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Born to be a slut.

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Chapter one; In the beginning.

Brenda was an only child of strict disciplinarian naturist parents, she often spent entire weekends naked and in the presence of other like-minded people, the difference for Brenda was that when she messed up she received a strict punishment, ranging from her fatherís hand to a flexible swish cane.

Always after punishment her mother would apply soothing balm to the cherry red arse or the raised welts from the cane; during these times her mother discussed womanly issues with Brenda and on her sixteenth birthday even arrange for her own father to take her cherry and make her a woman.

Now you may think this is a case of strict child abuse but Brenda always saw it as a normal upbringing and despite some dark times she found it inspired her with confidence. How you may ask? Well Brenda felt confident about her body, she felt little or no embarrassment when naked in mixed company and it also gave her the balanced sexual appetite of a true bi sexual woman. For often when applying the balm her mother also caressed her breasts or cunt.

On one particular occasion; before she lost her virginity to her father; her mother was applying the balm to her very tender backside after she had received six slaps of the slipper. As her mother applied the balm, her fingers moved between her daughters arse cheeks and lightly touched her anal ring, making Brenda jump. This led her mother to explaining that when she was a woman she would learn to love her arse being played with and opening her own legs she invited Brenda to touch her own arse.

A nervous hand reached out as Brenda lightly touched her motherís anal ring; then her mother instructed her how to prise open the door to anal pleasure; soon two fingers were ploughing into her own motherís arse as her mother gasped her way through a rather noisy orgasm. Just as she was calming down Mary, Brendaís mother, pulled Brendaís hand from between her legs and made Brenda open her mouth and suck those fingers covered in her anal juice.

Then Mary did the same to Brenda, pressing a finger against her tight sphincter muscle, telling her daughter to relax and accept the finger, for Brenda it felt strange as if she was doing a shit in reverse. Soon she had two fingers painfully stretching her anal ring but the pain soon disappeared as her mother began sucking her right breast while slowly working her fingers into her daughterís arse. As the pain disappeared it was replaced with a strange kind of tingling sensation in Brendaís arse, that tingling felt like tiny electric shocks shooting up her small colon and into her cunt always seeming to end as a buzz in her clit.

Of course being still a virgin, Brenda had no idea what was really happening to her but she knew she liked the feeling. Deliberately her mother was teaching her the link between pain and pleasure because the sexual perks always followed the strict punishment. At this time it was always a sexual thing between her and her mother although it always started with the punishment delivered by her father, Jack.

The weekend after Brendaís sixteenth birthday, began as normal; all the family discarded their clothes at 8 pm Friday night and sat in the living room discussing what the weekend would hold. Accidentally Brenda dropped her cup and although it was empty and did not break, this was the catalyst that triggered her punishment for that night. Her father flew into a rage about the cost of the cup and of cleaning the carpet and how clumsy Brenda could be sometimes; now I should point out here that her father, Jack was by no means a mean man but it was the excuse he was looking for to start the activities he had been hoping for.

Brenda was ordered to stand in the corner facing the wall and was told to anticipate being spanked with a wooden ruler; Mary was told to clean up the mess on the floor although to be honest there was no real mess to clean; then she was told to fetch the wooden ruler from Jackís study while he placed the punishment chair in the centre of the room. As he moved the chair he made sure that Brenda could hear it being moved for she knew her punishment would be doubled if she turned to look. All the time Brendaís father chastised her for being a clumsy girl and berating what they were going to do in order to turn out a fine young lady worthwhile of marriage.

For the last four or five punishments, something strange had been happening to Brenda, she had begun to enjoy the anticipation of being punished and not only enjoy it but also become sexually aroused by it, always the anticipation of the impending spanking started as a tingle in her cunt and caused her to squirm as her cunt became hot and wet. She tried so hard to control her breathing so as not to give away her excitement and yet both her mother and father must be aware of how shiny the inner thighs of their daughter got recently when spread across her fatherís lap awaiting delivery of that first spank.

To Brenda the next five minutes seemed like an eternity as she heard the positioning of the chair, a large impressive dark oak backed dining chair, much like the ones you would normally see in a formal dining room at one of the big mansions. With a final clunk she heard it come to rest in the central position of the room she had grown to know so well; now her ears strained to pick up the opening of the living room door which heralded the return of her mother carrying that instrument of such exquisite torture.

The wait was agony for her until her fatherís stern voice called her over and she meekly turned and approached him, this time unlike any other the image of his semi hard cock seemed to be burning into her brain. She noticed as he spoke to her it seemed to twitch and have a life of its own; her mother as always now kneeled beside her husband and always to the side which displayed their daughterís tight arse cheeks.

Brenda was expecting the command to bend over her fatherís lap, when suddenly he right breast sting like the devil itself had bit her, quickly followed by her left breast, two angry red marks now appeared one on each breast crossing over her small but delicately hard nipples. Her stern fatherís voice informed her that was for dropping the cup and the remaining punishments across her arse was for the stain on the carpet and the aggro of her mother having to clean up the mess.

Bend over my lap, you delinquent bitch, her father snapped, dutifully Brenda did as she was told and felt the heat of her fatherís cock press against her rib cage. Jack then pulled his daughter higher over his lap causing his cock to slide against her stomach and harden slightly further but it just seemed to grow extra inches in Brendaís mind; for she had never really felt her fatherís cock like this before.

Expecting the hard flat edge of the ruler to sing into her flesh, Brenda was surprised as the flat of her fatherís hand landed squarely on her buttocks, then quickly rising until six forceful slaps had been administered and just as Brenda began to relax expecting this to now be over the Ruler landed across her butt cheeks sending wave after wave of stinging passion through her bottom. Strangely enough each of the six spanks from her fatherís hand had set her cunt ablaze and her juices flowing but now the harder nor intense fire ignited by the ruler was heading directly into her clit and making her want to squirm, something she knew if she did would negate that punishment and may cause all of it to begin again.

As usual after accepting her punishment, Brenda was led away by her mother who applied the soothing balm and as had become the norm, led to having her arse or cunt played with but suddenly things took a different turn as her mother offered up her own breast for Brenda to suckle on; something she had not done since she was two years old; now as Brenda sucked on her motherís breast, her mother stroked her hair and gently told her it was time to forgo the fumblingís of young men her own age and be shown the door to woman hood by an experienced man. Brenda slightly panicked thinking that some strange man was going to be given her body when the door opened and in stepped her father.

Mary, Brendaís mom, quietly told Brenda to climb onto the bed and to open her legs and do exactly as she told her to do. In total love of her parents Brenda did as she was instructed and watched fascinated as her mother began to suck on her fatherís cock, She could not help but wonder what his cock tasted like and she was amazed to see it get even bigger as her mother lovingly cared for this appendage between her fatherís legs.

Soon her father climbed between her legs and with motherís help placed the head of the cock between the outer lips of Brendaís cunt, Her father in a more gentler voice now simply smiled as he suggest she bite her lip to stop from crying out and an instant later it felt like a house brick had been wedged up between her legs, the pain sent her mind into overdrive as from somewhere beyond the realms of this world she heard her own voice screaming out. Flashing images of red and purple lights seared into her brain and in an instant the pain had gone, only a deadening numbness remained.

Her father waited for his daughter to adjust and only then did he lovingly begin to move his cock inside her cunt, her mother soothing her brow told her she had done well and she was now a woman and would soon feel as a woman did as her first cunt orientated orgasm would be so pleasurable. Brenda found her breathing becoming shallow as this intense feeling of joy swept through her body beginning in the depths of her cunt; without thinking Brenda suddenly began grunting like a pig as her passions exceeded her own interpretation of what fucking would become. She even accepted swallowing her fatherís seed down her throat from that first fuck as a token of her new womanhood.

But the die was cast and for Brenda now the link between pain and pleasure was irremovably linked and as the years since have proved, she would find it difficult to even masturbate without that initial burst of pain. So she learnt to begin each session of sex with clothes pegs on her nipples and clit as well as trying to practise self-spanking but it was never as good as when someone else did it for her.

Her first few years at university were a nightmare as she could not concentrate and was constantly feeling horny but unable to relieve that itch and so had resulted in going home most weekends and deliberately causing an accident in order to be punished to achieve those intense orgasms she needed.

But that changed when she eventually met the man of her life, but that is a story for another time.

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Another good story.

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Excellent. So very well-written.

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Great story!!!!!!