out of its tuck of skin and reared up like a mighty midget, hard as a bullet.

How she danced when I chafed it subtly with my teeth, the fluids gushing down and running over my fingers into the furrow itself. I lifted her up higher and gave my mouth free rein in her ass. It nipped and nibbled, licked and tasted, caressed and chewed, rimming her asshole, then the elastically constricted hole of her cunt, easing in and out, flicking at drops of nectar wherever they were.

Her hips began to jerk convulsively and she begged me to give her a break, just for a moment, so she could absorb all the rushes of ecstasy I had triggered off in her. I wanted to keep going but she slid out of my grasp and before I could retrench, she was down on me.

I saw she meant business, so I lay back and relaxed. Her instincts were either working at full pelt, or she had had lessons from the other demons disguised as little girls, because she worked me over like a blowjob queen.

Her wide mouth stretched around my vibrant cock, to linger around the burning head for a moment before plunging down around the sides. I groaned and tried to dig into the ground with my back under the sheer force of feeling. She went up and did it again, and again I could hardly take it all. She was like an arsonist, setting my body alight with the sudden brilliance of a flash cube.

Suddenly I wanted nothing else in this world than to be blown by her. And that, for me, is peculiar, since I have never thought highly of men who go into sexual escapades just to have their peeny-weeny sucked. She was good, super good, her lips and tongue shivering around my flesh till it threatened to disintegrate into ecstatic ashes.

But she brought me too close to blowing, and in the back of my mind the idea of fucking was still very strong. With a titanic exertion of mind over flesh, I pulled free and laid her out on the beach towel.

She looked at me, ripe and ready, her eyes focusing with effort, and smiling distractedly when I covered her body with mine. Her hand went down to my groin and guided my aching cock into her soaked hole, where it slipped inside as though there was a vacuum to suck it in.

My cock felt as if it would explode into a fountain of hot cream at any second. It was all self-discipline for me, hardly able to enjoy the feeling of her tense, wet flesh clamped around my cock like a silken sheath rubbed with precious oils.

She simmered while I fucked carefully, flying up and boiling over now and then when my cock hit the spot, and subsiding once more into a hot time bomb of a woman set for Any Time. Fucking her was like playing a perfectly tuned violin; you knew that, as long as you stroked correctly, she would respond totally.

Though I had to gnash my teeth and keep my thoughts at bay, I knew I had reached a state of bliss that is denied most men. We fucked tightly, cautiously, knowing that one wrong move would trigger off a welter of discords and send us erupting into premature climaxes, thus dissipating a moment which ought to last forever.

There was nothing childish about her now. The woman in her, that had been lying barely dormant ever since she was born, had burst through all the veneers, leaving only a child's body to do it all with. And who needed more? Firm and strong, her tits madly exciting despite their lack of volume, her loins deft and supple, her cunt a masterpiece and torrid, she was all I wanted.

We barely moved for some time, our bodies just squeezing up against each other in a slow, regular motion. My prick was up to the hilt in her cunt, regaled by juices and the softest flesh. Only our pubic bones came together, nudging each other towards a climax on the grand scale, but doing it slowly, as if we were spinning a silk cocoon.

Enveloped in our womb of passion, we fucked, speeding up now that the end was in sight, ascending up the mountain recklessly, knowing that wherever we dropped we would land in each other's arms. Her cries grew higher, tighter, till they were barely audible squeals -- one more thrust, and her voice abruptly dropped several octaves to give out a full-throated roar of pleasure.

That was my cue. My body rocked and shook as my loins gave way to all the pent-up energy, and slammed each thrust home rapidly, lightning reaming, my cock agitating her insides till the juices splattered and dribbled down both our thighs. Then my body convulsed from head to toe and I let fly a wad as big as a howitzer shell which burst up high and sent her off on another thrilling spasm.

I tumbled off her, stretching out in the cool grass and letting it bring necessary relief to my quivering nerve ends. Her black skin shone with sweat and the varying rays of sun bursting through the foliage above, and once more she made me dizzy with her exotic beauty.

She rolled over towards me and I cradled her in my arms as we both dozed off, utterly spent and content, our bodies enjoying one of the rare moments granted us on earth, a moment when we have no needs at all. Famous beauties could parade past me at such times, they could poke their cunts at me, try to force their strawberry nipples down my throat, and I would not turn a hair.

When we woke up it was late afternoon. The girls who had earlier been swimming had disappeared, and we had the entire lake to ourselves. Without words, we walked into the water and swam towards the raft that had been anchored in the center of the lake, where we climbed aboard and rested in the fading sunlight.

The forest spread out away from the lake into every direction, and the polychromatic rays of the sun bathed it in a dazzle of colors, while turning the sky a dark blue at one end, and painting it red at the other horizon, with tiny clouds streaked red, orange, and purple hanging near the sun.

Still silent, we watched it go down, disappearing finally in a crescendo of fragmented hues and tints, till it became quite dark over the lake. But it was still warm, all the heat absorbed by the water during the day oozing upwards now to keep the temperature even with the air.

"Couldn't we build a hut here," she said finally, "and live here forever, just the two of us?"

I didn't answer, but I certainly thought about it. Hell, to have her with me permanently would be more happiness than I was prepared for. But people would talk, and they'd drag us apart, just as they always did with those who diverged from their standards of normalcy.

Instead of answering, I kissed her, and she pressed into me with a natural urgency. My hands roved over her hard body, slipping over the polished skin, the sinews and long muscles, the bones, feeling her all over and holding her so close that we almost merged.

Her breathing came to my ears like whispered music, a guide for action. My touch seemed to excite her instantly, like flicking on the lights, and it was contagious. My hand found her breasts and squeezed them tenderly, kissing her nipples and rolling my tongue around them till they were erect and she pushed them further into my mouth.

I stuck with her tits for a long time, kissing, sucking, holding them in my palms, rubbing them soft and hard, while she moaned and indicated she could take that for a long time. She was like a barely tame cat the way she responded, curving her body and purring way down, her face expressing an animal excitement that would only be tempered later when people taught her how to act like a lady.

While I sucked I went through all the phases of tit-consciousness, beginning with babyhood when the tit is the center of the universe, graduating through childish fantasies about those bobbing bundles of flesh behind the motherly blouse, and adolescent tit-fantasies that require bigger and bigger tits before satisfaction may be attained, till tits look like mountains, and their bearers fade out like the Cheshire cat.

All added fuel to my fire, though there was hardly enough tit to go round. Yet what little there was, was indeed precious. Tender flesh, innocent and new, blacker in the night, and sweeter than any I had tasted. But finally I parted from them, when her breathing came harshly and her trembling became critical.

I contented myself with a quick drink of her cunt, there was no need for further foreplay. She was sopping wet and very hot, the trembling shaking up her whole body, her way of telling me to fling it into her.

But rather than subject her tender skin to the risk of picking up splinters from the wooden raft's rough planks, I lay on my back and brought her on top of me. She eased aboard with a deep sigh of contentment, on her knees for the moment while my prick plumbed her depths.

Then, when I was way up into her, she lay on top of me so that the maximum amount of her pressed against the most she could get of me, and my prick was wedged securely between her closed thighs, bent a little, just the knob sliding up and down the hot canal of her cunt.

She squirmed subtly so that her clitoris could get the most out of it, and I imagined I could feel the hard little knob writhing against my prick. But I knew I could feel her cunt -- smooth and wet, it entrapped my prick in a heavenly hold, palpitating slightly to do maddening things to it.

We lay like that till she came with a sudden shudder, after which she got up and squatted over me with her back turned to me. I waited to see what she had in mind.

With both hands she pulled at the full cheeks of her ass, exposing both orifices to me. And I, taking my sorely throbbing cock in hand, steered it at her asshole. At first I didn't think she would go through with it. The first touch of my prick alarmed her, and when the knob pushed at her sphincter muscles, she emitted a small cry of pain.

But with rare courage she pressed on, and slowly my well greased member worked its way up her ass, fighting to separate the constricted walls while her asshole stretched excruciatingly. I think she was sobbing a bit but she kept on going, her ass taut and heart-shaped in front of me, shining in the soft glow of moonlight, her long, slender back and her broad shoulders curved forward while she supported herself on both hands to get the rest of me inside.

We did it. She sat down on my pubic bone with a long sigh, and rested up awhile. Then we struggled together while I got up on my knees and loomed over her to begin fucking her ass with short, slow strokes. My prick was so hard and swollen I thought it would choke inside her tiny channel, but somehow it found the margin and the flexibility necessary to get cracking.

I ploughed in and out, taking longer strokes as her cunt juices lubricated the smooth, damp tissue around my intruding cock, and her pain slowly melted into pure, sharp pleasure. Faster now, my loins driving the prick home to the hilt with a snapping whip that forced high cries out of her throat, cries of inhuman bliss.

Her ass held me in a vise, and I knew my erection had only a short span of time before it would succumb to this fanatical embrace of passion. Quickly, I brought my hand around, down her flat belly, to her cunt, where I found her wide open cunt, and began fingering her clit with all my might.

I had pressed the right button. She took a mighty breath and exploded! What a beautiful feeling. My hand caught the running juices and rubbed it all over her belly, thighs, passing some on to her for her tongue to relish. Meanwhile I fucked on, sending my cock flying up her ass, leaning back and watching it clamped between the cheeks with primitive delight.

And there it went. I couldn't hold on any more, the orgasm was wrenched from within me, collapsing me inside. I heard myself draw in more air with a strange, prolonged growl, till the balance had been restored, and I rested on her for awhile.

Without extracting my rapidly shrinking cock, we tumbled into the water, and began the long swim back to the beach. It was dark now, and, but for the silver glow of the moon, we would never have found our spot again.

We swam slowly, on our backs most of the time, just kicking at the water and propelling ourselves with indolent strokes of our arms. The experiences we had had together still thrilled through us, we could hardly take our eyes off each other even if it was hard to see anything.

Back on land, I found my towel, the radio, and the good book I had intended to finish, and, gathering these, we walked back to the hut. Again she started to talk about leaving the camp before the month was up. I told her I had a wife at home, but that didn't disturb her. With her child's logic she told me to leave her. And, seen as a solution, it was plausible enough.

Still, I didn't want to make up my mind straight away. I told her about laws, and how hard people can make it for other people, if they gang up. She understood that, and said she would ask me again tomorrow.

Not much time to think things over. However, I felt as if there were possibilities that I had not yet explored, and perhaps the light of day would throw them into relief for me.

I led her back to my hut; there was no question of her parting from me now. Funny how quickly I had become dependent on her company -- but I pushed it into the back of my mind, waiting for daylight, when the sun would burn away this infatuation, and reality would show me the way out of the dilemma.


But the light of day did nothing as coherent as I had hoped for. First it put the whole of Camp Good Health in the worst possible light for both of us, and secondly she looked even more beautiful in the morning.

I didn't know what to do. We walked together to the cafeteria for our breakfast, only to find the place a shamble. Girls were swarming over the serving counters to get at the dwindling supplies of eggs, and others were frying them on the range with gay abandon. In the end they just threw the eggs up into the air so they broke open on the range, and removed the shells when they were fried.

We left the place, but not before a gang of girls had ridiculed us. Ashamed, we stopped holding hands, and walked off like the teacher and his pupil. But it was on. The news spread through the camp like wildfire, and soon little girls, some dressed, some naked, were taunting us with silly epithets like 'James loves Sandy, nyaah, nyaah!' and others rolled their eyes heavenward when we passed, mooning to themselves.

The pressure was on. Sandy used this opportunity to press home her demands, but I clung to my silly ideas for a little longer. But then we saw little girls dead drunk lying half in and half out of the huts, staggering around pissing themselves, or lighting cigarettes with trembling fingers.

Elsewhere, there were fights and arguments, scratched and bleeding girls running after each other and cursing. The middle aged ladies had locked and barred their huts and lived in fear of gang violence and my photos. Mark still hadn't been seen. And Lester Phipps had been tied to a tree near the administration building.

We walked up to him and asked what he had done to deserve this. He looked at us, pale and obviously shaken, and told us he really didn't know for sure, but that he had overheard some of the girls talking about a wholesale revenge on the male sex.

And sure enough, a troop of girls burst out of the woods with Mark in tow. He looked bewildered, stumbling with his hands tied behind his back, while the girls hit him with sticks and ridiculed him. That was enough for me. I turned and hightailed it back to my hut, Sandy behind me, threw my few belongings into the bag, and rushed out to my car.

She got in beside me, and I locked all the doors, wound up the windows, and drove toward the main gate. I found it had been chain-locked. Looking around, I saw a gang of girls come at us, brandishing sticks and throwing rocks, some of which bounced off the trunk. Time for a quick decision. I measured the thickness of the chain with my eyes, and slipped the car into drive. Then I stomped on the accelerator, and the car nosed into the gates.

The chain snapped instantly, and the gates flew open to let me out. The tires spat up gravel and grit as I made good my getaway. I didn't stop for a few miles, bouncing over the dirt road with the vision of the ugly hordes vivid in my mind. Only when we reached the expressway did I take it easy.

"We forgot about your things," I said, "did you have much there?"

"Oh shit," she said, frowning for a moment, but then she grinned and said it didn't matter, they were only a few old clothes. We drove on down the expressway, still wondering what to do. Suddenly I pulled over to the side of the road and said: "No, we'll go back later tonight, and I'll get the stuff for you. It'd be a shame to leave it all to those little bitches." Her face lit up, obviously she had been prepared to sacrifice the stuff for me.

We drove back to the dirt road and found the way to the lake, where we parked for the day. Except for going back to civilization to get hamburgers and coffee, we did nothing but laze and swim, dozing in the shade when the heat got too much for us, just waiting for a chance to get the rest of the stuff and disappear from this place.

I wondered what had become of Mark and Lester, and deep down I felt bad that I hadn't stayed to help them. After all, men ought to stick together to defend themselves against women. I grinned, and resolved to see if I could help them later.

Finally it was near enough to midnight to give it a try. Sandy locked herself in the car, which I had concealed among the bushes to make sure she would be perfectly safe. Then put on my sneakers, jeans, and dark sweater, and snuck through the woods.

Camp Good Health had turned into a child's bedlam. All the lights were on, a bonfire threw its erratic glare over the administration building, and loud whooping echoed through the still air. I circled the perimeter warily, afraid they might have posted sentries. But I overestimated the girls, they were all too busy having fun.

Staying within the deep shadows cast by the huts, I moved in closer. Sandy's hut was empty, so I rushed inside and found her locker. Packing her gear into her bag hurriedly, I moved on to check on Lester and Mark.

Both men had been tied to trees, ominously close to the raging bonfire, which was fed by a long line of girls throwing furniture and boards into it. Lester seemed to have fainted with fear, while Mark did his utmost to keep up a cool front. But even from where I stood, his jaw could be seen to tremble.

Elsa appeared suddenly, standing with her back to the fire and her arms upraised. She shouted for the girls to stop and listen to her, but she, too, was ignored. In the end she just shrugged and sat on a bench in front of the building, gazing dully into the fire.

In a flash I remembered her pistol, and I ran silently to her hut to see if it was still around. All her belongings had been scattered about the room, but I didn't give up hope. I rummaged through her bed, looked under the mattress, and tore at the lining of her handbag -- no luck.

"All right, mister, freeze!" said a girl's voice from behind. I knew what was expected of me. My arms up in the air, I turned slowly around. Three of the older girls flanked Irene, who had the pistol pointed at my belly. They sniggered when they spotted Sandy's bag beside me, but didn't pursue the matter. Instead they ordered me to lay face down on the bed, and not to move a finger if I wanted to keep on living.

The whole affair reminded me of a rotten film, but I did as I was told. Nimble fingers stripped me of my clothes, and I heard one of them lock the door to and draw the curtains. From the remarks they made among each other, I gathered they meant to take their pleasure with me before abandoning me to my sorry lot with the other men.

I figured I was well advised to take my enjoyments as they came, instead of worrying about the future. The girls ordered me to lie on my back and for me to watch them take their clothes off. I did, and with pleasure.

The three lackeys were well developed for their age, while Irene looked lanky by contrast. I didn't know the names of the others, and no one introduced me, so I just let my gaze wander over the budding breasts and the sparsely overgrown cunts, stiff looking callow between thin thighs, like fruit that needed to ripen more.

Slowly the four of them came toward me, their cunts steady as they went, three pairs of tits wobbling, one pair quivering; and, just as they were almost on the bed, they broke out into a frantic rush to get to my dick first.

Irene won and sank her small mouth over it, swallowing it greedily, while the other three fought for my mouth. The biggest won, and settled her chubby brush over my lips leaving the other two to their own devices. I was happy. Irene was performing wonders with my dick, apparently spurred on by the competitiveness in the air. And the big girl's cunt was a veritable treasure chest of delights, making my tongue tingle and lap to relax her wide open.

I couldn't see much else but cunt. For a while I did my best to keep an eye on the two left-over girls, but the only indication I got that they were still with us was heavy breathing. My imagination did its best to construct the scene, while my eyes feasted on the hairy cleft just within focal range.

My prick rose so fast it almost choked Irene. She forced a tactical retreat, and lapped around the red head of my cock till she was ready for another plunge. Her lips quivered deliciously about the taut skin and made my loins come close to eruption. My hands grabbed at the other girl's plump flanks, digging into her flesh and pulling her closer to my face as my tongue went down her cunt and up her hole for more fun.

Suddenly the big girl uttered a hoarse cry and fluids rushed plentifully down her chute. She moved back, her full ass bumping Irene out of the way, and then she settled over my prick with a vengeful thump of cheeks against my belly. She took my breath away. While I lay back gasping, trying to screw my rod further up her soaking cunt, Irene launched a counter-offensive.

I didn't care who won, just as long as somebody fucked me. The chances were good. The two spares were on the floor, finger-fucking each other and playing with their tits, both with an eagle eye on me in case of a vacancy.

The big girl casually drove her elbow into Irene's stomach, sending her tumbling off the bed and to the floor. Irene began to sob angrily, rearing up and lunging at the girl with claws extended. The girl measured her approach, then let fly with a square punch to Irene's fine nose. Blood spilled over her mouth and down her breasts as she reeled. The big girl grunted and got back down to fucking me. Somehow I maintained my erection through all this, and the girl began to rut over me like a pig in heat. She sank her fingers into my sides and began banging her cunt down over my prick, bending it cruelly. Her eyes were shut tight, she bit her lip and inhaled noisily through her nose as she fucked, and suddenly I knew what a girl must feel like when she goes to bed with a sudden-death man.

She came, got off and curtly motioned one of the other girls to take her place. My dick was wilting rapidly, but the next caught it just in time. She was less moody, and worked gently at resurrecting it by manipulating her cunt muscles around my sensitive knob.

I began to enjoy it again, relaxing while my prick rose like a reversed film of a toppling smokestack. The girl did her best till she felt me fully expanded inside her little cunt, then began to ride me as if I was an unruly horse!

Irene got up, holding a hanky to her nose to still the flow of blood. Softly she walked up to the girl on top of me, then, crooking her arm around the unwary girl's neck, pulled her off brutally, and immediately swung on top of me. Her cunt was dry and tight, she had trouble slipping it on me.

For a moment she became a little girl again, looking at me with appeal in her eyes. My heart melted enough for me to extend a helping hand. I took her buttocks in both hands and spread them out so that stage by stage she sagged down over me.

Soon, her juices paved the way for faster fucking and she wasted no time. Again I was made into the victim and I was getting sick of it. When she least expected it I seized her by her chicken bone shoulders and brought her down on top of me, then I rolled around and ploughed my dick into her cunt, spading it open till she was putty in my hands.

Irene liked it, but the other girls thought I was going too far. They jumped up and grabbed me with sticky, cunt-covered fingers to bring me back again, Irene staying put and rising like the keel of a capsized ship.

That was enough for me. I played along with this charade till they had been lulled into a false sense of security. My eyes roved around the room, and saw the gun lying forgotten on a window sill, just above where the other girls were masturbating each other. Their faces were grim, there was more effort than pleasure in their beating off, but boredom turns the mind to sex naturally.

I waited for Irene to approach her climax before I made my move. In a way I was reluctant to shift, it felt so good. Her nude cunt was bouncing up and down on my pubic bone, grinding into me to give herself all the thrills.

I tossed her off and bounded over to the window sill. The girls shrieked and tried to stop me but I had the element of surprise on my side. I took the gun and jumped in front of the door, menacing them with the snub weapon.

"Okay, I've eaten enough shit," I snarled, playing my part with relish. "You, Irene, tie these girls up like a good girl scout. You're to be my hostages from now till I get out of here safely."

When they were bound together, I checked the knots and tied Irene in with the others.

Then I marched them toward the administration building, carrying Sandy's bag and once more dressed in my guerrilla outfit.

My appearance startled the whooping, drunken girls. Suddenly the entire camp seemed to fall silent. Elsa looked up from her bench, a ray of hope in her eyes, and Lester cried out for me to save him. I nodded and ordered the girls to release both men.

At first they refused, and a cordon of angry little girls formed around me. They were all naked, and had painted their bodies with lurid cosmetics and anything else they could find. The flickering fire cast an eerie glow over them and as they closed in I was tempted to throw the gun away and run for my life.

But I got a grip on myself and shouted I would shoot all four if another step were taken. They were convinced I meant it.

Each of the adults took a turn at packing their gear and rejoining the brave little band holding out against impossible odds. Then, warning the girls to stay back, we sidled our way out of the camp. Once out, we released our hostages.

Lester and Mark went in one direction, Elsa and I in another. The wild whooping behind us gave our feet wings. We ran through the woods, groping our way through the pitch blackness, steering only by patches of moonlight dotting our way.

We ran for several miles, somewhat in the direction of the car. We stopped and listened. Not a sound. They had probably chased us for a while, till their fear of the dark sent them scurrying back to the bonfire. Elsa sank down to the ground and I joined her.

"Remember how we made love the first day?" I asked, and I saw her white teeth shine in the dark as she smiled. "You know -- I'd like to make love with you just one more time, symbolically."

I used that pitch because I was still frustrated from the bad fuck the little girls had given me. Besides, there was something bovinely sensual about Elsa, an inescapable attraction centering about her ample cheeks and the blonde thicket covering her generous cunt.

She sat close to me and stroked my arm, dwelling over the muscle lovingly. I couldn't explain her change of attitude to myself, but I figured it had to do with the way all her girl friends had turned on her.

I reached out and found her tits, bulging out of her bra. I lingered reflecting that it might be the last such tit to fall to my lot.

She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off along with her bra, and I saw the round white orbs of flesh tumble out into freedom. Her skirt followed, and then her panties, absurdly big pink things she inherited from her grandmother.

I stood up and quickly undressed. We arranged the clothes over the leaves and lay down beside each other, restless hands squeezing and prying. Her flesh was so resilient and suddenly her fist clenched my cock and began to jerk at it softly.

This time, when my hand descended down into her dense shrubbery, there wasn't a murmur of protest. Instead her ample thighs opened up slightly, letting my finger dwell in her moist cleavage, running up and down between the heavily forested lips, to eventually plunge into her cavernous cunt hole.

She groaned, already dripping wet and trembling, her arm tight around my neck, the other jerking me off with a coarse expertise. Her fingers loosened as I expanded, and, when I went down on her, she went down on me.

Deep in the forest and deep in each other the only sounds breaking the silence were the occasional slurps of a suck that parted the lips, and the increasing harshness of our inhalation.

Eating her was like eating a fig through a fur coat. In a way I really enjoyed her muff but slowly I withdrew myself, turned, and drove my prick through the heavy tangle to ride deep into her cunt, and we screwed most agreeably there in the night. Her full curves supported me on cushions of flesh, her thighs lifted and came around me like padded supports. I got lost in her, enveloped in her flesh, and fucked her as one would fuck one's mother.

When it was over she dressed and walked with me to my car. Sandy was a bit disturbed at seeing me with Elsa, but when I opened the back door for the teacher, she took that as a sign that the older woman was second class which is what it did mean.

I drove Elsa to a bus stop, then began the long drive back to my home town. We talked during this trip, trying to decide on what to do. Sandy told me she didn't care if she ever saw her parents. She was prepared to go anywhere with me. And I would go anywhere for her -- but where could we go?

That isn't so easy, but finally we hit on a solution. Mexico. She would pose as my ward. My Spanish wasn't bad and I could easily get a job teaching. We could set up house together.

We both became enthusiastic and talked for hours. By the time we got to my place, it had been decided. I would get some clothes and the necessities, and we would leave and wait together until she was of an age to marry me.

It was early morning when I stopped the car around the corner from my place, and snuck down the street with my key in my hand. Sandy stayed in the car, I didn't want her to get into a confrontation with my wife. Already I dreaded seeing her as I just knew she'd be in curlers and that greasy dressing gown she wore at the start of each day.

Into the house I crept and up the stairs to see if she was to home. Maybe she'd eloped with the muscle man from the beach?

No. She was at home, but not alone. And when I saw with whom she was, I nearly fell over with the shock.

The kid from next door was in bed with her. I knew him well, and I had known that he had eyes for my wife, but then most adolescents are cunt crazy about the nearest woman. He was fourteen, had a paper route and played basketball, that's all I knew about him.

I stood in the doorway watching the stirring of the blankets and his putting his arm about her. I moved back out of sight and waited. My wife moved and groaned and nestled closer to him. Slowly he pushed the covers back and exposed both their naked bodies. He was as hard as a billy goat.

Suddenly a hand was on my shoulder! I whirled and it was Sandy come to check on me, afraid that my wife had lured me back to the connubial bed. I indicated the charming scene before her, and her eyes opened wide when she saw what was transpiring.

We smiled to each other. It looked like this was one marriage that would work out perfectly.