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12-10-2011, 07:58 PM
You never know

Chapter 02.

So it was three weeks later, that Karen and I made our way to the home of Caroline and Henry as arranged at the soirée all the time ago. This time Karen had put on the black leather Basque, now the usual thing about this Basque was that the cups which held her breasts were held in place by press studs; a black wraparound skirt and black fishnet stockings, the whole ensemble was finished off with bright red four inch heels fuck me shoes, and almost matching bright red flame panties. I figured it was a good job we were driving and not find by public transport or she would probably have been arrested as a prostitute.

I was casually dressed in slacks and a shirt, but then again I knew what I was going for! On the journey very little was said between Karen and I but I figured that she was contemplating what was going to happen at this private get-together.

Very soon we turned into the street whose name I have been given, and soon found a parking space not far from the house number given at the same time, Karen was glad about that for it meant that she did not have to walk too far down the exclusive thoroughfare. Without hesitation I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to answer, I had just about given up and was about to return to my car when the door opened and Caroline stood there rather shocked to see me standing there. Taking charge of the situation I moved past her and told her to bring Karen along with her; I then got Caroline to show me the way into the living room. There on the sofa sat Henry and nervously smiled as I, getting up to meet me the offered his hand; ignoring his hand I simply ordered him to undress and knowing better than to argue he quickly divested himself of his clothing.

Once he was naked, I ordered him to kneel in front of the sofa facing away from it and then I called Karen to come to my side and told her to raise her skirt and show off her bright red panties framed against her black stocking tops, this had the desired effect as Henry’s cock jerked as he looked at my wife’s crotch just inches in front of his face. Henry looked rather disappointed when I told her to cover up and go get Caroline for me.

Caroline was wearing a silver coloured blouse and blue slacks, it was clear from their outline that she had on a bra and standard pantie set, but Henry’s eyes followed every single movement of my hand as I placed it on the pit of Caroline’s stomach. Slowly moving my hand down until just below the hemline of the blouse I then began moving it back up but on the inside of her blouse. As the blouse bulged around my hand I noticed Henry’s eyes following every slightest movement and he licked his lips as I reached the point just below Caroline’s tits.

I paused just long enough to ask Caroline if she was prepared to become my obedient little slut, to which she replied eagerly oh yes! Then as my fingers touched her bra I stared at Henry and declared, what is this you allow your worthless sluts to wear bra’s around the house! Are you a man or a mouse? Without waiting for a response I called Karen back over and told her to demonstrate my rules; she stepped in front of Henry and quickly pulled the bra cups on her Basque causing the press studs to snap and the cups to fall to the floor. That I declared is how a slut should be and always ready for her master to use her body as he sees fit.

I told Caroline that she would be punished for this misdemeanour and that whatever her punishment was Henry would receive twice the amount. I expected a show of defiance from Henry but it did not come instead he glanced down towards the floor. I ordered Caroline to remove her blouse and the offending article of clothing whilst I considered her fate; now as Caroline stood naked from the waist up I turned my attention to her slacks and again warned her that she would be punished further for wearing slacks when sluts should only wear loose fitting skirts which allowed the master to have unlimited access to her horny cunt; again Henry was warned his punishment would be twice that of his slutty misbehaving wife.

My usual punishment for wearing a bra was two heavy spanks and for wearing restrictive clothing preventing access to her honey pot would be a further four spanks to be delivered on to her naked skin, I pointed out. That meant that Henry would receive a total of twelve spanks on areas of his naked body as determined by me. Caroline was ordered to remove her slacks and then Henry was shown the deep wet stain in the gusset of her panties and he was told that this sign of her arousal should have been plain for all to see and not hidden away.

Having had Karen remove Caroline’s wet panties I ordered her to wrap the wet spot around Henry’s cock and to wank him off for five minutes while I told Caroline what I was going to do to her tonight out aloud for Henry’s benefit. Just before Karen finished stroking Henry’s pantie covered cock I warned him his own punishment would be doubled further if he cum into the panties without my permission.

When Karen stopped wanking his cock I examined the panties and discovered no signs of spunk so I told Henry he was lucky as he would only have to face twelve spanks. I now ordered Henry to fetch me a dining chair and place it in the centre of the living room and when he returned I sat on the chair and ordered him to lie across my lap.

What Henry did not know because he was out of the room was that I had made Karen fetch from my bag an eight inch long and one inch thick rubber cock, this was then used to deliver the first two spanks on Henry’s poor arse. Making him spread his legs I took great delight in forcing the rubber cock up his arse and then squeezing my hand underneath him I gripped his cock as Karen delivered the next two spanks and Caroline delivered the final two spanks for his arse, my hand now gripped his balls tightly.

Now with bright cherry red cheeks on his arse Henry was ordered to go stand in a corner facing the wall and Caroline was ordered to sit on the dining chair and grip the seat with her hands and her back pressed hard against the backrest. I moved to one side of her and made sure she was correctly seated before I suddenly swung my hand in an arc and landed the first slap directly on to her left breast making sure to pinch the nipple before my hand ceased contact with her flesh the next spank landed on her right breast with the same results, the third spank landed again on her left breast and this time I twisted her nipple and her final spank on her breasts was again on her right with the nipple twisted.

Henry was then called back and ordered to sit on the chair and likewise to grip the base of the backrest, the rubber cock now pushed even further up his arse and his hard cock standing proud of his thighs. Whack the first spank on his cock took him by surprise and caused him to let a little whimper escape his lips for which he was scorned by me and the two women. Once more he endured six spanks similarly delivered to his cock but this time the spanks alternated between me, Caroline, Karen, Caroline, Karen and then leaving me to deliver the final one. Henry’s cock was almost as red as his arse by the time he was allowed to stand up and return to the corner once more.

Now a trembling Caroline realised that her last two spanks were likely to be on her cunt and the chances were that they were going to be a lot harder than the ones she had taken on her breasts. While Karen helped her lay across the chair’s base and then held her legs wide open and above her head, I slipped into my bag and brought out the thin leather paddle and used this to deliver two firm spanks directly on to her clit. Karen was then allowed to use her tongue to soothe the throb of the pain Caroline felt in her clit and she was ordered not to stop licking the cunt until she had brought at least two orgasms from Caroline.

Her punishment over and tempered with a great deal of pleasure, Caroline was once more asked if she was still willing to be my obedient slut and once more she answered eagerly in the affirmative. I then instructed her to undress Karen before sucking hard on Karen’s left nipple; whilst this was going on I slipped from my own clothes. Just as Karen and Caroline were really getting into their embraces; I called an instant halt to their actions before calling Henry back into the centre of the room.

Taking my place on the dining chair I instructed Henry to stand in front and facing me; bend over forward I commanded him and then taking the back of his head in my hands I ordered him to suck my cock until it was rock hard and ready to give his slut of a wife a real man’s cock. As his mouth slid over my cock head and I began to feel his tongue lavishing its attention on the underside of my cock; I commanded Caroline to begin sliding the rubber cock in and out of her wimp husband’s boy pussy, something she seemed almost too eager to do. Meanwhile as prearranged Karen slipped the strap on cock around her waist and adjusted the straps; when she signalled me that she was ready, I commanded Caroline to remove the rubber cock and Henry to lick it clean.

Whilst Henry completed his allotted task; Caroline was ordered to come and sit on my now rock hard cock, she made me laugh when she meekly asked if she was to take my cock up her cunt or up her arse? I instructed her that I was going to fuck her cunt and her wimp of a husband was going to fuck her arse while feeling a real man’s cock rubbing against his own cock with only the thin membrane between them that separated her cunt from her arse.

Soon she was groaning her pleasure as she rode between her husband’s anally sited cock and my vaginally sited one; when suddenly at my arranged signal Karen slipped the much larger strap on rubber cock up Henry’s arse and allowed him to shuttle between fucking his wife’s arse and reaming his own on the strap on.

By the time Caroline was grunting like a pig through her intense orgasm; Henry had already cum twice inside her arse but because of the stimulation on his prostate gland he remained rock hard. Several times I myself had got close to cumming up Caroline’s cunt but just at the vital moment I managed to stave it off by thinking of the furthest thing from sex I could think of. Now was time to claim his wife as my bitch for now and forever, so I pulled out of her cunt and demanded to know from Henry if I was to cum in his mouth or his wife’s cunt. Without thinking he said his wife’s cunt and I told him that if I did cum in her cunt then I would continue to do so for years to come and that I would be the only one that would be allowed to do so.

It was Caroline who answered for her husband when she said, most definitely!

So I re-inserted my cock into her cunt and rode her fast and hard until I declared that I was cumming, much to Henry’s panic for I told him that he would not be able to eat her cunt out for at least thirty minutes to give my spunk the chance to make sure my bitch was pregnant.

Karen gave me a sly smirk for only she and I knew that I had agreed to a vasectomy three years earlier and therefore could not make anyone pregnant. I made Henry count down the thirty minutes aloud while taking Karen’s rubber cock once more up his arse and watching his wife lovingly clean my cock with her mouth.

Only after the thirty minutes were up did I allow Caroline to sit on her husband’s face while he tongued her cunt and sucked my spunk from within that delectable horny opening. Karen whispered to me that she wanted to wank Henry’s cock and make him drink his own spunk too and I suggested that she combine it with a little of his wife’s piss to seal their new found position in our lives.

So the next time you and your partner decide to attend an adult swapper’s soiree, be careful because where it leads to you just never know!

Brigit Astar
12-12-2011, 07:40 PM
As you know, this is not my cup of tea-type story, but you are such a good writer that I can't resist reading the stories. Your description is so vivid and real, and your characters act and speak realistically

12-15-2011, 04:47 PM
Once more thank you Brigit for your very kind words, which coming from such a prolific author as yourself makes me feel very humble. May I take the opportunity to wish you and all the other members on here the very best of seasons greetings.

Just to let you know though, I am considering hanging up my pen as my health issues seem to be getting no better.

I am hoping to continue as an administrator on this site though.

Brigit Astar
12-16-2011, 04:27 PM
Here's hoping that you can continue writing. It would be a great loss if you have to "hang up your pen."

12-17-2011, 09:02 AM
It certainly would. Best health wishes for 2012..

12-17-2011, 01:37 PM
Many thanks to both of you and may next year bring you all your heart desires. So Merry Christmas and a happy and properous new year to one and all.