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04-05-2012, 07:01 PM
I started to write this and want to know if anyone thinks it is worth continuing.

Sandraís Christmas wishes.

Sandra was a typical seventeen year old girl, her body developing as it should all filling out in the right places, her hormones working overtime and her urges growing stronger by the day. However for Sandra it all began about a year ago when she made a pact with herself that she would not miss a single opportunity to have sex. That New Yearís promise had lasted all year without much success, not that she shied away from chances but those chances had never really happened; because in many young menís eyes Sandra was rather plain although she really was a very gentle pretty young woman.

This Christmas Eve she made a special wish to Father Christmas, not that she really believed in him, and the wish was to have a perfect orgasm at least once a month for the next year. She thought no more about it and retired to bed. It was several hours later that she sensed something happening.

In a world of half sleep she noticed a figure standing in the shadows of the room; somewhat alarmed she tried to reach for the bedside light but when she flicked the switch nothing happened. Suddenly the shadow spoke to her even though she could not clearly see his face she was certain that his lips were not moving as she registered the words deep inside her brain.

You want to be a sex slave to the perfect orgasm, my little whore. She heard out of the gloom although the very sound of this strange voice seemed to boom around the room or was that just the sound rebounding inside her brain. Unable to answer as she watched the shape move towards the foot of her bed; suddenly she felt a tightening around her right ankle through the bed sheets. She glanced down and saw a dark shape of a hand holding her ankle and then the weirdest thing seemed to happen right before her eyes; without the hand releasing her ankle the bed sheets suddenly slid up her legs exposing her naked thighs and lower calf muscles.

Now the shadow seemed to grab her left ankle and despite her trying to prevent anything else happening; she found herself powerless to resist as her ankles parted and exposed more of her body in her short nightie. She felt glad now that she slept with panties on and no sooner had she registered this thought than she almost screamed out aloud as she watched as her panties were forcefully ripped form her body. Sandra swore she must be going insane as she could not see any reason for her panties to suddenly bulge out away from her body let alone anything causing them to rip and leave her shaved cunt so perilously exposed.

Now she watched almost paralysed as a shadow of a manís head seemed to dip between her legs and she felt hot breath on her cunt clips, quickly followed by the unmistakeable feeling of a soft pointed tongue brushing lightly over her clit. Her panic was intermittently interspaced with little gasps of pleasure as her body began to respond to the delightful licking of her cunt. Instinctively she lowered her hands on to the back of the head of this shadow but she became alarmed when it seemed her hands went straight through the head and now rested against her own soaking wet cunt.

On and on the delightful licking sensations carried on until she was thrusting her hips up as if to meet the squirming tongue. Suddenly she saw bright flashing lights and what can only be described as starbursts as her first perfect orgasm hit her, she threw her head back and rolled her eyes into the back of her head as she screamed out her orgasm. Then suddenly she was bathed in sweat as she felt the definite thrusting of a large hard cock into her cunt, forcing herself to look between her legs she saw her own cunt open and clearly showing the signs of being stretched around some thick object and yet there was no one there.

The stretching continued to gather pace and actually took Sandra into the multi-orgasmic state as her own tides of passion swept into each other. Then she swore blind she experienced the feeling of a cock unloading its hot heavy seed deep inside her cunt and that set off an even stronger orgasm causing Sandra to pass out.

Later when she came around she looked down and saw her lower half was naked, the blankets were bunched up around her waist and her panties were in shreds beside her right leg. Even stranger was the large wet patch on the sheets between her legs; a closer look showed signs of white sticky substances amongst the wet stains and she swore it looked like someoneís cum. Sandra searched the room but found no windows or doors open showing that someone other than herself had ever been in the bedroom. Yet her recollections of the events remained clear in her mind and even began to excite her once more.

04-06-2012, 12:03 AM
Be interesting to see where you take this since he already fucked her. But I have faith you have something in mind.

04-06-2012, 10:48 PM
Interesting so far, waiting for more.