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09-03-2011, 08:52 PM
Chapter 3. The true nature of the business.

Exactly an hour after they had arrived back at the motel, the now walked from their cabin towards the two large barn shaped buildings that formed the entertainment block and the restaurant. Mary was wearing the short flared skirt and the very tight and almost see-through white blouse, however Bill was the more exposed as he walked stark bollock naked as instructed, secretly he hoped and prayed no one would actually see him.

As he walked the cool evening breeze seemed to play around his testicles and he began to feel the tell-tale tingle of his cock becoming aroused and he tried his very best to think of anything that was not sexual as he walked, hoping to keep his prick from stiffening and embarrassing him even further. It did not help him to know that his wife was naked beneath these two flimsy bits of cloth and that shortly she would have to perform for her new master and lover, although part of him wanted to watch this there was also part of him that wanted to whisk his wife away and keep her safe; Bill already knew which one would win and that soon he would watch take another man's cock and he just hoped that it was much bigger than his own.

As he approached the entrance to the building with his wife in tow, his heart sank for he saw John talking to a large tall black man, and he could only imagine what they were talking about. Instantly he thought of the fact that his wife normally a particularly religious woman had over the last two days thrown most of the moral beliefs out the window and he could not help but wonder if one of the major stumbling blocks was about to join those morals, would Mary actually take on a black cock would she baulk at the idea and try to do a runner.

When Mary saw John talking to this black man, it never entered her head that they were talking about her or the fact that she may have to allow this man, this stranger, to actually have access to any of her holes he chose and that she would have no right to refuse because if she did she was bound to face further punishment from her master and lover John. Slowly now Bill opened the door and stepped aside to allow his wife enter first and quickly followed up behind her, the bill was normally a gentleman so this did not appear strange to Mary, however she did think it was an opportunity for her naked husband to hide his body behind her.

No sooner had the door opened and closed, then both Mary and Bill was able to hear part of the conversation, and it was clear that John had been selling the idea of this man actually fucking Mary because they heard, yeah man, are you sure her cunt is so tight, because I want to make the bitch scream like a witch on hot coals. And John replied if this isn't the tightest cunt you had this year then I will let you fuck her husband's arse free of charge, and I can't say fairer than that. Half turning John just waved his hand in the direction of the main Hall and Bill to this as a sign they were to continue into that hall.

Mary and Bill never did see the exchange of the £200 that John had just sold Mary for, and shortly after entering the hall they both stopped dead in their tracks for in front of them in the centre of the floor was an old dirty double mattress, and this was sat upon a large plastic sheet. Just as Mary's courage began to desert her, she felt the hand of John on her shoulder and he turned to her and told her simply to take care of business. When she claims she did not understand what he meant by this, John simply slapped her across the face and told her your business is fucking now get on with it.

At this the large black man suddenly came up to her and yanked flared skirt towards the floor, instinctively Bill stepped forward to intervene but a heavy punch in the solar plexus from the black man had Bill doubled over in pain. Totally ignoring him a man began to probe at Mary's cunt with his big black chubby fingers, he lacked all forms of dexterity and was like a virgin schoolboy bundling his way through and his manners were not much better as the demanded that this bitch remove the top and let him get at the tits that cost him so much.

Mary knew better than to refuse and with a look of anguish and scorn, on her face she looked towards John to be rescued, but in return all she saw was John laughing at her. Reluctantly she began to undo the top but Leroy the coloured guy was too impatient and he simply grabbed at the material and tore it from her body, again Mary looked towards John for help and received absolutely nothing back.

Leroy now stepped back and slowly began to undo his trousers, before sliding down his legs quickly followed by his underpants. An impressive 9 inches of dark meat hung between his legs and it wasn't even slightly hard yet, as he finished removing his trousers and underpants, Leroy ordered Bill to come over and have a closer look at a real man's cock. Fearing further punishment by refusing Bill moved closer and stood literally inches away from this black one eyed trouser snake, when suddenly Leroy grabbed him by his hair and ordered him to suck this cock until it was hard enough to fuck the bitches brains out with.

Even before Bill had managed to open his mouth he felt Leroy's cock pushing against his lips, and as impatient as ever Leroy was demanding that as a fucking cuckold he do as he was told pretty damn quick before the last complete patience with him and decided to batter him to pieces. Even without the threats of violence towards Bill the idea of sucking on this black cock was sending his head into a massive turmoil, as part of him wondered whether it would taste the same as a white cock and the other part of him wanted to reject these orders and get him and his wife well away from this scene.

Never really being a brave hero, Bill simply opened his mouth and accepted his duty, he found there was very little difference in taste between white and coloured cock, the only difference he found right now was that this big black cock was making him choke as it hit the back of his throat. It took a few seconds to realise that he needed to breathe through his nose when the cock was rammed home. Bill was mighty relieved when Leroy decided that his cock was hard enough to fit into Mary's body, so without a single word he pulled it out of Bill's mouth and swaggered in his approach towards Mary.

He turned Mary onto her hands and knees and delighted in telling her that as a bitch in heat she was going to get fucked doggie style and that he was going to as he put it bore out her cunt to a nigger size and then he was going to do the same to her arse while her weenie cocked husband would be licking out the black baby making seed deposited in her cunt by Leroy. Kneeling behind Mary, Leroy indicated that the only form of foreplay she was going to get worse when he rubbed his cock twice up and down the length of her cunt crack, and then he forced the head beyond her cunt lips and having located the entrance of her cunt he slammed the full length up her in one thrust. Poor Mary almost screamed the roof down by this suddenly assault on her cunt, but how quickly her body betrayed her as by the third thrust the pain was gone and sheer pleasure pursued, so much so that she was pushing back to meet his thrusts while raising their head as if baying at the moon.

Bill thought the sight of his wife all horny and white being fucked like a dog by a big black butch male was the horniest thing he had ever witnessed and despite not being told he could or he could not he began to stroke his own cock, although he would never admit it; it was going through bills mind and he was wondering just how it would feel to be taking that cock up his own arse.

The very thought of it triggered a memory that Bill had thought was long forgotten and lost in the lands of time, when he was a mere lad of 18 he had done a tour of duty with the Army and ended up in Thailand, where one night in one of the drinking dens in Manila, he had made the mistake of paying for sex with what he thought was a female but turned out to be a she male, and part of that sex had been Bill taking the 8 inch cock of the lady boy up his own arse. It is embarrassment he had swore to keep it secret and never tell anyone and to this day he had not even told his wife Mary, but for some strange reason at this very moment it was going through his mind and he so much wanted to experience that feeling once more.

For Mary the session was driving her to the edge of her orgasm and she swore that even John's large loving cock could not stretch her more than Leroy's was right now, for some strange reason though John's fucking of her seemed a better and more loving for want of a better phrase and then it hit her, the reason for that was she was now in love with John and would willingly have left Bill if that's what John said had to happen.

Bill was suddenly brought back to earth by a slap across his face from John, who reminded him he was supposed to be getting ready to eat Leroy spunk from Mary's cunt, and as Bill looked down at his wifeís trembling body he realised that Leroy was actually in the process of filling her cunt with his spunk. Now without being told to, Bill got down on his knees besides his wife and prepared himself, but before he actually dipped his head between her legs, he managed to latch onto Leroy's cock to clean their first. This caused Leroy to curse him as a cock loving wimp and to threaten him with further violence if so much as one drop of his spunk fell from the bitches cunt and hit the floor.

Sliding onto his back Bill then pushed his head underneath his wife's body and managed to position himself in such a way as to be able to begin licking at her cunt, slowly the area above them went black as Leroy repositioned himself above and behind Bill but still in a position so as to be able to slide his still hard cock into Mary's tightest of anal rings. It seemed really strange to Bill, but every time Leroy thrust into Mary's arse it seemed like a wave of spunk was pushed out of her cunt and into his waiting mouth. This to this started Bill to wonder if by some strange chance the cunt and arse with connected like a piston pump so that when one went in the other went out.

John was not idle while watching the action unfold before him, suddenly Bill felt an incredible pain in his cock, but being pinned beneath his wife with Leroy pressing down on top of her, he was unable to see what happened and it was only when he was allowed to get out from under his wife that he saw that he was now wearing a cock cage. It was like a wire cage which was extremely tight against his cock and his balls hung loose beneath, but this was not the case along as quickly John suddenly produced two shoelaces and passing them between the lowest squares of the cock cage, he proceeded to tie up each of billís testicles until they were quite an angry red looking colour. All the time Leroy continued to pound into Mary's arse taking her from one climax to another and another as they began to merge into one long pleasure filled experience. Just then out of the blue Leroy suddenly thrust held his cock deep inside her arse as he unloaded his second load spunk deep within her hand as he pulled his cock out indicated to Bill to clean this with his mouth too.

As Leroy was dressing, Bill heard him say to John that it had been the best £200 that he had ever spent and yes John how much would it cost to hire the bitch and her cuckold for a full night at a party he was planning. Mary was shocked when she heard John tell him that for one full night, no holds barred would cost Leroy £750 and £150 for the cuckold. Leroy left telling John he would be in touch and with a quick cheery wave to Mary who were still struggling to recover, Leroy turned and was gone.

John came over to Mary and told her that he was not best pleased with her and for that reason she was now to fuck Bill whilst John watched. Bill asked John to remove this cock cage then and a laughing John told him no way, the bitch will have to to make you come through the cage and only by using her cunt muscles. John then added, just to make it a little more interesting every 5 min that it takes to make you come Bill, Mary will receive one touch of my little cane. Almost in a hazy world of her own, Mary replied I would do anything to feel the touch of your cane, master John and then you wished she could take every single word back when she saw that the cane John referred to was not a pet name for his cock but was indeed a large schoolteacher type cane.

For the next 30 min Mary rode Billís cock that were still in the cage and under her breath cursed him for not coming as after every 5 min as promised by John she felt the stinging crack of the cane against her rapidly reddening arse. In the finish Mary begged Bill to come and Bill with tears in his eyes had to admit that with the cock cage in place he was getting no stimulation to his cock at all and finally John intervened and allowed Mary to dismount Bill and instead had her use her fingers and mouth on bills arse but still Bill was unable to come much to the delight of John.

By now it was 2:30 in the morning and reluctantly John allowed the couple to go home to their cabin, but he refused to allow Bill to have the cock cage removed, so they could be no interaction between them tonight because John had plans of his own for the pair of them next morning.