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Ok Guys...I will start us off...I love this site and all the great members...I know some of you have a great story in you for this contest....;bf;

So lets see what you all can come up with....:p

Halloween Hooker
by R. Richard

The town was cloaked in a grim, gray drizzle appropriate to Halloween night. The big car moved through increasingly meaner streets as the small groups of trick or treaters dwindled. Finally, the driver stopped in front of perhaps an older apartment house. He said to Anika, “This is the address. I don’t like the looks of it.”

Anika said, “That makes two of us. However, the client is paying double rate. For double rate, I take a chance. I have my emergency transmitter on a 10-minute cycle. If it goes off, I am in trouble; come and get me!”

The big man shifted slightly and checked the deadly .357 magnum he carried. “OK, Miss Anika, if they want trouble, I got trouble. However, watch yourself.”

Anika braced herself and got out of the car and dashed through the drizzle into the little lobby. The lobby was as crummy as one would have suspected from the street view. However, there was a buzzer panel and the button on Suite 13 seemed to work.

A rather strange voice with a trace of some sort of accent Anika could not place asked, “Who is there?”

Anika replied, “I am Anika, your appointment.”

The voice said, “Ah yes, Anika. Please do come up. The lift is at the end of the little hall. Just press the number 13 button and I will await you.”

Anika walked to the end of the hall and, as promised there was a charming little lift. It was complete, except for missing the CONDEMNED sign. It was apparently operational. Oh well, double pay, double risk. Anika slid the cage aside, stepped into the elevator and punched the 13 button.

The elevator went up quite a ways. It was slow moving and Anika counted the floors as she passed them. It appeared that number 13 was on the fourth floor. The elevator ground to a halt, after a few nasty little judders and then, after a considerable wait, the door opened. A tall form waited in a lit doorway down the hall. Anika took a deep breath and reset her trouble transmitter for another 10-minute interval. She then started down the hall.

As Anika walked down the hall, she noted that there appeared to be only the one door off the hall. Presumably there were four units per floor except that number 13 occupied the entire fourth floor. Anika walked up to the tall form in the doorway.

“Welcome Anika, enter my abode!”

Anika stepped past the form into what appeared at first to be a very large formal living room. There were floor to ceiling windows with heavy drapes. There was a large, very ornate fireplace at the far end of the room. In front of the fireplace was a bed! The bed appeared rather odd in a living room but that was the client’s business.

The tall form steered Anika toward the fireplace and the bed. As Anika slowly walked down the room she tried to look at the chairs or couches that seemed set against the walls. For whatever reason, Anika’s eyes would not quite focus on the furniture. Similarly, there seemed to be pictures or wall hangings on the walls but, once again, Anika’s eyes would not focus on the items. Suddenly, double pay did not seem like such a good bargain.

They reached the bed at the far end of the room. The bed, at least, was solid with no shifting or blurring. The fireplace was not a fireplace! It appeared to be some kind of altar!

Anika turned to tell the man that she would need to use the bathroom first.

The man had discarded the cloak he had worn. Under the cloak was a thin but strong looking bone white body. Protruding from the ghastly white body were three things. There was an enormous erect penis and two very nasty looking fangs in a blood red mouth.

Anika turned to run. It was useless! The thing snared Anika and ripped her clothing off. It threw Anika on the bed and then leapt on her.

Anika felt the huge penis enter her dry vagina and a sharp pain at the side of her throat.

The pain of the huge penis was nothing compared to the fiery pain of what must be the fangs in her throat. Anika was strong for a woman, but her strength was as nothing next to the strength of what Anika realized must be a vampire. Anika could but submit to the rape.

The thing fucked her, deeper and deeper. The pain at the side of her throat intensified and Anika must soon pass out from the intense pain.

However, the pain at the side of her throat ceased and there was only the thrusting of the huge penis inside her. Anika was too weak to even cry out. She felt, dimly, the thing climax inside her.

It was not done! The penis slid out of her vagina and into her anus. Strangely, the pain was not bad as he violated her anus. In fact, it seemed as if strength began to return to Anika as the second rape continued. If she could find her purse and the tools it contained, she might yet escape!

The vampire, if vampire it was, worked his huge penis in and out of Anika. His strength was demoniacal. Even as strength returned to Anika, she knew she would be helpless against the vampire without some sort of weapon. All she could do was endure the rape and wait for her chance.

Finally, the vampire ejaculated deep within Anika. He thrust a few more times and then finished with a few animal grunts. He then slid out of Anika’s anus and hit Anika a blow on the side of her head.

When Anika awoke, the room was empty, except for the altar, the bed and the torn remnants of Anika’s clothes. The furniture and the wall hangings were all gone, if they had ever existed in the first place. The floor to ceiling drapes were gone and only black painted windows remained. The floor was bare cement and filthy.

Anika managed to gather her clothes and pin them into some semblance of coverage. Anika extracted from her purse the fancy lipstick case that was actually a deadly single shot weapon. Finally Anika wrapped the remnants of her badly torn coat around her and staggered to the door.

The hall was empty and Anika made it to the elevator. The elevator took her down in a slow ride. Anika felt eyes on her the entire trip down. However, there was nothing she could do. Once on the ground floor, Anika staggered past doors cracked open with bone white faces leering at her. However, none of the things entered the hallway. Anika staggered down the hallway with wild laughter ringing in her ears.

Anika stumbled out into the street. The driver’s door was open and there was no sign of the driver other than blood on the ground outside the driver’s door and a smashed radio unit.

There was no point in looking for the driver, the only thing Anika could do was to fall into the car, start it and drive unsteadily down the street and home.

The grim, gray streets provided the cover as Anika rolled the big car into the parking spot in her fancy apartment. Anika dared not be seen by the other residents, but there was nothing to do but stagger over to the elevator and punch the button for her floor. By sheer chance, no one was in the elevator or the hallway. Anika made it down the hallway and fumbled open her door.

Once inside, Anika locked the door and then collapsed on the floor.

Later, in a sort of mental fog, Anika cleaned herself up and went to bed.

When Anika awoke, her information service had a few messages and the information that Anika had slept for a couple of days. She had missed appointments and would need to contact her clients. More importantly, Anika had an appointment in a few hours. She would need to cancel the appointment. However, Anika was ravenously hungry.

Anika walked toward the kitchen and saw herself in the full-length mirror in the entry hall. A bone white face stared back. There were two small, sharp fangs inside her blood red mouth. Anika would need a meal. But the meal was not to be found in the kitchen. Anika called her appointment and confirmed.

There was just enough time to clean up and dress before Anika went out to find her meal!

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mmmmmmmmmmmmm... i love a good story... and as gooolish as mydaddysbox likes these kinds of movies and storys i think i can convince her to help in this ...thanks mistess....

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Good find there DM...maybe that will prvide some inspiration!

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ooooh hot damn.... i was on the edge of my seat for this one.... got any more like this...?

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Hahaha glad you all liked it....I will have to see what I can find and put them in the Horror section for you...

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Very Nice story DM!.. i love the halloween stuff

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hahaha thanks..I just wanted to get a jump start for your contest...NO i am not an entry...hahahaha

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LOL...Hotwriterx...where's your story...can't call someone chicken if you don't do it either!

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scary hot story...............

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Thanks Chris....I do what I can for the folks here.....

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very hot story

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Thanks Hawk....glad you enjoyd it