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10-01-2006, 03:15 AM
WOW, where do I start?

Well let’s see, I am 17 years old and live with my mom in a 3 bedroom apartment. Mom and dad divorced last year when mom found him in bed with one of his students.
My mom is only 36 years old and every since last year has been making sure every man she meets knows that she is a woman. She works out all the time and has lost so much weight. Most of my friends make comments about her, (usually just out of my ear shot).

Mom always has to do a one up on me and my friends no matter what I do. But this also has its pros, Mom has not problem with getting and giving us alcohol. Mostly beer, once in a while some scotch or whiskey. I t was during one of these drinking times when things started to go badly or so I thought.

It was a normal Friday night and Mom asked if I had any plans for tonight and the weekend, “not sure mom” I replied “Well why don’t you call the brothers over. What are their names…. Doug and Derek?” “Yup that’s them” I told her. Doug and Derek are brothers only 10 months apart. Their mom and dad were always off on some sort of day trip together. I made a few phone calls and Doug said “no problem!”
Day the day went by I cleaned the house up and helped my mom set out food, During all of this Mom kept drinking her mixed drink. It seemed that her glass never really emptied...
By 7 pm, Doug and Derek were knocking at the door.
“Yo bro, how’s is hangin’” Doug said to me, “Just fine” I said quickly back. Mom heard them come in and came around the corner “Well what do we have here?! Two fine young boys in see” “I gota your fine young boys for ya” Derek replied. I moved on this as fast as I could,” Anyone want something to drink?”

Doug and Derek moved towards the kitchen, walking passed my mom; I could have sworn I saw them rub up against her as they passed. Mom being soooo close to being drunk I doubt she even noticed.
I poured drinks for all and filled my mom’s cup up. Doug said we should play cards. Derek wanted to play for money, so the poker game was on; the highest chip was 25 cents.
The game was moving along pretty fast, I was up 5 dollars and Both Doug and Derek were about even. Mom on the other hand was losing money quickly.
Derek asked if anyone want a refill. Mom spoke up first,” Of course I need a refill”
“Not a Problem” he said... As Derek reached into the Refrig. He yelled out” Hey were out of beer and almost out of Wine!” “ oh Dear, that will not Do “ mom said “Honey here “ as mom handed me money “ Why don’t you walk down to Joe’s and pick up a 24 pack and some wine for me” “ But Mom that is 16 blocks!” “I know dear but Joe will let you buy it with no problems, just tell him it is for me and he can call if he wants too”
As I got up to head out the door, I saw the look on Derek’s face... It was a half smile, you know that up to No good smile!
A the door closed behind me I heard Doug say “bring that bottle over here and we will finish it off”

Now Doug and Derek had to move on their plan, While Derek was pouring the wine, he let a small pill dissolve in her cup. They all sat down and started to play again, Ellen finished off the wine in her cup and the Boys filled it up quickly.
The card game was going fast and Ellen was losing,” I don’t have any more money” Ellen told them, “well you don’t need money, you can use you body as payment if you lose again.
“hmmm I don’t know” Ellen said, Doug started dealing the cards, it was a fast game of black jack, Derek won almost too fast…” Alright I won” Derek yelled, “now where’s my payment” Ellen walked over to him and eyed him up and down... She was pretty sure she saw a bulge in the front of Derek’s jeans… Well It had been a while since I kissed anyone she though to her self. She leaned in and planted a kiss on Derek’s lips, it was just a short peck,” Hey that no Kiss: he said, “You can do better then that”. He pulled Ellen in to him and buried his tongue down Ellen’s throat. She tried to fight him but her mind was in a fog now, the mix of alcohol and the pill they gave her stopped any resistance she might have had.
Doug came up behind them and started to rub his hands up and down Ellen’s body. They lead her to the sofa in the living room and pushed the seats on it to the floor, Derek pulled the strings on the Ellen’s dress and them she stood there naked except for the lace panties she had on.
Doug and Derek were almost ripping their clothes off!
Doug laid Ellen down and took one of her nipples in to his mouth. Derek pulled her head towards his Raging hard on, Ellen’s mouth seemed to have a mind of its own, she quickly covered it with her tongue, going up and down Derek’s hard on , feeling the veins and tasting the per cum that was starting to leak out. Derek could not take the teasing any longer, and pushed his dick in the back of Ellen’s throat., The feeling of her tongue and the wet warmth of her mouth was too much for him, it only took a few strokes before he had is balls against her chin and emptied his cum down her throat.
Doug hearing his brother cumming moved his body directly over her and grabbed his own raging hard on and rubbed it against Ellen’s dripping pussy. I drove as far as he could in to her welcoming cunt. Ellen moaned and continued to work on Derek’s shrinking Dick. She was milking every drop of his sweet semen as she could.
Then she felt a burning, a burning she felt one other time in the ally behind a bar. The flood of memories that the burning caused made her buck her hips up. She knew that Doug was driving his Dick in to her ass just like the punk rocker had done to her many months ago. It hurt, it burned, but her body would not react to what her mind was telling it to do. The punk rocker was the first time and last time she ever wanted anal sex. His 11 inch dick made her bleed for 3 days. Doug’s dick was not as big since he was still young. After a few pushes he was all the way in and the burning turned to a weird good feeling, she good feel her self reacting to each of his pushes, Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, Derek pulled away and watched his brother fuck his best friends Mom, something they both had wanted to do for a long time.
Doug pushed and drove his dick in to Ellen’s ass time and time again. Ellen could feel Doug’s manhood starting to swell; as it did she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her and her juices squirted out of her, right on to Doug’s chest. This was too much for him, He drove his pulsating Dick as deep as he could in her ass and unloaded his man juice. It seemed like forever before her stopped shooting. He rolled off of Ellen and placed his almost limp dick on Ellen’s lips. Slowly her mouth opened and she took him in to clean the man meat up.
The Dick in her mouth had a funny taste to it, a mix of semen, and something else. Her brain was trying hard to tell her but she could not grasp it.
Doug and Derek got dressed and looked back at the carnage they are about to leave behind.

I could not wait to get home, carrying the beer and the wine was bad enough but I had to go 16 blocks to get it! When I reached the door it was not all the way closed,” great” I said as I pushed it open with my foot.
I dropped everything on the floor when I came around the corner in the hall way and saw my mom laying Naked on the floor!!!

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very nice story hotwriterx is there more to this on that would be a great 2nd edition for this one for sure.. thank you ..

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oh i see a few more stories of mom coming down the line.....

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We will give this a bump also....hee hee....:)

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very nice, wish it could have been longer though!

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add more

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very hot

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Hot, erotic and I hope to read more.

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