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Brigit Astar
04-16-2012, 04:48 PM
Debbie Bingham arrived home from the supermarket where she had placed her grocery order. The delivery boy would be delivering the groceries soon. She figured she had enough time to take a shower.

She walked to the bathroom and slipped off her shorts and blouse, bra and panties. She caught her reflection in the full-length mirror. She checked herself out. Well, Mrs. Bingham, she spoke to herself, you're twenty-five, been married four years. How are you holding up?

She critically examined herself. Her chestnut hair flowed down in shimmering waves between her shoulders and waist; her deep blue eyes sparkled; her lips were full and pink; her fair complexion glowed with good health. Her breasts were the size and shape of coconuts, and they didn't sag; the nipples stood erect and rubbery. Her tummy was flat, and her hips curved. Her long legs were full and sleek. She made a half-turn and checked her rump out. It was big and rounded, but firm and upthrust. All-in all, Debbie Bingham had the face and body of a starlet.

She gave a satisfactory click of her tongue, but then she suddenly thought of her husband, and her mood changed.

Terence Bingham was a full-fledged minister. He was fifteen years older than his wife. When they had gotten married, Debbie was still a virgin and quite inexperienced in all sexual matters. She had married her husband not because she particularly loved him, although she was fond enough of him, but because he had asked her and she was twenty-one and inexperienced and it was expected of her to get married. Debbie tended to do what she was told or what was expected of her.

She pictured her husband: He was short and chubby with dry-blowed light brown hair and gray eyes. He had been nice enough looking when they had gotten married, but in the intervening four years he had let himself go. He was now forty—and showing it more every day.

He had made it clear to Debbie that he wasn't really that interested in sex. His ministry came first. All else was of secondary importance. He had left just the day before on a week-long religious retreat.

How long has it been since we made love? she asked herself. Two months?

Her husband was small when it came to sexual equipment. His cock was four inches long when hard and it was thin. And he didn't last very long—usually he was good for a dozen strokes before he shot his load. And he always rolled off her and went to sleep, leaving Debbie frustrated and unsatisfied.

He looked upon sex as a duty to perform; as something that it was expected a husband would perform periodically, but by no means solely for pleasure.

In short, Terence Bingham was conservative, unimaginative, unadventurous, and quite squeamish and finicky.

Debbie let a sigh escape her lips. She had made her bed, and she had to sleep in it. But did she? the question arose. Was she fated to remain married to Ken? She knew that preacher's wives rarely got divorced. They seemed to weakly smile and be resigned. But Debbie wasn't resigned. She hadn't been for six months. In fact, she had become downright rebellious.

It had all started six months before when she had been raped by two men.

They had treated her quite roughly, squeezing, pinching and biting her breasts and rump; fucking her pussy and ass hard and fast, and squirting their cum deep in her pussy.

The rape and the roughness of it had changed Debbie in more ways than one. There had been the shock and pain of it at first, and then the guilt and shame. She hadn't told her husband about it or reported it, for in the course of the rape, Debbie had come to enjoy it.

At first it had been all pain—brutal intense pain—especially when the two men had roughly squeezed, pinched and bitten her rump and her breasts, and crammed their cocks up her ass and pussy and her mouth.

But gradually pleasure entered in, and she found her body responding. The pleasure mingled with the pain had eventually taken over. It had ended with her begging the two rapists to squeeze, pinch, bite her, to rape her. And to pump their pricks in her mouth down to her throat. She had especially fallen in love with sucking cock. The feel of the stiff but flexible meaty hot dicks overwhelmed her, and she had ended sucking avidly on their cocks. Their thick creamy cum she especially liked. The feeling of the hot juice gushing in her mouth and down her throat to her tummy had given a warm glow to her whole body. She had also fallen for buggerfucking.

The feel of the two men's hard pricks jamming up her ass had resulted in her climaxing. The feeling was indescribable.

That was the first rape. When the two men returned a few days later, she welcomed them.

Debbie didn't try to justify or explain the feelings she had. She simply accepted the fact that she had learned to love rough sucking and fucking. She had done some reading on the subject of masochism, and she understood enough to know that she was a masochist. She achieved pleasure/pain from being treated roughly and having pain inflicted on her body. She didn't try to explain it; she accepted it. All she knew was that when she was treated roughly and pain was inflicted upon her—be it by squeezing, pinching, biting, or by rough fucking, the feeling she obtained was so intense that she would almost pass out from the pleasure. She had learned that pleasure mingled with pain transcended and was far superior to mere pleasure.

Oftentimes she wondered about the two rapists. She wondered why they had not returned after their second visit. She wished they would return.

Given Debbie's position and situation—being a preacher's wife—she felt trapped. She felt there was no way to find relief through masochism. So she had resorted to masturbation and fantasizing. She had created a little imaginary world where she could obtain some degree of masochistic satisfaction...

Debbie looked at her reflection in the mirror. She moved her hands up to her breasts and stroked. A pleasurable tingling pervaded her body.

She lightly pinched her nipples and she gave a little start at the pleasure/pain that erupted forth from her breasts.

She palmed and massaged her titties, scraping her thumbs over the nipples and pinching them harder. She gasped at the feeling.

Her thick rubbery nipples stiffened and the nubs of her breasts throbbed with warmth.

She rubbed and squeezed her tits, giving sharp little nips of her fingers to the nipples. She was now breathing raggedly and her heart was thumping. A warm tingling had begun in the core of her cunt and had pervaded her entire pussy. She felt an empty aching within her cunt. She needed to be filled up in the worst way.

With one hand she dug fingers into her pussy and with the other squeezed her breasts and nipples hard.

She panted with passion as the ripples of pleasure/pain swarmed up and down her body.

She rubbed her clit fast, zipping her finger over the stiff bud. She gasped with the sensation.

She felt a climax building inside her cunt. It kept growing in intensity, till it erupted and she whimpered and moaned and hunched and rubbed in the throes of a mini-orgasm.

She slowed her rubbing down as the climax dissipated. It had been so intense, so hot, so delicious. But she was left with an empty aching feeling in her pussy. She needed to be filled with a big stiff cock. She wanted a long thick hard dick deep in her cunt pumping her hard and fast.

She sighed, and stepped into the shower...

After showering, she dispensed with panties and bra and slipped on a short silky robe with the zipper in front. She didn't think anything about the appearance she would present to the delivery boy. But maybe she did. Maybe underneath the surface of her thoughts, she wanted to attract him, entice him, and in the end have him fuck her, even rape her.

She heard his pick-up truck pulling into the drive. Her heart thumped and her breath was ragged.

She pictured the boy. He was a husky blond seventeen-year-old. Her pussy tingled and her breasts throbbed.

When the delivery boy entered he stopped short when he saw her. Her mere physical appearance caused him to stop. She was truly stunning. He felt his prick stirring and growing stiff. He could see the outline of her naked body underneath the thin silky robe.

“Hi,” she greeted him. She asked him what the total price was and she paid it and then she proceeded to put away the groceries. He helped as best he could. His eyes devoured her, and she was very aware of the effect she was having on him. She intended to continue that effect.

They put away all the perishable items, and then she stood, just looking at him. Her gaze slid down to his crotch. He filled out his pants quite nicely, she thought. He had a big bulge.Her pussy throbbed and her breasts tingled and ached.

He kept checking her body out. His cock was rock-hard.

She suddenly made her decision. She unzipped the robe and pulled it apart, showing him her naked body.

His eyes widened and his mouth and throat were dry as dust.

She reached out and grasped his crotch and stroked it. That movement seemed to break the spell the boy had been under. He suddenly grasped her and moved her body up against his.

He ran his hands over her body as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard throbbing cock.

She stroked it and he gasped and shuddered at the sensation. He rubbed her big soft rump and went down on her breasts, mouthing them and flicking his tongue over a nipple as he sucked the nub.

He pushed her back against the kitchen table and she fell lightly on her back. He burrowed between her legs and lifted them up around his waist. He clutched her butt and pushed his crotch against hers.

He nudged the head of his hard prick upon her slit. He kept pushing until he felt the head enter into her pussy. He grunted with satisfaction as he dug his dick into her cunt.

She thrust her pussy up and wrapped her arms and legs around him to give him full access to her cunt.

She had lost all sense of sin, guilt or shame. All that mattered to her now, all she wanted was a big stiff cock deep in her cunt.

He obliged her. He thrust his dick as hard as he could up her pussy. She was incredibly tight, hot and juicy.

She gasped and panted and hunched as he began pumping his prick in her cunt, his full hard balls mashing upon her butt.

“Oh god, squeeze my ass,” she cried. “Suck, bite my tits. Fuck me, rape me! Rape the piss out of me.”

He pounded her pussy, screwing her fully, deeply and hard as he pumped every inch of his dick deep in her cunt. Fucking her pussy felt like zipping his cock into hot wet tight silk.

His prick was big and meaty and it filled her up completely. She cried in lustful passion as he jammed her pussy full of meat.

He didn't neglect her ass or her tits. He squeezed her butt good and hard as he sucked voraciously on her titties.

She lurched up and fucked back at him hunching her cunt to meet his oncoming thrusts.

“Screw me!” she cried. “Fuck me with a big hard dick. Rape me good and hard and deep.”

“Pumping that pussy now!” he gasped. “Raping that sweet hot cunt.”

“Jesus Christ, this is heaven!” she cried out. “Oh god, I could fuck all day.”

He felt his big puffed balls churning, and he knew he was on the verge of cuming. But he couldn't stop. It felt too good to stop. He kept pumping his prick deep in her pussy as he mashed his balls upon her ass.

He cried as he felt the semen erupt and rush up his staff. He screwed every inch of his prick up her cunt and let her have it. He spurted a great gush of cum up his shaft and squirted it deep in her pussy, to her very core.

Her cunt sucked greedily on his cock as he spewed cum into the matrix of her pussy.

He kept cuming, and her cunt kept sucking until she had drained him dry. Her pussy had sucked up every drop of cum.

He collapsed atop her, breathing hard.

She wheezed and tried to catch her breath.

After a while, they had calmed down enough to grind their bodies slowly together and enjoy a delicious afterfuck.

It had been the best fucking she had had since she had been raped six months before. It had been the best fucking of his life.

She would have liked to continue fucking, but she had totally drained him and he was done for the time being. He slid his dick out of her pussy and stood up and placed his prick into his pants and zipped it up.

She moaned with disappointment.

After fucking her and shooting his load, he was ready to go. She wanted him to stay, but he was all practicality now. He had to get back to work.

He left her lying on the table.

She was disappoined, but she also looked on the bright side. He had given her a royal screwing and she had climaxed more than once. She also knew that the boy would be available for her in the future. So all-in-all, she was satisfied—for now.

She awoke the next morning wanting what she had gotten the day before—a hot fuck. She wondered how she was going to be able to get it.

She ate breakfast and took a shower, and then wondered what she was supposed to do for the rest of the day. She tried reading but couldn't keep her mind focused. She wandered from room to room.

She reached her bedroom and idly looked out the window at the house next door.

There was movement in the window of the house. She saw Mr. Hopp, the owner of the house. He was looking out the window in her direction. He suddenly swept his hand over his crotch and then began stroking it.

Debbie felt like an unwilling voyear, as if she was witnessing something she wasn't supposed to see. But she soon realized that he was deliberately rubbing his crotch in hopes that she was watching him.

She continued to watch, fascinated at his audacity. He had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He pulled at it, stretching it out.

He had a good-sized dick—it was probably eight inches long, and thick. He stroked it till it stood up hard and throbbing.

Debbie had mixed feelings. Mr. Hopp was a fat ugly man, very unattractive. On the other hand, his prick was so big—the biggest she'd ever seen.

She continued to watch him until he turned and pointed his cock directly at her. That's when she moved out of his view.

She lay on the bed, her heart thumping. Her mind was in a whirl. He was so fat and ugly...but his cock was so long and thick and stiff...

She was at a loss what to do.

Mr. Hopp made that decision for her.

The phone rang and Debbie answered it.

“Mrs. Binghan, this is Mr. Hopp from next door. Today is payday, so I'll be coming over to collect my pay.”

Mr. Hopp was the janitor of the church, and Debbie had forgotten completely that today was payday.

“All right, Mr. Hopp,” she finally answered. “Come on over.”

04-17-2012, 03:17 AM
Another good one Brigit. You are on a roll now girl. Keep em cumming.

Brigit Astar
04-17-2012, 05:47 AM
I intend to do just that. I have ideas for a half dozen other stories. I'm working them all out in my head one after the other.