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Brigit Astar
04-09-2012, 05:13 PM
Up His Boy Student's Ass
Part 1

Preface to the Reader: Although I've written and posted a number of stories from the bi female point of view, this is my first attempted story from the gay male point of view. Since I am female, I don't pretend to know what it's like to be male and gay. But I thought I would try to write such a story. I think a writer should try occasionally to stretch her or himself, and write from the point of view for which the writer really has no experience. Of course, I welcome all comments about my story. All replies are welcome, be they positive or negative, for I've learned that a writer can learn some things from even negative comments.

Up His Boy Student's Ass

Wilbern Sheldy watched through his office window as one of his students walked out of the school and down the sidewalk.

He stroked his crotch as he watched the boy. The boy's name was Dana Runion and he was sixteen years old and a junior in Wilbern's last Biology class of the day.

He was an attractive teen-ager, and Wilbern stroked his crotch more vigorously as he looked the boy over. He had also unobtrusively watched the boy in class.

He was short, almost pixie-looking, with blonde hair cut in a pageboy. He had deep brown eyes, a fair complexion, a small upturned nose, and pink lips. His complexion was smooth—almost hairless. He had a girlish effeminate look about him. His body was curved and shapely for a boy.

Wilbern's cock was rock-hard now, and he rubbed it up and down as he continued to look the teen-ager over.

Dana was unaware as he walked down the sidewalk of how his big smooth rounded ass-cheeks jiggled. He was quite innocent—except for the fact that he was gay and had experienced a few sexual acts with other like-minded boys.

He wore shorts—for the school was quite liberal in its dress code, and Wilbern admired the boy's long full sleek tanned legs.

Wilbern suddenly realized that Dana was walking in the same direction that he drove. He quickly made a decision and stood and made his way down the hall and out of the school doors. He walked to his car, started it up and headed in the direction of Dana. His excitement grew as he came closer to the boy.

Wilbern rolled down the passenger-side window and called to his student: “Hi Dana, need a ride?”

Dana answered back: “Hi Mr. Sheldy. Yes, I do need a ride.”

As he entered his teacher's car, he gave him a dazzling smile and said, “Thank you for stopping.”

“No problem at all,” Wilbern replied and pulled out onto the street and placed his hand on his crotch. He gave what he thought was an unobtrusive squeeze, but the boy saw what he was doing. The student felt his cock stirring and growing stiff.

Wilbern was unaware of it, but Dana had fantasized about him. The teacher was in his early thirties, of medium height and weight. He was sharp-featured with light brown wavy hair and green eyes. Dana thought him handsome and even sexy-looking—enough that he had himself stroked his cock as he fantasized about his teacher.

Wilbern slowly stroked his crotch and looked over at the boy. His dick jerked in his pants. He was such a young pretty boy. And his legs were so long and smooth and tanned, blonde and full and sleek.

Although Dana lived past his teacher's house, Wilbern took the boy to his home and let him out right at his door.

“Thanks, Mr. Sheldy, for the ride,” Dana said. “It saved me some walking.”

“No problem,” Wilbern answered. “If you ever need a ride again, you can ride with me. It's not out of my way at all...”

Over the next few days, Wilbern made it a point to pick the boy up as he walked from school. He slowly stroked his crotch for the first few trips, but as the rides went on, he grew more open about his stroking. Once, he even swept his hand openly over his crotch.

After a few trips, the boy began to respond openly. He began stroking and squeezing his cock.

Then Wilbern finally made his move.

“Do you need to go home right now?” he asked the boy as they approached the teacher's house.

“No, not at all,” Dana responded.

“How would you like to watch a short movie and have a cooler at my house?”

“Sounds good,” the boy replied.

They were both openly rubbing their stiff dicks.

Wilbern pulled into his drive and they got out and went up to the teacher's house.

They entered and Wilbern said, “Have a seat,” nodding to the long wide sofa. “I'll get us a couple of coolers.”

He slid a DVD into the player and stepped into the kitchen and mixed the drinks.

Dana made himself comfortable on the sofa, lounging back on the long wide soft couch. His cock was hard as a rock, and he began stroking it.

Wilbern came into the room holding two coolers. He noticed that his student was openly rubbing his crotch. The teacher's dick grew even stiffer as he sat down beside the boy.

Wilbern had had his share of gay experiences, but never before had he been with such a young pretty well-shaped boy.

He set the coolers on the table in front of the sofa and turned the sound up on the DVD.

“This is a pretty vivid film,” he said. “It's Swedish and is entitled My Young Boyfriend's Passion.”

“It sounds hot,” Dana answered. With a hand he swept the bangs of his pageboy back. For some reason, Wilbern found this almost indescribably erotic and sexy, and his cock throbbed and ached. He placed his hand on his crotch and openly rubbed it.

He figured there was no need for further conversation or hesitation. It was more than clear that he and the boy were turned on.

He reached over and placed his hand on Dana's crotch and stroked it. The boy hissed with pleasure, and returned the favor, reaching over and rubbing Wilbern's crotch.

“I've wanted to do this for quite a while,” the teacher panted out heavily.

“Me too,” the student breathed raggedly.

Wilbern unzipped the boy's shorts and pulled out his dick. It was short—four inches long—and thin, but that didn't stop it from growing hard and hot.

The teacher stroked his student's prick, marveling at its heat and stiffness. It was ultra-warm, and throbbed and pulsated in his hand.

Dana unzipped Wilbern's pants and pulled out his big stiff cock. The boy licked his lips as he looked at the rigid dick. His throat felt dry as he watched the prick rear up and pulsate in its hardness.

The teacher didn't waste any time. He went down on his student, opening his mouth wide and taking in all of his dick with one dip of his mouth. He began sliding and slurping and sweeping his tongue over and around the boy's prick. His cock was just the right size to suck, and Wilbern deep-throated him,

Dana gasped with passion and lust as he watched Wilbern bob up and down on his prick. The man's tongue was wet and smooth and his lips sucked voraciously.

“Suck me,” he rasped. “Suck every inch of it.”

Wilbern did just that, sucking greedily on every inch of the boy's prick.

He finally slid his mouth off the dick, clutched his student's head and pulled it down toward his cock.

“Suck my dick,” he panted. “Suck it good.”

Dana obliged him, He swirled his tongue on his teacher's shaft as his lips slid up and down the full length of his prick.

Wilbern gasped and grasped the boy's head and jammed his dick down to his throat. His student sucked as much of his cock as he could, but he still couldn't get every inch into his mouth. He settled for sucking two-thirds of his prick.

The boy licked and sucked the man's dick for a good five minutes, till Wilbern felt the cum churning in his balls. He slid his cock out of Dana's mouth. He was on the verge of cuming, and he didn't want to shoot his load just yet.

He moved over, and the teacher and his student just sat for a few minutes on the sofa, breathing hard and lightly stroking each others prick.

Then Wilbern unsnapped the boy's shorts and pulled at them, sliding a leg of them off his student's full sleek legs. He pulled his own pants down to his knees and slid atop Dana. As their dicks touched, the boy spread his legs and wrapped them around his teacher's waist. He thrust his crotch up and began rubbing it on Wilbern's cock.

“ Ah, um,” the man purred as he began stroking his prick on the boy's dick.

Both were hard and hot, and they rubbed their pricks together quickly and fully.

“Oh, ah, your cock feels so big and good,” the student panted.

“Um, your dick's just the right size to rub,”Wilbern replied. “Ah, it's so hard and hot.”

“Ooh, ah,” the boy breathed out hotly and began thrashing and jerking. He was on the verge of cuming.

He wrapped his arms and legs around his teacher and hunched hard and fast.

Wilbern didn't want to cum but he couldn't stop the sensation of rubbing Dana's prick. He stroked back at the boy, hunching his big hard dick on his student's stiff little cock, and mashing his big balls upon Dana's hard little nuts.

The boy cried out in lust as the cum erupted upward and gushed up his prick. At the same time, Wilbern answered the boy's cry as he gave a hard thrust and squirted sperm on his student's cock and tummy.

Teacher and student thrashed and hunched as they released their loads.

Then Wilbern stretched out on the boy's body and both hummed in satisfaction as they slowly stroked upon each others dick.

Wilbern nuzzled Dana's neck and then slid his lips to him and they shared a hot open-mouthed kiss.

Teacher and student finally separated and arranged their clothing for Dana going home. They parted with a smile on each others face and a promise to get together again as soon as possible...

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wish it was my cock

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Thank you for reading the story. It sounds like you enjoyed it.