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by niteowluk2003

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This romantic sex story concerns two work colleagues who inadvertantly discover their passions for each other after the male in the story receives a Dear John email.


Chapter 1

Sam was a fifty three year old five foot six male; slim build he worked as a data processor for a large transport company; his job entailed timing the bus journeys and revising the timetables. Lucy was also a data processor but only twenty one years old; a little overweight but with fantastic 40 DD tits; short cropped blonde hair crowned her pretty face.

The story I am about to relate shows how an innocent touch can lead to a whole world of private pleasures. Sam and Lucy worked at adjoining desks separated only by a six inch high divider; so he could clearly see the work she was carrying out and likewise Lucy could see his monitor too.

Everything was normal till Sam got a Dear John email from a girl called Jane; he had seen her over a period of two years; now she was not his girlfriend because they only met when she was in London and usually she lived in Manchester. So their relationship was mainly one of mutual sexual relief on these visits to the capital and sexy banter over the internet at all over times.

Despite this arrangement; Sam felt down receiving the news that their relationship however strange was to be terminated forthwith and he accidentally forgot to close and delete the email. So Lucy managed to read it from her desk and she suddenly felt sorry for Sam; from her point of view he had been dumped by his long term girlfriend by email and she thought that was so terribly wrong; she thought if you were going to end a relationship then you should do the decent thing and tell the person face to face.

She was just finishing reading the email when Sam returned; red faced she turned and apologised to him for reading his private mail but stressed she had done so because of her worry about him. As she spoke she reached forward and gently touched his arm; taken aback at their very first physical contact in the seven years they had worked together; Sam suddenly felt the urge to kiss Lucy; unbeknown to him Lucy also felt the strong urge to kiss. Nervously they parted and Lucy returned to her own desk.

For the rest of the afternoon it was coy glances by both of them; very much reminiscent of teenagers unsure how to achieve their wishes. at the end of the day both seemed eager to get away and accidentally they bumped into each other in their haste to get away from the confines of the office; in clashing as they did; Lucy's pressed her large 40 DD tits into Sam's slim upper body. As her breath quickened she froze and Sam automatically brought his hands around her in an almost loving embrace. Once more both blushed as they broke their contact; Sam apologised and a flustered Lucy was about to accept his apology when suddenly she heard her own voice asking Sam if he wanted to go for a drink at a little pub near her flat.

Taken aback but eager not to prolong his embarrassment he intended to decline but found his voice betraying him and accepting. Both smiled nervously as they left the building together; outside without thinking Lucy tucked her arm through Sam's arm and they walked slowly off. Sam was all too aware of Lucy's large breast pressing against his arm as they walked and he tried extremely hard not to imagine what those breasts would look like naked and furthermore with her nipple in his mouth.

As they passed the pub; Lucy suggested going to her flat so she could change from her stuffy office clothes. Again Sam's chance to duck out came and went as he found himself not only agreeing to go to her flat but also to have a drink there instead. As they climbed the stairs to her flat; Lucy swore she could see the thickening outline of Sam's impressive eight inch cock against his trousers; Sam just tried not to think about the warm soft flesh of Lucy's tit rubbing against his arm.

Once inside the flat; Lucy showed Sam into the living room area and pointed to a cocktail cabinet and asked him to pour the drinks; while she went to change. She quickly slipped into the bedroom off to the side and closed the door behind her; whether deliberately or by accident the door did not catch and slowly opened a little way; just enough for Sam to see Lucy's reflection in the mirror just inside the door.

Lucy obviously not aware of this had slipped her dowdy work clothes off and now stood in a powder blue quarter cup bra and matching brief set. She turned sideways on to the mirror before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra allowing it to fall to the floor; Sam almost gave the game away as he groaned at the delectable sight before him; Lucy totally unaware of her exhibitionism bent forward; her tits hanging like ripe melons and she hooked her hands inside the edges of her briefs and quickly slipped them over her hips allowing the panties to drop to the floor before she stepped from them. Lucy then turned towards the mirror and froze in horror as she suddenly saw the leering face of Sam looking over her generous body; her cute shaved cunt twitched at the thought of her having been displaying herself to this man.

Sam quickly averted his eyes but not before Lucy was made aware of Sam's growing thick cock inside his trousers; Again her cunt twitched and she smiled at the thought she was having such an effect on Sam; the normally work orientated straight guy who would not even look at page three of the sun newspaper in her presence because it had a nude topless woman on it. She decided that as he had seen everything she had there really was no point in dressing now; she felt totally sinful as she stepped naked from the bedroom and advanced towards Sam; Lucy felt delightfully whorish and delightfully horny as she swayed her hips on route to stand naked if a little blushed in front of Sam.

Sam heard her approach and turned to face her; immediately he became red faced and did not know where to look; it was not until he felt her hand on his arm that he re opened his eyes and looked down to her face; He had never really looked at her properly before; as a work colleague he had never noticed how pretty she really was. Lucy then reached gently up and went to kiss Sam on the cheek when at the last minute he turned full on to face her and their lips met. Suddenly small electric shocks began in their lips and headed straight to their brains; it was just like fireworks going off in their minds as the short sharp kiss inflamed their passions.

Automatically Sam's arms suddenly encircled Lucy's body and as his lips pressed harder against her soft lips he pulled her closer in a firm yet gentle caress. Lucy simply folded herself into his arms and returned with vigour his kiss; she felt his tongue touch her lips and willingly opened her mouth allowing his tongue to fence with her own; instinctively she sucked gently on his tongue as she managed to wedge his hard cock against her hand; she longed to feel it in the flesh instead of through his trousers; Sam instinctively began rocking his cock against her as if he imagined fucking her standing up.

All around the point their bodies were in contact felt like a live wire electric shocks burning deep into their souls; the room suddenly went extremely hot and Sam found it difficult to breath fearing this was a day dream and any minute he would wake up and be holding a lamp post out on a street somewhere. Lucy too felt the incredible heat and her soft tits mashed against Sam's still clothed chest; her nipples now like bullets as she allowed her hand to caress his still covered cock; harder and harder Sam thrust.

Lucy took this sign as an invitation to slowly release his belt and began to unfasten his trousers; her hand felt red hot against his leg as she slipped her hand inside his now opened trousers and sought out his rigid member. Once more Sam groaned as she closed her hot hand around his cock; Lucy mouthed, "Oh fuck" as she felt it full girth and heat in her hand. In her haze of passion she tried unsuccessfully to pull his cock out so she could see it; Sam winced at the sudden pain he felt and he assisted Lucy in freeing the object of her desires. Whether he sensed it or whether he just felt he needed to; he pulled back from their caress and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this? For work will never be the same if we go all the way!"

There was a deadly silence as Lucy stepped back and focussed her eyes on Sam's now exposed cock; she licked her lips and sighed; "If I don't feel that cock inside my cunt right now, I am sure I will go insane and then will not be responsible for my actions; I need you to fuck my brains out, Sam!" she hissed.

The words echoed around in Sam's brain until he felt her hand close once more around his cock and then he suddenly sprang into action; off came his shirt and tie; off came his trousers and underpants and he too now stood as naked as Lucy. Lucy took his hand and led him to her bedroom where she sank backwards on to the bed and pulled Sam on top of her. His flesh ached and tingled in touch with her skin; She whispered into his ear that she wanted him to fuck her but to fuck her in any way he wanted to; she confessed that she was an anal virgin but would willing give that up to feel his cock inside her.

Sam reassured her that he would fuck her but not in the ass tonight; he wanted her to feel his cock plunging into her tight hot cunt and further more if she agreed; he wanted her to ride on top so he could watch her tits bounce as her passions rose and besides that way she could control the pace of their very first fuck together. Lucy lightly kissed Sam and thanked him for being so thoughtful; but she reassured him she wanted a hard fucking more than anything else and she knew her place was to accept his fucking as the submissive side of the partnership.

Despite this pleasing Sam; he insisted that she climb on top of him and ride his cock the way she wanted to; telling her there would be lots of times in the future for him to fuck her like a horny bitch or take her in the missionary position. So they rolled over and Lucy straddled Sam's legs; taking hold of his large hard cock she guided it to her cunt and as soon as it touched her cunt lips she plunged down taking half of its length in one sudden push. It had been some considerable time since she had taken a cock up her cunt so her cunt muscles were a little stiff and this prevented her from swallowing his entire cock in one pain free movement; Now she waited till the pain subsided and she gritted her teeth as she once more plunged down on his prick to feel another three inches slide inside her.

She paused and breathed deeply adjusting to its length and girth but the look of sheer lust in her eyes told Sam she was not going to stop till his balls were crushed against her cunt opening. He slid his hand up and began to tease her nipples hoping this would help her produce more cunt juice lubrication for her stretched cunt. It worked because as Lucy groaned from his expert fingers pinching her nipples he felt her slide the last inch or so of his cock into her cunt.

Now Lucy began rocking her hips moving his cock only fractions of inches in her cunt but stimulating the walls none the less; as she did she so every so often she would yelp a little and raise herself up a couple of inches before plunging back down on to his cock; Now it was half his cock coming out of her cunt before she would push back down and as she threw her head back in wild abandon she lengthened her strokes till all except the head was coming clear of her cunt.

As she rode him like there was no tomorrow; she suddenly went very stiff and gurgled her way through her first orgasm in almost a year; now like a woman possessed she bounced down on to his cock oblivious to his cries of pain as his balls were almost constantly crushed against her body. On and on she drove herself until her orgasm's merged into one; her mind a myriad of wonderful merging colours and sounds; suddenly she felt Sam's cock twitch and then felt her own cunt walls awash with hot searing spunk as Sam unleashed his torrent of spunk into her waiting cunt; She fell forward and nibbled his neck forgetting herself occasionally as she bite him and left little hickies. Sam too was lost in the oblivion of wondrous orgasms and it was sometime later when they began to cum down he suddenly felt guilty; for they had used no protection and if Lucy was not on the pill he could easily have made her pregnant. Lucy saw the look of concern in his face and laughed; don't panic I am on the pill and besides I prefer raw sex rather than pre-packed cock.

To Be Continued...

09-11-2011, 02:11 PM
Chapter 2.

After both Sam and Lucy had come down from their orgasms, they lay there in a warm friendly lovers embrace, Lucy ended up with her head resting on Sam's chest and Sam seemed to have his hand trapped between her large breasts. In the silence of this lovers rest, you could only hear the gentle beating of their hearts and even then they seemed to be in rhythm with each other.

It seemed quite a while ago that they had made that first physical touch and yet it was less than three hours ago, lying now as he was, Sam found that he could not believe that such a short innocent touch could lead to the fantastic bout of sex he had just enjoyed and if anyone had told him this morning that he would be making love to a woman less than half his age he would have told them they would be totally mad, not only that but that young sexy woman would be his work colleague, Lucy Troughton.

Lucy just bathed in the afterglow of the wonderful sex and she thought that from now on she would only go out with older men, because the one thing Sam had shown her was that the more experienced the man then the better it was for her. Without really meaning to think about it her mind scanned through all six of the previous boyfriends who were around the same age as she was and in each case she noted that the sex had been nowhere near as intense or as pleasurable as she had just experienced with Sam.

Looking up at her wonderful lover’s face, Lucy suggested that they go and finish their drinks and if Sam was agreeable then she would make them something to eat. She pointed out that this would permit more time for Sam to stay longer if he wished, Sam quickly agreed. Sitting up in the bed Lucy suddenly laughs out loud and said if you want one I have a dressing gown but I don't think it will suit you. Sam asked why not and then Lucy burst out laughing again as she explained it was pink with flowers on it.

The couple decided that as they were home alone and the flat was on the third floor so not likely to be overlooked from the street, it would be safe for them to remain as nature intended. With that Lucy excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom to clean up, she called out to Sam that he should freshen up the drinks as it was going to take longer than she thought to mop up all of his lovely spunk. Sam found it a little disconcerting to be walking around naked in a flat that he had only just visited for the first time and so he chose to sit cross-legged on the sofa, but Lucy being at home it felt natural for her to wander around the flat naked.

The only time Lucy felt a little awkward was when she entered the living room and found Sam sitting there, she wasn't awkward about it being Sam but she was awkward about the fact that she wasn't too impressed with her own body she always felt that she was fat and therefore not attractive to men. But every time she looked at Sam she saw him smiling in a direction and if the states cock between his legs was anything to go by then he was definitely attracted to her. After a simple meal of Shepherd’s pie, Lucy and Sam sat close enough for their bodies to touch and it seemed natural to Sam the simply raise his arm and put it around the shoulders of Lucy.

In the quiet still of the evening, without distractions of radio or television, Lucy began to explain about her history with boys and how compared to what she had just experienced all previous experiences have been like fumbling’s in the dark. She went on to tell Sam everything about her past experiences in a total honest approach and in many respects Sam began to feel a little bit of sympathy the Lucy, for she had lost her virginity at the age of 13 to a family member and had ever since seemed to pick the wrong type of guy. In return for her frank confessions Sam began to tell her about his past life too.
He explained he had been married for 22 years but in the end his wife walked out and had set up in with another woman, Lucy asked if she had shown only lesbian tendencies while they had been together and this time it was Sam's turn to laugh. He went on to explain that when he said that she set up with another woman what he actually meant was she shared a flat with another woman and that between them they began to run it as a brothel, he explained that he had seen himself several men attending the flat when both women were home in a period of three hours.

Sam confided in Lucy that he had actually not made love to a woman in the last six months and that the e-mails she had read at work was from an Internet relationship which never got actually physical unless he visited Manchester or she visited London. Lucy turned smiling towards Sam and said I bet that's the first time that a dear John e-mail as ever filled a dear Johnny, she stressed the word Johnny as being the slang word for a condom and even Sam had to laugh.

Suddenly Lucy took hold of Sam's hand and led him back to the bedroom, on route she jokingly said come on old-timer let’s see if it works order wire have to wait for rigor mortis to set in. Sam playfully slapped Lucy's arse and told to be quiet you young whippersnapper, just inside the bedroom door Lucy turned back Sam and put your arms around his neck pulled his head close and whispered you can spank me any time you want as long as I get to eat or to fill my cunt with your cock. With that she planted a long lingering kiss full on his lips and managed to snake her tongue into his mouth, not that Sam was complaining as he revelled in this instant display of passion.

When they finally broke the kiss they made their way to the bed and this time Lucy begged Sam to take her anal virginity and make her the complete woman she now felt she was about to become, what could he do except to agree to her request. With Lucy now taking her position on her hands and knees, Sam positioned himself behind her and after a couple of gentle rubs of his cock head against her cunt he readjusted its position and placed it against her anal ring. Then with Lucy reaching back with their head and Sam reaching forward with his he kissed her full on the lips as he drove his cock hard against her anal ring.

In an instant her anal ring gave way and 3 inches of Sam's cock buried itself in her anal chute, the wince on Lucy's face told Sam to hold fast before pressing home any more of his length, it also told him that for the time being Lucy was in pain and so he gently cupped her breasts and teased her nipples until he saw the tell-tale blush of excitement around her neck line and then gently he eased more of his cock into her arse until his balls were pressing against her cunt lips. Now he waited for Lucy to relax and to actually ask him to fuck her properly, which after a few minutes Lucy turned head and smiled as she said I’m ready.

Sam now began fuck her arse with a slow steady rhythm and gradually building up the speed he began to give her all he had, suddenly from nowhere Lucy turned and in a guttural voice told him to fuck his horny little sluts arse harder and make her his bitch. Realising that she was getting turned on from the use of these words Sam now began to call her his personal whore, his cock loving slag, and his two bit come bucket. All of which drove Lucy higher and higher in ecstasy and closer and closer to her next orgasm, at the point the orgasm came both were a little amazed because while Sam was fucking her arse, she was actually spraying cunt juice as if a cock was ravaging her cunt.

All of this proved too much to Sam and he felt the tell-tale tingle in his balls and just about managed to warn Lucy he was about to come when he shot his load deep inside her arse, the force of his spunk hitting the walls of arse triggered yet another orgasm in Lucy and in her daze of lust she blurted out that she loved Sam. Subconsciously Sam wanted to respond but the only difference between them made him hold back, but such was Lucy's euphoria she probably would not have heard him even if he had announced it through a megaphone.

Once more they settled into a post orgasmic state and by the time they stirred again it was 4 AM and both decided it was pointless the Sam to go home so you may as well stay the rest of the night and continue from there to work in the morning. To avoid other work colleague being aware of their new-found relationship on route to work next morning Sam allowed Lucy to continue on route to work whilst he stopped off for a coffee and managed to arrive 30 minutes after her. But all day long it was hard for the pair of them not to smile at each other longingly and to avoid any tell-tale personal touches.

Brigit Astar
09-13-2011, 03:10 PM
I think that in a way this is the best most realistic story you've ever written that I've read

09-21-2011, 05:58 PM
This was a very easy story to feel part of, great work on the telling. Almost like you were relating a personal experience. thanks for posting it for us to share.

09-21-2011, 10:51 PM
In many respects this was a personal experience but not in the context of which it was related. I met my first wife at the place where we worked but it was not an unplanned touch which brought us together.