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His teenaged twin cousins were the cutest, hottest little blondes Nick Owens had ever seen or even imagined. He hadn't been around them since they were all more or less in diapers, but Betsy and Becky were damn sure out of diapers now! His eyes moved from one to the other, and it was all he could do to keep his cock from springing up hard inside his jeans.

They were almost identical blondes, petite, but with ripe, round tits pushing out the fronts of their T-shirts, and tight shorts that cuddled their asses and made their legs look long, tan, and terrific. Their faces were so alike Nick couldn't decide which was the cuter. Becky's tits were a little bigger, but there was something about the curvy shape of Betsy's ass that made his cock start to leak pre-cum into his shorts.

She saw he was looking at her hips, and she turned slightly, her ass sticking out provocatively. Nick wanted to howl like a wolf, even if they were standing in front of the bus station of Main Street, Rocksburg.

The idea of getting so aroused sexually by someone he was blood kin to made Nick feel a little queasy, but the emotions his twin cousins raised in him were so heated he was sure he could live with the queasiness.

"Put your stuff in the back of the truck," Betsy said, wiggling her provocative little ass.

Her bare thigh brushed against Nick's leg. He gulped, certain that the touch of her body on his would make his cock jump up totally stiff inside his pants. She smelled good, too, like a country meadow as she leaned toward him. Her T-shirt gapped a little and he could see down into her moist, sweat-soaked cleavage. She was tan as far down as he could see. He grabbed his suitcase and tossed it up and in. Becky picked up the other and threw it onto the truck.

"Might as well get going," she said in her soft drawl.

Even the sound of her voice made Nick's prick ache with lust. He could only think of sliding his cock into the mouth that sweet honey voice came out of.

Not that he'd ever actually done anything like that -- but he'd thought about it a hell of a lot. He was a klutz with women. He had yet to feel anything other than his own fist wrapped around his cock.

Becky climbed up into the driver's seat. She fired up the engine of the truck.

"After you," Betsy said, making a low bow and giving him another peek down the front of her shirt. Her tits weren't quite as eye-catching as her sister's, but there was nothing wrong with them, judging from the glimpses Nick was catching.

He saw the momentary flash of pink nipple! Then Betsy straightened up, and it was gone. His mind remembered, though, and it passed the message straight down to his cock. It was half-hard as he climbed up into the cab of the pick-up, and he just hoped his cousins hadn't noticed.

Betsy climbed in after him, shutting the door behind her. She slid across the seat, her thigh riding snug against his. Becky slipped the truck into first and peeled out.

"I didn't think you were old enough to drive," Nick said.

Both girls giggled.

"When your daddy's deputy sheriff, you don't need a license," Becky said. "Anyway, lots of people have licenses and can't drive for shit. We've been driving since we were big enough to see over the steering wheel."

Nick had to admit she was pretty good, but it did help to have friends in the county police, obviously. She didn't pay any attention to the speed limits, and she ran at least two stop signs. Nick took a deep breath and settled back. He hoped it wasn't too far out to the farm.

"So, you think you're gonna enjoy spending the summer with us?" Betsy asked, sliding a little closer still. She put her hand on his knee. "I mean, being from Cleveland, you must be used to all kinds of wild life and fast times, and now here you are, sent down to the country to stay with us hicks? Think you'll ever find anything to amuse yourself while you're here? The county fair's not till August. And most all we ever do is hoe corn and spray the beans and milk the cows."

"Yeah," Becky said, making a sharp turn that sent Nick sprawling onto Betsy, "not a whole lot of fun around here. On the other hand, Nick -- do you fuck by any chance?"

Nick sat up and gasped, turning to stare at Becky. She was looking back at him, her blue eyes pale and innocent, her moist pink lips curled in a smile.

"Well, do you?" Betsy asked, punctuating the question with a quick grab at Nick's crotch.

He jumped, made a soft yelping sound and tuned toward his other cousin, who was giving him the same innocent-eyed stare as her fingers explored the shape of his cock. And under her touch, there was no longer any possibility of Nick's keeping his hard-on under control.

His cock got stiff the moment her fingers fell upon him, and the more she slid them up and down, tracing the bulging shape of his prick, the bigger that shape became.

"Well, damn," she said. "Look at this thing, Becky! I think they stole our cousin and sent us a Georgia mule instead!"

The truck was moving swiftly down a one-lane country road. High corn lined the road on either side. Nick's eyes kept darting downward to watch in disbelief as Betsy caressed the swollen lump of his jeans-covered hard-on.

"Let me see it!" Betsy purred, leaning in to put a little kiss on her cousin's chin, then on his upper lip. It was an almost shy kind of kiss, as if she were bashful about brushing his mouth directly. Nick had kissed a few girls, of course, but he wasn't sure he was ready to French with his own cousin. But then their mouths did meet, and a spark of electrical energy seemed to explode inside him.

He grabbed Betsy's waist and tried to pull her on top of him while he sucked the breath from her body.

"Slow down!" she giggled. "We have plenty of time!"

She wriggled loose, and her fingers went to his fly. Staring into his eyes, she unzipped his pants and reached inside.

Nick groaned as she squeezed his prick. The thin layer of his shorts was the only thing separating her hand from his cock, and he could feel her heat vividly, despite the aroused throbbing that raced through his cock as Betsy toyed with it.

"You might play with something too," she said, and he got the message, lifting her T-shirt and baring her small, pink-pointed tits. He was right. She was tanned all over. His hands moved onto the soft but firm-fleshed cones of her tits, and he fondled them wonderingly, feeling her body heave with a sigh of delight.

The truck came to a stop. Nick looked up and saw that they were parked in the midst of some oaks. Through a break in the trees, he could see cornfields stretching to the south and west, but the trees were thick and it was quiet.

Becky put her hand on Nick's head, turned him around to face her, and pressed her mouth to his, her tongue eager and active against his lips. He opened and she fucked her limber wet tongue into his mouth. The conical points of her braless tits, hard-nippled under the cling of her T-shirt, were hot as nails against his bare forearm. As she kept kissing, Becky raised her T-shirt and bared her tits. Nick glanced down. His mouth began to water for the taste of them.

"Uh, this is kinda cramped," he said, straining a little as the two cousins attacked him from either side. Becky was trying to get his cock out of Betsy's fist, and he looked down at the sight of two hands battling to get control of his prick.

"Well, let's stretch out, then," Becky said, leaning back but not attempting to cover her tits.

Nick let go of Betsy's tits and reached for her sister's. Becky leaned against the door and sighed, her eyes shut, her blonde hair swishing delicately. She arched her chest upward, forcing her round tits into Nick's hands.

"Ohhhhh!" Becky sighed, her hands atop his, pressing them down. "Feels so nice to have somebody else touching me! I get soooo horny sometimes!"

Nick knew exactly what she meant. His cock was out of his shorts now, sticking up eight inches into the open air, and Betsy's hands were wrapped around it. She worked them up and down his cock, stroking him lightly but with occasional clenches that made her cousin groan softly from low in his guts. He was starting to grow afraid that he'd end up shooting off into her hand. The girls were making him too excited.

"Let's go outside," Becky said, moving Nick's hands off her tits. She opened the door and stumbled down to the ground.

Nick lurched after her, but was unable to move because Betsy was hanging onto his prick.

Becky stood by the side of the truck, just out of Nick's reach. She smiled like a Madonna as she peeled her T-shirt up and off. Her tits were marvelous. She cupped them, stroking the nipples with her fingertips as she smiled up at Nick. Then she unhooked her shorts and pushed them down her legs.

Under them she wore a pair of string panties, the kind he'd never guessed a farm girl would know anything about. A dab of lacy fabric covered her pussy in the front. She turned and showed him the string that ran through the crack of her ass, baring everything but her shithole itself.

Leaning forward, her ass jutting upward, Becky looked back over her shoulder and pulled the string out of the way, giving him a quick glimpse of her cunt.

His cock throbbed in Betsy's clutching fist, and he could feel the jizz oozing out of it. His prick trembled and he thought he was going to come on Betsy's hand.

"Not so soon!" his cousin giggled, and she squeezed hard on his cock.

He gasped at the forcefulness, but the come urge subsided. His prick remained rigid, but he breathed a little sigh of relief, positive now that he wasn't going to empty his balls at the very beginning of this delicious crazy experience.

"That's better," Betsy said. "We're both gonna need some of this big hard thing, and I just hope you can deliver, Cousin Nick!"

"I'll sure fucking try!" Nick panted, stretching his arm toward Becky, who still posed just out of reach of his questing fingers.

Becky wiggled her ass and slid her panties downward an inch or two at a time, Nick panted in anticipation, watching her charms come into view. His cock throbbed in Betsy's possessive fist.

Becky opened her legs when her panties were down to her knees, and she reached up from beneath, opening the snug lips of her cunt. Nick was licking his lips, watching the pink interior wink open and shut before his delighted eyes.

She didn't have a lot of hair on her pussy, and the smooth crease of her cunt gash was a delight to his eyes. Nick was dreaming, wide-awake, about the pleasures of Becky's pussy when he felt something wet touch his cock. Looking down in shock, he realized that Betsy was licking his prick.

She was down on the floor of the truck now, using her elbows to keep his legs open, and her tongue slid lazily up and down the stiffness of his prick.

"Tastes soooo good!" she moaned. "But then, don't they all?"

"I wouldn't know," Nick said softly, lifting his ass a little and pushing his cock toward her tongue. He put one hand on her head and urged her down on him. "Would you do that again, please?"

Becky was still flouncing around, and Nick glanced over at her. She had her pussy pealed open, and her fingertip was sliding through the crack. Nick gulped as he saw it ease into the mouth of her pink cunt. His own finger twitched responsively as he tried to imagine the heat, the wetness, the tightness of his delicious blonde cousin's little cunt. He heard Becky moan as she fingered herself more and more deeply, and Nick moaned too, feeling Betsy's tongue on the rigid length of his cock.

"Oh, I need more than my finger!" Becky groaned, working it deeply into herself.

Nick shivered, watching the girl's finger go deep and true into her tight cunt. God, was he gonna get the chance to put his cock where she had her finger? He hoped so, even though his prick felt just fine in the warm wet grip of his other cousin's mouth.

Betsy was sucking hard on Nick's cock. He'd never guessed what a blowjob might feel like. He hadn't really counted on the feel of teeth around his hard prick, though. But as Betsy took him into her mouth and sucked and chewed, it felt just absolutely perfect!

He looked down at her pretty face, at the intensity showing as she concentrated on her sucking. Her eyes were glittering as if they were on fire. The motion of her tongue on his prick told Nick that she loved what she was doing.

She licked around and around, moving his cock in and out of her pursed lips. Her teeth scraped him, but not too roughly. She knew what she was doing, all right! Her mouth was wet velvet, and his cock just got bigger and harder and hornier. Nick groaned and thrust, shoving cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, and she gurgled as she took all he could give her.

He looked at Becky. She was facing him, her hands gliding up and down the alluring curves of her nude body. He still couldn't decide which of his teen twin cousins was the cuter. Becky's tits jiggled breathtakingly as she diddled herself. She had both hands in her crotch, opening the gash, her fingers sliding in and out with the same impatient rhythm that Nick's cock showed moving into Betsy's mouth.

"Oh, don't I get some too?" Becky asked poutily, bobbing in place upon the fingers that reamed her pussy. "I'm getting soooo horny!"

Nick knew exactly what she meant. And as much as he loved what Betsy was doing to his cock, he felt the most irresistible yearning to get his hands on his other cousin.

"Let's go outside," he said to Betsy. "I think Becky's getting lonesome."

The girls stripped him quickly, kissing each part of his body as it came into view. He felt like howling again when Becky lowered the back of his shorts and stuck her tongue straight up his asshole while Betsy was on her knees in front of him, sucking on his rigid cock. Becky spread his asscheeks and licked back and forth over the tingling, puckered knot of his shitter, teasing it with her tongue and fingers. She moved her face down and licked his balls, too.

Then it was his turn to strip Betsy. She had almost nothing on underneath, just a pair of white cotton panties with flowers on them. They looked more teenage than the sexy string panties Becky had been wearing, but he couldn't decide which looked better. Actually, bath girls looked best of all with nothing on, and he was in a hurry to get Betsy naked too.

"We get so lonely," Betsy said as Nick sucked at her stiff-nippled tits, his hands caressing the provocative rounded sweetness of her young ass. "Daddy doesn't like for us to go out with boys or anything like that, and since he's a deputy sheriff, all the guys are afraid of him. Mmmmm, looks like you're scared stiff, Cousin Nick! I think it's gonna be fun having you around for the summer."

"Let me suck it too!" Becky cried. "I'm a lot better than Betsy when it comes to sucking a big hard prick! I'll show you!"

She pushed her twin's foot out of the way and lay in the grass next to Nick. Her lips started at one of his knees and scurried up his thigh. Her hand moved slightly ahead of her mouth, and she squeezed on the swollen lump of his cock as her lips took possession of his balls. She sucked them into her juicy wet mouth, and he groaned in sheer pleasure.

Her tongue crawled up the underside of his cock, tracing the fat bulging veins. She licked up almost to the swollen cock-knob, then backed down the prick shaft for another round of teasing licks. Her fingers toyed with the prick knob, squeezing it provocatively, each press causing another bubble of pre-cum to squirt from the slitted opening at his tip. Nick held onto Betsy's tits, moaning and squirming, saliva running from his lips as he looked down at Becky.

"Would you suck it, please?" he asked her, dying to feel her mouth engulf his prick. "Please?"

"He's so anxious!" Becky giggled, but she was a little anxious, too.

She slipped her plush wet lips over the end of Nick's prick and her mouth moved down the length of his cock, her cheeks and tongue combining to give him a magic massage. Nick's eyes almost popped out of his skull, feeling the sophisticated action of his young cousin's mouth.

"So big, too!" she murmured, coming back up, her lips warm and eager to plant lush kisses all over the cock-knob. "And delicious!"

Again she went down, swallowing his prick to the roots, and she sucked like a leech at the throbbing hard-on. Jesus fucking Christ!

Becky sucked cock as if she loved it. His prick got so stiff it hurt, and he'd thought he could never be stiffer than he had been ten minutes ago.

Nick's cock got bigger and bigger inside her mouth, and he was panting and thrusting deep into Becky's throat, totally aware that there was no way he could keep from pouring a huge load of spunk down her gullet. Soon!

He leaned forward, straddling Becky's chest. The tips of her hard-nippled tits were hot against his ass, tickling him that much more. He stroked her head, twining his fingers through her silky blonde hair. She really was pretty, but she looked gorgeous with her eyes glowing and her mouth crammed full of cock. She was smiling as she sucked him, and it made Nick's balls ache like hell and swell monstrously as they clogged with the cum he was dying to squirt.

Then Betsy got behind him, her hands and mouth all over his bouncing bare ass as he fucked her twin's lips. She spread his asscrack, fingering him and licking his shitter, and Nick began to moan from deep in his guts. His moan rose into a howl. He knew he sounded like a coyote in heat, but he didn't give a shit. Betsy's tongue fucked in and out of his shitter, her hand cupped his jiggling balls and the length of his cock was buried in Becky's sucking throat.

He groaned loudly, and then his cock unloaded.

Becky gasped as her mouth filled with his spunk. He could hear her gurgling and gulping, drinking his load, and the sucky, slutty sounds seemed to send his balls into overtime. They churned and shuddered, and more of the hot jizz gushed from his cock, following the previous batch down Becky's gulping throat. She sucked, draining his cock, using her teeth on the squirting prick to make sure it stayed big and thick and hard against her lapping tongue.

"You slut!" he panted as Betsy stuck a finger up his ass.

Her finger went deep into his shitter, and it didn't feel nearly as weird or as bad as he had thought it would feel. In fact, the deeper she went, the more stiffness seemed to pulse and throb into his cock.

"Oh, God, that tasted so good!" Becky sighed, taking his prick out of her mouth and running her lips up and down the quivering prick shaft. "And now that we've said hello, Cousin Nick, would you be interest in fucking us?"


He'd never been so interested in anything in his entire life! Nick slid off Becky's body, still hardly believing what had just happened to him.

The girls lay down side by side in the grass. He eyed them with wondering admiration. His prick was more than ready to do the job requested from it. His only problem was deciding which of the two girls to fuck first.

Becky slipped her arm around her sister, and the two girls eased their faces closer together.

As Nick watched, the twins kissed, Betsy's tongue sliding into her sister's mouth. She put her hand on Becky's tit, which was bigger but not necessarily prettier than her own. Her fingers stroked the hard nipple as her tongue worked in and out of Becky's mouth. It was a lascivious, arousing sight, and Nick's cock drooled pre-cum.

Nick knelt between Betsy's slim legs and touched her knees. Her thighs parted, and the gleam of her pink cunt showed amid the little curls of deep-blonde pussy hair. Her pussy lips were dripping moisture, glistening pink. Nick touched her, opening her cunt and letting the tip of his finger enter his cousin's hot tight fuck hole.

She writhed and looked up.

"Oh, that does feel good," she said. "But I was thinking you might wanna put something bigger inside me, you know? Like that fat cock of yours, maybe?"

Becky giggled.

"Go ahead and fuck her," she said. "I think she's a better fuck than I am, but she can't suck a cock half as good as I do. Why don't you try us both out and tell us which is best?"

Nick Owens didn't have to be asked twice. The tip of his prick was swollen to the size of a doorknob. He moved into the accommodating spread of Betsy's thighs, and his more than eager cousin grabbed his cock, angling the prick head downward into the split of her juice leaking cunt.

"Put it right here!" she whispered, her voice as silky as a French teddy.

Her fingers guided the fattened cock up and down her pussy slit, soaking it in the moisture that oozed from her cunt, and then she eased it in her pussy mouth, and her hips moved as she sucked his prick straight up her hot, tight cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" she moaned as Nick's cock sank deep into her pussy. He could feel her cunt come to life around him. Nick had always thought a pussy would feel hot and wet and tight around his prick, but he'd never even dreamed that it would feel as alive as Betsy's pussy did.

His body came down upon hers, Betsy's knees lifting to clutch at his sides. He went deeper, until his prick hit the bottom of her pussy tunnel, and she moaned beneath him, feeling the blunt aroused stirrings of his cock-knob against her womb.

"Oh, it's so big and hard!" she whined. "Just the way I like 'em!"

The snugness of her pussy massaged the horny length of his cock. Even without moving, his cock was getting an active workout inside Betsy.

Becky slid one long smooth leg across the back of Nick's thighs and the wet dribbling lips of her pussy touched his hip. She scooted closer, merging her sweet young body into the fuck her sister was getting, her hands sliding up and down Nick's body. She turned his face to hers so she could kiss him. He was sure he could taste his cum in her mouth, but it wasn't too bad. And anyway, she'd given him such a sweet hot sucking, it was the least he could do to thank her.

"We don't do this with just anybody," Becky whispered. "But we knew you'd be special as soon as we heard you were coming to see us. Betsy and I both had crushes on you when, we were little. Wasn't it too bad we were too young to know about staff like this?"

"We'll make up for it now, though," Betsy said, swiveling her hips slightly and making her pussy do a breathtaking gulp-and-swallow on Nick's hard cock. His eyes rolled in their sockets, just the way her hot ass was rolling beneath him, and he began to fuck his prick into his cousin's cunt.

"Yes, yes, oh, shit, yes!" Betsy moaned under him, her cunt getting wetter, tighter and hotter each time his prick fucked into her. The yielding softness of her pussy enfolded him like a glove, and steam seemed to bathe his cock.

Becky was atop him now, grinding her pussy bush against his pumping ass. He was lost in a sea of flesh. Betsy wanted to be kissed, and her mouth seemed to guzzle him in. Becky's hot cunt rubbed insistently against his ass. He could feel the hardness of her clit scraping his flesh, and he could feel the moisture oozing from her cunt, leaking onto his skin.

"Oooohhh, I'm coming!" Betsy moaned, her legs clutching hard at him while her pussy rippled along his cock. She squealed and panted and her eyes rolled over in their sockets, a river of drool running from the corner of her mouth. Her body shook and quivered under his, and the only thing he could think of to do was to keep on fucking her with his rigid cock. Each stroke seemed to heighten her response.

Becky's arms were around his neck. She bit his ear and chewed his neck. She kept on squirming against him, masturbating her hot pussy on his ass.

Nick pulled his cock out of Betsy, and somehow he fought Becky off his back. The fresh-fucked little blonde cousin lay writhing on the grass, her hands busy on her cunt. Becky lay on her side next to him, also frigging herself, as Nick turned over to face her.

She put her hand on his shoulder and slid her cunt closer, opening the slash eagerly. His cock was rigid, and she grabbed it, bringing the fuck meat to her wet pussy hole.

"Fuck me hard," she said. "I want it like an animal!"

His fuck-raw, swollen cock-knob bruised her cuntlips. She lifted her leg and her pussy opened wide, then Nick thrust with his hips, fucking into her.

"Ahhhhh!" Becky moaned, moving her leg over and around him, pulling her body close to his.

She leaned back with her upper body, her tits jiggling excitedly, while she took his cock inside her juicy fuck hole. Nick hardly had to move. Becky was doing all the work.

"Suck my tits while you fuck me," Becky said, and Nick was only too eager to do it. She had great tits! Her ass was a little skinnier than Betsy's, but her pussy was just as tight, and it was doing evil, lustful things to his throbbing cock. He liked that a hell of a lot.

His lips worked her swollen pink nipples. They were as fat as the tip of his cock, and he got some idea of how his big-knobbed cock must have felt lying on her tongue while she sucked for his jizz. He wouldn't have minded some juice squirting from her tits into his mouth, but the natural taste of her fresh, sweet tits was stimulation enough for him. And she seemed to enjoy it too.

Nick got a few strokes of his own into the fuck, but Becky was still in charge, and that was okay with him. After all, it was his first fuck, and it helped to have experienced teachers.

Becky pulled back, letting his cock slip out.

"Let me play with it," she said.

She stroked her cunt with his hard hot cock knob, soaking it again in the juicy goo that leaked from her cuntlips. She peeled back the foreskin and rubbed her clit with the glistening tip of Nick's cock, closing her eyes and moaning with pleasure as hot cunty sensations spread through her body from the abrasive, contact.

"Now dog-fuck me!" she moaned, moving onto her knees.

Her ass stuck up, her thighs parted to display the wet pink slice of pussy amid the tufts of golden hair, and Nick found himself moving into place behind her. He thrust hard and the end of his cock slipped back into Becky's pussy.

The angle was different. He seemed to be fucking new parts of her juicy cunt, and the moans and whimpers that came from her mouth were new notes of delight and pleasure.

Betsy was on her knees beside them. She wanted to be kissed, and she wanted her tits sucked, too. Nick had to lean far down to get his mouth around her nipples, but the effort was worth it. Her hand toyed, with his ass as he fucked her sister, and he was half-afraid she might stick her finger up his shitter again. The very thought made his asshole clench, half in alarm, half in anticipation, but instead she just cuddled his balls in her palm and used the pressure to tell him when she wanted him to fuck her sister especially deep, especially hard.

"You should stick it up her ass!" she whispered. "She's never done it that way, but I have, and I bet she'd like it a whole lot!"

"I would not!" Becky gasped. "Just because you're a kinky slut, doesn't mean I am too!"

"Yes it does!" Betsy giggled. "Oooohhh, Cousin Nick, you sure know how to fuck a girl with that big sweet prick! Oh, and it's gonna be so much fun while you're here! I bet those big-city girls in Cleveland have taught you things about fucking and sucking that Becky and I couldn't even begin to guess about. You've gotta teach all of it to us before you go back home!"

She emphasized her words by clenching her hand on Nick's balls. He gasped and groaned, struggling not to come, but he was on a short string and Betsy's fingers on his balls were not doing a thing to help him stay in control.

But before he could come, he felt Becky's cunt clench around his prick, just like her sister's had, and the teenager was thrilled beyond imagining to realize that he had made both of his hot cousins scream in orgasm.

He gripped Becky's asscheeks and slammed his prick into her, accentuating the rippling explosion of her orgasm. He slapped her ass and she squealed again, her pussy clenching around his pounding prick. Beside him, Betsy giggled girlishly, squeezing herself tightly against Nick's hard young body.

She reached down to touch his cock as it continued to fuck her sister's pussy.

"Take it out and let me see you come," she said, tugging at his prick.

Quickly, he yanked his cock out of Becky's creaming cunt. Betsy filled her hand with the swollen lump of prick and stroked it quickly, her excitement obvious.

"Now!" she cried. "Squirt it now!"

Her fist closed hard on his cock. She yanked it, and Nick almost screamed. The squirt of cum raced like fire up his cock, and his initial gush splattered the cleft of Becky's split, pink cunt. "Wheeeee!" Betsy shrieked, milking him, eager to empty her cousin's cock. Squirt after squirt of jizz gushed from Nick's cock, drenching Becky's ass and pussy.

Still holding Nick's prick, Betsy reached down with her other hand to massage the milky white cum into Becky's flesh. Her fingers were coated with the stuff. Winking at Nick, she brought them to her lips and tasted his spunk. "Mmmmm!" she moaned. "I think having you around for the summer is gonna be fun for all of us!"

And then she leaned down and began to lick Nick's spilled cum off her sister's ass and pussy, her tongue slipping from time to time into Becky's wet pussy. Nick found himself getting excited all over again, and wondering if they had time to fuck at least once more before finishing the drive to the farm.

It was almost six before they got back to the farm. Becky made up a breezy story about having given Nick the grand tour of Hardin County before bringing him to the home place, and Aunt Jen seemed to buy it hook, line, and sinker. Nick's cock was aching from the workout his cousins had given him, and for almost the first time in his young life, he was looking forward to crawling into bed and going to sleep.

Aunt Jen had supper ready -- a big country meal centered around fresh chicken stew, with dumplings. In spite of the wild sex he'd been turned on to by her daughters, Nick still found himself sneaking peeks at Aunt Jen as she served up the meal.

She was his dad's older sister, two years older than Nick's father, but in spite of having spent most of her life as a farm woman, she didn't look a great deal older than her daughters, nor much older than the last time Nick had seen her, years and years ago. Five-eight and thin, with full firm tits that jiggled ever so slightly inside her shirt, and jeans that fit snug but not trashy to her round ass and long legs, Aunt Jen was a blonde knockout.

Nick felt a little guilty when he thought about why he'd come down to the farm, especially when Aunt Jen smiled at him, but he was only doing what he had to do -- what his dad had asked. Still, he wished his dad had asked someone else.

Uncle Bob wasn't home for supper. He was on afternoon shift, cruising the highways. Nick was a little happy about that. Uncle Bob was a mean-looking guy, the epitome of the southern peace officer, and Nick wasn't at all sure he was up to confronting his uncle after what he and his uncle's daughters had spent two juicy hours doing in the woods. Something told him Uncle Bob wouldn't find it at all acceptable, and even though he was almost a grown-up, Nick still remembered how imposing and scary Uncle Bob had been when Nick was a kid.

"So how's your dad's divorce coming along?" Aunt Jen asked, interrupting Nick's thoughts.

He blushed. His dad was in the midst of divorcing Nick's second stepmom. Claris was a real cunt. There was no other word for her. The only thing Nick was sorry about was that he had never been able to fuck her. On the other hand, he was apparently one of the few guys in Cleveland who hadn't, though so far his dad was having a hard time finding the proof.

Nick just shrugged.

"Barney had the worst taste in women," Aunt Jen said. "Except for your mom, he's had a real talent for finding losers. I feel so sorry for him."

They'd fixed up a room for Nick in the attic. It was hot, but there was a fan to cool it down a little, and he stripped down to his shorts, lying atop the brass bed. As he lay there in the darkness, he was reliving everything that had happened since the bus pulled to a stop at the Rocksburg Station, and without even a nudge from his hands, his cock began to stiffen.

He closed his eyes in the darkness and imagined Becky's mouth wrapped around his prick. He knew he'd feel that lush steaminess on his cock again before his summer stay was over.


He was dreaming about Betsy licking Becky's cunt, eating the spilled dribbles of his sticky cum off the fragrant pink pussy. It was as clear and as juicy as if it were happening all over again, right in front of him.

Nick stirred in his sleep and found his dream changing into a mental image of his cock being swallowed up in Becky's warm mouth. If there was anything better than watching Betsy lick Becky's cunt, it had to be the feel of his cock slithering into Becky's gulping, hungry throat. He could even feel her teeth on him, grinding passionately at the hardness of his cock while her tongue killed and slurped round his stiff prick and her throat gulped him again and again.

"Oh, yeah!" he sighed in his sleep, and again he felt the teeth, more real than any dream had a right to be.

His eyes opened, and he was suddenly aware that the room was filled with the gray light of dawn and his cock was stuffed inside Becky's mouth as she lay across his bed, eating his prick in horny, hungry swallows.

"Good morning, Cousin Nick!" the pretty blonde said, raising her mouth from his achingly erect cock. "Did you have a nice night?"

Almost immediately, and without waiting for him to answer, she worked her lips back down over his prick, swallowing it whole again. He groaned, feeling his cock disappear into her mouth. She was holding his balls in one small hand, squeezing them just enough to make his cock stab a little deeper into her mouth, her throat opening to take it deep.

Her other hand was between her legs, teasing her pussy while she sucked him. Again Becky looked up, her blue eyes almost colorless in the gray morning light.

"Why don't we do it to each other at the same time?" she suggested. "I bet those girls in the city have showed you things about eating pussy that I've never even dreamed of! I've had some pretty wild dreams about that kind of stuff!"

Without missing a suck, she wiggled her body around and moved her crotch onto his chest. Her legs were spread, and he could see her cunt crack shining amid her pussy hairs. He grabbed Becky's ass and moved his face toward his cousin's glistening cunt slit.

She moaned around his cock as he began to lick her. He didn't know what he was doing, but he hoped it didn't show too much.

He opened her cuntlips and eased his tongue into the moistness within. She tasted as if she'd stopped off for a piss on her way up to his room, but it wasn't bad at all. He spread her a little wider and let his tongue go deeper into Becky's cunt. She moaned and wriggled as he explored her, and she got really excited when he brought his tongue back to lick the bud of her clit.

Becky's mouth was busy on his prick, thrilling him so much he could hardly pay attention to what he was doing. But the plush smoothness of her asscheeks as his fingers stroked and glided across them was a real pleasure, and so was the aroused smell of her juicing cunt. He found himself licking more and more hungrily, sliding his tongue up her pussy and pulling out to drool the mixture of his saliva and her pussy juices onto her flesh, then licking it off again.

The pink button of her asshole was a magical mystery. He spread her asscheeks, watching the tiny pink opening dilate, then clamp shut again and again.

Nick soaked his tongue in Becky's wet cunt, then brought it up to slide across the splayed bud of her shitter. She squirmed and groaned around his throbbing cock, his prick head shoving halfway down her gulping throat.

He put his thumbs inside the crack of her ass and spread her asscheeks as far as he could, the hole stretching wonderfully before his delighted eyes. His wet tongue moved into her asshole, penetrating Becky with a quick, hungry stroke.

"Oh, God, you are so filthy!" his cousin gasped, releasing his cock long enough to speak.

"Would you do that again, Nick, honey? Lick me where I shit, just one more time, okay?"

How could he refuse when she asked so nice? And when she tasted so -- interesting! He flexed his thumbs in her asscrack, opening her little asshole widely, and once more he stuffed his tongue into Becky's slitter.

"Oooohhh, it's soooo exciting!" she moaned. "Makes me feel so hot, too!"

Her mouth moved down over his cock again, gulping it straight in to the balls. She used her teeth on him, gnawing his hard prick, drowning it in the saliva that flowed from her mouth. She made slurping, pig-like noises as she sucked, and the sounds only made Nick's cock get that much harder inside Becky's mouth. He was thrusting up into her face, though she didn't need any cooperation on his part. She could handle the job all by herself.

He remembered something Betsy had said in the woods, and he decided to get a little nastier with Becky. His tongue glided back down to the hard, peanut-like bud of her clit, and he stuck his finger into the pussy he had already fucked and licked. The muscles clamped down, milking his digit, sucking it in, pushing it out, then sucking it back home again. He thrust and fucked into her pussy, crooking his finger from time to time and scratching inside of her hot cunt.

Her juices oozed from the cunt and dripped into the palm of his hand, all hot and musky smelling. She was pulsating atop him, and the things she was doing to his cock with her mouth were straight out of his wettest wet dream.

He pulled his finger out of Becky's clenching cunt and pushed it against her tight asshole. She made a squealing sound as she felt it enter, but she didn't clamp up and try to stop it from getting in. She just moaned around her mouthful of rigid prick and wiggled her ass around on his probing finger.

He fingered her super-tight shitter, moaning a little as he felt the heat and tightness surround his finger. A fan-like aroma wafted into the air, but he didn't even mind that. His fingers was fucking in and out of his cousin's shitter, moving with exertion because she was so tight, and the motion made the young blonde's body quiver.

She was swallowing his cock whole now, and trying to get his balls in her mouth at the same time. He strained beneath her, fucking up into her hot wet mouth and feeling the sex-heat so strongly that he was fucking his finger almost viciously into her shitter while he flogged her clit with his tongue. The juices oozed from her fuck hole. He shoved his face up into her cunt slit while he kept on finger fucking her shitter, and he drowned in Becky's funky pussy juice.

But he was also going to die if he didn't get to squirt his cum, and the only place he wanted to blow his load was down Becky's gulping throat. There was something hot and sexy about coming in a girl's mouth. The idea had always lurked just beneath the surface of Nick's fantasies, and yesterday afternoon he'd learned that it really was all he'd imagined it might be -- and more. Now he needed to do it again.

Suddenly he heard the sound of a voice calling his name.

"Oh, shit!" he whispered, shoving Becky off him. "It's your dad!"

His blonde cousin flopped completely off the bed, her golden hair hanging in front of her face.

"Jesus!" she gasped. "Tell him to wait a minute!"

Becky moved across the floor to the window, clambering out head-first. She must have entered his room the same way, he figured.

Nick pulled the sheet up, very much aware that he was totally naked under it and that his cock was sticking straight up. Just as he got himself relatively decent, the door opened and his Uncle Bob came through, into the attic bedroom.

When he was a kid, Nick had always seen Uncle Bob as a huge man. Now, at eighteen, standing almost six feet, Nick still found his uncle enormous and imposing. Bob Kendall was wearing his deputy sheriff's uniform, and his thumbs were hooked in the belt that contained a holstered handgun nearly as big as he was.

"Well," Bob Kendall said, "I guess you're awake. We get up early here on the farm, boy. If you're gonna spend the summer, you'll have some chores to take care of, so you might as well be up and at 'em. Sorry I missed you last night, but I have my shift to work and I'm just coming in from it now. Thought I'd come up and say hello. Well, aren't you going to get up and shake hands?"

Almost white with dread, Nick eased toward the edge of the bed, fully conscious that his cock was still erect. He held the sheet in front of him as long as he could, but it was clearly up to him to come to Uncle Bob, and not the other way around. Oh, fuck! Nick thought, sliding from beneath the sheet and standing up, his prick aimed at the ceiling.

"Damn," he said. "I wake up like this almost every morning nowadays."

He laughed, hoping Uncle Bob would join in.

Uncle Bob just nodded.

"Yeah," he said, "I guess you're a big boy now, right, son? Grown some since the last time we had a family reunion."

Nick nodded in agreement. He felt tiny facing his uncle.

"And," Bob said, "I expect you've noticed that my girls have grown up too, haven't you? You being a boy and all, you'd be bound to notice something like that. Well, son, I just want you to know that if I ever find you bringing that thing around my little girls, I'll have no choice but to take this gun and blow your Goddamn cock right off. Do I make myself clear?"

He extended his hand, and Nick took it. His hand was dwarfed by the size of his uncle's massive fist. Uncle Bob squeezed, and Nick felt his hard-on diminishing. It was the first time he'd ever been happy to see a hard-on go away.

"Yeah," he said, "you're pretty clear. But I wouldn't ever..."

"Well, I'm going to sack in," Bob Kendall said, releasing Nick's hand. "If you want to start earning your board, you might try painting the chicken house. Your aunt will show you where the stuff is. It'll make a good morning's work for you. And remember what I told you."

"Yes, sir," Nick said gloomily. His uncle went out, closing the door behind him. Nick listened to the heavy footsteps descending the stairs.

"We have to be real quiet now!" Becky whispered, and Nick almost jumped out of his skin at the sound of her voice. "Daddy's and Mom's room is right beneath this one. You may have to stuff a rag in my mouth when I come. You know what a screamer I can be. Don't worry, Daddy just talks about shooting boys' cocks off! He's never done it yet!"

"Has he ever caught a boy with his cock inside one of you girls?" Nick asked, but by then Becky was upon him.

She covered his mouth with kisses and pulled him onto his bed. He winced at the creak of the bed springs. But her hand was on his cock while her tongue was in her mouth, her tits bare and pointy-nippled against his chest, and he felt his prick getting stiff all over again. He thrust inside the warm grip of her fist, and suddenly he was as randy and hard as he'd been before.

"We gotta hurry!" he whispered to Becky. "And the bed makes too much noise!"

"Up against the wall, then, mother fucker," Becky said. She twirled away from him, her beautiful ass a round glistening invitation to follow.

Becky pressed her luscious little tits against the wall and stuck out her ass with a come-on wiggle. Her legs were spread, and Nick stood behind her, his hands rubbing up and down across the split, blonde-haired bun of her cunt. The moistness inside her was as juicy as it had been on his tongue. His finger entered her quickly and easily.

She moaned as he finger fucked her hot wet cunt, and her body pulsated with promise. His cock thumped heavily against her ass. She reached back to take hold of it.

"Why don't you put this where you have your finger?" she asked.

He nuzzled her cunt with the throbbing tip of his prick. She was more than wet enough to take it.

"Oh, yes, fuck me!" his cousin moaned, and Nick thrust up and in. He filled her pussy with the swollen lump of cock, and she gave a mewing cry of delight. It sounded like a shrill scream to his sensitized ears, so he clamped his hand over her mouth.

She didn't seen to mind him holding her mouth. Her lips were moist under his fingers, and he felt her tongue come out and lick at him. Her saliva drooled onto his flesh, and her pussy juice coated his thrusting cock.

"Yes, yes!" she murmured under the pressure of his palm. "Oh, I love it when you fuck me hard, Nicky!"

He fucked her hard, ramming his cock up into the squishy hot tightness of her juicy cunt. The end of her pussy blocked his thrusts, but he kept on shoving, and she squirmed and moaned and writhed with each stab, using her pussy muscles to milk his cock. Even if her daddy made threats, it was obvious she'd had a lot of practice getting fucked. Nick didn't feel quite so doomed as he appreciatively fucked his sweet cousin's pussy.

She came two or three times. He could feel her pussy exploding around his cock, but he'd gotten a second wind thanks to the interruption from Uncle Bob, and he felt as if his cock might stay hard forever. He kept on fucking his prick into Becky throughout her orgasm, fucking her to another and yet another. She squirmed more and more, and she was moaning harder now, as if her cunt was growing raw from the relentless driving pressure of his hard prick.

"Ohhhhh!" she wailed, the cry seeping through his fingers. "Hurts soooo good!"

He fucked her cunt again, and again he felt the climax bubble inside her. The milking ripples of her excited pussy were sucking his cock to a frenzy, and his strokes grew shorter but harder still, just two or three inches of his rigid cock actually in motion within Becky, but each stroke smacking the end of her pussy hole. He wondered whether her womb or his balls could hold out much longer.

She began to whimper again, and the cry turned almost into a rising howl. Nick fucked her faster, loving the sound of the orgasmic noise, but knowing that it was too easy for his uncle to overhear.

He squeezed down on Becky's mouth, cutting off her cry, and an idea struck him. He jerked his cock out of her cunt and turned her around. The blonde sank to her ass on the floor, and Nick straddled her, stuffing his pussy soaked prick into her open, moaning mouth. She gurgled and moaned around his cock, but then she started to suck, and now Nick was the one who felt like howling.

He braced his elbows against the wall and face-fucked Becky, filling her hungry mouth with stroke after hard stroke of his swollen, cum-bloated cock. She gulped and ate him down, her teeth gnawing at the very root of his prick in an effort to get more of it inside her lips.

At the last minute, he yanked free and sprayed her face with his cum. She gagged, closing her eyes against the stinging liquid, and she took his load like an angel, playing with the huge splatters of sticky spunk that coated her pretty face.

"You're so dirty," she said, sucking her fingers dry. "I like that in a man! Mmmmm, and you made me come so good, too, Nick! God, why didn't we learn these fun games earlier? Remember when we just used to play softball together? Nothing soft about these balls!"

Then she squeezed his balls, the pressure causing one last bubbly squirt of juice to ooze from the tip of his prick. It dangled from the bulbous purple cock-knob, and Becky extended her tongue. The spidery trail of jism drooped lower, until it touched her tongue. She sucked it in and smiled.

"Now," she said, sliding her fist up and down his softening, cum-sticky cock, "you better get some breakfast and take care of your chores. Betsy and I flipped a coin to see who got first crack at you this morning, and I won, but if she doesn't get some of that cock in her pussy by noontime, she's gonna be one mean little bitch. Eat a big breakfast, Cousin Nick -- you're gonna need all your strength!"

She picked up her discarded nightie from the floor, slipped into it, and crawled back out the window.


Nick was up the ladder, working the paintbrush, when a hand groped up between his thighs and copped a quick feel of his cock.

"Hi ya," Betsy said, halfway up the ladder.

Nick was wearing cutoff jeans and she was playing with the hair on his legs, but her eyes were staring at the bulge of his crotch. "You got something for me, Nick?"

Nick flushed. He motioned with his head toward the upstairs window. He already knew -- he'd made it his business to find out that it was his uncle's bedroom, and Uncle Bob was still up there. The air was quiet, and Nick was in no mood to play games, not even with Betsy, if the price might be a bullet in his balls.

"Oh!" Betsy gasped. She held onto the ladder with one hand and flipped her T-shirt up with the other, flashing her tits at Nick. His mouth watered at the sight of them. His lips pursed automatically, but he shook his head.

"Daddy's never shot anybody," Betsy said.

She let her shirt drop into place, but she put her hand back on Nick's cock-bulge, and it got bigger from the pressure of her fingers.

"Do you think it's possible to suck somebody off on a ladder?" she asked, reaching for his zipper. "I'm so fuckin' hot and bothered from listening to Becky tell me about all the naughty things you did to her this morning. Isn't it my turn, Cousin Nicky? Don't I get some more of that big sweet cock?"

Her hand was on his prick, rubbing, stroking. He was getting hard. She looked up, lust glowing in her pale blue eyes.

"Mmmmm. It's getting bigger, too!" she whispered. "I bet it wants me even more than I want it!"

Again she reached for his fly. Nick knew that he couldn't tell her no, not even if it meant landing his ass in the hospital. His cock was dribbling pre-cum into his shorts and his balls twitched lustfully.

He closed his eyes and relished the caress of her hand. Suddenly she hit him hard, and his cock wilted immediately.

"Damn bee!" Betsy said. "He almost got you, too! Oh, Daddy! How come you're making Nicky paint this damned old chicken house anyway? These bees will sting him to death!"

"It's okay," Nick said throatily. "Anyway, I'm almost done. I'm a fast worker, Uncle Bob!"

Betsy giggled as she stepped down the ladder. "Real fast," she said. And she winked up at Nick before she moved along.

It was two o'clock, and the girls were bushed, literally and figuratively. They'd done their chores, and now they were ready to play. They knew how to play together, but it was always more fun with a new face in the game.

"Oooohhh, look!" Becky cried, pointing.

Betsy was standing at the edge of the swimming hole, just starting to take off her clothes. Her twin was already in the water.

"Is it Nick?" Betsy asked.

"No, over there," Becky said. "See? Daddy must be on his way out."

The patrol car's red bank of lights was visible, half a mile away, on the road that led around the far end of the valley. "Think he's using the binoculars?" Betsy asked. "Well, I guess he's stopped, so he must be."

"Yeah," Becky said, coming up out of the water, golden naked. She stretched and turned, fully conscious of how good she looked.

The car was hidden among the trees at the other end of the valley, but the girls couldn't mistake the gleam of the sun on the red lights. Betsy peeled out of her shirt, then dropped her pants. "Do you think he knows we know he watches us?"

"I don't even care if he knows," Becky said. "Let's give him a real thrill, okay, Sis? C'mere. Oooohhh, you feel so good!"

She put her arms around her sister and rubbed her wet naked body against Betsy's dry but equally hot frame.

"I like to do this," Betsy said. "But to know that Daddy's watching us makes me soooo fucking hot!"

Their mouths melted together, and their tits rubbed hotly. Becky's hands slid down her sister's back, cupped the fine rounded swells of Betsy's ass.

Betsy's tongue entered Becky's mouth. Becky's tongue paid back the compliment. Becky got her thigh into her twin's crotch and rubbed the smooth wet limb along the fuzz dotted crease of her sister's cunt.

Betsy cupped her twin's cunt, working her hand into the softness of the blonde-furred crotch and taking a handful of delicious pussy. She slipped a finger into Becky and wiggled it around, stirring up the hot teen's pussy, feeling the throb of response in her own cunt with each fresh stroke she gave her sister. They were twins, like two halves of the same organism. Even if she hadn't gotten to fuck Nick this morning, Betsy had lived every moment of it through her twin, and she could almost taste the gush of Nick's cum-flavored cock, squirting cum into her own mouth as it had gushed into Becky.

Slowly, the two girls settled onto their knees, still kissing, still touching one another in all the most sensitive places. Becky was humping up and down on her twin's finger, and her pussy was a live nest around the inserted digit, milking and quivering and sucking.

"You're even more of a cunt than usual," Betsy said, working her finger in and out. "Is it because Daddy's watching?"

"It does turn me on," Becky said, using her cunt like a hot wet mouth on her twin's finger.

She squirmed down, swallowing it whole, and she milked it with her aroused muscles, oozing fuck juice into the hollow of Betsy's caressing hand. She opened her mouth for more kissing, and she let the stiffened, lust-hard nipples of her ripe young tits scrape lusciously against Betsy's equally hard tit-buds. She fondled her sister's smooth firm ass, her fingers entering the crack, attacking her shitter and pussy from behind.

"There," she said, sliding a finger into Betsy's asshole. Her sister groaned and jabbed furiously with her own finger up Becky's cunt. "You get off on that stuff, don't you, Betsy?"

Her finger pushed in and out, dilating the tight tingly hole, and Betsy's body throbbed a reply in vivid fashion against Becky's.

"Suck my tits," Becky said. "You'd do that even if Daddy wasn't watching, you slut!"

Betsy giggled and went down on her sister's tits, licking the nipples till they sparkled, then taking them into her mouth for hungry sucking. Becky lay back in the grass, Betsy moving with her. Becky's knees were up, and her pussy was stuffed full of fingers. She fed her tits into Betsy's mouth, purring and sighing like a dove as the sucking became sweeter, harder. Her cunt pissed out streams of pussy juice and the fingers squished, going in and out. Becky squirmed hotly in the grass, much warmer than the summer sun that blazed down from above.

Betsy moved her face down Becky's body, toward the beckoning thatch of pond dampened, cuntjuice-soaked pussy hair. She inhaled the funky aroma of her sister's hot cunt, then replaced her fingers with her tongue. Betsy angled her head down into Becky's crotch, growing more and more excited by the smell and taste of ripe hot cunt. The fact that their father was sitting in his cruiser gripping his binoculars with one hand and stroking his hard big cock with the other hand was exciting too, of course. To think that their own father was so interested in the developing sexuality of their hot ripe young bodies was a thrill to both girls.

"How come guys don't eat pussy as good as girls?" Becky asked.

Betsy was fucking her tongue in and out and was too busy to answer.

"Even Nick isn't that hot at it," Becky said, getting her hand back into her twin's crotch. She played with the slippery wet cuntlips, the tufts of gold hair, the hard clit, and then she put her finger into Betsy's cunt, stabbing deep and hard. "I bet Daddy would be a real hound for my pussy!"

"I bet he'd like to," Betsy said with a giggle. "Now how about you give me a little, too, bitch?"

Becky pulled her twin atop her. She glanced past Betsy's ass, sighting the red lights of the cruiser parked in the distant patch of woods. I hope you're enjoying this, Daddy! she thought, settling her sister's cunt down onto her face.

She slid her tongue into the lightly furred groove, delving into the pussy for a taste of fuck juice. Betsy's flesh was warm and vibrant. Becky licked the sweat off her sister's cunt and ate the drippings from within. Betsy's head bobbed down in Becky's crotch, feeding with an equal hunger.

Becky was aware almost constantly of her father's eyes upon her, of the curiosity, the arousal that must be burning inside him. But he'd never laid a finger on them. She found that odd. His interest had created a burning curiosity inside Becky as well, and she often found herself wondering what kind of cock her father had, and how it would feel shoved into her tight wet pussy hole. He was such a big man. Did he also have a big prick? Maybe she should do some spying and find out.

Her tongue slithered up and down Betsy's pussy crack. Her twin's cunt was getting tastier and tastier with the continued licking. She kissed Betsy's cunt, then pulled it with her lips, sucking until the quivery button trembled and a fresh gush of fuck juice poured from Betsy's cunt onto Becky's face.

She squeezed her twin's asscheeks, her fingers digging into tit round globes. Becky spread her sister's asscheeks, exposing the tight tenderness of her twin sisters asshole. She had always found asshole stuff a little kinky and disgusting, but Betsy loved to have hers played with, and she gave a much better blowjob when her own needs were attended to. Becky lifted her head and applied her tongue to the tingly ring of Betsy's slitter, licking it.

She pulled harder, until the hole opened up and then she pushed the tip of her tongue into it. Her tongue fucked deeper, and Betsy let out a quivering sigh.

Then she put her finger into it while her tongue went back to the pussy crack. Betsy squirmed a bit wildly, but she didn't let up on her oral attention to her twin's cunt. She had the cuntlips spread and was sloshing her tongue through the cunt crack, returning again and again to the hard button of Becky's clit.

"Oooohhh, fuck my hot little asshole!" Becky gasped excitedly, thrusting her hips back to swallow her sister's probing finger. She wiggled her butt, making her muscles clench and quiver around Becky's digit. "I bet Daddy's cock is as hard as my cunt!"

Panting like an overheated dog, Becky thrust her finger into her sister's gulping asshole. Her teeth gnawed at Betsy's cunt until it spilled juice like a river into her mouth, and her own pussy was creaming just as feverishly. She felt Betsy come, tasted the spurting frenzy as her tongue pierced her twin's cunt, and she shoved her finger all the way home and kept it there, wiggling the tip deep inside Betsy's shitter. An orgasm raced through her own pussy, and she humped her joy into Betsy's face, moaning responsively as her twin's tongue licked her raw.

"Now!" she moaned. "Now let's do it the way I like!"

The twins broke apart, but only for a moment.

Moving like athletes, they eased into the position Becky was anticipating. Each holding the other's hands, the girls brought their cunts together, their legs entwined. Wet cunt kissed wet cunt, and their cunts throbbed in horny unison.

"Oh, fuck me, Betsy!" Becky groaned as she began to hump her sister's pussy with her own.

It can't really fucking -- there was no hard cock slamming into either hot tight young cunt -- but the rhythm was there, and the excite ment of body bumping body. Jolts of energy shot through each pussy, and Becky could feel the touch of her sister's hard clit. Pussy juice drooled from one tight blonde-furred cunt into the other as the cunts bumped again and again.

Becky felt the onset of another climax, and she sighed. Her heart gave a jolt -- and somehow she knew that at this very moment, their daddy, half a mile away in his cruiser, was climaxing too.

Betsy came explosively.

"Oh, fuck, yessss!" Becky moaned, pumping her pussy one last time against her twin.

Nick missed the girls sex session by about ten minutes. In fact, he hadn't planned to be there at all, but after he finished painting, Aunt Jenny had asked him to take a jug of water and sandwiches up to the twins. "They're supposed to be hoeing corn in the field at the top of the ridge," she'd said. "But I expect you'll find them at the pond just below. If they're skinny dipping, you just cover your eyes till they get dressed, right, Nick?"

She gave him a wink that almost floored him. Nick blushed and got the hell on his way.

He really wanted to stay and talk to his aunt, but it seemed too early. What he needed to do was make himself more at home first, get them all a little better adjusted to his presence. Then he could do what his dad had sent him here to do.

Nick followed a well-trodden path up the ridge, through the edge of the cornfield and down into the hollow beyond. He saw the glint of sun on water, and beyond it, stretched naked in the grass, were his cousins. He still felt a little strange about fucking them, and the memory of Uncle Bob's threat burned in his brain, but the sight of the twins glowing in the sunlight made his cock stand up inside his cut-offs, and by the time he'd circled the pond and reached them, his prick was totally erect, his balls so full of cum they hurt.

"Oh!" Betsy gasped. "So you finally showed up, huh, Nicky? Well, gee -- you were so long getting here that we've both just gotten completely out of the mood! I guess maybe if you wanted to try and turn us on a little, we might get something going, but, wow, I'm so tired it probably won't even work!"

"Are you serious?" Nick asked, his jaw dropping.

Betsy giggled and sat up. She cupped her tits and offered them to him. "Of course I'm not serious! Get that prick inside me and fuck my brains out!"

Becky giggled.

"Fucking her brains out will take you about ten seconds," she told her cousin reaching up to fondle the bold protruding shape of his cock. "Then it's gonna be my turn!"

Nick lay back in the grass as Becky's hot wet cunt slammed down on his face. He speared his tongue into her ripe juicy cunt, using his hands to open her wide.