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01-13-2012, 12:05 AM
examinations had finished for the summer and an enormous house party was taking place. i had been there for a few hours, and while most people were getting crazily drunk i had somehow managed to stay relatively sober. by around 3am people had started clearing out. since one of my friends, john had hosted the party, i was staying for the rest of the night along with a few others, including my friend amber, who was easily one of the fittest girls i knew.
i raced upstairs to find a bed to crash out in, and bounded into the first bedroom. as i turned the light on and locked the door behind me i looked at the bed and saw amber sprawled out on the bed in nothing but a bra and some tight black leggings, in what looked like an extremely deep sleep. i moved closer and could see her supple 34c breasts heaving with every deep breath. i suddenly realized how hard my cock had become. i had been fantasizing about this girl for a good part of a year now. she was mixed race, half black, half white, leaving her with a sexy soft light brown skin tone. at 5ft 7inches tall with curly black hair, she was slim but rather curvy, being blessed with a large supple round arse. the amount of times i had masturbated over this girl was uncountable. it had all started that day i saw her wearing leggings. they hugged her fantastic arse so tightly and when the light hit them, they became see through, and i could see her sexy petal print knickers. from that day on i found ways to slyly take pictures of her arse in leggings, and stealthily look down her low cut tops. i would then use this when i masturbated later in the day.
before i decided on what to do i checked how deeply she was sleeping, luckily for me she had drank a lot and was deaf to the world. i slipped my clothes off and started rubbing my 9inch rock solid thick cock. as i stood over her masturbating staring at her soft supple breasts, i became hornier and decided to risk a squeeze. i carefully got into the bed and with one hand still around my pulsating cock, i placed my shaking hand on the clasp of her bra. i popped the clasp open, and slowly removed her bra. she was still asleep. i licked my lips looking at her voluptuous breasts and was mesmerised by her small perfectly sized areolas and her chocolate coloured nipples. with one hand i started to grope her right breast and with the other i carried on masturbating. her boobs were perfect, they weren't drooping at all, and while they were amazingly soft, they were nicely firm at the same time. this positioning became rather uncomfortable to me so i decided to roll her onto her side. with one hand still caressing her breasts i moved my other hand onto her delicious looking arse. each buttock was easily more than a handful and eventually i used both hands to grope her breasts and started to press and rub my cock against the smooth layer of cotton covering her arse. her nipples started to get hard and erect, but she was still unconscious. as i continued to get hornier, i got braver and realised that i could do whatever i wanted to, nothing was waking her up tonight. i rolled her onto her back and nervously placed my hands on her waist. i hooked a few fingers into the waistband of her leggings and started inching them down her arse and legs.
she was now completely exposed and i could see every intricate detail of her shaved pussy and long slender legs. i decided to stop masturbating at this point to give my cock a rest so i could fully enjoy this wonderful situation. i took pictures of her from many angles so when i wanted to i'd be able to enjoy myself. after that i started to feel over all of her body, her calves thighs and ass were silky soft and then i returned to her gorgeous breasts. i enclosed my mouth over one nipple and began to lightly kiss and suck it. it felt so soft and tender. after doing the same to her other nipple i realised that her pussy had got nice and wet, frantically i looked up at her face but she was still fast asleep, i must have started off a wet dream for her. my cock was back standing at attention and as i looked at her face her lips caught my attention. they were perfectly moist and looked velvety soft. a naughty thought crossed my mind. i moved closer to the top of the bed and slowly pushed the head of my throbbing member against her lips as if to negotiate entry. with a moist pop my penis slipped into her warm mouth. cradling her head i moved my penis in and out of her mouth for a good 5 minutes, acquiring some lovely lubrication. as i removed my penis from her mouth it was dripping with saliva and i could feel the sperm building up deep inside. i turned my attention to her dripping wet pussy. i leant her limp body against the backboard of the bed and carefully pushed my penis all the way into her pussy. it was so tight. i could feel it streching and her pussy muscles clamping down on my dick. i fucked her slowly, going balls deep for the first few minutes and astonishingly she was still asleep. i realised i had gone too far to turn back now and threw caution to the wind. i lifted her up, my hands squeezing tightly on that pert chocolate bum, buried my head in her breasts licking them when i could and started fucking her deep fast and hard. i was unrelenting and every thrust of my penis deep inside her felt like ecstasy. i could feel her body warming up. i knew i was close to releasing my load now. after a few minutes more of thrusting the pressure had built up. i lay her down on the bed and pulled out. i ejaculated all over her flat stomach and breasts, peppering her chocolatey skin with thick white blobs of semen. i was absolutely exhausted and exhilarated but there was one thing left to do. after taking a few pictures of her in this disheveled stated i wiped the cum off her body and put her bra and leggings back on. then i pulled my boxers on and slipped into bed. all the evidence was gone and no one would know what had just happened. as i drifted off to sleep next to her, my only regret was not been able to play with her arse more and penetrate it. she was a deep sleeper even more so when drunk, but i was sure that a cock to her tight virgin ass would have woken her in an instant.
i woke up next morning with a massive erection and as i realised how chilly i was i knew the covers were off me. i opened my eyes with shock and saw amber wide awake with her back to me at eye level with my cock which was prominently poking straight out of my boxers. instantly i was worried if she knew what i had done. she realised i was awake and turned back to me with a shy smile. i smiled back as she cuddled up to me and whispered without taking her eyes off my cock, "did we end up having sex last night? i was so drunk, i don't remember a thing."
a wave of relief crashed over my whole body and with a cheeky smile replied, "yeah we did, you were brilliant, pity you don't remember!"
still with her eyes on my still erect penis she exclaimed, "your cock is huge! how on earth did i manage that!?"
i whispered into her ear, "i'll just have to show you again i guess." and slipped my hand down her leggings into her pussy. she tore herself away from my cock and looked at me protesting, "no, no, i need to go soon, i have stuff to do!" but it was too late, two of my fingers were already deep inside her cunt, which was already wet which i suspected was from looking at my massive dick. she shuddered with pleasure as i massaged her clitorus and gave in cheekily saying, "ok, ok, just be gentle with your cock, i don't want to be split in two."
i winked at her and dived headfirst into her pussy, as i was nibbling and licking away i could hear her exclaiming, "oh my god, don't stop, please. ohhhh yes." i burrowed my tounge in deeper and deeper, lapping up her sweet juices. my hands were glued to her arse as i caressed, squeezed and spanked her buttocks. her moaning got louder and louder and i heard her scream, "i'm coming, i'm coming!" i withdrew from her pussy and watched her shudder as wave after wave of pleasure came crashing down upon her. she opened her eyes and ripped off my boxers. she approached my now semi erect cock and looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye. "now its time for me to take care of you." she said. i lay back, smiling as i watched her smooth small hands move up and down my cock. she opened her mouth and licked the head of my cock. i could feel myself tingling already. she licked my entire shaft, including my balls and proceeded to give me head. "oh amber, that feels so good babe, go balls deep, please try." i said. she looked up at me as she literally swallowed my cock. it felt amazing, i could see her eyes watering as she pulled her mouth off. she looked proud of her achievement. i picked her up, whispering to her, "time for your pussy to feel my 9 inches." she giggled which was followed with a large moan as i went balls deep into her cunt for the second time in 12 hours. i started slowly and built up speed. we were both sweating now, and she continued to moan. her skin was glistening as i started to lick her areolas and nipples and her moaning increased. using one hand to hold her up i started to probe her tight asshole with my little finger. "eeeek," she squeaked as it popped in. i looked at her and said "don't worry i'm sure you'll like it". her anus relaxed and as my finger moved around the moaning increased yet again and i heard her scream, "i think i'm coming again." she was right, her pussy clamped down on my dick and while i fought off the urge to cum, i lightly bit one of her nipples. her face was flushed red and she looked exhausted. i place her face down on the bed and i said, "you know what its time for now. don't you." she realised as i reached for the bottle of lube and said, "nooo, but i've never done anal. it'll hurt too much!" "well you never know until you try," i replied and plunged 3 lubed fingers into her anus to widen it, she gritted her teeth and let out a gasp. "it hurts," she said, "but it feels so good!" i was ecstatic. i promised her i'd go slow and when her anus was wide enough and lubed up i squeezed the tip of my cock inside. "oh my god, your so big, oww," she said. "shh i said, just relax. after a minute or two my cock was comfortable going in and out and i started to thrust harder and faster. i lay my body down on top of her and reached around to squeeze her breasts. her lovely moaning had started again. as i thrusted harder and harder she screamed and gasped. i started to climax and pulled out. her anus was stretched loads and i could see lube pouring out. "come taste your ass babe," i whispered in her ear. she hungrily got on her knees and started slurping and devouring my cock. her mouth was like a vacuum. "i'm coming," i yelled. my load hit the back of her mouth and she swallowed. as i pulled my dick out of her mouth a little bit of semen squirted onto her boobs. she continued to lick me til i was dry. she stood up with a smile on her face which dropped as she looked at the time. "oh my god, i'm late, i need to rush," she said while gathering her stuff. she put her clothes back on, including a hoodie over her bra and rubbed the semen into her boobs so they were shiny. before she went i said, " we'll do this again sometime." at the door she turned round with a smile on her face and said, " definitely, your cum, and my ass tasted divinee."
she left and i walked over to the bedside table smiling. i could now check the camera i had slyly set up and on record while she was fixated on my cock. what a brilliant night!