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All Gareth could do was scream helplessly as his dick obediently spurted volley after volley of thick juice into Davenport's hungry mouth. His eyes were open wide behind the blindfold and his voice was beginning to grow hoarse. The first wave of cum actually lasted for nearly 2 minutes and the stream never lessened.

Davenport continued to suck, greedily drinking from the faucet that was the boy's delicious cock. The doctor continued to work his finger in and out of the boy's tight, puckered asshole. He maintained the right curve in his thrust to hit his prostate every time. Marshall had given up sucking to watch his idol slip into the throws of yet another orgasm.

By now, Gareth was actually howling. The pleasure was so intense that it was unbearable, but the Capacitor was forcing him to beg for more because it felt so good. "PLEASE SUCK IT OUT OF ME! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!"

This went on for nearly 30 minutes, and even after Gareth fell unconscious, Davenport kept sucking and the doctor kept fingering his puckered hole.


Marshall ran a damp towel reverently over Gareth’s body. Though the jock’s dick lay flaccid over his stomach, it still twitched when Marshall brushed over it.

“How do you feel?” Dr. Clancy asked Davenport.

Davenport grinned. “Horny as Hell to be perfectly honest with you.”

The doctor smiled back as he input the latest data into the computer. “What time are Ericsson and Cutledge due to arrive?”

Davenport glanced at his watch. “Not for another couple hours.”

“Excellent,” Dr. Clancy smiled. “I have a few more tests I’d like to run, so I think it’s time to wake our fantastic young Cum Faucet,” he said, glancing at Gareth.

A doubtful expression crossed Davenport’s face. “It’s barely been an hour since he finished cumming. He’ll be of no use to us.”

“You’ve forgotten the power of The Capacitor over the body’s involuntary functions, haven’t you?” the doctor replied with the press of a button. Almost instantly, the jock’s sac began to churn. Gareth grunted in his unconscious state as his testicles slowly filled.

Both Davenport’s and Marshall’s jaws hit the floor. Not only did Gareth’s balls seem to be producing more semen, but they were looking fuller than before the milking started.

“The Polishing Pump is a rather demanding device,” the doctor explained. “He needs to have a quite a bit of cum to feed it. Due to the sheer volume he’s about to produce, I think it will be best to milk him by machine this time around.”
Marshall, who hadn’t been aware of the existence of another machine, asked, “Polishing Pump? What is that exactly?”

“Only the most advanced milking machine ever created,” his uncle replied proudly. “You’ll have to see it in action to fully understand it, but essentially this device focuses much of its attention on the subject’s head and glans. Each segment of the inner tube operates independently, sucking and pumping at a uniquely different rate from the others. In this way, we’ll be able give different attention to young Gareth’s penis at the base than at the tip. Most importantly, while the majority of the inner silicon tube runs vertically up and down, the portion at the head of his pens will rub from side to side and in circular motions, effectively polishing the tip. Sensation is enhanced by a nerve heightening lubricant that is also not affected by friction.”

Marshall nodded in understanding, “So it won’t dry out. His dick will stay wet the whole time without us having to reapply the lube?”

His uncle winked. “Precisely. Now, let’s set up the machine and get Gareth into it before we wake him.”

Dr. Clancy rolled out a sleek stainless steel machine that looked like a small portable refrigerator with a door on top. He opened it and pulled out a long chord that he had Marshall plug into the wall. Then he pulled out a thick silicon sheath. He rested it in his palm to show Marshall and Davenport the flexibility of the material. It looked almost like a half-flaccid veiny penis with all the small wires that were visible. These wires were actually imbedded in the material, attached to a multitude of sensors on the inside that would lay flat against Gareth’s penis once it was inserted. These wires connected to a central chord that was built into the sheath and would wrap around the base of the head, culminating a vibrating bead at the frenulum. The bead was connected to another chord that the doctor swiftly connected to a small port in The Capacitor.

“Oh shit,” Marshall muttered as he realized that The Capacitor would now have a direct line to Gareth’s cock.

“Indeed,” the doctor chuckled, squeezing a small tube of clear lubricant into the sheath. “Touch this,” he told Marshall and Davenport. Both reached forward into the sheath and gathered a bit of the lube onto their fingertips. The gel-like lubrication was icy cold and caused an intense tingling sensation on their skin. As they rubbed their fingers together it warmed, but the tingling intensified.

“What’s happening?” Davenport asked, fascinated by the sensation.

The doctor held up the empty tube. “The tingling sensation you feel is the result of a unique compound in the lube that attacks your nerves and their ability to feel pleasure. It intensifies that sensation. See?”

He grabbed Davenport’s hand and slid his lubricated fingers into his mouth. Davenport’s eyes rolled back into his head and he grunted. “Fuck!”

Dr. Clancy pulled away with a sucking pop. “Just imagine if that was your dick.” He turned back to Gareth and pressed another button on The Capacitor. Instantly, the jock’s dick began to swell. Once it was semi-hard, the doctor slid the sheath over it. The material was squishy in his hand and since it was clear, he could see Gareth’s cock stiffening.

Gareth moaned and rolled his hips as the sheath hit bottom. Dr. Clancy adjusted it until Gareth’s glans were fitted perfectly into the tip of the sheath, then gently squeezed the tube and pressed his hand down the length of the jock’s dick. This pushedall of the excess air out and created a strong suction that went from base to tip.

“He’s ready,” the doctor said, moving to the Polishing Pump’s main hub and pressing a small blue button. A smacking suck issued from the sheath as it pulled on Gareth’s turgid member.

“Let’s start with a little overall motion,” Dr. Clancy muttered to himself. “Then, we’ll crank up the individualized attention to the various segments of his cock.” He slid several levers into place.

Marshall and Davenport watched in fascination as the device seemed to wriggle over Gareth’s dick. The portion at the bottom pushedall the way to the base of his cock, part of the silicon flattening out over the skin just beyond the base. This segment tightened creating a tight ring that slowly pulsed up and down. Due to the slickness of the lubricant, the device emitted an almost consistent sucking sound from this portion.

The next segment was the middle of his dick. It jerked up and down over the majority of Gareth’s length, sliding effortlessly over the well-lubed skin.

On the underside of Gareth’s penis was a long sensor that molded to the muscular chord that ran along the underside of the jock’s dick. This sensor was lined with thousands of flexible ‘spikes’ that danced over the skin causing a tickling sensation.

The final segment was over the head of Gareth’s dick. This section sucked like a mouth, wetly slurping on the jock’s swollen knob as it rotated in an erratic pattern. The doctor pressed another small button, activating the vibrating bead at Gareth’s frenulum. He stepped over to The Capacitor and smiled at Davenport. “Now let’s have a little fun.”

He sent a push to Gareth that would slowly wake him. As the jock began to stir, moaning with increasing awareness, The Capacitor also sent a few electromagnetic pulses through the bead in the sheath. Gareth’s dick shot instant hardly, the thick chord on the underside pumped repeatedly and caused the entire sheath-covered cock to jerk.

At this point, Gareth was jolted into full wakefulness. “Uggggghhhh!”

“Good morning, sunshine,” Davenport said with a grin.


Gareth fought his binds as the realization hit him that he was trapped once more. The milking of the last hour came rushing back to him in a flurry of torturous memories and he recognized with dawning horror that his dick was hard once more. Not only that, but it was rock solid, pulsing and throbbing like he hadn’t just spent an hour constantly ejaculating. He glanced down and saw it, the head a deep purplish pink and the shaft appearing to have its own heartbeat.

Then he did a double take. He was looking at his cock, but through some sort of rubbery apparatus that was sucking him in ways that he’d never imagined. Something was tickling the underside of his dick and he grunted as he felt a concentrated vibration underneath his tip.

That’s when it hit him. He could see all of this. At some point while he’d been unconscious, they’d removed his blindfold. While it comforted him to some extent that he was no longer blind, he couldn’t shake the feeling that whatever they wanted him to see about this next phase of his ordeal was going to stay with him for a while.

“Marshall,” Dr. Clancy called. “Please bring the Reverse Harness out here.”

Gareth saw Marshall’s eyes light up as he shot out of the room to the storage space on the other side of the basement.

“We’re going to need to move him,” the doctor told Davenport.

“I doubt he’ll be very cooperative for that,” Davenport replied.
But the doctor was already standing next to The Capacitor. “Oh, yes he will.” Gareth felt a push and his muscles all went lax. He even felt the remnants of the lubricant from his previous milking seeping out of his suddenly relaxed anus.

“What’s going on?” he asked, just as Marshall wheeled out a large multi-cuffed harness that was suspended from a beam jutting from a sturdy pole attached to the base of the platform. He panicked at the sight of the thing, but the doctor sent another push that silenced him before he could voice his concerns. He also turned off the silicon sheath on his dick.

He was shocked as Davenport, the doctor, and Marshall began to undo the binds that held him to the table. Marshall pulled the weird-looking harness to the end of the table and the doctor lifted a cushioned leather cube from the space under it. “Lift him,” he told Davenport and Marshall.
Gareth flopped forward as the two of them pulled him up. Marshall grunted under the dead weight of his hulking body but with Davenport’s help they were able to hold him up as the doctor put the cube on the table.

“Ok,” Dr. Clancy said, “now we need to flip him.” The three men turned him to his side and then turned him once more so that he was stomach-down with his legs hanging off of the back of the table. Dr. Clancy and Marshall lifted Gareth’s knees into two of the padded cuffs that hung from the harness. Once his knees were secured, the doctor wrapped a thick belt around Gareth’s waist and affixed it to a chain that was attached the beam at the top of the apparatus. The doctor pulled the chain and Gareth’s ass went into the air. All three men laughed as he blushed in humiliation.

The doctor pulled the chain forward and Gareth’s body slid back up the table. Davenport and Marshall lifted him so that his ribcage rested on top of the cube. They pulled his arms down bound his arms and hands to the top of the table on either side of it. A strap went over the top of his back, another over his lower back, and a three-and-a-half foot bar was placed between them to hold his legs apart.

The effective result was the Gareth was basically on his hands and knees bent over the cube with his ass high in the air and his legs spread, which of course spread his ass cheeks. But that wasn’t enough for the doctor. He reached under the table and pulled out a strange metal contraption. It looked like a framework sculpture of someone’s ass, but where the crack would be, there was only empty space. It was made of several curved metal bars, each with the diameter of a number two pencil. Dr. Clancy slipped this contraption over Gareth’s ass and the flexible metal bars molded to the shape of his cheeks. Then using a set of small cranks on either side of it, he slowly craned Gareth’s ass cheeks apart, exposing his quivering pink hole. Gareth gasped when he realized that this thing could hold his ass open indefinitely.

Finally, the doctor reached forward and pulled Gareth’s sheathed cock backwards so that it stuck out between his legs. Gareth moaned as the doctor attached a loop in the sheath’s material to a small hook he’d pulled from the beam at the top the harness. He watched Dr. Clancy walk back to the computer and turned the Polishing Pump back on. He felt another push and realized that he had control of his muscles once more. He could also speak.

“Let me go!” he moaned.

Davenport ran a finger lightly down Gareth’s ass crack, pausing to flick his fingertip over his tightly puckered anus. “Oh, but you didn’t say ‘please’.”

The doctor readjusted The Capacitor so that it was back on the setting from his previous milking, the one where he could speak, but only to express pleasure. He also wouldn’t be able to cum until he was given explicit permission. When he was finished, he told Marshall to retrieve a large white jar from the shelf at the back of the room.

Marshall handed the jar to his uncle with a puzzled expression on his face.

The doctor explained. “This, my friends, is a jar of silicon fibers that are made from the same material in the Polishing Pump.” He opened the jar and in front of Gareth so he could see the contents. Inside were hundreds of small, silicon ‘worms’. Dr. Clancy lifted one out.

“Harmless, right?” he teased. “But watch what happens when it comes into contact with Nerve Attack lubricant.” He dropped it into a petri dish of the lube. After a few seconds, it began to pulse and wriggle. Over the next several seconds, the wriggling became more aggressive. Gareth’s eyes widened and he shook his head frantically, pleading with his eyes for release. “The cells of this silicon have been infused with a strong electromagnetic compound. This compound reacts to the lubricant much as your nerves do, in a sense bringing the ‘worms’ to life.”

The doctor reached back into the jar and pulled out a ‘worm’ with a one-inch diameter. It was nearly six inches long and hung like a limp noodle in his fingers. He dangled it in front Gareth’s eyes. “Can you guess where this is going?”

Gareth wanted to scream, but only more helpless moans escaped him. He felt a lubricated finger on his asshole. The finger swirled around the opening, lightly petting the sensitive ring of muscle. It was Davenport.

“Mmmmmmhhhh,” Gareth moaned as the doctor picked up another tube of that special lube and slipped behind him. He felt the tip slip into his anus and the tube emptied. The lubricant oozed into his rectum, leaving an intense tingling sensation in its wake. His anus twitched uncontrollably in response the weirdly erotic feeling. “Uuuuuuugggghghh!”

Behind him, the doctor lined the end of the ‘worm’ with the center of his anus and pushedlightly. The tip of it slipped in and immediately came into contact with the lube. Instantly, the tip of the worm began to wriggle, the movement causing it to inch in further. As more of it slipped in and more became exposed to the lube, the more aggressive the wriggling became.

“Oh, my, gawwwwwwwwd!” Gareth screamed. “Uggggggghhhh! SHIT!” His ass was so sensitive and the ‘worm’ felt like a long, slimy wet tongue slithering into rectum. He tried to push the worm out, but that only made it more determined to gain access to the depths of his ass. Before he knew it, it was writhing against his prostate vigorously.

Davenport and Marshall watched it disappear into Gareth’s puckered hole until only a half-inch stub poked out, still wriggling, it caused the jock’s asshole to dance between his cheeks.

Dr. Clancy went back to the computer and turned up the Polishing Pump. It went into overdrive, sucking loudly at Gareth’s cock. Since it was bent backwards behind him, Gareth could no longer see his dick, which only seemed to intensify the sensations.

Marshall’s eyes were fixed on Gareth’s churning balls. He licked his lips hungrily at the sight of the smooth skin that contracted and relaxed over his taught sac. “Uncle” he pleaded breathlessly.

“Go for it,” Dr. Clancy smiled.

Marshall didn’t need any more prompting. With a groan, he leapt forward and placed his hands on Gareth’s ass cheeks. His mouth was watering and when his tongue touched the jock’s balls it slid easily over the baby-soft skin. He licked all over the sac, sucking each ball into his mouth and rolling them over his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

Not to be outdone, Davenport reached forward and pressed the remaining tip of the ‘worm’ into Gareth’s dancing asshole. He used his fingertip to keep it in and rubbed the puckered ring even as he felt it quivering against his finger.

Gareth’s body was completely stiff, every muscle in his body rigid against the intense pleasure that wracked him. As the tip of the Polishing Pump swirled over his cock head, the cilia on the underside if his dick went from tickling to gripping the chord of muscle. They massaged it, helping to force the flow of pre-cum out of his slit, which was open now in a perfect ‘O’ as it expelled a near constant flood of clear seminal liquid. The tip then went into gripping his head, releasing and contracting to create the most delicious suction. It slurped at the knob loudly.

Gareth’s eyes rolled back at the sensation. “Aaarrrrrrggggghhh,” he growled through clenched teeth. The Capacitor isolated each individual feeling – the slurping suck of the Polishing Pump, the enthusiastic tongue bathing of his ball sac by Marshall, and the wriggling worm up his has with the anal massage of Davenport – and intensified them. Gareth was once again reduced to incoherency. A trail of drool slid from his lips as his eyes became hooded and his body jerked in the restraints.

“He’s ready,” the doctor exclaimed. He jumped up to affix a clear tube to the end of the Polishing Pump. He actually had to take a few swipes at the jock’s twitching member before he was able to grab it.

“Cum, Gareth!” Dr. Clancy shouted once the tube was attached.

Again Gareth’s dick pulsed harder for nearly thirty seconds. The jock screamed in pre-orgasmic pleasure, his body wracked with a series of involuntary spasms.


Marshall was still sucking his balls, but Dr. Clancy and Davenport watched as the chord on the underside of Gareth’s dick seemed to inflate, throbbing with doubled intensity. Without warning Gareth’s dick shot thicker and harder and he began to shoot volley after volley of thick white cum into the sucking pump.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHH! AHHH!” he screamed with each spurt, his body jerking in the harness. Even over the noise of his seizing body, they could all hear the splatter of his cum against the silicon sheath. The force of his ejaculation forced to the tip of it to balloon outward each time a gush of cum jettisoned from his piss hole.

Davenport wasn’t able to keep his finger on the jock’s dancing asshole and it soon as it slipped away, the ‘worm’ slid out. But it was still covered in the Nerve Attack lube and wriggled its way almost all the way back in. Gareth’s puckered asshole squeezed back out, but it forced its way back in until he was involuntarily fucking it in and out of his ass, scrubbing its slimy surface over his prostate over and over again.

“Son of a bitch,” Davenport grunted. The sight of Gareth’s ass getting fucked by the ‘worm’ had been enough to send his own hormones into over drive and soon enough the effects of Gareth’s cum had his own dick shooting to attention.

“Success!” Dr. Clancy exclaimed as he noted Davenport’s erection.

He looked down at his crotch and a wide grin broke over his face. His penis was hardening rapidly. When the doctor motioned for him to do so, he reached down and unbuttoned his trousers.
Davenport almost always went commando and today was no different. His fat, veiny cock sprang out from behind the buttons like an angry snake, the head already glistening with pre-cum. It was fully erect and about 8 and a half inches long. Both Davenport and the doctor watched in delighted amazement as the swollen dick pulsed a few times and became even stiffer.

“Son of cocksucker!” Davenport laughed. “Look at that motherfucker! Damn it I feel like I’m going to cum just standing here!”

The doctor swiftly moved into action, wheeling over a machine with a series of silver and neon blue buttons and switches. Attached to the top of the machine was a clear hose, which he attached to a clear tube that encased a see-through sleeve. The inner sleeve, made of the same silicone as the Polishing Pump that still sucked away at Gareth’s dick, was soft and pliable. The inside of the tip of the sleeve was covered in small purple bumps. The rest of the sleeve was covered in lines that spiraled down the inside of it. These lines were actually cuts in the silicone that allowed the sleeve to expand and contract when the machine was turned on. The doctor pressed a button on the machine’s top panel and the sleeve began to move up and down within the clear cylinder. The bumps at the top began to vibrate lightly as well.

Davenport, eyes intent on the cylinder, moaned and licked his lips as he watched the machine. He’d begun to jerk his thick meat and as the doctor emptied half a tube of lubricant into the sleeve he pumped a little faster.

“Hey, now,” Dr. Clancy smiled as he snatched Davenport’s hand away from his dick, “Cut that out! We need to collect your first ejaculation after having taken in Prince’s contribution. We’ll measure the quantity, quality, and sperm count in your semen. You’ll also need to let me know how this orgasm feels. There’s a chance that Gareth’s cum may have had some extra endorphins in it, something that’s actually quite common in younger specimens. If it did, you’ll likely experience a more powerful orgasm…”

The doctor stopped talking when he realized that Davenport had stopped listening to him. The man’s eyes were now glazed over and his hips were writhing, pumping his pink mushroom tipped cock closer towards the tube in the doctor’s hand.

“Is this what you want?” Dr. Clancy teased, tipping the cylinder upside down so that some of the lube ran out. He quickly caught it on his index finger and rubbed it on the thick rim of the cylinder’s padded base.

“Yessssssssss,” Davenport hissed absently.

Dr. Clancy was fascinated by Davenport’s response. He had become single-minded in the pursuit of his pleasure, nearly in a trance as he focused on the device that would grant it to him.

“Turn around then and lean forward,” the doctor ordered.

Like an obedient child, Davenport faced away from the doctor and leaned forward. Dr. Clancy pushedthe man’s pants to just below his ass cheeks, and then brought the tube around the where his dick was eagerly waiting. He waited for an intake constriction and when it came he allowed it to slurp Davenport’s dickhead in.

The response was instantaneous. Davenport let out a long, low moan and tipped his head back. His eyes were half closed and Dr. Clancy could only see the whites, so he knew they rolled back into his head. When the tube cycled for another intake, he let it have the whole first half of Davenport’s dick. He let the tube go then, knowing that it would eventually suck its ways to the base of Davenport’s cock.
While the milking machine was busy on his cock, the doctor grabbed the tube of lube and a small prostate massager called an Aneros. He lubed it up, and then used his thumb and index finger to separate Davenport’s ass cheeks. He slowly rubbed the tip of it against Davenport’s asshole before carefully inserting it into his tight, hairy hole.

Davenport grunted as the massager hit bottom, and the doctor watched as his asshole puckered in and out as he gently fucked himself with it, passing it over his prostate repeatedly.

“Uuuuunnnngh!” Davenport moaned, reaching up for the grab bar he’d had placed at that part of the room for just such a purpose. “I’m so close!”

“Let it out, Charles…it wants to come out. I can see your balls tightening up.”
Davenport’s breathing escalated and he hunched forward. He grunted and his eyes widened as his asshole began to twitch uncontrollably, fucking the prostate massager in and out of his ass more rapidly.

“Oh…what’s happening in my ass?!”

Dr. Clancy realized that Davenport should have cum by that point. Then it hit him. ‘What If the effects of The Capacitor are contagious?’ he thought. Without further thought, he shouted to Davenport, “Cum, Charles!”

Davenport clutch on the grab bar tightened and the metal actually bent in his grasp. He squeezed his eyes closed, took a deep breath, and came with a roar. His cum flooded the inner cylinder and after a few short seconds, the force of the flood of semen pushedthe pump off of Davenport’s cock. It shot jet after jet of thick cum into the air and there didn’t seem to be any signs of slowing.

“Urrrrrrrrrgh! Uh! It feels so GOOOOOOODDD!” Davenport cried out.

“What do you feel?” Dr. Clancy asked, grabbing up his note pad to take notes.
Davenport moaned a few more times before he could answer in a quaking voice that was broken by several grunts. “I can feel….it. My…cum…shooting up my cock…I can feel it…licking out of…my piss hole! I can feel…everything! AGH! UGH! UGGGHHHH!!!!!”

Davenport and Gareth screamed in unison as their dicks pumped endless volleys of cum – Gareth’s into the nearly full receptacle at the end of the tube, and Davenports into an ever-expanding puddle on the floor between his feet.

“Looks like we’re going to need another jock, aye Doc?” a voice sounding from the stairs.

Dr. Clancy jumped and so did Marshall, the lower half of his face damp from the attentions he’d still been lavishing on Gareth’s balls.

“Alrik Ericsson,” the man introduced himself, “and I am very intrigued.”

To be continued….
UP NEXT: Gareth’s best friend is roped into the action.