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An interesting interlude.

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Master Ray and Susie had been chatting for three months on the internet without using a webcam, it is important to understand this before I continue the tale.

During their most recent live chat, they had discussed the locations each lived in and had discovered that only a hundred and seventy miles separated them; as Susie lived in the Yorkshire Dales and Master Ray lived in London. He had been planning a trip away from England’s capital for some time but had not upon a location to visit for a much needed break. In an instant he decided that Yorkshire was as good a place as any to relax in and so he dropped into the conversation with Susie that he was going to visit Yorkshire in the next week or so and would be there for a week.

She happily agreed to meeting with Master Ray during that week and she gave him her address for him to call on her at his convenience. So it was left at that until three weeks later, Susie got a phone call from Master Ray informing her he would be calling on her at four pm that day and she should be home alone to greet him.

Master Ray walked down the path and rang the doorbell, it was 3.55 pm, Susie jumped as the bell rang and hesitantly she walked down the hall to the front door. Nervously she opened the door to come to face to face with this six foot tall well-built man she had only ever spoken to either on the phone or via the internet.

For Master Ray he now faced a five foot six blonde haired woman with medium to small breasts; stepping inside the house, he turned and closed the front door before turning back and demanding that Susie stand still. He now scanned her from head to foot, her shoulder length blonde hair was neatly brushed and her face seemed bright and happy; she did show a very large amount of nervousness but Master Ray expected that. He noted how her 36C breasts gently rose and fell with each breath she took; her blouse clearly showed a dark bra beneath it and her mid-thigh skirt hid the shapely legs beneath it, her black stub heeled shoes finished off her appearance and Master Ray thought she looked more like a nanny than a slutty little sexpot she had described on the internet.

Susie nervously showed Master Ray into the living room when told to; and he began by laying down some rules; firstly he told her he expected her to use three set stances when told. Position one was with her stood upright, her feet eighteen inches apart, arms folded behind her back and looking at a point on the floor three feet in front of her. Position two was again with her feet still eighteen inches apart only this time she was on her knees, with arms folded behind her back and once more her gaze aimed at the floor. The final position; position three; was on her hands and knees, legs still spread apart but with her head touching the floor and her arse up in the air.

Ordering Susie into position one and adjusting her to his satisfaction; then he told her his dress code conduct, She was made aware that he detested bras and therefore in his presence they were not allowed, he delighted in telling her that without the hindrance of the bra she would have her tits available to his whims of playing with them or not. He told her that she was allowed to wear panties but they had to be sensible panties and not the g string type.

Now Master Ray began telling her about his personal demands on her body; she had to shave her cunt three times each day to ensure that her skin was ultra-smooth; She would have to agree to certain adornments but that would be discussed later. She was also to make sure she had no under arm hair and was to apply a bright red lipstick to her nipples each morning and massage that into her nipples for twenty minutes; he explained that this was for a two-fold reason, one her nipples would eventually stain to a darker colour and be more visible through her blouse and secondly she would be feeling horny all day; after massaging her nipples like that.

Susie willingly agreed to everything and never raised her gaze from the imaginary point three feet in front of her feet; Master Ray then demanded she adopt position two and instantly Susie slid from her feet to her knees. Master Ray then told her to remove her blouse and once more the subservient Susie began to undo the buttons and slowly remove her blouse.

Master Ray then demanded she remove her bra and hand it to him, Susie complied and watched as Ray walked over to the dustbin and dropped her bra into it. Now Master Ray returned and ordered Susie into position three; she found it humiliating to present her arse high in the air whilst almost kissing the carpet. Even with the skirt still in place she knew she was offering her body to the man she had only just met in person. Making it clear he could see up her skirt to her pantie covered arse and commented about how she seemed to be displaying a wet patch on those red panties.

Ordering Susie to stand up, Master Ray then demanded she remove the skirt and then she was to take up position one. The skirt was gone in seconds and Susie tried her best to recall the standing position; now demanded of her. Master Ray walked behind her and adjusted her arms telling her to thrust out her rock hard nipples. Then he reached around her and pinched her right nipple whilst bringing his left hand around to grip lightly on her throat; whispering into her ear that she was his now to use as a sex toy or to make work the streets if that was his wish, he quietly asked if her cunt was truly bubbling away in anticipation of her being well fucked.

As Susie began to nod the hand around her throat tightened and she found herself struggling to get the air she needed but instead of panicking as she thought she may she found instead that it heightened her sexual urges and feelings. Master Ray then began to squeeze Susie’s tits and he noted as he did so Susie squirmed and gasped as her passions rose. Releasing Susie, Master Ray then went and knelt in front of Susie, commenting loudly on how her panties were now showing definite signs of being soaked, He told her he was going to enjoy sliding his full large hand up her cunt until he was fist fucking his horny slut.

Master Ray then lightly touched her inner thigh just above her left knee and allowed his hand to slowly stroke her flesh until it was just short of her wet panties. Instantly his right hand was gone and now his left hand traced a similar path on her right thigh, once more pulling away from her skin at the last moment before reaching her cunt. Master Ray watched her face as he did this and he saw her scrunch her face up in frustration as each time she hoped his fingers would touch her cunt it would disappear. Susie was teased by her master as he demanded to know how much she wanted his fingers to explore her cunt and she gasped that she wanted his fingers in her cunt more than anything else in the whole wide world.

Suddenly the stern voice of Master Ray demanded she remove her soaking wet panties and then she had to smell the wet patch before popping then into her own mouth and sucking her cunt juices from her own panties. Eager to please now Susie whipped off her panties and having spent a short while smelling them she open her mouth and was about to pop them into it when Master Ray called out stop. Without explaining why, he then demanded that she adopt position two and Susie knelt down and held the wet panties in her hand now folded behind her back.

Master Ray stood up slowly and right in front of her face he fished out his semi hard seven and a half in penis, Susie’s eyed suddenly went wide as she licked her lips. Open up your mouth you fucking cock sucking whore, demanded Master Ray; obediently Susie complied and soon Master Ray rested the tip of his thick cock on her lips and told her to kiss its shiny purple head.

Very shortly afterwards, Susie was sucking his cock as if her life depended on it, not caring what he was saying she was determined to swallow his load before he withdrew the cock. Unfortunately Master Ray had stronger staying power than she had anticipated as he withdrew his rock hard cock and told her she was going to beg him to slam his cock into her tight arse before he left that night.

Without waiting Susie began begging for Master Ray to use her like the whore she was and please, please fill her arse with his rock hard cock. Master Ray made her describe her favourite scene where her arse were full and her mouth or cunt was also full; but he was shocked somewhat that she could not describe a true event as she began crying that she had never had the chance to take two cocks at once in any holes. Master Ray promised he would soon fix that for her but she would have to trust him.

Telling Susie to adopt position three; he climbed behind her and taking the panties from her hand he pushed then into her exposed cunt before he slid his cock up the crease of her arse and when he felt her tight anus ring he began pushing. The tight sphincter muscle resisted his force until suddenly it gave way and his cock head began to open her up and his length began to disappear into her anal canal. When he settled with his full length up her arse he reached down and began to finger her cunt still full of her panties and only when he thought they were wet enough did he pull her panties from her cunt and ordered her to suck them clean. As she sucked o the panties he began slowly to pull his cock out of her arse until just the head remained lodged inside her and then grabbing a hand full of her hair he slammed his cock back into her arse and once more held it there.

Over the next fifteen minutes, he slammed his cock into her arse ten times, just like before; Susie was now begging him to fuck her arse hard and fast but she sighed as she realised that her master was not a normal man for he was able to control his urges so well. He resisted his own temptation to unload his first load into her. Suddenly Master Ray began slamming his cock into her eager hole, causing Susie to begin screaming that she was cumming. Suddenly Master Ray stopped in the midst of Susie’s orgasm and demanded Susie now fuck herself on his cock. Like a banshee Susie began thrust back and forth on this solid bar of meat which joined them together.

Susie was so far into delivering her own orgasm that she did not see the door open and her good friend, Sandra, enter the room. Master Ray reacted quickly and demanded Susie tell him what she wanted; Susie began breathlessly gasping that she wanted his wonderful cock to fill her horny whorish arse with his spunk. Suddenly Susie was shocked to hear Master Ray tell Sandra that if she wanted to stay and watch this horny bitch get her fucking then she would have to remove all her clothes as well.

Sandra stood shocked at the offer until Susie turned her head and gasped for Sandra to finally put her lewd suggestions to the test by sucking on her horny cunt whilst this magnificent cock continued to fuck her tight arse. Sandra blushed as she recalled the night the pair of them had drunk too much wine and discussed their sex life and the things they had put on a bucket list to do before they got too old let alone die.

With further encouragement from horny Susie; Sandra finally began to undress and reveal her large tits and her hairy cunt. Susie even quipped that she should shave her cunt like her master demanded of her. Now Sandra shuffled up beside Master Ray and looked eagerly on as Ray’s cock disappeared up Susie’s stretched arse. Master Ray slid his hand up the back of Sandra’s legs and found her anal ring, almost in time with the fucking Susie was doing on his cock. Very soon after he started fingering Sandra’s arse her hips were moving in unison with the thrusting finger. Just as Susie began screaming through her orgasm Sandra was lying on the floor sucking hard on Susie’s left tit and sliding her fingers into her well juiced up cunt.

Master Ray pulled out just before cumming and blasted his white sticky load all over Susie’s lower back and arse, Sandra scrabbled from under her and immediately began to lick her clean. Master Ray sat back and watched as the two horny bitches now gave him a lesbian show the like he had never seen in his life, far more explicit than even the most robust live show in Amsterdam.

When the two sated women fell exhausted to the floor, Master Ray ordered Sandra to suck his cock and when she refused, Susie slapped her face and told her to fucking get on with it. Shocked and stunned Sandra began to suck Ray’s cock and as soon as it was hard enough Master Ray had Susie sit on his cock and buried it deep into her cunt. As she bounced up and down on his stiff member, Sandra knelt between his open legs and licked his balls and cock as it was exposed from her friend’s cunt. Susie went off like a rocket again as all her sexual activity tonight had her hormones running sky high.

Just as Master Ray was about to flood his bitch’s cunt he pulled out and managed to spray it all over Sandra’s face which Susie dutifully licked clean, it was then that Susie suggested he may like to stay overnight and get to know his slut even better. Ray declined her offer but warned her he would drop by again before returning to London and he would expect her to be just as obedient and horny as she had been tonight and added that if her friend Sandra was to be there then they should make sure that they had at least one strap on cock to share.

But that’s another story.

Brigit Astar
11-03-2011, 12:23 AM
First-rate story. Masterful descripton.