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01-08-2012, 08:52 AM
This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.

This is the second story I ever wrote. I wrote this due to my formally all consuming obsession with Jessica Alba so it's her version of Nancy in this story so I guess it means it's based on the movie. I hope you enjoy.

Nancy’s Bad Night in Sin City

Nancy was the best dancer the club had seen in years, and having grown up in “Sin City” she knew the
ends-n-outs better than almost anyone. After what had happened to her as a child, Nancy learned exactly what men were thinking when they looked at her. She had grown from a pretty, petit child into a knock-out, young woman. Nancy had golden, honey colored hair which stood out enticingly from her tan skin. She had dark, brown eyes that could go from wide eyed innocence to heavy lidded seduction in the span of a wink. Nancy’s lips were full and often described as “pillowie” which she would often paint a bright red. She had a tone dancer’s body with broad shoulders, firm, round breasts and a slim waist with a soft to the touch tummy. Nancy wasn’t overly tall but had toned, smooth legs that ran up to muscular thighs and a full, heavenly rounded ass.

Nancy knew her ass was her best feature with her lips coming in a close second. She would often wear chaps and a thong or bikini briefs during her shows to better accentuate her plump ass. Her favorite out-fit was a black, leather cowgirl outfit with a leather bra to cup and raise her breasts along with the chaps and thong then finish off with her favorite pair of cowboy boots. She knew that she was covered more in her cowgirl outfit than in a bikini, but Nancy sure knew how to work it. And Nancy worked it six days a week and twice on weekends.

Now Nancy stood back stage awaiting her turn to go on. She’d already made her marks, 4 twenty-something’s that were probably out slummin’ it from their collage. The last of the early evening dancers jiggled off stage past Nancy with her obviously fake tits gleaming with sweat and body glitter. It was easy to spot the afternoon and evening shift girls, fake tits, fake lips, and a ton of make-up trying to hide the effects of aging. The dancer edged past Nancy, her large and heavy breasts rubbing against Nancy’s chest and arm. Nancy could feel the heat from the dancer’s bare breasts swim up her arm and across her tits as she took a deep breath that pushed her tits to nearly fall out of her bra and stepped out onto the stage.

The stage was completely dark in the middle of the bar as Nancy heard the D.J. announce her. Cheers and applause spread out around the bar as the lights slowly turned up and the music started. Nancy started to slowly rotate her hips, giving a little pop at the end of each movement that caused her tits and ass to jiggle. Then Nancy began to slowly sway her arms around to make it look like her golden tits were about to spill free. As the music picked up Nancy began to slowly thrust her pelvis in and out, pushing out her groin and causing her ass to clench and relax. The stage light highlighted Nancy’s exposed flesh and shined on the curves of her swaying tits, smooth thighs and rounded ass cheeks.

Nancy spun around to the middle of the stage and ended the move with her back arched causing her jiggling breasts and tight ass to both be pushed out. The lights sparkled across her tan and exposed flesh as she froze in place for a moment. Nancy spotted her 4 marks sitting at the edge of the stage and sauntered over. Nancy reached behind her back, further causing her tan tits to push out, and grasped the clasp of her bra. Unhooking the bra Nancy quickly grabbed the cups, smashing her tits together and creating a valley of deep cleavage. Nancy gave a heavy lidded stare at the 4 boys and slowly peeled down the bra, slowly revealing inch after inch of heavenly flesh. Just as the bra was low enough to expose her erect nipples Nancy dropped the bra and quickly spun around facing away from the 4 boys.

Nancy raised her arms above her head s the boys watched, stretching out her exposed back to the boys. Now the 4 boys had a unobstructed view of Nancy from her shoulders and following her long blond hair, down the slope of her spine to where her thong cut just above her jiggling ass cheeks. Nancy started to gyrate her ass slowly, pushing her exposed cheeks to just inches from the 4 boys’ shocked faces. Nancy crossed her arms across her naked chest covering her erect nipples and pushing her tit flesh together and up to create another valley of cleavage.

Nancy spun slowly around to face the young boys, all the while continuing to gyrate her hips and now pushing out her barely covered groin. The boys all had fisted bills in their sweaty hands, ready to pay Nancy for the opportunity to see her exposed tits. The boys all threw their money onto the stage as Nancy slowly leaned forward raising her arms and pushing her breasts even further up. Slowly Nancy started to lower her arms and uncover more and more of the tan flesh of her tits. Using her hands to cover her nipples and feeling the hard little nubs digging into her palms, Nancy released her grip and her tits were unleashed like a wave. The boys immediately began yelling and cheering at the sight of Nancy’s now exposed and jiggling mams.

Nancy gave a seductive smile as she leaned forward even more, swinging her naked tits just inches from the boy’s faces. The boys immediately quieted and stared in a hypnotic trance at the sight of Nancy’s swinging, glistening breasts. As one of the boys slowly raised his hand to grasp one of Nancy’s jiggling jugs, she took a practiced step back and caused her tits to sway even more dramatically back and forth. Now out of the boys reach and where more of the audience could see her, Nancy danced back and forth across the stage, inspiring more customers to throw their money for the chance at a closer look at the topless stripper.

Nancy continued around the stage making sure everyone close enough got a good eyeful of her sweat glistening breasts until she made her way back around the four boys. Nancy slid slowly to her knees at the edge of the stage and sat straight up and spread her knees wide. The boys were suddenly silent again as Nancy started to slowly rotate her hips and push her groin closer to their faces. Nancy’s barely covered pussy was just a few inches from the boys as she began to slowly undulate her body. Her breasts pointing towards the ceiling as she leaned back and began to slowly thrust her hot cunt back and forth, and grinned at the looks on the boys’ faces.

The boys’ just gasped at what they saw, this gorgeous, topless stripper thrusting her pussy at them like she was riding a cock. The stage lights highlighted the sweat running down her spread thighs, smooth stomach and firm tits. And her nipples were rock hard, she was into it! The stripper kept throwing her hot cunt right at their faces and now she was sliding her hand all over her body. Next the stripper was palming one of her firm titties while the other hand was running down to her crotch. This bitch was so hot!

With a sudden twist Nancy was on her stomach and shoving her plump ass back at the boys, her tits and her nipples rubbing against the floor. And suddenly, just as the song was about to end, Nancy thrust her round ass back at the boys one last time and raised up causing both her tits and ass to jiggle just as the song ended. The entire bar erupted in applause and every customer around the stage began throwing their money at the topless, sweating Nancy. Nancy’s chest heaved with exertion, her glistening breasts rising and falling as sweat poured down her body. Sweat dripped off of Nancy’s hard nipples as she moved over towards the boys, grabbed one of them and shoved him into the valley of her meaty tits.

The boy was in heaven in the strippers cleavage and as she released him he chanced licking at one of her salty nipples. It took less than a second for his tongue to trace the ripe nipple and feel the bumps and ridges from the light pink areola all the way to the tip as he was released. He’d probably get his ass kicked by the bouncer but it was totally worth it. But nothing happened! The dancer just sat back up, gave him a wink and crawled off the stage. Crawled! Sweat trailing down her rounded ass cheeks and dripping of her swaying tits. She was crawling off like a fucking cat! The boys had the best view of her naked ass cheeks and her thong covered cunt as she made her way off stage.

The boys all spent the next twenty minutes at the stage, not because of the next few dancers but because note of them could hide their raging hard-ons. So the boys drank, watched a couple of more strippers and drank some more. As one of the boys was telling the others about licking the stripper’s nipple, the other boys fell silent as the first boy felt two warm and soft mounds press into the back of his head. Turning around quickly the boy was greeted by the sight of black leather encased cleavage.

“Evenin’ boys. I’m Nancy and I thought you boys could use some company. You don’t min do ya?” Nancy said climbing into the boy’s lap.

The boy couldn’t speak as Nancy settled into his lap. The only thing going through his mind was his throbbing erection pressing against Nancy’s golden ass cheeks.

Nancy put her arm around the boy’s shoulder, making sure her tits were pressing into his chest, “So what’s your names?”

Nancy began nuzzling the boy’s ear and neck, making sure to press her warm breasts up and down his chest as one of the boys answered, “Um, will. I’m Bruce, this is Clark, and this is Tony.”

“And how ‘bout you sugar? What’s your name?” Nancy whispered into the boy’s ear.

“P… P… Peter, ma’am.”

Nancy smiled at the boy’s nervousness and began to grind her firm ass into Peter’s hard-on. “You boys care for a private dance?”

The boys nearly shouted in unison, “Hell Yes!”, except form Peter who could only moan as Nancy continued to rub her ass and breasts against his body.

“It’ll be $50 for 2 songs.” Nancy whispered into Peter’s ear but loud enough for everybody to hear, “… and everything shows. Everything.” Nancy grinned.

The three unoccupied boys immediately began throwing their cash together.

“Sorry honeys. That’s 50 bucks per person.”

All the boys just stared at Nancy with slack jawed shock as Nancy continued to rub and nuzzle against Peter’s body, “Aw Peter. Your friends look all broken hearted. Should I give your friends a hand?” Nancy said as she trailed a hand down Peter’s chest, down their bodies and brushed against his hard-on.

Peter couldn’t speak as Nancy gave his hard-on a firm squeeze as one of the others answered, “We’ve got $200 right here.” And held out the wadded bills.

Nancy unwound herself from Peter’s body and grabbed the cash. Standing in front of the boys she rolled the money up and pressed it to her lips and then rolled it slowly down her body. First she rolled the bills across her breasts, giving a soft moan as they crossed her nipples and then down and across her body. Next she hooked her free hand into her thong pulling it away from her body and rolled the money down into the front next to her hidden pussy.

Nancy winked at the boys and then led them through the bar and into one of the darkly lit back rooms. As the boys situated themselves around the room Nancy closed the door. Nancy turned back around and saw all the boys sitting in chairs, all with erections trying to force themselves out of their pants.

Nancy smirked when Peter finally spoke, “H… how much for a l… lap dance?”

“Lap dances are 75 dollars sweetie.”

“And does… you know… ‘Everything’ show?”

Nancy grinned, “It sure does sugar.”

Peter smiled as he said, “I’ll take a lap dance then.”

“And are your friends gonna watch?”

“I don’t really care what they do.” Peter grinned at his friends.

Nancy gave a devilish grin as she stared around the room and then back at Peter, “I’m game honey.”

The boys all groaned except for Peter who had the biggest shit-eatin’ grin on his face. And then Nancy did something that shocked all of them back into silence.

With a practiced ease and speed Nancy unclasped her bra and once again freed her firm breasts. Nancy’s pink nipples still stood hard and the flesh of her tits still glimmered with sweat and body glitter. Next Nancy hooked her thumbs into her tiny black thong, catching the hidden clasps, she then slowly pulled the tiny bit of fabric and peeled the material out of the crack of her golden ass. Now Nancy stood in front of the four boys wearing only her black chaps and cowboy boots.

The boys couldn’t even breath much less speak, but after several minutes they all slowly exhaled, “Daammnn…” quietly under their breath. Here was the hottest stripper, almost completely naked right in front of them. The stripper’s tan tits stood out firm and proud, topped with hard pink nipples that rose and fell with each breath. The boys’ eyes trailed down the stripper’s body as she slowly turned around and gave the boys a eyeful of her thick, round ass. Each boy was transfixed as each ass cheek rocked back and forth as the stripper continued to turn around until she exposed her bald pussy. The stripper’s pussy was a tight slit in-between two plump and moist lips which glistened and shone with sweat.

Nancy only exposed her pussy for a brief moment before mounting Peter and straddling his lap. Nancy nearly broke out laughing as Peter moaned as she felt his cock lurch when her warm vagina made contact with his lap. Nancy simply sat still as Peter began squirming in his seat, trying to thrust his cloth encased cock into her exposed cunt. Peter even began whimpering with each thrust as Nancy softly grasped his shoulder and peered into his eyes. Peter’s eyes fluttered back and forth between Nancy’s eyes and her tan tits as he continued to hump her lake a horny puppy.

Nancy began thrusting herself against Peter’s lap and leaned forward, crushing her firm tits hard against his chest, making sure he could feel her erect nipples through the fabric of his shirt. Peter raised his hands up and tried to grasp Nancy’s naked tits, feeling the silky flesh of her orbs before she grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands away. “That’ll cost extra, darlin’.”

“Really?”, Peter beamed up at Nancy.

“Really. It’ll be twenty dollars.”

Peter squirmed around, thrusting his cock up against Nancy’s cunt for good measure, as he reached for his wallet. Peter threw 20 dollars at Nancy and then grabbed onto her golden orbs.

Nancy grabbed his wrist again as she breathed into his ear, “Twenty dollars each honey. Twenty dollars apiece.”

Peter threw another 20 dollars at Nancy before latching onto Nancy’s tits. Peter kneaded and molded the fleshy orbs, squeezing the meaty breasts until her golden flesh oozed between his fingers and her nipples ground into his palms. Even as Peter mauled Nancy’s tits he continued humping up against her exposed pussy and moaning deep in the back of his throat.

Nancy started to moan in time to Peter’s thrusts, not in any actual sexual thrill but it helped to turn him on even more. Peter tried to bring one of Nancy’s warm tits to his mouth and Nancy grabbed his head, “Sorry… honey. (Mmmm)… that’s ten…(ohyes) dollars more… a piece.”

Having run out of cash Peter threw his credit card at Nancy before plunging Nancy’s nipple into his mouth and mumbling “whatever” around the warm meat.

Peter sucked and chewed on Nancy’s naked tits, covering the warm flesh with saliva as Nancy continued to grind herself against his throbbing cock. He couldn’t believe this was happening. And the music hadn’t even started yet!

As Peter continued to suck and molest the stripper’s tits the other boys stared at her thrusting ass. As the stripper thrust against Peter’s lap the boys gasped as her thick ass cheeks clinched, and then as she rubbed herself backwards her ass would rise just enough to see the slit of her cunt and her tiny puckered asshole. The boys could only sit in stunned silence as the hottest stripper they had ever seen rubbed her naked pussy against their friend over and over again.

Finally Bruce walked towards the stripper slowly humping his friend, “How much to touch the rest of you?”

Nancy looked away from Peter as he continued to suck and molest her tits and towards Bruce, “Ohh…” she purred, “Oh… (yes) 50 dollars for my back and (yes baby, yes) ass.”

“And your, um, breasts?” Tony gulped.

“Oh yes baby, (suck my titties) umm… It’s still 40 dollars for my chest and… (Oh Peter baby yes), and 50 for y back and ass. I’ll… (Oh god Peter) throw my legs in for free.

Bruce and Clark each threw the last of their cash at the stripper as Tony placed his credit card next to Peter’s. Now all four boys were fondling the hot stripper. Peter mumbled around the tit flesh in his face that he wanted a feel of her ass as the stripper pulled back a little bit to give all the boys a chance to grope her body. Now all the boys’ hands were filled with warm, firm, tan and silky flesh. No inch of the stripper’s body was off limits. Hands gripped and groped her tits, ass, back, legs and thighs. Fingers trailed past her plump lips down her neck, across her chest and tits and after toying with her nipples, down her sides and back as well as her thick ass, up her calves to her hips and into the moist heat of her inner thighs.

Peter ran his hands down Nancy’s back to her clutching ass cheeks and then in-between the golden globes to her tiny little ass hole and the beginning of her hot slit. Peter collected a bit of the dew in-between Nancy’s thighs and began using it to roll around her anus.

Nancy stopped her gyrations and spoke breathlessly, “Uh uh honey. Nothing goes anywhere unless you pay first.”

Peter nearly choked on the tit in his mouth at Nancy’s revelation. “Wha… what’d you say?”

“It’s called the V.I.P. room for a reason sugar?” Nancy said as she reached between them and grabbed Peter’s hard cock through the material of his pants and have a hard squeeze. “And I…” squeeze, “want you to…” squeeze, “feel very…” rub, “important.” She whispered into her ear loud enough for the rest to hear.

One of the boys behind Nancy stammered, “How… how much?”

Nancy cradled Peter’s face to her breasts and began to slowly dry hump him again and caused the young boy to moan out loud before she answered. “(Oh god baby)… a hundred for my mouth…” thrust, “two hundred for between my legs… (does that feel good baby?)” grind, “And… (yeah baby, yeah) three hundred for behind me.”

“DONE!” Peter yelled before plunging his hands between his body and the strippers and began taking down his pants. Peter didn’t even try to unbuckle or unsnap his pants, he just began yanking them down, aching to bury his cock into Nancy’s cunt.

“Hold on sugar.” Nancy grinned to Peter. Nancy then unbuckled Peter’s belt and then unsnapped his pants and pulled down his zipper. Next she stood up and grasped the material of his pants and underwear, pulling them down to below his knees and releasing Peter’s aching cock.

Nancy grabbed the boy’s swollen dick, feeling his pulse racing inside the throbbing member. Once again Nancy straddled the boy and began lowering herself onto Peter’s erect dick, moaning in the back of her throat as the head touched her swollen and moist vaginal lips. Nancy was feeling a little excited, not so much with the idea of sex with this boy but of how much the boy wanted her. Slowly she lowered herself as the velvet cock head of the prick spread her sticky lips apart and began entering her tight, wet hole.

Peter moaned as he slowly entered Nancy and she slowly joined his moaning as the thick, hard cock penetrated her and stretching the hot silky wall of her pussy.

Nancy finally bottomed out, feeling every inch of Peters cock inside of her and his cum filled balls pressing against the underside of her ass. Suddenly Peter began humping himself inside of her, throwing the stripper up and down and causing her tits and ass to jiggle with each quick thrust. Peter gave no thought other then thrusting himself in and out of Nancy’s hot cunt as quickly as possible. Like a quick-fire piston Peter hammered himself again and again as hard as possible, only wanting to use the strippers sweat slick body to cum. Peter’s cock and balls ached with the need to relive himself deep inside of the strippers wet quim.

Nancy grabbed hold of Peter’s body to keep herself from being bucked off oh his naked lap. Short gasps of air was all she could manage as he jack-hammered himself into her. Nancy’s clit flared as the friction built in her cunt, causing juices to seep out and cover Peter’s balls and pool on the chair underneath them.

“I… I want a shot at her mouth.” Bruce creaked, just throwing his wallet on top of the pile of money and credit cards.

Clark came up behind the thrusting couple, “And I just gotta get inside your ass.”

Nancy used her legs to squeeze Peter’s hips and caused him to slow his thrusts so she could talk, “Well boys. I don’t know if I have that kind of time.”

Bruce and Clark moaned in disappointment.

“I suppose I could give you a discount if you all wanna got at once.”

Bruce and Clark yelled out in unison, “Anything!”

Nancy grabbed Peter’s head and lifted his gaze from her jiggling tits to her eyes, “Is that okay with you sweetie?”

Peter just looked back down to Nancy’s swaying tits, “Whatever.” Before burying his face into her chest and returned to sucking on her firm tits.

Nancy braced herself and thrust her ass backwards, exposing Peter’s cock buried balls deep inside of her dripping cunt as well as her puckered little asshole. She looked behind her at Clark as he began ripping down his pants, “Under that chair over there is some lube honey.”

Clark was gone and back in a flash, now naked from the waist down with his hard cock shiny and dripping with lube. He shuffled up behind Nancy and placed the velvet head of his throbbing cock against the stripper’s tiny asshole.

Nancy gasped as Clark’s cock made its first contact, “Easy honey. Take it slow.”

Clark just grunted in reply as he slowly started to penetrate Nancy. The hot, puckered hole slowly stretched open as his cock slid forward. With a small thrust Clark popped his cock head inside of the stripper’s ass and continued to push forward. The stripper’s ass gripped and pulled Clark’s throbbing dick, drawing it deeper inside of her body as Clark gripped her hips. Inch after inch of steel hard cock entered Nancy’s ass until Clark felt his groin pressing against Nancy’s hot ass cheeks and grunted in triumph.

Nancy moaned and motioned for the boys to remain still while she got used to the feeling of her cunt and ass filled with hot, throbbing cock, “You boys take it easy for a minute. (oh my god) Let me get it started.”

“Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod…” the boys began chanting as Nancy began rolling her hips forward and back, creating a rhythm between the two young pricks inside of her. With a practiced roll forward Nancy filled her cunt with Peter’s cock causing Clark’s cock to pull partway out of her gripping ass. Just as Clark’s cock felt like it would fall out Nancy rolled her hips back and caused the escaping dick to slid back into her ass and causing Peter’s cock to begin sliding out of her wet cut.

Nancy continued rolling her hips back and forth, riding both cocks throbbing inside of her. Nancy felt both of the boys begin to match her pace, as the cock below her began filling her pussy the cock buried in her ass began pulling out like a piston. For the next few minutes Nancy was battered between the two boys, fucked in her cunt and ass and ridden hard all for their lusts. The boys picked up the rhythm on their own, penetrating Nancy again and again deep into her tan and sweaty body. Nancy’s breaths came in sharp moans as she rode Peter’s cock up and down while her thick, round ass was pounded hard by Clark.

With no warning Bruce appeared next to Nancy’s face with his naked cock pulsing in his hand. Nancy looked at Bruce’s naked cock next to her face and then up at the boy holding it. The boy’s eyes were open wide and his mouth was hanging open. It was the face of despite need and uncontrolled lust and Nancy smiled at the thought that she was the cause of it. Nancy opened her mouth wide and stuck out her long wet tongue, inviting the third cock to enter her.

Bruce thrust his pelvis forward, aiming for Nancy’s mouth but missing because of her body bobbing up and down. Bruce’s cock slid over her pink tongue, across her ruby lips and along Nancy’s silky cheek. Nancy’s head continued bucking up and down as Peter and Clark continued fucking hard into her cunt and ass, causing Bruce’s cock to slid over her sweat drenched face. As Bruce slid his cock across Nancy’s face he began whimpering in need, the over whelming need to slide his cock across this strippers lips and past her tongue and down her throat.

With a almost electric shock Bruce grunted as his cock came into contact with Nancy’s outstretched tongue and Nancy immediately snapped her thick lips around his cock. With a quick thrust Bruce plunged his aching cock past Nancy’s strawberry red lips and into the wet heat of her mouth and throat. Nancy’s eyes shot wide open at the sudden intrusion of Bruce’s throbbing cock into her throat. Bruce didn’t pay any attention to Nancy as she began choking on his dick, he just began pulling his cock out and plunging it back in.

Nancy’s every hole was filled with cock and she made sure to pay attention to each one as they fucked in and out of her willing body. Bruce’s cock in her mouth , sliding in and out of her face as his balls slapped against her chin. Peter’s cock buried balls deep inside of her dripping pussy. Clark’s glistening cock as it thrust in and out of her tight little asshole. All this thick, hard cock and all for her.

Nancy grunted as Bruce grabbed two hand-fulls of her hair to steady himself as he face fucked her. Nancy’s nose tickled as Bruce’s pubic hair brushed her nose and he slid his cock in and out of her drooling mouth. Nancy’s clit burned with electric fire as Peter continued his relentless fucking. The boy’s cock ramming in and out of her cunt was causing Nancy’s juices to drip down their thighs and cover Peter’s lap and cum filled balls. Nancy’s pink asshole was stretched tight as Clark filled her ass again and again with his well lubed dick. Clark had a grip on each of Nancy’s ass cheeks and was rolling the thick flesh around like he was kneading dough.

Peter had a hold of the stripper’s hips and slowly began sliding his hands around to feel her golden ass. Before even going a couple of inches he met Clark’s hands. Peter pulled his head away from Nancy’s jiggling tits and yelled, “I need in your ass! Please, god! I just gotta fuck your ass!”.

Nancy pulled Bruce’s cock from her mouth, “I’m afraid… (groan)… My ass is… (oh god).. kinda full right… (yesyesyes)… now honey.”

Clark slowed his fucking of Nancy’s ass, “I’ll switch. No prob.”

Bruce chimed in, “I’m fine with your mouth.”

Nancy caught Tony’s eye, “What bout you sugar? How do you want me?”

Tony stared in desperate need at Nancy, “I’m… I’m outta money.”

Nancy grinned, “Well boys. You feel like using your discount so I can give your friend a hand?”

“Don’t care.”


“I just want in your ass!”
“Thank your friends honey.” Nancy grinned, “Let me get us all arranged first.”

Bruce ran his cock across Nancy’s face, causing the stripper to giggle, as he stepped back to let Clark pull slowly out of her ass. Inch after inch of Clark’s cock pulled out of Nancy before his cock head was released with a small popping sound. Peter helped Nancy stand up by grabbing a sweat slick tit in each of his hands and pushing her up. Nancy’s cunt slid slowly up from Peter’s cock, releasing her hot juices to slid down his steel hard rod and her own golden thighs.

Nancy took a few shuffling steps, turning herself around and presenting her glistening ass to Peter. Peter immediately grabbed a ass cheek in each hand and thrust his face in between Nancy’s golden globes. Nancy shuddered and moaned as Peter began running his tongue between her cheeks and thrusting it into her well fucked asshole. Peter began kissing and licking across each ass cheek and Nancy giggled as she slowly lowered herself down to his lap and throbbing dick.

Peter began chanting, “Ohgoddamnohgoddamnohgoddamn…” as the head of his dick made contact with Nancy’s puckered asshole. Slowly Nancy’s ass stretched open to allow Peter’s cock into her hot body. The tight tube of Nancy’s ass slowly swallowed inch after inch of Peter’s cock, her ass opening to grip and pull in the boy’s dick. Nancy held her breath as the boy’s cock entered her and finally exhaled as her firm ass cheeks slid down to Peter’s lap.

Clark immediately stepped forward and positioned his dick at the entrance to Nancy’s drooling pussy. Nancy grunted and began moaning as Clark entered her, his ridged tool pressing into the liquid heat of her tight pussy. Nancy was so wet that Clark had no problems pressing himself deep into her willing body. When Clark had nearly entered Nancy completely he gave a quick little thrust to bury himself to the hilt. Nancy gave out a squeak of shock as Clark’s groin pressed firmly against her wet swollen labia and his pubic hair matted against her enflamed clit.

Nancy took a moment to become accustomed to having both her holes filled completely once again with the boys throbbing cocks. Nancy then motioned for Bruce to stand next to her. Nancy took a few deep breaths that caused her shiny tits to stand out and rise high on her chest and then nodded at Bruce.

In a instant Bruce thrust his cock back into Nancy’s open mouth, pushing across her glistening scarlet lips and past her warm pink tongue and into her throat. Just as Bruce’s cum filled balls made contact with Nancy’s cheek he pulled his dick part way out before ramming back into her mouth. With one hand Bruce grabbed a fist full of silky blonde hair and his other hand grabbed a firm glistening tit and began jack hammering away into the stripper’s face. Bruce leaned his head back and moaned before returning his eyes down to stare at Nancy’s face, her big beautiful eyes staring back at him, her cheeks as they hollowed as she sucked hard at his prick and her thick red lips stretched out around his thrusting cock.

Peter sat below Nancy and gripped her hips as he jack-hammered into her tight, clutching ass. The stripper’s ass wasn’t as wet as her cunt but it was so much tighter that it was nearly hurting. Peter raised one hand up to grip Nancy’s one free tit as his other hand swam over one of her jiggling ass cheeks. With his better grip on Nancy’s hard fucked body Peter plunged his cock up into her as even faster, despite to cum.

Clark had a good grip on Nancy’s hips as he pounded into her. The rhythm he and peter had been using didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered was that he cum. All that mattered was using this stripper’s hot pussy to het himself off. The only thing that mattered to Clark was gripping Nancy’s firm and tan thighs, spreading them as far as they would got and burying himself to the hilt inside of her and filling her up with his thick seed.

Tony shuffled meekly towards the writhing bodies and naked, rutting flesh of his friends and the hot stripper. Tony had his cock hanging out of his pants and it bobbed up and down as he make his way over to the fucking stripper. Nancy had one hand wrapped around the base of Bruce’s cock and the other hand resting on Clark’s shoulder. Tony took the hand on Tony’s shoulder and slowly pulled it to his aching prick. When the hand reached his cock, Nancy slowly grasped it’s middle. Tony watched Nancy’s eyes pop wide open as he started to slowly jack himself off using her hand.

Nancy’s eyes had popped open because she couldn’t believe it when Tony had wrapped her hand around his dick, it was a fucking log! Nancy couldn’t see Tony’s dick since her face was blocked by Bruce’s groin as he face-fucked her, but she couldn’t even fit her hand around it. She was amazed at the huge tube of flesh throbbing in her hand, she hadn’t felt a prick that large since she had “thanked” Marv for helping her out one time.

Nancy decided it was time to end the boys’ little “fuck-fest”, she did have a job to get back to after all. Nancy slipped her hand from around the base of Bruce’s cock and slid it down and began massaging his cum filled balls. She began thrusting her hips up and down to meet Peter and Clark’s positioning cocks, squeezing down on their pricks with her well fucked ass and pussy. The she brought Tony’s huge member to one of her tits causing whichever boy was squeezing it to release his grip. Nancy began rubbing Tony’s huge cock all over her sweat slick tits and across her hard nipples.

The boys could all feel themselves about ready to cum. The feel of the stripper gripping and massaging their aching tools was just too much. Peter was the first to go, gripping her hips and keeping his cock planted as deep as possible in her tight ass. With one last thrust up he came, filling the stripper’s ass with cum and nearly screaming out loud. Bruce came next, gripping both sides of her head as he buried him cock balls deep in her mouth and throat. Bruce could feel the stripper’s throat grip and release as the she struggled to swallow all of his cum. Clark came as he held her thighs wide open and drilled in between her legs, trying to flood her wet pussy with his seed. Clark continued to cum inside of the stripper’s pussy a couple of more times before letting his spent cock spill out of the stripper’s cunt.

Nancy used the log poking out of Tony’s pants to pull him to her front and wrapped her tender breasts around the hard dick. Tony began humping like a jack-rabbit and making pitiful moaning noises in the back of his throat. Nancy stared up at Tony as he came between her tits and smiled from ear to ear as his eyes began to tear up. Nancy felt almost sorry for the boy as his hot cum landed on her face and breasts.

Tony stared down at Nancy and gave her a shy, embarrassed smile before stuffing his meaty cock back into his pants and shuffling away. Nancy slowly lifted herself off of Peter’s spent prick and cum flowed out of her pussy and ass, down the insides of her thighs and slowly dripped down to the floor. Nancy saw all the boys except Tony staring expectantly at her. She gave the boys a big, dopy grin as she used a towel and water to clean all the cum from her body, chaps and boots. Nancy walked up to each boy, her tits and ass jiggling, and kissed each on and whispered a thank you into each of their ears. Each boy told her she was welcome, thinking that they had gotten her off. Except Tony who simply stared at his feet and mumbled.

Nancy took the boys’ money and credit cards after getting dressed and pocketed the cash and ran the cards. She walked the boys to the back exit and returned all their wallets and cards. As each boy left she snuggled against them, pushing her warm body against each on in turn. She cupped each of their groins as she kissed them deeply one at a time. Her pink tongue caressing the insides of their mouths before whispering to each one a thank you.

Each boy blushed as they left, except for Tony who just walked away into the dark. Nancy took a certain pride in herself as the boys walked away. She had played each of them and they had left completely satisfied, except for maybe Tony. Nancy felt a little sorry for him, but with a swing cock like that she might just jump him if she met him away from work. And speaking of work Nancy had just enough time to get cleaned up a little more before her next performance.

Nancy’s next performance was nothing spectacular, except for the fact she was so turned on she was nearly dripping all over the stage and constantly grinding her over heated groin against the stripper pole. Nancy hadn’t cum while she was fucking and sucking off the boys but now she was getting hornier and hornier as the night went on. Nancy knew that she should have enough money from tips and her little orgy with the boys that she had her rent and bills covered for the next month, but she was just so fucking horny right now.

Not even a half hour had passed before Nancy found herself on her knees in the back room sucking off a client. He was a portly guy, just over middle aged and Nancy had tried to get him to pay to fuck her but he swore he didn’t have enough money. Nancy had even tried to give him a discount but he still wouldn’t go for it so she had to settle for giving him a half priced blow job instead.

The man was sweating profusely as he stood with his hands at his sides, letting Nancy do all the work. Nancy gripped his shaft with one hand as her other hand tickled his hairy sack. Nancy worked over the shaft slowly, her lips covering it in warm saliva and her tongue tracing up and down the large vein underneath. When Nancy slid the cock most of the way out, leaving only the head in her wet mouth, her tongue would slid over the thick nugget of skin beneath and slowly trace around the spongy head. Nancy began humming low in her throat, causing vibration to trace across the hard tub of meat in her mouth. When Nancy looked up at the man, her eyes wide and full of innocent lust, the man came. Nancy sucked greedily, like a thirst woman lost in the desert, as warm semen flooded her mouth and slid thickly down her throat and filled her stomach.

The man’s spent cock slid from between Nancy’s full lips and the man tucked himself away, thanked Nancy and simply walked off. Nancy wasn’t the least bit attracted to the overweight man but she had love the feel of his meat in her mouth. Nancy returned to the stage and spent almost the whole time simply rubbing her body against the stripper’s pole. Nancy would wrapped her tits around the pole and rubbed herself up and down. Nancy grinded the pole between her tan thighs and as well as her aching clit. She would also back into the pole and rub up and down against her thong and asshole.

After her dance Nancy once again found herself on her hands and knees in the back room but this time her client was a woman. The woman was in her early thirties, her hair pulled back in a tight bun, horn rimmed glasses and a smart business suit with a tight skirt that came to just above her knees and a white blouse stretched tightly across her chest. The woman had her legs spread as much as possible, allowing Nancy in between them to crawl between her thighs.

Nancy’s naked breast pressed against the woman’s highly stretched shirt and jacket and she could feel the woman’s hard nipples pressed against her breasts. Nancy rubbed her tits against the woman’s and could feel that the woman’s tits were much larger and softer than hers. Nancy leaned forward, pressing her whole body against the woman, and deeply kissed her. Nancy’s full lips pressed against her clients and her warm, pink tongue darted into the woman’s mouth and caressed the woman’s tongue. Nancy shifted her face to the side and began nuzzling the woman’s neck and both women were moaning softly in desire.

Nancy softly kissed down the woman’s neck to the top of the woman’s sharply pressed shirt. Nancy slowly unbuttoned the woman’s shirt, exposing her large breasts. The woman’s breasts were huge, each tit easily the size of Nancy’s head. Nancy spread open the woman’s shirt and bent into the pale cleavage of her fat tits. Nancy nuzzled and nibbled the white orbs and reached up with her hands to massage the fleshy orbs and traced her thumbs across the material of the woman’s bra.

The woman reached up with her hands to press Nancy’s face deeper into her cleavage as she chanted “ohyesyesyesyesyes…” over and over again.

Nancy made her way down the woman’s panting body to the top of her tight skirt. Nancy released the woman’s quivering tits and used her hands to slide the woman’s skirt up her thighs. When her skirt reached to the top of the woman’s thighs she lifted her ass up and allowed Nancy to push it underneath her squirming body. With the woman’s panty covered pussy exposed Nancy bent down and placed a small kiss on each of the woman’s knees. Nancy slowly kissed her way up each of the woman’s quivering thighs. When Nancy reached the juncture between the woman’s legs she could feel the heat coming from the woman’s pussy.

Nancy gave a small peck on the woman’s panties before peeling down the sopping wet material. The woman’s pussy was trimmed neatly down and glistening with her sticky juices. Nancy gave a small kiss to each of the woman’s swollen lips before nuzzling in between them. Nancy traced her tongue around the woman’s pussy, flicking her tongue across the woman’s erect clit. Nancy reached between her own legs and began to massage her dripping pussy. She couldn’t just concentrate on one part, her whole cunt needed attention and she just began massaging the burning ache between her legs.

Nancy’s nuzzling of the woman’s now gushing cunt quickly became a hard tongue fucking. Nancy mashed and bit and nibbled at the woman’s groin as her long, wet tongue plunged deeply in and out of her client’s dripping hole. The woman’s whole body bucked and jerked as Nancy continued to forcefully eat her out. Nancy looked up at the woman with defiance, almost like she was daring the woman not to cum all over her face.
The woman grabbed fist fulls of Nancy’s hair and pulled the stripper deeper in between her legs as she shouted, “I’m cumming you little whore! Eat it! Eat it! I’m fucking cumming!”

The woman gushed her juices into Nancy’s mouth and covered her face with cum. The woman looked down sheepishly at Nancy, “I’m… I’m sorry. I just… just got carried away.”

Nancy smiled sexily up from in between the woman’s legs, “That’s o.k. baby. It just means I did a good job and that you enjoyed yourself.”

The woman stood up and looked away in embarrassment as she started quickly straightening out her clothes, “Yes. Yes. You were fantastic. I… I should really get home to my… my husband.”

Nancy leaned back to recline on the floor exposing her naked breasts as she spread her legs wide open. Her glistening pussy lips spread open a crack and a thin stream of juice leaked out and trailed down her compacted ass cheeks to puddle on the floor. “I don’t suppose you want to return the favor?” Nancy grinned as she stroked her aching, drooling pussy.

The woman looked at Nancy in shock, “I… I can’t. It wouldn’t be proper.” and quickly walked out.

Nancy looked at the empty door way in open mouthed despair before sliding three fingers knuckle deep into her gushing cunt. Nancy closed her eyes and tilted her head back as her fingers quickly found her g-spot and her thumb started sliding over her burning clit. It only took a few seconds and thrusts before Nancy felt the familiar throbbing as she was about to finally cum.

“Excuse me. Is this where…”

Nancy’s eyes quickly shot open. In the open doorway was a short, fat, sweaty little troll of a man holding a wallet.

Leaping off the floor Nancy ran to the man and embraced him. He was barely above chest high to her and she shoved his face in between her aching breasts while she wrapped one leg around him and began humping his leg like a dog in heat.

“Fifty dollars to fuck me! Anyway you want!” Nancy nearly screamed.

The man mumbled something Nancy couldn’t understand into her chest but she definitely felt him nod his head vigorously between her sweaty tits.

Nancy pulled back from the man and then quickly leaned down, shoving her tongue into his mouth and moaning loudly with joy. Nancy continued to hump the man’s leg as she felt him reach around her to forcefully grab her thick ass cheeks.

The man pulled away from Nancy’s tongue rape of his mouth, “Any… any way I w, w, want?”

Nancy grinned down at the man, “In my ass. Right sugar?”

“Y… yes. And could you, um… call me… daddy?”

Nancy ran to the middle of the floor, jumped down onto all fours and displayed her golden ass cheeks and tiny, puckered asshole to the man. Nancy looked over her shoulder at the man, “Please. Please fuck my tiny asshole daddy. Pleeeesssse. Pretty please fuck my asshole.”

Nancy watched the man shuffling towards her before she turned her head back around to wait. She smiled as she felt the man grasp her hips and heard him climb down to his knees and purred when she felt a warm pressure on her puckered ass. “Yes Daddy! Fuck your little girl! Fuck your little girl’s tiny asshole! Let me feel my Daddy’s cock! Fill me with your cum Daddy!”
The man sputtered out, “Here it comes darlin’. Here comes your Daddy to show you how much he loves his little girl. I’m gonna fuck your ass baby. Your Daddy’s gonna fuck his little baby girl’s ass!”

Nancy gasped as the man thrust himself into her body and began to moan, but quickly gasped out in disappointment. The man was behind her, thrusting into her ass and she could fell his sweaty, hairy thighs pushing back and forth across her ass but could barely feel his tiny cock pushing in and out of her ass.

Nancy cried out in frustration at the lack of friction but began chanting “Oh Daddy…” every once in a while just to excite him. It wasn’t fair! She needed to cum! She needed a cock, a finger, anything, anything she could find to make her cum! The need had built up so much in her body and mind that she could only cry out in desperation as she was fucked by this tiny, little prick.

With a final thrust the man buried his tiny prick into Nancy’s ass, filling her with cum. “Yeah baby! Take your Daddy’s cum.”

Nancy turned around to look at the man as he collapsed behind her. “Oh thank you Daddy. It felt so good to be fucked by my Daddy’s big dick.”

The man looked at Nancy with concern. “Are… are you… crying?”

“I’m crying because I’m so happy to be fucked by you daddy. Didn’t you feel me cum with you?”

“Yeah, sure honey. Daddy sure loves to make his baby girl cum.”

The man buckled himself up and Nancy gave him a deep kiss good bye, her long, pink tongue darting around inside his mouth. The man beamed with pride at Nancy, thinking he had gotten her off, before turning away and leaving. Nancy slowly walked over to the door and closed it before sitting in one of the chairs in the room and crying into her hands. Crying in need, crying in lust, crying in desperation. Nancy realized she was sitting in the chair Tony had been in before she had fucked his friends and jacked him off.

Nancy slid two of her fingers in and out of her desperate pussy as she continued to cry in heart wrenching need. She remembered the size of Tony’s cock, the shape, the feel of it in her hand, the way it had sprayed it’s thick cum all over her. She needed it. Needed it so bad. Needed to fuck or get fucked. Anything! She just needed to cum.

Nancy continued to slid her fingers in and out of her with one hand as she began using the other hand to tweak and pull her hard nipples. Nancy slumped down whimpering masturbating with the lonely need to get herself off.

A sudden knock came to the door, “Nancy? Honey? You in there? Bars closin’.”

Nancy couldn’t place to the voice of the girl on the other side of the door but she’ sure as hell plant that girls face between her legs and ride her till she came if she could. Nancy stood up, her juices and last client’s cum dripping out of her and on to the floor, and got dressed enough to make it back to the dressing room.

Once in the dressing room Nancy changed into her street clothes and pretended not to notice the other girls as they whispered and pointed behind her back at her tear streaked face.

“Nancy! My office! Now!”

Nancy turned around and saw the bar manager storm away from the door and then followed him back to his office. The manager spent the next twenty minutes rimming Nancy about missing one of her dance sets. She couldn’t tell him she’d had been getting ass fucked by a fat guy and was too out of it to come up with a better excuse. Rather than lose her job Nancy promised to meet him back at his place in a hour so they could “meet” and “discuss” what was going to happen. The mangers code to meet her back at his place so he could fuck her.

Nancy and the rest of the dancers hated the manger. Hated him! They all had sucked and fucked him once to get their jobs but just about everybody refused to ever do him again. He was a total pig! As Nancy walked back to the dressing room her eyes were tearing up because she was actually more than a little bit sexually excited. She needed to get fucked so badly she was actually looking forward to that little pg thrusting his clammy cock into her. Filling her cunt, stretching her ass and thrusting into her mouth.

Nancy grabbed her things and headed outside into the alley behind the bar. Having changed clothes she was now wearing a tight, white T-shirt that pretty much show-cased her hard nipples, a pair of tight blue jeans pulled snug up against her cunt as well as the crack of her ass and her black cowboy boots. Jumping over a water filled pot hole caused the seam of her jeans to ride up against her panties and nearly caused Nancy to scream out load in pleasure. Nancy had to stand still for a moment to catch her breath from her near orgasm.

That was the last straw. In the moment right after nearly cumming in her pants in a dirty alley she decided that there was no way she was going to let that pig of a manager get her off! Leaning against a dirty wall to catch her breath as her erect nipples brushed against the inside of her shirt with every heaving breath she took, Nancy decide she would just fuck the first guy she could find! Ride him like a horse till she came and his cock burst! She didn’t care about the embarrassment afterwards at fucking a complete stranger, she just refused to let that pig of a manager be the one to make her cum!

With a jolt Nancy was shoved into the wall. A quick punch to her gut caused her to lose her breath and fall to her knees. Nancy looked up with a tear streaked face and saw Tony standing above her with his fists clenched.

“Fucking Whore! Tease! Slut! Did you think that was gonna be it? A quick hand job and titty ride while you fucked everyone else? Fuck that! And Fuck You!”

Nancy’s eyes were filled with tears and she couldn’t quite see what Tony was doing in front of her. With a quick grab of her hair Tony had pulled her in front of him and she could feel something steel hard and warm suddenly press against her mouth. Nancy refused to open her mouth even after having her breath knocked from her. Tony had a grip on her hair and was using his other hand to try and force his giant prick into her mouth but Nancy continued to keep her pouting lips sealed and Tony only successed in rubbing his swollen tool back and forth across her face.

“You Bitch!” Tony shouted. He grabbed both sides of Nancy’s head and slammed it into the wall, dazing the helpless girl.

Nancy slid to the ground, nearly unconscious as Tony once again gripped her hair and finally managed to force his swollen dick past her lips.

Nancy had forgotten herself. Forgotten where she was, what was happening. All she could understand was a dull throb in her head and something large and warm in her mouth. Blearily, Nancy understood what was in her mouth. She couldn’t quite understand what was going on or why she had some guy’s prick in her mouth but a dick was a dick and she knew what to do with a dick in her mouth.

Nancy started to suckle at the prick, rocking it in and out of her mouth, lapping at the bottom of it with her tongue. Softly and slowly she began to bob her head back and forth, lovingly trying to draw the cum out of this swollen prick. Nancy’s tongue slowly traced every inch of this strange warm cock. Nancy loved blow-jobs, loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth. Loved the taste, the sensation, everything about it. She loved sucking cock or simply holding still as she was face-fucked. Nancy took a breath and swallowed the prick, taking it all the way in her mouth and down her throat.

Nancy began to gag and tried to release the hard dick from her mouth but firm hands kept her from moving. Nancy began to chock and came back to her senses, finally remembering that she was in the middle of being raped. Cold fear filled Nancy as Tony began thrusting himself deeper down her throat. Tony plunged his massive dick as far into Nancy’s face as he could, past her lips, over her tongue and deep into her throat as he came. Nancy couldn’t breath as she felt Tony’s thick, hot cum shoot into her and slide down her throat and filled her belly.

Tony released Nancy’s head and his still hard cock slid out of her mouth as she fell the rest of the way to the ground. Nancy was hacking and coughing, trying to remember how to breath as Tony fell on top of her and began ripping away her T-shirt. Nancy’s firm tits gleaming in the cold light of the alley and her nipples still rock hard. Tony immediately gripped the hot flesh of Nancy’s tits and stared sucking hard at her pink nipples.

“Uhhh!” It felt so good. Finally her body was getting what it wanted and it felt good as Nancy moaned out loud. She was being raped and was actually enjoying it. What was wrong with her?

Tony slid to one side of Nancy’s helpless body and gripped both of her wrists in one of his hand. His other hand pulled what was left of Nancy’s shirt off and then made its way down between her legs.

“Oh God No!” Nancy screamed as her hips bucked up on their own, eager to meet her rapist’s touch. She couldn’t control herself. Her traitorous pussy felt like it was on fire. Burning with need. Nancy’s body was excited! Excited it was going to get a cock finally. Needing to get fucked. Wanting to be raped. Nancy’s felt ashamed and began crying because she was finally going to get what she needed, even though in meant she was going to be raped to get it.

Tony’s hand squeezed hard on Nancy’s pussy, causing her to scream underneath him. “Tell me you want it Bitch! TELL ME!” he screamed at his half naked victim.

Nancy looked up at Tony dazed. When she screamed it hadn’t been in pain it had been in pleasure because she had nearly cum. “Wha… what?”

Tony squeezed hard, causing Nancy to scream out again. “I said tell me you want me!”

A thought crossed Nancy’s sex-crazed mind. She had nearly came again. If maybe he did it again. If she could just cum it would clear her mind. Maybe she could figure a way out of this. “N… nn… NO! You fuckin’ bastard! Fuck You!”

“I’ll fuckin’ show you whore!”

Tony released Nancy’s groin which caused her to scream out again but in disappointment this time. She had been almost there. Almost had the release she was craving.

Tony reached up a couple of inches and grabbed the top of Nancy’s jeans and yanked hard, ripping them open. He released the hold of Nancy’s wrists and used both hands to yank down her tight jeans. Nancy’s glistening pussy was visible as the jeans made it to just over her straining thighs.

As Tony gave another sharp tug on her jeans, pulling them most of the way off, Nancy flipped over and tried to crawl away. Nancy’s naked ass was completely exposed and stuck up high in the air as she began to crawl away. Her pussy juices left a trail on the ground as Tony gave a final yak on Nancy’s jeans. The jeans came off over her boots and now she was completely naked and vulnerable except for her foot wear.

Tony lunged and fell on top of Nancy, his throbbing duck rubbing against her golden ass. He twisted her over onto her back and lined his cock up to her aching hole. “Gonna fuck ya’ sweetheart. Gonna fuck ya’ hard.”

With a quick thrust Nancy’s rapist entered her body, pinning her to the ground with his cock and causing her to cum. Nancy’s tone legs shot straight out on both sides of Toney’s body as her hot little pussy gripped down on his invading cock. Nancy screamed out in pure lust as she was finally filled with thick, hot meat.

Tony looked down at Nancy with a quizzical face, “Did… did you just cum?”

Nancy just looked up at Tony, her eyes wide with shock as her body continued to twitch from the strength of her orgasm. Rather than answer she just pulled her wide open legs across Tony’s ass and began to hump up against the invading prick, still desperate for the feel of her rapist’s cock.

A wolfish grin spread across Tony’s face. “You did. You just fucking came. I fuckin’ rape you and you get off on it. Fuckin’ sweet. Well I’m gonna give ya all the cock you want slut. And then some! Ha!”
Nancy just turned her head to the side and wept as she continued to hump up against Tony’s cock. She felt Tony’s cock begin to slowly pull out and took a deep breath. She knew what was coming next. Tony froze with just the tip of his prick inside of her pussy and with a grunt, drove back in causing Nancy to scream out.

Tony’s cock jack-hammered into Nancy, it’s girth spreading her tight cunt wide and rubbing deep inside her pussy and against her G-spot. Nancy’s juices shot out with every push, coating Tony and Nancy’s groins and leaving a growing puddle on the ground. Nancy locked her cowboy boots around Tony’s ass as he raped her, trying to drive him in deeper into her vulnerable body.

Every thrust of the raping cock brought Nancy closer and closer to another orgasm. She thought just one would be enough, enough to clear her mind and to hopefully begin to think clearly, but it wasn’t enough. She needed more. More dick. More sex. More cum. She was desperate to cum again and again. Desperate enough to fuck the man raping her. And she was almost there. Almost ready to cum again as she got raped hard.

With a final lunge Tony buried himself balls deep inside of Nancy’s vulnerable body and came. What felt like a gallon of thick white cum overflowed from Nancy’s dripping, wet cunt, covering her compacted ass-cheeks. She was almost there, read to cum, ready to gush all over her rapist’s thick tool. Nancy could feel Tony’s prick slowly pull out of her needy pussy. Nancy could feel the hot, sticky mix of her and Tony’s juices spill out of her and slid to the ground. Nancy looked down her sweat slick body to the wet junction between her legs as Tony finally pulled all the way out, his cock still hard and dripping wet.

As Nancy saw the head of Tony’s dick pop into view she gave a desperate moan, she was right there, almost ready to cum. Instead Tony just fell back, giggling as his prick jiggled in the air. Nancy slowly rolled over and began crawling towards the closest wall in sight. Her sweat slick back marked with pebbles and dirt from the alley floor. Her thick, golden ass gleaming with spilt cum and pussy juice.

Nancy made it to the wall and began using the wall to pull herself up. Her plump tits and hard nipples scraping against the cold brick and causing a large shiver to travel through her body. Nancy pulled herself up, her chest heaving against the cold wall and her round ass arched outwards with her feet spread apart for balance.

Tony watched Nancy braced against the wall, completely naked except for her kinky cowboy boots. The strippers ass thrust out into the air like it was waiting for him. Cum dripping out of her swollen pussy lips and covering her ass, thighs and trailing down her tan legs. Tony got up off the ground and sauntered over towards Nancy, rubbing his cock between her sticky ass cheeks as he pressed himself against her.

“Ain’t done yet sweet heart. Got one more round in me still.” Tony sneered into Nancy’s ear as he lined his cock up to her exposed little asshole.

Nancy whispered through gritted teeth, “Just do it you bastard. Just rape me and get it over with.”

Tony stopped in surprise, his hands on Nancy’s sweaty hips and the tip of his cum slick cock pressed against her puckered asshole, “What? What’d you say you little whore?”

Nancy closed her eyes in shame and started whispering “rapemerapemerapemerapemerape…” as she thrust her ass back hard, burying half of Tony’s hard rod into her anus.

“RAPE MY ASS!” Nancy screamed as she came suddenly. Her ass gripping down on her rapist’s cock and her pussy pulsing out her juices. Each of Nancy’s shuddering breaths pushed her tits into the cold brick, sending spikes of pleasure from her erect nipples to her throbbing groin.

“Fuckin’ slut.” Tony grinned as he buried the last half of his dick deep into Nancy’s ass. His balls slammed against his now willing victims’ drooling pussy, causing her to catch her breath.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme…” Nancy started chanting as Tony pulled out and thrust back into her ass. Tony’s monstrous cock stretching out her tingling ass and filling her like it had never been filled before. Marv wouldn’t let Nancy take him into her ass, afraid of hurting her. But now Nancy had all the cock she had ever dreamed of fucking in and out of her and she wanted every inch of it. Nancy stopped her chant momentarily as one of Tony’s hands slid up her chest and began molesting her tits and his other hand quested down to her groin to strum her sizzling clit.

With his firm hold on her tit and dripping wet cunt, Tony began fucking into Nancy faster and faster. His hips almost blurring as he fucked deep into Nancy’s willing body. He’d never raped an ass this tight, this hot before. This was the best fuck of his life and he was loving every minute of it. And so was his whore, the slut, the stripper tease. She just kept cumming and cumming for him.

Nancy started her chant again, “Fuckmefuckmepleasefuckmefuckmefuckmyasspleasefuck me…”. Starting as a whisper, then a growl and the almost to the point of screaming. “Fuckmefuckmefuckmepleasepleaseplease…” and then with a sudden, violent jolt she felt Tony bury himself deeper inside of her ass then anyone ever before as he came. Nancy felt Tony’s scalding hot cum erupt out of his throbbing prick and fill her and that was all it took.

Nancy came. Her thick ass clamping down on Tony’s cock as it filled her. Her cunt spewing forth juices and coating his hand as her body convulsed and her legs collapsed. Nancy fell to the ground, forcing Tony’s cock out as it then rained cum over her face and body. Nancy looked up at Tony with her cum covered eyes as she tried to cover herself from shame. “You fucking bastard.”

“Got ya off didn’t I?” Tony leered down at Nancy. In a flash he shoved he head down, bouncing it off the ground and knocking her unconscious. Tony bent down and used Nancy’s golden hair to clean off his now limp prick and then buckled himself back up. Tony headed out of the alley and up the street where he noticed 5 kids hanging outside the entrance to the strip club.

The kids couldn’t have been out of high school yet, probably just barely old enough to drive. Tony saw the boy’s ogling a picture of Nancy on the bill board and inspiration struck.

“Hey! Kids!” Tony shouted, startling the boys. “There’s a drunk stripper passed out in the ally there.”

“Bullshit.” One of the kids muttered, pulling a cigarette out from behind his ear.

“Suit yourself kid.” Tony grinned down at the boy that was trying to act tough. “Just sayin’ is all.”

Tony wandered off leaving the kids on their own.

“Bullshit man. Guy wants to ass rape us or something.”

“But what if he was telling us the truth.”

“Bullshit. It’s all ass rape man. Trust me.”

“Ass rape?”

“I say we go look.”

“It’s ass rape. You better listen to me.”

“Well I’m gonna go look.”

As the first boy began to stroll down the alley the rest of the boys slowly followed. As the boys reached the back of the alley they found the naked stripper from the billboard unconscious on the ground.

“Holy shit! It’s her!”

“Ain’t her man.”

“No. He’s right. It’s her!”

“Ain’t her man.”

“Why’s she naked?”

“Who gives a shit?”

“Maybe strippers just like being naked?”

“…what? Sure, they like being naked and sleeping in alleys. Asshole.”

“Look at her tits.”

“Is that her… vagina?”

“Don’t be queer man. It’s called a pussy.”

“Look at her tits, man.”

“Yeah man, just look.”

“Fuck you man. I ain’t just lookin’.” And with that the boy kneeled on the ground and placed his young hand on one of Nancy’s firm, up thrust tits. Growing bolder the boy began squeezing and massaging the stripper’s hot flesh before bending down and sucking on one of her nipples.

Another boy knelt down and did the same to the other tit, tentatively touching, then squeezing the plump tit before beginning to suckle on her erect nipple. The first boy was shoved away as another boy latched onto the vulnerable tit, then another boy and on and on as each one took turns molesting Nancy’s chest.

Nancy moaned and caused the boys to freeze. Four of the boys jumped up and began running up the alley towards the street. The fifth boy just stood his ground, looking at Nancy’s golden hair, bright red lips, firm spit wet tits, flat tummy and the moist juncture between her thighs. Nancy didn’t make another sound, didn’t stir, no movement except the rise and fall of her tits with each deep breath.

The boy figured it was safe enough and knew he’d never get another chance like this. The boy dropped his pants, releasing his young prick and crawled in between Nancy’s legs. The boy slid his straining dick all over Nancy’s sticky pussy, not knowing where the entrance to her vagina was. With a small lunge the boy found the hole and slid his virgin prick as far into Nancy’s pussy as he could. With a grin on his face from the loss of his virginity the boy began thrusting away, barely lasting a minute before he came.

The boy remained frozen, his teenaged cock still hard and buried in the stripper’s hot pussy as his friends returned and stood around him.

“Um… I’m next.” One of the boys whispered.

“Whatever man. I ain’t done yet.” The first boy grunted as he slowly began fucking in and out of Nancy’s vulnerable pussy again.

The boy lasted a few minutes longer before blasting his final load. He quickly pulled his throbbing member out of the stripper’s sloppy cunt and jacked it over her face, covering it in his cum. Another boy took the first boy’s place as soon as the stripper’s hole was free. He jack-hammered himself as fast as he could before draining his balls as deep inside her as he could.

The multiple rapes continued for the next half hour. Each boy taking a turn with Nancy’s body, coming inside her pussy or jacking-off and covering her from head to cowboy boots in cum. It was every boy’s fantasy, using a stripper’s hot body to cum with no concern for her what so ever. Indulging themselves over and over again, simply using her to relieve themselves.

A loud noise from the mouth of the alley startled the boys and almost as one they jumped off of Nancy’s hard raped body and ran into the shadows. Leaving the unconscious stripper naked and covered in cum with her tan legs spread wide and her pussy drippin' hot cum onto the cold ground.

The End?

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