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03-29-2012, 02:46 AM
Physical Description:
Tall and slender (5'7) – almost skin and bonez (approx 110 lbs) , tanned, B cupz with big and responsive nipples, shaved tanned snatch and a warm cunt that loves cum!
The Rest of the Story:

Slow Bizness and a Little Young Hooker Emerges….
….paid a visit to BDFW on a slow day before Christmas…not many hookers stirring and not many customerz in sight. Good pickingz for a day of trollin’ in the club…

…..no sooner than my azz hits the seat does a young dancer happily skip up to me and gleefully says – “I’m a dirty dancer now! Maybe you will finally get dances from me now!”. I laughed and asked her what she meant. “Well, I gave my first dirty dance!” she says….

…..now her definition of “dirty” may not be the same as ol’ Gordie’s so I asked her to continue her story. “Well, this customer paid me 200 for a ‘stripper slide’. All I did was pull my g-string to the side and rub up and down him for like 4 songs and he gave me 200!!!”. Now, I was more impressed actually hearing this dancer use the word “stripper slide”…

…not knowing she was talking to Father Stripper Slide…the slut that coined the term….but pleaded ignorance and told her that I had never heard of such a thing and asked for more info….”Well, if you get dances from me. I’ll give you a ‘stripper slide’. I’ll pull my thong to the side and rub and grind on you, but won’t stick it in. For you, I’ll do this for 100.”….Now..

….a little young hooker had finally emerged, so I coyly asked – “Where do I get to cum?”….and this young dancer quickly says – “Not on me!!!”. Obviously, not the “slut” droid I was looking for, so I quickly sent her on her way…and so…she rollz her eyez and leaves…

…jedi mind gamez with young dancerz is so much fun! So, ol’ Gordie getz out of his chair and goes to talent scout….tipping a few dancers to see if they tingled my hobby sense…

Eric Clapton on Stage.…
…..then my hobby sense tingles as I spot “L” on stage. Now, I’d met ”L” when she was newbie to the club…she was a safety girl at the time….but would let you cum all over her and then she’d just walk to the dressing room with warm cum on her body…but I’d heard from another hobbyist that “L” had taken a turn from the worst….working for the Don…

…during the holiday season (guess UPS and Fed Ex weren't hiring this holiday season! he he)….so easily I approach…and notice that “L” is a lot more slender than I remember…almost skin and bones…my hobby sense tingled as this slut moved and gyrated on stage…

…..she drops down…givez me a big kiss and immediately asks – “Do you want some dances? I need to make 130 today!”. Now with “L”, she never seems to need to make a lot in one day…just some strange amount….like 85, 110, 130 or 180. My hobby sense tingled as we talked….

…and she tells me we can fuck in the corner for 140. I could sense the Don’s presence, so ol’ Gordie tells her that he doesn’t have 140 and maybe next time. But this desperate slut counters with “Well, how much do you have?”. So, my drunk and horny dick lies and responds – “80? Is that enough?”. I don’t know how he managed to talk without my mouth moving, but “L” responds – “That’s fine. I’ll see you when I get off stage!”…So…

…I slap my dick for talking shit…but he only gets harder and bolder...but ol’ Gordie asks “L” – “Are you clean? You don’t have any STD’s do you?”….L responds…

….”No, do you? You are the only guy that I will have sex with without a condom!”. A lying Plat Hooker….and it was just a few dayz ago that a hobbyist on the board told me that she offered him BBFS….but my cock is slick and slippery…and he tells “L” – “I’ve never had sex without a condom before either!”. So, they agree to meet when she gets off stage….

……my dick and I sit at the bar as “L” slithers her boney and thin body on stage…it was almost as if the club got quiet….and a spotlight shined on stage…..Eric Clapton walks up and starts singing on ode to “L” as she danced on stage –

“If you want to hang out, you've gotta take her out…….
If you want to get down, get down on the ground…….

She don't lie,
She don't lie,
She don't lie,

If you got that lose, you want to kick them blues…….
When your day is done, and you want to ride on……

She don't lie,
She don't lie,
She don't lie,

She don’t lie, she don’t lie….I thought to myself…but this is the same slut that claimed to recently be dying of liver cancer and claimed to be an honor roll student at TCU….surely “She don’t lie”….

Toe Down and Fucked Up!
Now by this time ol’ Gordie was toe down and fucked up….my dick had gotten me into some crazy shit…I just couldn’t resist the power of the darkside….so….I head to the restroom….

…do the fake piss….so that I can pull my cock out of my whitey tighties…and zip up halfway….that way…all I have to do is lift my shift tail and basically wiggle my zipper to free my cock….eazy access for the Baby Doll hoez….

…so I head out and hornily wait…drunk with horniness and stupidity….I watched “L” move from stage to stage….almost as if she was dancing to Clapton on every stage…know what I’m sayin?....

…..”L” was a nasty slut…going to let some guy creampie her for 80 bucks. Nasty skank didn’t ask for paperz or anything. Just a trashy and slutty Plat Hooker type. I then got a laugh thinking about the recent trend of hobbyistz that show up with “papers” at a provider’s incall trying to get BBFS and imagined some hobbyist running through the front doorz of BDFW waving his paperz….you know…

…sort of like that kid from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – “I’ve got a golden ticket! I’ve got a golden ticket!” screaming all of their way to cut in line for a shot with “L”. When will those guyz learn that most of these providerz work for the Don and will offer you such services vs. you waving your “golden ticket” around making foolz of yourself…..anyway…enough Wonka and Ooompa Loompa talk….

…..anyway where was I….oh yea….waiting ….Toe Down….and Fucked Up with drunkiness and stupidity…

…..a few slutz came by to ask if I wanted dances…and I tried to wiggle my azz out of my chair for safer dances with them…but the power of gravity on my fat azz was unbelievable….just couldn’t move…couldn’t shake free…..

…so those slutz moved on…I then saw the Little Young Hooker that offered me a 100 dollar stripper slide watching me….I could tell she was thinking about coming over to earn some money….as I noticed her get up out of her chair….move in my direction…but only to retreat to her seat….

….probably at the sight of “L” quickly approaching me….she had hopped off her last stage and headed over for a quick 80 dollar fuck….

A Calmer, Softer Head Prevailz
The dirty corner was taken, but “L” assures me that we will be safe in the corner right next to the stage. My azz was a virgin to that corner, but she assured me she had fucked a few times there. My hobby sense tingled as we headed to the corner….

….I hornily sit down and use one chair to block the view of the girls leaving and entering the dressing room and another chair to block the prying “eyes” of the guyz sitting near the main stage. I was a little nervous, but “L” told me to relax….so I pull out my cock and she immediately reaches down for an hj….

……gets up to dance and then expertly turns around and gives some head action. Pretty decent bbbj considering where we were at. Some hj and grinding play mixed in…but then she faces her back towards me…pulls her bottoms to the side and dropz her skinny azz into my lap….I was too scared to look…but she had started a warm stripper slide….

…..her cunt felt nice and warm….very nice…and she slid to and fro over my bare cock. She then positioned herself over my cock and gave me the invite for BBFS. She was reaching around for my cock….so she could angle it up and sit on it….by my cock was suddenly soft as a pillow….

….”What’s wrong?!” – she asked. So, ol’ Gordie quickly tried to hide his shame by telling her that he was nervous in this corner to explain the sudden appearance of “Soft Peter”. It must have been the cold temperature in the building (he he), cuz Gordie Jr just wouldn’t get hard….so….had her try to resuscitate my cock with some mouth to mouth…he he…so…

…..she goes back down to discretely sucking my cock…and teasing me with her hand….she would stop and dance whenever a dancer walked by to the dressing room…but a couple of them smiled knowingly when they saw ol’ Gordie in the corner. He he. So…my cock was finally semi-hard again….barely…

….but told “L” that I changed my mind and didn’t want to fuck after all….the big head winz one for a change….but when you have a slut offering creampie…

….you don’t pass it up…..

A Cunt Full of Creampie
…..so I asked “L” if I could just finish by jacking off and cumming in her puzzy instead. With no shame or hesitation, this Plat Hooker slut agreed to a warm cum douche…not one by Massengil…but one by Sir Gordie. He he. So…I positioned her boney, thin white azz in front of me while I jacked off...

……spanking the back of her cunt while she bent over….coating her cunt with precum…spanking her cunt…massaging her pussy, playfully opening it up and preparing her for a Dolly Madison creampie….

….”L” is very submissive and does as daddy sayz….so I held her boney azz close…carefully opened her cunt with two fingerz while I safely ejaculated into her open pussy. She just stood there - bent over - and let a complete stranger ejaculate and deposit a load of semen into her open cunt like a very, very, very good girl! But, ol’ Gordie has the accuracy of….

….Shaquille O’Neal at the free throw line instead of the accuracy of the legendary Dirk, so I got only about the first of my load into her cunt and the rest splashed and covered the outside of her cunt….after a minute or two….

...she tried to pull her bottoms up and wiggle away…but I grabbed her boney azz and told her that I wasn’t done and like a very good girl…a good girl fiendin’ for some classic Clapton…she let me completely empty my nut sack onto and into her puzzy!!! Such a good girl….a very good girl…with a degree in “Submissive Creampies” from Plat Hooker State University….fuck her claims of being an honor roll student at TCU…this bitch is in school at Plat Hooker State University!!! He he….so…

…after ol’ Gordie finished his dirty work….she pulled up her bottomz and I handed her 80 bucks…but decided to give her a nice tip for the submissive creampie and “good girl” SIP finish. But…I told her…

...she’d only get the tip if she bends over and showz me my cum in her pussy…so… she pulls her black thong to the side again and lets me admire my handiwork! Such a good girl!!!! ….and let me tell ya….I left her cunt smothered and covered - the same way that I like my Waffle House hash browns…know what I’m sayin?! He he.

….I handed her a tip of 40 or 60 bucks and she immediately and quickly heads into the dressing room…..probably for a warm Massengil douche! He he. Ol' Gordie quickly headed out to rinse his cock off in alcohol and peroxide after this one. All good.

“L” gets an early nomination for 2012’s “Good Girl of the Year” award….but if those damn Mayans are right…she will never get her handz on it….he he…

“L” is a good girl for sure…but a habitual liar. I suspect she barebacks anyone who asks her these dayz instead of being a safety girl like 6-8 months back. That’z what happens when dancers start fiendin’ for some classic Clapton! LOL. She looks slutty in her hooker red lipstick, but I'd be wary of her if she you offers BBFS on the first visit. She will lie and say that she doesn't do it with other guyz - but you have been warned here. Now…on to some club newz….

….there are a few Eccie providerz moonlighting here….business must be slow when they hook during the day and dance at night….but some of them gotta make money for daddy….

….the neon beer light sign was put on the back wall after Cindy and another dancer were fired after getting caught sucking dick back there. The light is now off….

…there are now approximately 5 dancers pregnant at this club (maybe 6 if “L” isn’t on birth control or wasn’t able to douche out all of my cum! He he). I was told that after one dancer got pregnant that some others wanted to get pregnant too….stupid “pregnancy pact” bitchez…..

…..so…when you see some lil bellies start expanding, tits start growing and areolas start expanding and darkening….you know that you’ve possibly run across one of the “pregnancy pact” dancerz (or one of my baby mammaz! Just kidding) ! ….

05-30-2012, 11:27 PM
What a great, erotic story...

What city is this in, Dallas?

05-31-2012, 11:26 PM
It is actually in Fort Worth. That is why the name is BDFW. Stands for Baby Dolls Fort Worth as opposed to BDD which is Baby Dolls Dallas. Very close to Arlington. Glad you responded to this one. Time to provide an Ol' Gordie update tonight.