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My not joining him on the couch didn’t go unnoticed. Dan buried his face in his knees and said, we don’t have to be anything you don’t want to, Liam.’ He sounded deflated. ‘Why can’t we just…be?’

My heart ached with guilt.

I mindlessly sipped my whiskey. I was racing trying to find the right answer. There were many reasons why we can’t just ‘be’, but looking at Dan, thinking about Danielle, our physical attraction and spiritual connection there were many more reasons why we should.

I gave that a moment to set in then made a decision, if only a temporary one. ‘I know what we can be, Danielle. We can be the good friends we are, and take this as far as we dare.’

Danielle looked up with smudged mascara around teared eyes; she choked as she spoke, ‘oh Liam, you mean it?’ I moved close and put my arms around her, ‘Yes,’ I whispered, ‘You are a very special girl, Danielle. Being with you like this feels so right.’
She jumped up and squealed. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard and deep. I tried to resist reciprocating, but gave up the futile attempt within a moment. It was such soulful passion that I thought I had really fallen in love with her.

When we finally broke apart, I saw the same dreamy satisfaction in Danielle’s eye I’d seen earlier. But this time, I must’ve had the same look because she teared up and hugged me. Not the hug of infatuation, but the hug you give when someone you’ve loved finally comes home.

To be truthful, that scared me a bit. We both knew I didn’t have the same feeling for her, but I was scared that I would never get there.
She must have sensed the same and unwrapped her arms. She gave me a quick look, almost apologetic, and walked over to her backpack.
‘Look at me,’ she sniffled, ‘my makeup is ruined. Oh, Liam, I’m sorry, it’s all over your chest!’ She covered her mouth as she giggled.

'Shucks, ma’am, it’s nothin.' I tried my best Hoss Cartwright to lighten the mood.

‘Well, then,’ she purred and glided closed. There was a wildness in her eyes that completely replaced the unpleasantness just seconds ago. ‘Go get ready for round 2, I’ll be waiting.’

The sultry temptress had me hard in an instant. I guess when you make a decision to take it to the next level you just have to dive in head first. I sure hope I’m doing the right thing! I mean, sure he’s not who I thought he was, but who doesn’t have a split personality? She is still Dan the shy dork who needs poking and prodding from time to time, but now I guess it’s going to be literal.

Does this change things at school? We spend most of our waking hours there, I don’t need the hassles from the rumor mill, you know.

By the time I thought this through, I was just finishing a longer than expected shower. In the mist came a knock on the door. My attention was snapped back to reality. The door opened, it was Danielle. She did not wear much makeup, just dark brown eye shadows. Her flowing blonde hair covered her perky breasts, and her waist shapely.

Her hourglass hips were once again covered by the purple thong. Her soft thighs led to shapely calves. The whole package was completed by those wicked dark red mules. Her body was alabaster and freshly shaven everywhere. Her cheeks blushed as I finally had a chance to study her figure.

Danielle looked me over from head to toe with a smile in her eyes and finally rested her gaze on my manhood standing at her attention.

‘Smooth and hairless, just the way I like it,’ she purred.

‘Hey, everybody loves a sharp dressed man, right?’

‘Undressed man,’ she corrected me.

Her finger nail sent a wave of pleasure up my belly as she tickled my helmet then traced up my belly then chest, playfully tingled my body, my rod pulsed with every excited breath. She came to a stop in front of me and whispered, as if to herself, ‘I’ve wanted to see you like this; you are exactly how I wished.’

She leaned in and kissed me. I returned the passion and ran my hands over her breasts playing with her nipples.

‘Hmmm, that feel great, Liam. Don’t stop.’ She sighed between breaths. ‘You’re driving me crazy!’

With one hand, she moved down and unhid herself. It’s not as long or thick as mine; about a handful. (I must admit, I sighed in relief.) It’s stiff and pretty and feminine. I looked at it with some fascination. After all, I have made it a point NOT studying another man’s penis.

She lifted my chin, ‘do you like my clit?’

‘Um ya.’

She purred, ‘hmmm, good, it’s all yours.’ She kissed me some more.

She lowered to her knees and kissed my helmet. ‘Liam, I want to make you cum.’ Without waiting for my response she took most of me in her mouth.

She started a rampage. It wasn’t the gentle rain of passion with which she sucked me earlier. It’s more like being assaulted by a gale storm.

Danielle moved in different directions. Her lips, tongue and throat making contact with my manhood in electrifying angles. With each lashing of her blonde mane I was brought to new heights of pleasure.

Danielle form a ring with her fingers and jerked what she couldn’t take in, her other hand alternated between squeezing my balls and stroking her own pretty cock. She was making all kinds of lovely noises that turned me on even more!

Without thinking, I grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth. I dared to push more and more of me in. She looked up in my eyes and smiled a silent permission. My felt my helmet pushing deeper in her throat, Danielle choked some, but also made moans of pleasure. I felt a sudden rush of energy, like new year’s eve revelers popping the cork at the stroke of midnight. I started grunting with each push like a cheetah huffing after fresh kill. I don’t know what this was or how long it’s going to last but I want it!

Danielle sensed that I was close and she took me out of her mouth. ‘You don’t get to finish just yet!’

She led me by my manhood to the bed; her heels clicked on the tile floor, her ass swayed with each step. Damn, I love watching her move!

She looked me seductively in the eyes, got on the bed on all fours and crept cat-like, in a slow circle. She remembered how I loved her heels and left them on. I gulped at the sight of those shapely curves complimented by her shoes. I reached down and realized I was dripping pre-cum.

She shook her plump white ass in the air, stroked her cock and ran a long finger along her slit. ‘Come over and eat your girl’s pussy.’

I was completely under her primal spells. I took a sniff at her bare hole, ‘ooh strawberries, my favorite!’ I ran my tongue across the left check and lingered at the berry folds. Danielle let out a gentle squeak that told I was doing well.

The next few minutes were pure lover’s satisfaction as I made Danielle squirm and wiggle and squeal and moan as if she’s never been pleased like this before. I would learn later that I was more right about this than I’d thought.

I felt Danielle’s hips buck when I palmed her penis. I heard a muffled moan from under a big pillow. I held it there for a moment to let my hand get use to the sensation. I closed my hand and started pumping it like milking my uncle’s cows last summer.

I used Danielle’s pre-cum to lube my palm and quickened the pace. Soon, her hips began to rock, ‘oooh, daddy, this feels so good, I want to cum, daddy!’ I stopped licking and reached up to play with her tits. I squeezed and tickled her nipples while keeping up the stroking on the other end.

‘Faster! Faster! Faster!’ Her feminine pleas came from under the covers. I tightened my grip and quickened the pace. She rocked her body and muffled her screams. Her groans grew intense, her breaths short. Then with the intensity of a train wreck she squirted. 3, 4, 5, 6 ribbons; I kept stroking her until she collapsed in a soft heaving heap of feminine love.

She lay sideways for a moment to catch her breath.

‘You are so beautiful, Danielle,’ I whispered as I leaned in for a kiss.

‘Thank you, Liam; that was magnificent. I have never cummed that hard, thank you, daddy! I love you, Liam.’ She whined between breaths.

I palmed her limp tool and used some of her cum for lube to stroke my own cock. Danielle turned on her back and pulled her knees up really showing off the curves of her ass and thighs.

Her tantalizing hole pink and soft and was inches from me. She looked at me and said, ‘Liam, love me,’ then sheepishly, ‘just be gentle.’

I dabbed more of her cum and rubbed it on her hole, the sensation made her clit jerk a little, like it was being shocked back to life. I chuckled, ‘ooh, she likes that!’ Danielle giggled, almost embarrassed, ‘Just shut up and fuck me!’

I didn’t need another invitation, but at the same time didn’t know how exactly to proceed. Danielle sensed my hesitation, ‘just go slow, sweetheart.’ I swallowed hard and rubbed my helmet on her hole; that made her clit jump again and a bit bigger. I pushed in about half of my helmet, Danielle closed her eyes, ‘That’s it, daddy, keep going.’ I slowly eased in, Danielle sighed with satisfaction, ‘oh yes, Liam, that’s it, this feels so good! Mmm, slowly, in and out, sweetheart, that’s it.’

I did as I was told, and soon I got to a good rhythm. Danielle made sounds of ecstasy with each swing. I never took my eyes off my girl. Her expressions of pleasure and satisfaction filled my heart. Her giggles, her squeal, her sighs made my stomach flutter. Her blondeness was now spread over my pillows. My housekeeper made me buy these oversized, overstuffed pillows that I had never cared for, until now, that is.

Her soft breasts were lapping like waves with each of my thrusts, her nipples pink and hard. Danielle’s was a soft curvy body, just the way I like it. Everywhere I touched the skin was smooth and cold; if I tickled under her hip bone, her hole tightened with her giggles and her goose bumps made her all that much sexier!

‘Eat my pussy,’ she trembled. I obeyed, licking her softly on the soft folds. Danielle shook and squealed, ‘I love it, Liam! More!’ I chowed down on her and felt her squirm against my tongue.

Her clit was now hard again, the head was pink and smooth. I pushed myself back in her hole and started jerking her clit. Danielle started thrashing her head, throwing her hair in a wide arc of gold. Her hands squeezed her tits and flicked her nipples. As I thrust harder, her hips rocked to match my pace. Watching her ooze pre-cum made me want to have my own explosion.

Danielle asked me in a girlish voice, ‘Where would you like it, daddy?’
‘Can I cum in you, Danielle?’

‘Oh yes, daddy!’

I swung her legs over my shoulders and pushed even further in. This must’ve pained her a bit, but her moans recovered to pleasure in an instant. My grunts were more animalistic than I had intended, and even Danielle was caught by surprise.

‘Do I make you feel good, daddy?’

‘Oh, yes, little girl, I love it!’

We both felt the approaching orgasms at that same time, I quickened the already maddening pace, and Danielle jerked her own cock. Neither of us spoke as we enjoy the sweet torment.

She let out a squeal, ‘Oh Liam, I’m cumming!’

Her girlish passion made me lose what little control I had. I let out one final breath and felt my shaft burst again and again. Cum oozed out her Danielle’s hole and ran down her slit and cheeks.

I reached for her clit and jerked. I watched Danielle putting two fingers in her hole stroking them in and out. She bit her lower lip, raised her hips, squeezed her legs tight and came. When she was done, I had her cream all over my hands and face. I had also tasted cum for the first time.

I leaned on my elbows on her sides to kiss my new lover. Danielle looked at my bent over form, ‘hmmm, yummy, next time!’

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