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Brigit Astar
04-09-2012, 05:15 PM
The teacher and student got together the very next day.

Wilbern was teaching his last Biology class of the day. Dana sat up front, his full smooth sleek legs crossed.

The teacher grew a hard-on checking out his student. His gaze swept over the boy. He could hardly believe how good-looking and girlish the student was. And how shapely his body was.

His cock pushed at his pants, throbbing and pulsating. He was going to get a piece of the boy's ass today, he thought.

After the bell buzzed for the end of the period, Wilbern called to the boy as he walked toward the door.

“I'd like to talk with you after class,” Wilbern said.

The student came up to his desk and stood waiting. Wilbern's dick poked at his pants—hard and hot. He could barely control himself. He wanted to grab the student right there and rub and suck and fuck him.

“Dana, would you please come to my office. I want to talk with you about privately tutoring you. You don't have to worry about a ride home. I'll take you.”

“Okay, Mr. Sheldy,” the student replied, giving his teacher one of his dazzling smiles.

Wilbern almost lost it then and there. He was quite clearly falling for his student. And Dana was falling for his teacher. They both knew they could be totally uninhibited with each other.

After they waited for the other students to clear out, they headed for Wilbern's office.

He had a small office down the hall, and then down another hall, to end in a cul de sac. Wilbern liked his office's location. It was separated from all other rooms, and some distance away from them.

Teacher and student entered his office and he slid down the lock on the door.

They fell into each others grasp.

Wilbern guided Dana to his desk and unsnapped his shorts and pulled a leg of them down and off. He slid his own pants down. Then teacher and student went at it, rubbing their hard pricks upon each other.

The teacher ran his hands over the student's big smooth soft rounded rump. His cock throbbed and ached at the feeling. He was going to fuck the boy good.

He pushed Dana back on the desk and raised the boy's legs. He placed them on his shoulders, and moved his crotch up against the boy's rump.

He was now in a position to screw the student's ass.

He grasped his big rounded butt and stroked and squeezed it as he pushed the head of his dick between the boy's ass cheeks.

Dana knew what was coming, and he moved his rump up in anticipation.

He wasn't a virgin. He had been fucked before, and he realized that his teacher with his big stiff prick was going to give him the fucking of his life.

The student clutched his teacher's head and thrust up to give him full access.

Wilbern took full advantage.

He grunted as he pushed the knob of his dick into the young boy's butt.

The student was incredibly tight. He couldn't have been fucked more than a couple of times. Wilbern debated whether to pull out and smear his prick with lotion, which he kept in a jar in a drawer of his desk. But he finally dispensed with it. He was deep in the boy's ass by now, and he felt that he didn't need the lotion.

Dana thrust his rump up and gasped out: “Fuck me, oh god, fuck me deep!”

Wilbern panted in reply: “Oh, you sweet-fucking boy. You've got the tightest pussy-ass I've ever fucked.”

“Oh, ah, dig it in deep,” the student breathed out raggedly.

“Here it comes, honey,” Wilbern called out, “up your sweet fucking ass.”

He jammed every inch of his dick in and began screwing him.

“Um, you've got a tight-fucking ass, boy, tight as a vise,” Wilbern rasped.

“Oh god, you've got the biggest cock.” Dana breathed out raggedly. “So thick and long and stiff. Ah, you're filling me up now.”

Wilbern squeezed the boy's ass good and hard as he screwed him.

“Oh, ah, this is the sweetest fucking I've ever had,” the boy gasped. “Pump the meat to me. Fuck me deep.”

“Um, you're a young tight hot pretty boy, you were made to fuck—and suck,” the teacher panted.

Dana thrashed and hunched below Wilbern. “Oh god, nothing can feel as good as this!”

His teacher pumped his prick deep in the student, and they both cried in passion and lust as they fucked.

Wilbern opened his mouth wide and took in Dana's cock. He sucked every inch of the boy's dick as he screwed his ass deep.

“Oh god, suck me, fuck me!” the student cried. “Screw my pussy-ass hard and deep. This is the suck-fuck I've wanted—a big stiff cock fucking me as I fuck your wet hot-sucking mouth. Jesus Christ, this is heaven!”

The teacher jammed his prick all the way up the student's ass as he sucked greedily on his dick—sucking every inch.

Oh, god, I'm gonna cum!” the boy gasped. “Oh darling, oh sweet fucker, cuming good—thick creamy cum down your throat. Oh, ah, yes, and you're cuming too. Goddamn, squirt cum deep in my pussy-ass!”

Wilbern dug his dick in deep and let his student have it. He spewed sperm up the boy's ass, hunching his cock in to his balls. He squirted gob after gob of semen in his student.

Dana humped and thrashed and spurted cum into his teacher's mouth and down his throat.

Then they both just stretched out and enjoyed a delicious afterfuck...

The next day Dana rode with Wilbern to his house. They both knew they were going to suck and fuck. Their dicks were stiff and throbbing as they stroked each others crotch.

The teacher and his student had fallen for each other. Wilbern loved the boy's tight ass, hot wet mouth, pretty face and shapely figure, while Dana was in love with his teacher's big stiff cock and hot-sucking mouth.

They knew they had all the school year to suck and fuck. Both were supremely satisfied.

07-08-2012, 03:26 PM
fuck,got me hard reading that

Brigit Astar
07-09-2012, 07:16 PM
I'm glad you enjoyed it. As I stated in the preface this is my first attempt at writing a gay male story. I think it came out pretty good.