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01-07-2012, 04:13 PM
Emily rushed into the makeup trailer to deliver a package for Miss. M and some sweets from the cafe in the French Quarter. Knowing that some of the people on set had never been here. "Hello," Emily called out I brought you your package and some treats." Closing the to the trailer with her slim hip then walking to the makeup counter setting everything down. "Well thank you." A stern looking older woman replied as she applied makeup to a dark haired man. "You didn't have to bring me treats I don't bite. By the way that's the fastest I've gotten anything around here." Smiling at Emily as she turned looking into the bag of sweets. "Whats your name dear I'll have to have them send you around again." Emily smiled watching the woman then glanced in the mirror as she answered "I"m Emily Craven." Noticing the dark haired man was Johnny Depp she quickly looked back at Miss. M. "Well just holler and I'll come running all this week." The woman looked up as she nibbled on a sweet "OH my ...Johnny you must have one the these it's wonderful. Now young lady why just this week?" Emily shifted nervously then laughed lightly at the older woman. "Careful they are addictive. Oh I'm doing the mermaid thing at the Aquarium." Feeling Johnny watching her which made her even more nervous. "Well mmm...I need to be hopping along. Ya'll have a good day." Turning she meet Johnny's eyes for a moment then smiled as she hurried on out.

01-08-2012, 07:21 PM
open to what anyone wants to do...let have some fun :)