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This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.

Uncle Joe
Chapter 3: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jessica Alba lay naked, stretched out on her uncleís couch bobbing her head up and down on his erect cock. It had been nearly a week since her Uncle Joe had taken her virginity, fucking all her holes and cumming deep inside of her tight ass. Jessica had her first orgasm while her uncle fucked her asshole, slamming his hips tight against her jiggling ass cheeks and filling her bowels with his hot, thick cum. Jessica had lived in disbelief at the feelings her uncle had awoken in her as he molested her young, teenage body.

As the rest of the week passed, Jessica would feel her nipples pull erect and her tender pussy wet whenever she thought of her uncle. Jessica hadn't heard from her uncle since he had drilled her sweaty little body, but as the week progressed her parents told her that she would be spending the weekend with Uncle Joe. Now Jessica was hungrily sucking on her uncleís throbbing tool, practically begging him to cum in her mouth.

Uncle Joe reclined on his couch as his niece sucked on his prick. Jessicaís wet mouth slid over Uncle Joeís tool, coating it in warm saliva as her full and pouting lips brushed over his sensitive skin. Jessicaís hot tongue massaged and traced every bulge and vein of Uncle Joeís erect cock, desperately trying to drink down his thick cum. Uncle Joe gasped as one of his nieceís small, delicate hands and began massaging his cum filled nut sack with it, using it like she was trying to squeeze the cum from his cock. Uncle Joe had ordered his niece not to cum again until she saw him again and then secretly watched her practically drowning in her own juices for nearly a week. Uncle Joe had told Jessicaís parents that she could spend the weekend with him so he could "help" her with her homework.

Jessica had done as her uncle told her, and Uncle Joe had watched as Jessica had broken up with her boyfriend because he had nearly made her cum by fingering her sweet little pussy. Now Uncle Joe had his niece all to himself.

Jessica had felt a strange mixture of shock, embarrassment, and excitement when she was told sheíd be spending the entire weekend with her uncle. Jessica rode with her uncle after school on Friday, her body tense and tight sitting in the car next to her uncle. Jessicaís tension rose and her teenage pussy drooled as her uncle touched and massaged her young thighs, slowly working his way up and under her short skirt. Jessica panted and moaned for the entire ride as her uncle molested her.

At Uncle Joeís small house, Jessica was ordered to strip and pose for her uncle. Jessica spent the entire evening submitting to her uncleís whims, her young teenage body tensing and relaxing all for her uncleís viewing pleasure. Jessica spent the night sleeping naked with her uncle and had woken up around 3:00 am, slowly humping his leg like a dog in heat, rubbing her wet pussy against his thigh. In the morning Jessica servered her uncle breakfast wearing only a apron, her front covered and her round, full ass completely exposed. After breakfast Jessicaís uncle used his finger to show and explain how to give a blow-job, and now she was proving what she knew.

Uncle Joe enjoyed the blow-job he was receiving from his niece, her full lips brushing back and forth over his cock, her tongue massaging him with every long suck. Jessicaís hand continued pulling and stroking his ball sack as Uncle Joe placed one hand on the top of her head and trailed the other down her tan back. Uncle Joe grabbed one of Jessicaís round ass cheeks and squeezed, massaging the round orb before moving to the other cheek.

Uncle Joe loved molesting his nieceís ass, it was perfect, "Oh Jessica, baby. You have the greatest ass."

Jessica slid her mouth off of Uncle Joeís cock and used her tongue to circle the head, leaving a string of drool running down her chin, "Thank you Uncle Joe. Iím glad you like it."

Uncle Joe watched his niece wiggle her firm ass for him as she slid her mouth down the side of his shaft. Jessica placed a firm kiss on one of Uncle Joeís balls before sucking the heavy orbs into her wet mouth, licking and sucking the cum filled balls. Uncle Joe slid his hand down in between his nieceís warm ass cheeks, cupping and squeezing her juicy pussy mound.

Jessicaís pussy juice squeezed out from between Uncle Joeís fingers as she screamed, "Oh God Uncle Joe! Yes!"

Jessica nearly came when her uncle squeezed her pussy and began thrusting her drooling pussy back on her uncleís hand as she began sucking on his cock again. Jessica began sucking and slurping harder and harder on her uncleís cock, faster and faster bobbing her head up and down on the spit wet cock. With one long gulp Jessica swallowed nearly all of her uncleís tool, feeling the velvety head slip down her throat. Jessica moaned around the invading tool in her throat, causing vibrations around her uncleís cock, causing him to moan above her. Jessica went back to her hurried sucking, quickly bobbing up and down and slurping loudly on her uncleís hard cock. Jessica moaned and whimpered as her uncle continued massaging her drooling pussy, enjoying the sinful feelings her uncle was giving her.

Jessica heard her uncle above her, "Thatís it Jessica. Iím almost there baby." Jessica increased her speed even more, sucking harder on the throbbing tool. Jessica could feel her uncle tense up as he approached his orgasm. Just as Jessica was expecting her uncle to cum, he quickly shoved two fingers deep into her pussy and his thumb into her asshole. Jessica came hard, her juices splashing her uncleís hand as he shot his thick wad deep into her throat.


Jennifer Love Hewitt had massive breasts for a girl her size with a face and personality that screamed "Girl Next Door". Jennifer knew how to use her teenage body to get what she wanted, a little flirting with a flash of cleavage and a smile caused most men to fall all over themselves for her. The thing that Jennifer needed now was a small lift in her grades from her teacher Mr. Smith.

Jenniferís teacher was sitting at his desk with her semesters paper work spread out, and Jennifer was leaning over his shoulder. Jennifer had undone the first few buttons of her shirt, allowing a great deal of her pale cleavage to show. Jennifer had chosen a very tight pair of very low hung jeans to accentuate her hips and ass. As Jennifer leaned over her teacher to point something out she made sure to rub her large breasts across Mr. Smithís shoulder. Jennifer rubbing against her teacherís shoulder practically caused her tits to work themselves out of her now visible black bra. Jennifer enjoyed the effect her teenage body had on men and the naughty feelings caused her nipples to burn erect.

"Uncle Joe" Smith, chem. teacher, could feel his young studentís nipples scraping across his shoulder. Uncle Joe knew that Jennifer was using her body to try to get him to raise her grades and he knew how to use it to his advantage. Uncle Joe had spent the weekend fucking, using, and cumming in his niece's every hole and now couldnít wait to slip inside his young student.

Uncle Joe quickly shoved his chair back, causing Jennifer to startle, "Ms. Hewitt. Please donít think I donít know what youíre doing." Uncle Joe snapped.

Jennifer gasped in shock, pulling her hand to cover her impressive chest, "I... I donít know what you mean Mr... Smith.".

Uncle Joe grinned up at his student and reclined in his chair and said, "I mean this childish game of yours Ms. Hewitt. Flirting with me and using your ample charms to get me to raise your grades. This might work with children your age but unlike them, Iím an adult."

Jennifer grew irritated at her teacher. How dare he think she was a child, she thought to herself. Jennifer willfully placed her hands on her hips, displaying her pale cleavage and her lacy black bra, "Iím not a child Mr. Smith. Iím a grown woman."

Uncle Joe had her and knew it, and knew what to say next, "Show me.Ē

Jennifer gasped and stepped back, "Mr. Smith! What are you saying?"

Jennifer could see her teacher smile and grew nervous when he said, "Iím saying that if youíre a adult then show me. If a adult wants something, they donít expect to get it for free. If you want something from me, then I want something from you."

Jennifer could feel her heart racing in her chest, and could feel it skip a beat when her teacher said, "You seem so proud of your breasts, so show them to me and then weíll talk about your grades."

Jennifer couldnít believe this but she began unbuttoning her shirt, slowly revealing her bra encased tits. Jennifer dropped her shirt to the ground and covered her chest with her arms when her teacher said, "Your bra Ms. Hewitt. Take off your bra too." Jennifer slowly reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it slid down her bare arms and revealing her massive tits to her teacherís greedy eyes.

Uncle Joe didnít blink, not wanting to miss a moment of his young teenage student standing topless in front of him. Uncle Joe watched as Jennifer looked away from him and placed her hands behind her back, pushing her brown nipples and breasts out further. "Now come over here and straddle my lap.", Uncle Joe ordered.

"What? Why?", Jennifer gasped out.

"Youíve shown them to me, now I want to touch them. You want that grade, right? All the collages are looking at you and bad grades mean no collage for you.", Uncle Joe sneered.

Uncle Joe watched as Jennifer vibrated with confusion, "O..., o.k., but thatís it. Just touching, nothing else." Uncle Joe watched as Jennifer walked slowly over to him and stood with his legs between hers and slowly lowered herself on to his lap. Uncle Joe suppressed a groan as Jenniferís crotch made contact with his pants encased cock, and grinned as she squirmed around on it trying to find a comfortable position.

Jennifer expected her teacher to just grab her firm tits and start sucking like most boys, but gasped out at what he did. First Jenniferís teacher blew lightly on her erect nipples, causing a shiver to run from her exposed tits all the way through her supple body. Jennifer could feel Mr. Smithís cock through both of their pants but couldnít help but squirm as he played with her nipples. Jennifer squealed as Mr. Smith lightly flicked her nipples with his wet tongue before blowing across them again, driving her wild with pleasure.

"Oh God!", Jennifer moaned as Mr. Smith began to lightly suck on one of her now throbbing nipples. Jenniferís titís were screaming with pleasure and she began to slowly shove her young tits into her teacherís face as he began sucking harder on her other nipple.

Uncle Joe tried to grin as he sucked harder on Jenniferís ripe nipples and his young student reached behind his head and tried to push more of her tit into his mouth. Uncle Joe switched back to the other firm breast and he reached up with his hands and began mauling Jenniferís large tits. Jennifer was squirming on Uncle Joeís hard-on, thrusting her pussy against him and whimpering, begging for friction.

Uncle Joe released Jenniferís tits and grabbed her firm young ass and thrust himself hard against her wet crotch, causing her to scream, "OH GOD MR. SMITH!!!".

Uncle Joe shoved Jennifer away from him, watching her young tits jiggling and glistening with his saliva. Uncle Joe smirked as his student stared at him in confusion, obviously turned on, "You ready to earn an ďAĒ Ms. Hewitt?" Jennifer stared at Uncle Joe as he grinned up at her, Uncle Joe followed Jenniferís gaze to the tent his cock was making in his pants.

Jennifer licked her lips before asking, "H..h, How Mr. Smith? What do you want me to do now?"

Uncle Joe continued to grin at his teenage student and said, "Your clothes Jennifer. Take off the rest of your clothes."

Jennifer stammered, "W,w,w... what? No Mr. Smith, I canít."

Uncle Joe began undressing in his chair and said, "Ms. Hewitt. Donít play coy with me and everything will come out o.k. You knew it could end like this. Thatís why you came on to me. Youíve been enjoying yourself so far, trying to bribe me with your body. Now youíre going to give me your body, and Iím going to give you your grade. Now take off your clothes.Ē

Every movement Jennifer made caused her large, pale tits to shift and jiggle: As she bent down to remove her shoes her breasts hung down from her chest, as she kicked off her shoes her breasts jiggled, as she unbuttoned her pants her nipples gleamed with her teachers spit, and as she removed her pants her large orbs swayed back and forth on her chest.

Jenniferís jeans had hung so low she couldnít wear panties and now stood fully nude in front of her teacher. Jennifer clasped her hands in front of her covering the small thatch of brown pubic hair and at the same time squeezing her tits together. Jennifer walked slowly toward her naked teacher, staring at his hard cock pointing up from his groin. Every step Jennifer took put a jiggle in her large tits until she was standing over his erect cock. Jennifer once again licked her lips and slowly grasped her teacherís dick, holding it in position.

Uncle Joe reached up and grabbed his teenage studentís hips as she slowly lowered herself onto his waiting tool, a string of pussy juice falling from her wet opening down to his throbbing dick head. Uncle Joe felt Jennifer stop as his cock made contact with her wet pussy lips, but used his firm grip to pull her down to him. Uncle Joeís cock head slipped past Jenniferís slick pussy lips with a pop, causing the young girl to squeal with shock.

Uncle Joe continued to pull his teenage student down onto his hard tool, causing Jennifer to squeeze and squirm the whole time. Uncle Joe slowly pulled Jennifer all the way onto his cock, bottoming out with his balls snugly between her pussy and ass cheeks. Jenniferís juices slid down over Uncle Joeís cum filled balls, pooling underneath their nude and writhing bodies.

Uncle Joe let Jennifer sit on his cock, squirming back and forth, enjoying the view of her breasts as they heaved on her chest with every gasping breath she took. Jenniferís nipples were pointing straight at Uncle Joe, begging to be sucked. Uncle Joe took one of the ripe nubs into his wet mouth, at first lightly sucking at the plump nipple and then quickly biting down.

Jennifer gasped when her teacher bit her tit, pulling halfway off of Mr. Smithís cock. Mr. Smith grabbed onto Jenniferís hips before the young girl could pull herself completely off his cock.

Jennifer was quickly pulled back down on her teacherís hot tool as he thrust himself deep inside of her tender pussy and causing her to scream, "OH GOD! Jesus Mr. Smith!" Jennifer moaned deep in the back of her throat as Mr. Smith began thrusting himself deep inside of her, fucking her hard and fast.

Jennifer began chanting, "OhGodOhGodOhGod...!" as she rode her teacherís rock hard cock, loving the feel as he gripped her breast and loving the fact that Mr. Smith wasnít just attacking with his tongue, he was kneading and massaging the large orb as she fucked herself hard onto her teacherís throbbing tool.

Mr. Smithís heavy balls smacked wetly against Jenniferís tight ass cheeks again and again, her firm body glistening with sweat as she plunged herself down again and again onto the invading tool pummeling her tight pussy. Mr. Smithís mouth on her tits and his hands gripping her tight little ass. Jennifer wrapped one of her hands around Mr. Smithís head, pulling it tighter to her tit. Jenniferís other hand gripped the breast that Mr. Smith wasnít attacking with his tongue, kneading and massaging the large orb as she fucked herself hard onto her teacherís tool. Mr. Smithís heavy balls smacked wetly against Jenniferís tight ass cheeks again and again, her firm body glistening with sweat as she plunged herself down again and again onto the invading tool pummeling her tight pussy.

Uncle Joe sucked as much of Jenniferís tit flesh into his mouth as he could before releasing her ass and shoving her off of his cock and towards his desk.

Jennifer stumbled back toward the desk, bumping it with her sweat slick ass, "What? Mr. Smith, was I doing something wrong? Donít, donít you like me?...Ē

Uncle Joe didnít answer the confused and horny girl, he just quickly followed up and twisted his teenage student around so her arms were braced against the table and her firm ass was pointed high in the air with her full tits dangling beneath her chest. Uncle Joe moved up behind the young girl with a growl and spread her legs before thrusting himself deep inside of Jenniferís tight wet pussy.

"OH GOD MR. SMITH!! YESSSS!!!!", Jennifer squealed. Uncle Joe reached underneath Jennifer and grabbed her large breasts in each hand, thrusting himself inside of her again and again. Uncle Joeís firm grip on Jenniferís unbelievably large and firm tits sent electricity through the young girls body causing her pussy to gush juices down her firm thighs.

Uncle Joe couldnít believe the feel of this young girls tits, the nipples digging into his palms. Uncle Joe used Jenniferís tits to pull the teenage girl back onto his cock as he thrust himself deep inside of his young students pussy harder and harder. Uncle Joe fucked himself again and again into his teenage studentís pussy, and as hot and wet as her dripping wet cunt felt it was her magnificent breasts that he couldnít get enough of. Uncle Joe squeezed hard on Jenniferís tits and gave one final thrust inside of the girl, causing her to orgasm and her pussy to clamp down hard on Uncle Joeís throbbing cock and nearly scream out her exploding pleasure.

Jennifer bit down hard on her bottom lip as her tender pussy clamped down harder on her teacherís invading cock, her cum spilling out and covering them both. Jennifer collapsed limply on Mr. Smithís desk, cushioned by her large breasts as her teacher pulled out from inside of her and causing more of her juices to spill out from her well fucked pussy.

Mr. Smith rolled Jennifer onto her back, causing her sweat slick tits to slosh around her heaving chest. Jennifer watched her teacher stare at her breasts which were rising and falling with each gasping breath.

Jenniferís teacher climbed onto the desk and straddled Jenniferís chest, grabbing her firm tits and wrapping them around his slick hard-on. Mr. Smith began thrusting his cock in between Jennifer's hot tits, causing new sensations to spark through her young body. Jennifer had heard of tit-fucking, but had never let any of the boys sheíd been with to try it due to some embarrassment in the act. Now Jennifer was taking new pride in her tits as her teacher kneaded, fondled and flat out fucked her firm tits as they glistened with sweat and her pussy juice. Jennifer couldnít believe the new feelings burning through her young body and felt a new orgasm start to rise, a orgasm centered not in her pussy but around her full tits.

Uncle Joe was thrusting hard into his teenage students cleavage, her sweat and pussy juices creating a fantastic lubricant. Uncle Joe kept mauling and massaging the firm tit flesh, squeezing the pale meat and pulling on the erect brown nipples of his teenage student.

Jennifer continued panting and moaning underneath him and Uncle Joe could tell the young girl was about to cum again, "Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh god Mr. Smith. Your cock feels sssooo goooodddddd! My titties feel like theyíre on fire.", Jennifer moaned.

"Iím gonna cum all over your tits you little tease.", Uncle Joe grunted as he thrust his cock faster and faster between Jenniferís pale tits, causing the young girl to nearly scream out with pleasure as he abused the tender flesh. Uncle Joe heard his student squeal in frustration as she tried to reach around this thrusting hips to get her fingers into her gushing, wet pussy. As Jenniferís hands continued to fumble for her needy pussy, Uncle Joe squeezed down hard on her large tits and thrust one last time.

As the first drop of hot cum erupted from Uncle Joeís cock and landed on Jenniferís face, the young student came hard as well. Jenniferís pussy clamped down hard on nothing and began spewing her own cum as Uncle Joe drained his balls all over her gasping face and sweaty tits. Uncle Joe used his deflating cock to rub his cum all over Jenniferís proud tits and face, "Well thatís one class day made up for. Only about 200 more to go.", smiled Uncle Joe.

Jennifer looked past Uncle Joeís cock and said, "Yes Mr. Smith."

To Be Continued...