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Chapter 2. The big night.

Matthew and Penny had deliberated long and hard about whether to go to the awards ceremony or not as the small wording on that gilt edged invitation still worried Matthew. Eventually he allowed Penny to talk him into attending, with her reassuring and matter of fact common sense. Now the day had arrived and they were selecting their dress for the night; for Matthew this was easy he choose the same suit he had been married in twelve years ago and prided himself in the fact he could still wear it after all those years.

For penny there was lots of choosing and re-choosing of dresses and underwear; she eventually settled on a low cut gold lama dress which stopped half way down her thigh, of course this dress caused a few problems as it was not suitable for the wearing of a bra beneath it. Penny also decided that her traditional panties would leave the tell-tale panty line so she chose a micro g string; which to the uninitiated was best described as a small triangle of material over her cunt held in place by three micro fine strings. She finished off her appearance with a small gold clutch bag and ruby red stiletto heeled shoes. Penny felt sexy knowing she was not wearing a bra and if you looked closely enough you could see how her erect nipples, gave away her horny state.

By the time Penny had applied her make-up just right and made sure she looked the part, poor Matthew was pacing the hallway downstairs constantly calling up to his wife that if she was not ready soon he would leave without her because they would be late. Matthew let out a wolf whistle when he finally saw his wife coming down the stairs, he now remember what had attracted him to her all those years ago. He instantly thought she was so divine in her appearance that the nickname of Heavenly angel never really did her justice.

Matthew stepped forward to kiss his wife but she shunned his advance claiming that it had taken her more than an hour to get her make-up just so and at the first opportunity he wanted to spoil it, she was laughing as she said it so Matthew feigned hurt. Taking her hand he made a big deal out of the gallant gesture of kissing her hand and just at that moment the front door bell rang. Quickly turning Matthew opened the door to find the taxi driver standing there and informing them that his cab was at their disposal.

Even the Taxi driver gave Penny the once over and smiled to himself as he turned back towards his cab, halfway down the path he muttered to himself, Some lucky bastard gets to fuck that! Almost in complete silence they rode to the celebration location; and soon arrived outside a festooned hall with searchlights scanning the front of the building. The Epping chamber of commerce seemed not to do things by halves; the red carpet started at the kerbside and went right up to the front door and beyond. Penny felt like a film star as she escorted her husband along the carpet midst the flashes from the press cameras, she suddenly found her cunt was getting wet as a single erotic thought suddenly flashed through her mind; there could be lots of men out there all thinking the self-same thought, the desire to fuck this sexy famous woman.

Once inside the building away from the photographers, the couple were shown to their designated table and there the met three other couples, Matthew instantly recognised two of the three as rivals to his Computer development company. The three couples all glared at Penny and Matthew, the three women all cursing Penny for looking so gorgeous under their breaths of course, the three men all thinking what a lucky sod Matthew was being able to fuck this horny looking woman, of course a lot of the looks of hate were because in some way or other they were all rivals in business.

Penny leaned over and whispered to Matthew and he rose and made their excuses as he and Penny headed off to find the toilets, on route Penny pulled Matthew to one side and again whispered that she had a new scenario for their role play, she would be a film star and he would be a photographer for a daily sleazy newspaper and he could then tell her he has some compromising photos of her and demand sex with her in exchange for them.

Matthew laughed only his wife could think of something like that at this moment in time because all he was thinking about was the actual awards ceremony. Returning quickly to the table and taking their seats the Master of Ceremonies approached the stage and announced a great welcome to all present, after all the formalities of the running schedule, Matthew noted that no mention was made of the special after hour’s event.

Soon the room was a hive of activity as the food was delivered to each table and the guest’s glasses were constantly being re-filled and the atmosphere began to slowly melt into one of celebration rather than the competitive and hostile one they had felt when they first arrived.

Penny leaned over to Matthew and quietly informed him her cunt was bubbling away for him and she wished he could just take her on to the stage and fuck her brains out. Matthew simply looked at her half empty glass and asked her how many of those have you had? Penny giggled and replied she did not know because every time she got close to emptying the glass someone would refill it. Matthew teased her that under that expensive dress there must be a real slut, wanting her husband to take her up on to the stage in front of all these people and then to fuck her brains out. Penny feigned annoyance but she could not help but blush and secretly she was really turned on by the thought of performing in front of a large crowd, she imagined them all cheering and urging her husband on to fuck the whore.

Just then the lights in the main hall dimmed and the stage was illuminated in spot lights, out of the gloom stepped a man bedecked in gold chains and mystic symbols, he approached a table in the centre of the stage and stood silently. From out of the darkness a voice announced this is the Magi Templar of the Epping Chamber of commerce and he will read out the nominations for the business enterprise of the year.

The Magi Templar then picked up an envelope and opening it he read out the nominations, as he read the first one Matthew’s table was suddenly bathed in bright light as the spotlight highlighted what was clearly the nomination table. With each name read out one of the couples would stand and acknowledge the applause, Suddenly Matthew heard his own name and without thinking he too followed suit and with Penny by his side he stood and accepted the congratulations of the audience.

The Magi Templar then announced that there would be a short film showing the merits of all four nominees and afterwards the winner would be announced. It was driving Matthew insane to think that the invitation mentioned this after show party and yet no one was mentioning the fact right now. He turned to the woman beside him who he recognised as Brenda the wife of Bob his big competitor and casually asked, Are you staying on to the party later?

What party later? Came her reply and that really started Matthew worrying even more, why had he been singled out for this extra party? And not his competitor. He was about to mention it to Penny when suddenly there he was on the sixty foot screen, demonstrating his computer for the disabled, one which reacted to speech rather than key strokes. His beloved penny reached over and squeezed her husband’s hand as she turned and smiled in his direction.

After sitting through the other videos of his competitors, the lights dimmed again and once more the table they were sat at become the focus of attention bathed once more in the spot light. Matthew was vaguely aware of a voice coming from the dark recesses of the club saying “And the winner is;” there seemed a long pause before the same voice finished off its speech, “Matthew Bell and his company Adaptability”

He was vaguely aware of his wife pulling to his feet amid the rapturous applause; together they walked slowly to the stage and Matthew was aware of the stares of envy from his competitors. As they climbed the steps to the stage Matthew leaned close and whispered to Penny so you still want me to fuck you up on this stage?

Penny suddenly panicked as she was aware she was only wearing the bear minimum of clothing and she quickly shook her head. Standing now next to the Magi Templar Penny smiled like the dutiful wife as her husband beside her accepted the solid gold medal on a red and black ribbon. Just then Penny froze as she felt the Magi Templar’s hand on her backside, not just touching her backside but actually caressing it in a slow deliberate manner. She looked up at Matthew and was shocked to see he was oblivious to everything going off around him, she tried to casually reach up and take his hand to attract his attention but he resisted as he read aloud the inscription on the medal, in respect of excellence in commercial enterprise.

It seemed like ages but in effect was only minutes before the hand was gone from her arse and the Magi Templar stepped forward and announced, As well as the medal and certificate there is a three year dowry which goes with the award amounting to £750,000 and a contract to supply all the needs of the chamber of commerce’s needs for the same three years.

Penny suddenly realised that she had not really been disgusted by the Magi Templar’s actions and it had felt strangely erotic as her now soaking wet cunt would testify, but she was determined to tell Matthew what had happened. As soon as they returned to their table she told Matthew what the Magi Templar had done and he smiled as he honestly said that he could not blame the man for she looked a million dollars and he would chance his arm had he not been married to her too.

For the next two hours a DJ played music as couples danced, even Matthew whirled his way around the dance floor with Penny on his arm; that is until a grey haired older man, tapped him on his shoulder and begged for an excuse me. Suddenly Penny found herself in the arms of a total stranger, she suddenly realised that this was the Magi Templar when she felt his hand return back to her arse and the man whispered into her ear, you like that don’t you my little fuck slut!

Penny was shocked, she had never been spoken to like that and certainly never been called a slut, but what shocked her more was that when he said it because he was a stranger it turned her on even more. He continued I knew you were a slut when you were on stage and your nipples were so rock hard. I reckon I could smell your heated cunt up there as you stood next to me and you never objected when I felt your arse through that dress. If I commanded you to come outside and allow me to check those g string panties of yours would the whore in you want to go or would the wify make you run to your old man.

Suddenly the music stopped and during the quiet, Penny managed to find her voice and thank the man for the dance but she was going back to her husband right now. The man leaned forward and without waiting for permission kissed her full on the lips and probed her lips with his tongue, instinctively for some reason she opened her mouth slightly and felt his tongue touching the tip of her own tongue and her teeth, that all disappeared as the man was suddenly gone.

Penny set off to find Matthew and noted that she seemed to be floating on air as she walked back to the table. Thankfully the table was empty apart from Matthew and she quickly explained that the man that had danced with her was the Magi and she told Matthew what he had said and done. Expecting Matthew to get angry and demand that they leave she was shocked when he calmly asked if he had commanded her to do as he said would she have gone outside knowing he was going to explore her sexy body.

As if a light had gone on in her head, Penny suddenly said, “I probably would have gone, for to be honest it did excite me more than I would have imagined and it would not be so different from probably what you would do to me next week!”

Just then the DJ announced the last dance of the night and lots of couples crowded onto the dance floor, as they danced a party of four men came over to Matthew’s table and told him to either send his wife home in a cab or expect hat what ever happened to him would happen to her too. Penny demanded that she stay as the invite was for Mr and Mrs Bell.

Pretty soon the room was beginning to clear and the four men had sat chatting at the table with Matthew and Penny but were refusing to tell either one of them what was about to happen. When they six of them were the only people left in the room they told Matthew to follow them and led them out through a back door where a stretch limo was waiting. Inviting the couple to get in the four men piled in after them and separated the pair. Two men sat one either side of Penny; similarly two men sat one each side of Matthew.

As the Limo started to move Matthew was told to undress and he was given a cloak to put on, Matthew began to protest, but was silenced when the lead man said you agreed to this when you accepted the invitation now do it or your pretty sexy wife here may just regret your defiance.

Reluctantly Matthew began undressing, and when he was ready to slip the cloak over his head, the men beside him suddenly pinned his arms above his head and one of the men beside Penny knelt down and took hold of Matthew’s cock. Penny could not see what he was doing but figured that they were measuring her husband’s cock, because he announced five inches. Instinctively Penny snapped No its seven inches fully erect.

Then with his head to the side so that Penny could now see the action, he made a slow show of taking her husband’s cock into his mouth and sucking it. Penny looked shocked and yet intrigued for she had heard of gays but had never met one. Soon Matthew’s body betrayed him for his cock began to get hard and the man withdrew the cock from his mouth and declared the whore was right it is seven inches. Penny was about to reach forward and swipe the guy but the man next to her suddenly grabbed her across her chest and commented that she was not wearing a bra.

Then Matthew was allowed to complete putting on the cloak, as attention suddenly turned to Penny. The man on the floor of the limo simply put his hands between her knees and suddenly pushed them apart as he commented on the fact she must be a slutty whore for she was hardly wearing a proper pair of panties that a respectable woman would wear. Matthew tried to lean forward to get to the man and was roughly pushed back as he was told do not worry lover boy you can return the favour of sucking his cock later.

Penny suddenly screamed; he is not gay so why would he suck a cock? The four men simply laughed and continued in restraining the pair. On and on moved the limo as the scenery outside changed from the urban conglomerate of buildings to the more rural spread of larger houses set in their own grounds. The limo slowed and turned into a driveway; Penny looked out to see a six foot high white stone wall leading to an ornate metal gate; beside the gate was a brass plate on which was inscribed ‘Epping Chamber of Commerce Principal Lodge. Down went the window of the driver’s door and suddenly the large gate began to swing open; beyond the solid metal gate there appeared a sweeping black gravel roadway that just seemed to go one forever.

The limo began to move again slowly and Penny watched as the impressive gates now swung back to the closed position; for some reason she now felt isolated and in fear of her life, something she could account for. Her ears seemed to be deafened by the crunch of the gravel beneath the limo’s tyres; Penny looked at Matthew for reassurance but saw only concern in his once bright eyes.

After five minutes the limo swept left into a central large area, the driver carefully negotiated the large fountain in the centre of the gravel area and slowed down directly opposite the twin sweeping stone stairs that led up to the balustrade forming the entrance. Two of the men exited the limo and then invited Matthew to get out too, Penny suddenly begged him not to leave her, causing the man to her left to laugh out loud; you are not to be left for you are to accompany your husband on this journey!

Pretty soon both Matthew and Penny stood at the bottom of the right hand set of stone steps leading up to the main entrance; hand in hand they began to climb the steps asking one of the men beside them what was all this about. They were told that all would be explained shortly and that they were indeed the chosen ones and should be pleased to be selected like this. All this did was to intrigue Matthews enquiring mind, he quickly tried to analyse his situation and recent contacts to try to make sense of how he can now to be in this situation.

Now stood inside the large marble lobby, Penny marvelled at the elaborate chandelier having from the painted ceiling, so full of cherubs and semi naked women. Matthew was too engrossed in trying to make sense of everything to really notice his surroundings. Quickly the couple were shown into a small waiting room of to their right; they were told a man would be outside the room and they should make themselves at home until summoned. Matthew now began to scan the walls and surroundings in this room and discovered a bookcase containing he assumed were original books worth thousands upon thousands of pounds. The topics of the books ranged from early religious beliefs to scientific volumes of thesis and theology; he noticed in particular a leather book bound in gold and encrusted with jewels; he noticed it was a copy of the Karma sutra.

He began to look more closely at the science books when suddenly the door opened and in stepped on of the men from the Limo. He handed Matthew two half face masks made of fine china and instructed him on how to put them one; once Penny and Matthew had the masks in place they were led out of the room and escorted up the long sweeping staircase to the first floor. Now stood before two very solid dark oak doors; expecting them to now swing open, Matthew stood in anticipation and penny actually gripped his hand a little tighter.

From behind them another of the men from the limo stepped forward and raising a large wooden baton shaped like a policeman’s truncheon and he rapped three times on the door. The sounds of the wood on wood echoed around the hallway like a bell chime resounds. There was then an almost minute sound of a creak as the left hand door began to move and open up in front of them; Matthew was pushed from behind as an instruction to walk forward and Penny was held and made to walk three paces behind her husband.

Only Matthew and Penny entered the room the other men remained outside and the solid door slowly closed; suddenly Matthew was bathed in strong bright light. A voice from the gloom beyond the light told them to advance ten paces and take a seat. Matthew carefully strode forward and found the single chair set out for him; he asked where was the chair for his wife and he was told that she should lie on the floor at his feet. Nervously Penny did as they were told and she made a mental note to make sure that Matthew did not think he was going to become lord and Master at home.

From beyond the glow of the light the same voice demanded to know if Matthew was prepared to see the true light that began with in him. Without thinking Matthew replied he was! A beautiful looking blonde haired woman stepped forward, she was wearing a silk dress that clung to her body form and it was clear she too was braless; in her hand she held a King James bible, but not just any old bible this was obviously a very expensive first edition as it was red leather and had writing in gold leaf on its main front leaf.

Next a brunette woman of similar beauty to the blonde stepped forward and handed Matthew a card just a little larger than a postcard; on it was embossed gold writing and was clearly an oath he was expected to swear on the bible. Curious Matthew scanned the oath and was pleased to see it was simply an oath of silence which basically swore him to keep the goings on to himself and not discuss it with outsiders.

Placing his right hand on the bible, with a shaky voice Matthew recited the oath and added his name where appropriate. Then he was asked what offering he had for the lodge and a confused Matthew sat contemplating what his response should be when the blonde leaned forward and whispered to him, your wife!

Now Matthew was shocked were they really asking him to surrender his wife for their use; he looked down at Penny and saw her smiling back at him, so he cleared his throat and stated in a loud voice, I have only myself and my wife to offer to the lodge and pledge my servitude entirely to that aim.

The voice from beyond the light responded by saying Offer accepted now show us the offer in its natural state. A confused Matthew sat there trying to work out what the meaning of this was. Again the blonde leaned forward and told him to undress himself and his wife. Penny hearing this gulped but slowly stood and unzipped her gold lama dress from behind and allowed it to slip to the floor. She had never realised how exposing her body to strangers proved so erotic to here; for her nipples were rock hard and her cunt was leaking juices like there was no tomorrow. The voice simply said one word, all!

Penny looked back at Matthew and waited thinking the voice meant for him to divest his robe, but Matthew stepped forward and simply untied the bow of Penny’s g string, allowing the triangle of material to float to the floor. Then Matthew slowly undid his robe and allowed it to slide down his arms and drop to the floor; now he stood beside Penny as naked as they day the both of them were born.

The voice said, good; now pick one of the two women that are with you to also undress! Matthew smiled as he looked at the blonde and the brunette, the voice continued, You Matthew Bell will eat the woman out of whilst you Penny, you will lick the arse of the woman until she cums. Matthew was ready to tell the brunette to undress when Penny intervened. Penny said Stop, Why are we needed to be naked and why would we want a stranger to join us in that state of undress?

Because I said so! Replied the voice. Matthew then asked if he could have a moment to talk to his wife; the voice agreed and Matthew spoke quietly to Penny telling her that no matter what happened tonight she was his only true love and nothing they could do to them would change that.

Matthew then said I choose the brunette, the woman smiled and quickly slipped off her dress, followed by her panties, Matthew suddenly groan as he was shocked to see the woman was sporting a rather large cock where he would have expected to find her cunt. The voice laughed as it said, yes, she is a she-male and you will suck her cock or you can repay the cheque plus interest an amount close to £1 million. Penny stared at Matthew and urged him to close his eyes and just do it.

Matthew silently knelt and the she-male moved forward until she was close enough to Matthew and then she quietly said, Stand up and kiss me as if I was a woman. Matthew looked up towards her large 40DD bust and obligingly stood up and taking her in his arms he kissed her passionately, allowing her tongue to enter his mouth as she stroked her heard nipples against his chest. The woman broke the kiss and ordered Penny to join them, now as a tight threesome they kissed each other at the same time and all three tongues touched as they caressed.

Now the woman declared it was time, Matthew re-took his place on his knees and penny did similar just behind the woman. Penny felt a touch of jealousy when she saw up close the size and thickness of the cock Matthew was about to suck. Then the she-male stepped between them and said loud enough for all to hear, Right bitch now lick my arse until it is ready to take your husband’s cock. Then Penny held the she-males cheeks open and saw her tight sphincter muscle all puckered and inviting.

Penny the dipped her tongue into the crevice and found it tasted no worse than when she had done something similar to Matthew, so she quickly went to work and the She-male almost gave a running commentary on what she was doing with her tongue, like Oh yes bitch stick your tongue in just there, yes I bet you can taste my anal juices!

Then she took hold of Matthew’s head and pulled it towards her cock and told him to open his mouth nice and wide as she was going to part his tonsils with her cock. Soon Matthew was busy sucking on this his first real cock and he thought there was not much difference between this and the rubber one that Penny made him suck, but suddenly Matthew found the real difference as the she-male screamed she was cumming and his mouth was suddenly filled with hot sticky salty spunk and he had no option other than to swallow.

The she-male screamed, yes wimp, swallow my spunk, and take all my spunk into your mouth and stomach, my little cum bucket. With that the she male pulled herself from in between them and stroking her still hard cock she made Matthew lean forward and eat his wife’s cunt while she moved behind him and without warning she shoved her cock hard against his anal ring. The scream Matthew released was distorted because his mouth was full of the fleshy swollen wet cunt of Penny but once the she-male began slowly fucking his arse, she suddenly declared loudly that this was clearly not the first time you have been arse fucked is it wimp?

Penny in her heightened sexual state never thought before she answered by saying he had taken a rubber cock up his arse only three days ago. The she-male smiled and said so now he has a real cock up him too and I bet he loves it don’t you wimp? Matthew managed to pull back from his wife’s cunt long enough to say, no it fucking hurts.

Suddenly the room was bathed in a bright light and standing there watching him take a cock up his arse was twenty people one of which was his latest contract. So that’s how they got so much information about him and his business; Matthew thought when suddenly that self-same man walked up to him and kissed him full on the mouth and whispered if you only knew how much I dreamed about fucking your arse. So when I paid off all the Epping chamber of commerce’s debts I set up this little shindig.

With that he slowly opened his trousers and pulled his none inch cock from his trousers and swivelled his hips thrusting his cock towards Matthew’s mouth. Matthew simply opened his mouth and accepted it.

Soon a second load of spunk joined the first in his stomach and then it was as if there was a line-up of people standing there with their cocks hanging out ready for him to suck, after he had taken a load from the cock in his mouth he did not see his wife being spit roasted by the same cocks.

How long it went on he could not say but by the time he got to the last man his jaw ached and his belly felt bloated and full of spunk; even Penny was feeling really tired as she had been fucked in every hole several times over and just wished to go home and soak in a hot bath. Matthew just wished he could finish this last guy off and get out of here; but just as he began sucking the guy he felt his cock being man handled by the contractor and he was just beginning to enjoy having his cock stroked when he felt the guy’s cock forcing itself up his arse.

With lots of verbal encouragement Matthew was told he was a well fucked cuckold because he had been priming the cocks to give his wife a longer fuck by each one of them. Suddenly the hand stroking his cock squeezed really hard as Matthew felt the hot seed of the guys cock flooding his arse and despite the pain in his cock he felt really strange; what he did not know was that the squeeze was stopping him cumming whilst the cock up his arse was massaging his prostate gland. In effect they were building his climax up but preventing it actually occurring. This went on for thirty minutes when suddenly the hand around his cock was gone and he felt something best described as a wall of heat spread along his cock until it spurted as thick white strands of spunk flying off and arcing into a pool by his knees.

Then as the final cock in his mouth delivered its load he collapsed forward and as he landed with his face side on, he saw his wife clearly taking a cock up her cunt and one up her arse at the same time whilst sucking a third. His last image before he passed out was of his heavenly angel behaving like a common whore.

Later when he came round he was at home in his bed, he thought could it all have been a possible dream, that is until his wife curled up to him and sexily asked if her being used as she had been had made a difference to how he felt about her. Although every muscle in his body ached, he managed a smile as he kissed her and promised she was still his heavenly Angel.