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The Wildest Dare Competition.

A story in three parts.

Chapter 1 how it all began.

It was a rainy night in old London town, and Penny was paying the forfeit for her silly actions earlier, she had challenged her husband Todd to a wildest dare competition. The idea was that each person would think up a dare for the other one to carry out and whichever was the wildest dare was the winner. Penny had challenged Todd to go to an adult video store and there he was to go to a video booth he knew would have a glory hole and their he was to suck off another man's cock, but Todd had won the bet with the dare that he thought even Penny in her wildest dreams would never dare to complete.

He dared Penny to make her way home from a place where he would drop her off in the car and the condition was that she had to be as naked as the day she was born, not only that but she had to shave her cunt before starting and had to collect to lots of spunk on her body but not in her cunt. As soon as she had heard Todd's dare, Penny had realised that there was no way her dare was going to come close and the prize for winning the dare challenge was not as one would assume the thrill of seeing your partner of 10 years actually doing the dare, oh no the prize was that the losing partner had to submit to the others commands for a whole week.

Now the only way that Penny could avoid losing was to actually do the challenge or to give in and surrender her body to the whim of her husband for one week, having seen the sort of things that Todd would want her to do the last time she lost one of these dares, she was not prepared to go through that again under any circumstances. Previously Todd had won one of these bets; he had hinted at making Penny give a blow job to a dog but had thankfully never actually made her do it.

Penny vowed that in all her 32 years, she would never submit to animal sex while ever her 38D tits existed on her 5 foot six frame, having lost the dare part of the bet, she even tried flashing her emerald green eyes and pouting her pretty little nose to try and flutter her way out of the challenge, ignoring her blonde hair and good looks Todd insisted she pay the forfeit. Penny looked up to Todd and called him her usual pet name of monster cuckold, but truthfully she really loved all of his 6 foot to frame and almost pure Aryan appearance and besides she absolutely adored his 8 inch cock.

Back to the night in question, it was 9:30 at night in a rainy part of old London town not far from Camden town, when Todd pulled up in the car and then demanded that Penny undress and prepare for her journey back to Hackney some 5 miles away. As Penny pretended to reluctantly undress, Todd gave her the final rules. He told her that she was not allowed to use her charms to cover up, nor was she to be deliberately seen as this would risk arrest for indecent exposure, but she was to at some point get two different men to actually spunk over her body but she was not allowed to take their cock into her cunt or her arse. He even suggested that if she failed he knew a Great Dane that would be only too happy to help in her penalty.

With one final look at his wife's naked body and a deliberately slow examination of her cunt, Todd's announced the challenge was on. He opened the door and out stepped the naked Penny, although it was quite a warm night the rain felt cold and pretty soon Penny was soaking wet. This immediately left her with a problem, how was she going to protect the samples of spunk from being washed off after she had completed the tasks involved in the dare. As she turned back to the car to try to ask Todd about this, she found she was too late as the car pulled away and a smiling Todd left his naked wife to a own devices.

Knowing that Todd would want proof and not just accept her word, Penny decided that one way or another she was going to have to get pictures on her mobile phone, which Todd had allowed her to carry in case she did get arrested or was in serious risk, the other reason she was allowed to carry it was that if she found she couldn't go through with it she could call Todd and cancel the dare accepted his punishment as her fate. Penny figured that if immediately after the guy came she got the photograph of the tell-tale signs on her face then that would be proof that she had completed the act and had achieved the objective of the challenge.

What she didn't know was that Todd was hoping and praying that she would fail this challenge so that he could finally fulfil his lifetime fantasy of eating canine spunk from his own wife's cunt, the nearest he had got was the last time that Penny had failed in one of the challenges and she had agreed without using her safe word to being tied down and fucked by a stranger. On this occasion Penny had been blindfolded and was not aware that the stranger was in fact her own brother, Mark and even to this day she was on the wiser, but after Mark had gone she was brought to multiple orgasms by Todd's mouth onto her cunt, although not having had the blindfold removed she was not sure if it had been the mouth that belonged to the different cock that had fucked her. This time Todd wanted his wife to see him eating spunk from her cunt and he hoped that it would be the spunk of a canine.

Just to make sure his wife was completely safe, Todd had parked the car just around the corner from where he had dropped Penny and had switched to a rented car that she would not recognise; the next thing he did was to follow her at a safe distance observing everything she did. Not only did he observe everything she did but also on his new digital camcorder he recorded her slow progress home. He figured that with her birthday coming up soon not only would the surprise her with a weekend away in Paris but he would present her with a souvenir of her naked run for home.

Penny started off rather sheepishly unsure on how she would avoid even the fewer the normal number of people that are out and about in the rain, which she quickly discovered the best method was to dodge into dark areas where she would not be seen, but this was going to make it her journey home three times as long and as she was already soaked literally to the skin she was already feeling a little bit miserable and still had to choose the two males to complete her challenge. As she slowly made their way home her first chance of collecting some spunk presented itself as a youngish male seemed to be likely the worse for wear through drink approached. Penny took the chance and grabbed his arm as he passed the gateway she was hiding in, now on the spur of the moment she had to think quick about the story as to why she was dark bollock naked and she told him that she had an aroused argument with her boyfriend and he had literally tossed out into the cold without any clothes.

The young man apart from ogling her body seemed very disinterested and when she actually offered to give him a blow job in exchange for some money to get a cab he literally slapped her across the face and walked away. Penny was confused as to why he took the action he did but then thinking about it there was something about the young man that quite add up, and then it clicked the guy must be gay and felt it an insult to have a woman offering a blow job. When Todd saw the guy slap her face the almost gave the game away by spring into her defence as the feared that the slap could have been the start of an assault on his wife, but seeing the guy quickly hurry away he realised she had picked a gay guy to proposition.

On and on the challenge went when for Penny and she seem to be no nearer to completing it as she made her way back towards her home address, when you luck intervened and she literally ran into a middle-aged man. As they collided the middle-aged man instantly put his arms around her and then she looked up to him with those sorrowful eyes her blonde hair plastered to head and she quietly let out a little sob. Not letting her out of his arms the man asked whatever was the matter, and again Penny giving the same story that her boyfriend had cast her out without her clothing. The man asked what he could do to help and Penny suggested that she give him a blow job in exchange for money for a taxi. The man offered her the money for a taxi without requiring the blow job but by now Penny could feel his hard cock pressed against her. Guiding him into a dark alleyway, Penny quickly unzipped his trousers and had her hand inside playing with his prick, the man let out several oooh’s and argh’s as it was not every day that he had his cock handled by young sexy naked female. Penny quickly pulled his cock out and proceeded to give him the best blow job of his life, such was the man's excitement that he barely lasted 2 min before blasting his semen all over her face. As he tugged his cock back into his trousers the man fumbled in his pocket and before turning and disappearing he pressed something into Penny's hand. Quickly Penny took the picture of her own face and then looked at what the man had pressed into her hand. There was a £10 note and a business card with the man's name and phone number on it, Penny giggled as she suddenly thought she could make a living out of sweet old men like that just by being nice to them, but nice in a sexy way.

Penny continued on away when suddenly she was frightened for her life, for coming towards her was a police officer, now as luck would have it he was not looking straight ahead but rather checking the gateways as he passed them. Penny dived into the nearest gateway and moved as far back into the dark as she could but inadvertently she backed into a bunch of nettles but couldn't move in case she gave herself away. As she hid there she must've moved slightly as suddenly the nettles rubbed against her cunt lips and she had to bite her tongue so as not to give herself away, but the police man did not spot her and continued on his way.

When Penny was finally able to move she was aware of the stinging sensation in her arse and her cunt area and frantically she search for a dock leaf but couldn't find any, so she had to continue her journey and just hope that the stinging would go away. As she walked she found that the stinging rather than being painful was becoming more like an aphrodisiac as it stimulated her cunt lips to being more alive and this engaged her clit by the increased blood flow. To say she was almost walking on the edge of an orgasm was an understatement; she even toyed with the idea of finding a garden and actually laying on the lawn and bring herself to orgasm before going on. But because it was raining she did not want to have to explain the mud that would be on her arse. So she persevered and continued on her adventure homewards.

She was now literally seven or eight streets away from home address and she still had to obtain a second load of spunk from a stranger, but the number of people out and about was getting fewer and he wondered where she would find a suitable donor. Penny had be really careful all the way to this point and avoiding being see whenever possible and she had to admit to herself that it had been the most sexually invigorating journey she had ever made, the thrill of being naked in the open public, added to the risk of being seen or even worse arrested for being naked in public had turned her on no end. If Todd had appeared at that moment and had simply run his fingers over her nipples she swore blind that she would have orgasmed on the spot. But she still had to get her second trophy of a load of spunk, when again fate intervened on her behalf.

A man whom she had seen regularly as she went to work, suddenly turned onto the street where she was and he must've seen her for he stopped right at the gate where she was hiding and in a clear commanding voice she heard him say, come out my dear I know you're in there. Almost hypnotised by the tone of his voice Penny began to come out until he saw she was naked and he suddenly stopped her, because there was a police car that had just pulled up at the end of the road. The man then stepped into the shadows beside Penny and asked her just what she was doing. Because Penny saw this man regularly when she were on her way to work she thought the best not to tell the truth nor to use the excuse she had used before.

What Penny finally told him was, that some nasty bitches that she thought were friends had invited her out and after a couple of drinks she seemed to pass out, and when she come round all the clothes were gone and she had to get home. As she was talking to the man, Penny noticed that he was literally unzipping his trousers and the next thing she knew she was staring yet the largest cock she had ever seen, the man simply tells he didn't believe her and that she was clearly a slut and that sluts were only good for one thing and she had better actually do the slutty thing and suck his cock well or he would hand her over to the police. When Penny didn't move he snapped get on your knees bitch and suck this now, he said holding his cock between his thumb and finger. Immediately Penny turned on even more by his dominance knelt and began to suck on his cock. She was used to Todd’s larger than average cock but this one she swore was the king of all cocks. She felt this cock touching the back of her mouth and she was only halfway down its length when she felt the man's hands the back of her head encouraging her to take more into her mouth.

Penny simply opened her throat and pretty soon her nose was pressed against his pubic bone, but she felt the thick cock head in her throat and could not help but wonder how this beautiful cock would feel sliding into her overheated cunt. Just as she was getting used to the size of the cock in her throat, it was suddenly gone and her face was now being blasted with stinging hard shards of spunk, seizing the opportunity even before the cock could finish spewing its load Penny took the phone and use the camera to capture not only the eruption hitting your face but part of the cock to show its size.

The man shoved his semi-hard spent cock back into his trousers and without any acknowledgement of having recognised Penny he simply turned and disappeared, Penny turned her head up towards the rain and felt the stinging drops of rain mixing with the now cooling spunk and washing her face clean. She poked her head out of the gate and looked towards the police car; the two officers were sat in the car clearly on a break as they were drinking from cups. Penny cursed her luck and wondered how long she would have to hide before they would leave, suddenly there was a commotion at the end of the street as the police car suddenly kicked into life and the sirens wailed as a spun and headed off in the opposite direction.

Seizing the opportunity Penny quickly hurried on home and arrived to see that there was no car parked outside and her first thought was that Todd had deliberately failed to come home knowing that she had no front door keys and would not be able to get in. Suddenly she was caught in the headlights of the car as it slowed and finally pulled up outside her home, she instantly hid in her own gateway until the familiar voice of Todd told her to come out as she had completed the task. No sooner had they gone inside the house than Todd had his hand between her legs and three fingers up her cunt. He immediately turned to her and told her that she was a horny little slut as her cunt was on fire and then he asked her to tell him about the exploits she had had on her way home.

Penny described how the first man she had tried to get to come on her face had slapped her and stormed off because he was a fucking puff, and Todd had to keep quiet about how he nearly reacted to that incident. Todd had to stifle his laughter when he heard about how she backed into the patch of nettles but he was interested to hear how they had progressively turned her on as she continued to walk being unable to find any dock leaf’s. It was almost with a sense of pride that Penny then showed Todd the £10 note and the business card from the old man and Todd found the idea that his wife could prostitute herself in this way a massive turn on as his already stiff cock could testify to.

They both examine the photograph of Penny’s face after the old man had shot his load and then even Todd let out an audible gasp as he saw the picture that included more than half the length of the second man's cock and its tell-tale signs on Penny’s face. Todd had to concede that Penny had won the challenge and from tomorrow for one week he would obey all of her commands no matter what they were.

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