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My kids go to a preschool on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and I get a chance to drop them off. I have to admit that due to the fact that the school is in a beach area some of the moms are pretty amazing looking. So my wife gets no arguments from me at all any time she needs me to drop the kids off or work in their class for them.

Well, let me tell you about what happened with one of the teachers from this class. She also fits being a teacher and a mom from this area. She looks like she could be Native American so she has rich olive skin, long flowing black hair, in her 30's. I couldn’t tell you what her breasts look like because she is always wearing an apron in class but thank goodness that it does not tie all the way around the back.

She has the kind of ass that you just dream about. My first glimpse of her was when I walked into the class and saw her bending over helping one of the kids. That is when I knew for sure that I was going to enjoy the class. But being a married man in a class with a bunch of married chicks, I knew that the odds were slim to none that anything would happen. Boy was I in for a surprise.

I remember the first day class I met the head teacher and she took us on a walk through of how everything in the class worked. I have to confess that I was impressed at how well everything was organized and labeled. It was perfectly sit up to make it as easy for volunteers as possible.

I think that one of the things that I am good at is being able to anticipate the needs of my kids and to adjust accordingly. I did this with the kids in their class also and the teacher, Mrs. Listen, was very impressed.

“I would love to have more dads come in. We need a strong male presence in the class. It just makes all of the difference in the world.”

“Glad to be of help” I responded. “I, actually, had a good time with the kids.”

Now while were having this quick chat, I could not help but notice how she would rub my arm or touch my shoulder. At first, I tried not to make any thing of it but it kept happening throughout the day in the class.

When I got home, I decided to ask my wife about it. “Hey, have you noticed that Mrs. Listen is a little touchy feely?”

“Yeah, I just think that is the way she is I wouldn’t think anything of it.”

What I did not tell my wife was how much I was enjoying the little touches. When someone that beautiful touches you, you have no arguments or complaints. You are just hoping for another opportunity to be in her presence and allow her to touch as often as she wants.

Well, this class has a meeting once a month and it is mandatory for all parents to go.

“Honey, I am not feeling well, can you go to this meeting for me? I would really appreciate it.”

“No problem lover, is there anything you need me to pick up on my way back home.”

“Yeah if you could grab some cough medicine, that would be great.”

“Got ya covered.” And off I went to the school.

I got there and sat at the back of the room. It gave me ample opportunity to admire the bodies and asses as they entered the room. I could not tell you what the meeting was about but I can tell you this, it was a tremendous waste of time. I sat there daydreaming about all of the other stuff that I could be doing at this time, namely watching Monday Night Football and checking my fantasy football scores.

“Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, are you with us?”

I was caught red handed by the teacher and there was no hiding but she was gracious and let me off easy.

“Sorry, I was saying to everyone that we need volunteers to stay after tonight and help clean the room. Due to budget cuts, we have very limited janitorial services so any parent help would be much appreciated.”

“I will stay and help just let me text my wife and let her know what is going on.”

When the meeting ended, all of the volunteers jumped in feet first. But we were getting it done. However, one by one, all of the volunteers started leaving. When we were done, I looked up and it was only Mrs. Listen and I left. As a matter of fact, I realized that we were the only two left in the entire school.

“Wow, where did everybody go?”

“You get really engrossed in the things you do huh?”

“I have to confess that I do.”

“Yeah, because we have been alone in this room for a while.” Right then, she rubbed my arm again but this time her hand lingered longer than normal.

“Thank you for all of your help. We don’t get men to come in to volunteer that often.”

“Well, I have to confess that the only reason that I am here is because my wife is sick. If it were not for that, I would be at home watching the game.”

“You see, that is what makes you a great husband and it is a quality that I find very attractive.”

“Oh you know your husband would do the same, I did.”

“Actually, he would not.” And immediately she burst out into tears.

I could tell in this instant of vulnerability that she needed a hug. So I walked over and put my arms around her. As I did it, she snuggled in tight right against me. Just that quickly, I could feel my cock starting to betray me. Soon, there would be no way to hide what was growing between us.

I have made the mistake in the past of speaking so I have learned that in a moment like this you just to keep your mouth shut. I adjust my hips so that there is a gap between us but Mrs. Listen snuggles right in again.

“Sorry if that was too forward. I thought you might need a hug.”

“No, you were right,” she said. “It has been an awful season for us. My husband just got laid off from his job and so times have been really tough. I am just trying to get him to do something about it.”

I realized that we were still hugging and since she seemed better I tried to pull away.

“No, not so fast please. I just want someone to hold me.”

She wraps her arms around my waste and pulls me in tighter. This causes my cock to get even harder. Now there is no question about what is happening with my body. She begins to run her arms up and down my back. As she does this, she grinds right against my cock making me super hard.

“mmmmm” I moan in her ear. “We should stop before we get into trouble.”

“Just a little while. I am enjoying your strong embrace.”

Right then, I feel a hand begin to slide between us settling on my cock. Before I know it, the hand is now squeezing my cock.

“Oh this is nice. I love your cock. I can tell that it is nice and thick.”

She turns and leans in for a kiss. I respond by really laying one on her. Just having this beauty in front of me begins to really take effect. I lower my hands down and give her ass a nice squeeze.

“Oh, that’s it baby. My husband has not even looked at me sexually in a long time, let alone touched me.”

I take that as my cue and work my hands into her skirt and begin massaging her bare ass.

“Mmmm” she moans and begins to tug at my belt.

“I don’t have a lot of time. I need to get home before my babysitter leaves but I have to have your cock. Can you give it to me? Please. I want it right now. I have actually dreamed of this moment. I have masturbated to a fantasy of this moment. I hate to cut it short but I am sure that you need to get back to your wife as well. So give it to me.”

I turn her around and lift up her skirt. I pull my cock out through the zipper of my pants. As I do this she, continues to grind against me. It makes it difficult to pull it out but she is grinding harder and harder because she wants my cock so badly.

She steps her leg up on one of the little chairs and pulls her thong to the side. She reaches behind her to grab my cock. She pushes back into me.

“Oh my goodness. It feels better than I dreamed. You are so thick.”

She begins to build a rhythm on my cock.

“Oh Mrs. Listen, you are so tight.”

I begin to match her rhythm with a stroke. I can tell she has not been satisfied in a while by the way she is going at my cock. Our fucking begins to become more animalistic with grunts. You can hear slap, slap, slap, slap.

“Oh my Mr. Johnson, I am going to cum soon.”

That is all the cue I need. I grab her hips and begin to ram my cock inside of her. Her pussy feels absolutely incredible. It is like a moist, vice-grip around my cock.

She begins to scream and shutter as her body spasms on my cock. That is all I need to send me over the edge and I blow my load inside of her. I cum more that I have ever cum before.

“Oh, that was incredible.”

It is then that we notice that we are not alone in the room like we thought.

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Good story but we do not allow links with in the story.

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Oh sorry, won't happen again. Still sorta new.

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Not a problem that's as why no infraction was given. if you want people to contact you about your story then simply ask then to private message you for further details. then you can do what you were trying to do.