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Brigit Astar
08-31-2011, 02:41 PM
Nympho Librarian
by Ginger Cox

Scene One:

Tamara Edwardson, Oakmont Public Library Director, sat at a computer monitor and checked out George Adkins at the main counter. He was an eighteen-year-old high school senior working as a aide at the library. He was chocolate, husky, and nice-looking, and Tamara licked her lips as she watched him. She especially watched down below his belt where his bulging crotch filled out his tight pants.

Tamara felt a fizzing tingling throbbing ache in her pussy and breasts. She wanted some of that meat.

Tamara Edwardson was not an average librarian, to say the least. She was twenty-four, and had gained her master's degree in library science at twenty-three. She had been appointed Assistant Librarian at the Oakmont Public Library a few weeks before, and when the library director, an eighty-five year-old battleaxe was forced to resign, Tamara was appointed Library Director.

There were other things that made her a non-average librarian. She was attractive. Her long golden-brown hair flowed down in shimmering waves. Her eyes were emerald, and her complexion peachy. Her mouth was wide and her lips pink and full. She was five foot seven and weighed one hundred twenty-eight; specifically her measurements were 34-d, 27-37. She was, in short, a knock-out, and physically about as far from being a typical librarian as one could get.

She favored wearing short tight skirts and silk blouses or low-neck sweaters. She flirted with the male patrons of the library, and made sure they saw plenty of her flesh and legs.

She had a vivid imagination and fantasized a lot. She viewed all men as potential fuckers, and fantasized about sucking cock and being fucked. But she especially thought about certain men she saw in the library.

It was late afternoon in the library, a “dead time,” as no patrons were inside.

Tamara sat and watched the library aide as he stood at the counter. The hot throbbing ache shot up her pussy and her breasts. Her heart thudded as she breathed heavily.

She got up and approached the boy. “Slow time,” she said. “I'll be in my office...if you need me.” She turned and walked to her office which was situated fifty feet away. She left the door partly ajar and sat down at her desk and turned on the computer. She went to a porn site and began looking at the pictures. There were many of them—some showing women sucking cock, some displaying men licking pussy, and some couples fucking.

The Library Director ran her hand under her sweater and her bra and stroked a breast. “Um,” she breathed out. She rubbed her palm over the warm throbbing mound, scraping the nipple with her thumb. “Ah, yes,” she whispered. She ran her other hand over a breast and began rubbing and kneading the orbs and pinching the nipples. Delicious bolts of pure pleasure radiated through her whole body as she vigorously rubbed her tits. She gasped and groaned in sensual delight...

The boy at the counter heard the groaning and gasping coming from the Library Director's office. He walked to the half-opened door and looked in and saw the librarian with her feet up on the desk and her skirt hiked up. She had one hand stroking her pussy while the other rubbed a breast. She leaned back in the chair with her head thrown back and panted as she stroked.

He rubbed his crotch as he watched her. His cock grew till it was stiff as a board and throbbing. He quickly walked to the front entrance of the library, locked the door and turned the sign to closed, and then walked back to the director's door.

Her eyes were closed and she breathed out raggedly and gasped as she rubbed her pussy and tits.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard as a rock, stretched out to its full length and thickness. His balls tingled and throbbed. He entered her office and walked toward her, and stopped a few feet from her head. He pointed his prick at her and stroked it.

Tamara opened her eyes and saw the big stiff throbbing cock right at her face. She hesitated for a few seconds, and then grasped the prick and opened her lips and went down on it. She began sucking the dick, sliding her lips and tongue up and down the shaft.

The boy hissed and clutched her head and began pumping his prick into her warm wet sucking mouth.

After a few minutes of fucking her mouth, the boy slid his cock out and moved in front of Tamara. He knelt down between her legs and slid her panties off and raised her legs back. Then he buried his face on her cunt, rubbing his lips up and down and sliding his tongue into the pussy.

Bolts of wet fire roared up Tamara's cunt as he jammed his tongue in, running it up and down, over her clit. She grasped his head and reared up, mashing and grinding her pussy on his mouth.

“Oh, ah, eat me,” she gasped. “Lick, suck my pussy.”

He jabbed his tongue as far as it would go up her cunt and began tongue-fucking her, jamming his long thick tongue back and forth.

She thrashed and jerked and hunched as he fucked her with his tongue.

She reached down and clutched his prick and stroked it. His cock was rock-hard, long and thick, stiff and throbbing. She pulled at it, and he knew what she wanted.

He moved up between her legs, wrapped his arms around her waist, and heaved his prick forward.

He dug his dick up her pussy in one continuous stroke.

Tamara wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust her cunt up to give him full access.

He had every inch of his cock stuffed up her pussy. He pulled back a few inches and then jammed it in again. Soon he was fucking her with full strong thrusts.

“Oh, ah, fuck me,” Tamara gasped. Her cunt sucked on his prick as he jammed every inch of his meat to her core.

She laid her head back, and her eyes rolled up and mouth opened. She jerked and hunched as he pumped his long thick prick deep in her pussy. His bloated balls mashed against her ass as he screwed her.

“Oh god, now!” she cried. “I'm cuming now!”

She thrashed and humped as the hot pussy juice came gushing up.

He pounded his prick up her cunt as he felt the cum churning in his balls. He let out a grunt as the cum erupted up his shaft and spurted deep in her pussy.

He squirted gob after gob of thick cream into her core. Her cunt sucked it all up.

Scene 2:

Zack Leching stood at the counter talking with Tamara. It was the afternoon and dead time at the library. George was off that day, and Tamara and Zack were the only ones in the library.

Zack was in his late sixties, a wizened elderly man who was a practical joker. He was what was referred to in library terms as a toucher, as he had a habit of touching people and brushing against them, and making lascivious remarks—especially toward the female patrons—and toward Tamara. He also had a habit of brushing his hand across his crotch. People in the library shrugged it off and humored him, as he was elderly and such a joker.

There was a cart filled with books that Tamara was going to take downstairs to the bibliography and reference section.

“You've got to do that all by yourself?” Zack asked.

“Yes, all the help are off today,” Tamara replied. “I've got to take all these books downstairs and shelve them.”

“Well, let me help you,” Zack said.

“Why, thank you, Zack,” Tamara replied. “We can go by the lift.”

She rolled the cart to the elevator and they rode it downstairs.

“Just place the books in alphabetical order in each section,” Tamara said.

Zack swept his hand across his crotch and squeezed his dick. He had a hard-on that throbbed.

As Tamara picked up a book, Zack swept his hand across his crotch and squeezed his dick. He had a hard-on that throbbed and ached. He wanted to fuck her in the worst way.

Out of the corner of her eye, Tamara saw him squeezing his crotch. She saw the full bulge of his cock poking at his pants.

Even though he was in his late sixties and was a wizened old man, Tamara's pussy began to tingle, and her breasts grew warm. She saw by the bulge in his pants that he had a good-sized cock.

She stood in front of a shelf placing books into empty spaces. Suddenly a number of volumes came falling out over her head. She grasped them as best she could.

Zack came up behind her and held some of the books. He pressed his crotch upon her rump. She wiggled around trying to keep the books from falling. Zack pressed his crotch harder upon her ass, giving her little jabs with his dick.

Tamara felt the imprint of his big hard prick stroking upon her rump. Her heart beat faster and she felt juice began to churn in her pussy.

The books had stopped. falling. “I think that's got it,” she said, breathing hard.

Zack's big hard throbbing prick pressed firmly upon her butt.

For a few seconds neither one said anything. Then Zack began moving his cock in little circles.

Tamara shifted her ass, and then moved it around.

Zack gave a hard hunch which could not be mistaken, and Tamara hunched back.

He reached his arms around her waist and grasped her breasts and squeezed them.

Tamara breathed out an “ah.”

Her titties swelled and were hot and throbbing. Juice gushed up her channel.

Zack lifted her off the floor and carried her to a table and laid her face down. He raked her skirt up and slid her panties down and off. He pulled out his dick and laid atop her back.

He thrust forward and dug his dick into her hot tight pussy.

“Ah yeah, sweet fucking cunt,” Zack panted.

Tamara spread her legs and moved her pussy up to allow him to stuff every inch of his cock in her.

He began pumping his prick deep in her core, screwing her fast and fully.

“Oh, ah, you're filling me up,” she gasped. “Oh, you've got a thick dick—it feels so fucking good.”

He pumped his cock like a jackhammer, pounding it deep in the core of her pussy.

“Oh, ah, I'm cuming!” she cried. “Oh god, sweet hot fucking cum!”

She hunched and thrashed and bucked as an orgasm racked her body.

Zack gave a mighty heave and drove every inch of his prick up her cunt. He cried out as the semen gushed up his shaft and spurted deep in her pussy.

“Oh, ah, keep cuming,” she panted. “Give me all you've got, fill me up with fuck.”

He squirted gob after gob of thick cream into her hungry cunt.

Scene 3:

The next day Tamara was having her lunch at the library in the rear stacks. Her lunch consisted of her back being against books and Zack down on his knees before her. She had her legs wrapped around his shoulders and he was jamming his tongue in her cunt.

A patron happened to walk back to the rear stacks and he stopped short when he saw the young beautiful librarian having her pussy licked.

He wasted no time. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and moved up to Tamara. He grasped her head and rubbed his cock on her face.

She opened her lips and he slid his prick in her open mouth.

Tamara was in heaven. A long thick tongue was jamming her pussy as she sucked a thick stiff cock.

The man went to his knees and rooted Zack out of the way. He clutched Tamara around her waist and hunched up, driving his hard dick into her cunt.

Zack grasped Tamara's head and slid his prick into her mouth.

Tamara sucked and bucked and hunched as the two cocks fucked her.

She was filled with satisfaction. The library was filled with patrons who would gladly give her all the dick she wanted.

I have the best job in the world, she thought.

08-31-2011, 09:18 PM
great start to a wonderful story full of opportunities and lust, well told as I would expect from such a good authoress.

Brigit Astar
10-27-2011, 01:04 AM
The author of this story is Ginger Cox. I looked her up and got her permission to post this story. This is one of the better stories I have found lately on the net, and Ginger Cox is a first-rate story-teller.