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Brigit Astar
04-20-2012, 10:26 AM
Debbie's thoughts were all a jumble as she slipped on a robe and waited for Mr. Hopp. She was still turned off by his fat slobiness and ugliness, but she was turned on by his long stiff thick cock...She had overcome any sense of sin or guilt or shame at masturbating or being raped and enjoying it or having pain/pleasure inflicted upon her or committing adultery. She had lost all belief and faith in morality and religion; she had transcended all that...She had realized that all that ultimately mattered to her was the achievement of gaining pleasure/pain...She realized that her husband would never change, that she would never be satisfied sexually by him...She had resigned herself to marriage to him (preachers' wives rarely got divorced) but that didn't stop her from masturbating and fantasizing about being raped and having pleasure/pain inflicted upon her...She realized that breaking a moral commandment and committing an act of perversion were all-important...She reveled in the feeling that she—a preacher's wife—committed acts of sinful perversion and enjoyed them, indeed loved them...She felt a thrill at violating morality and sexual taboos...She couldn't explain or understand it, but again, she had fully accepted it...She felt as if she had entered a new world, one filled with forbidden fruit that she intended to taste to the full.

With all this, Debbie was also a practical person. She had started using birth control after the second rape by the two men.

For his part, Mr. Hopp had been attracted to Mrs. Bingham for quite awhile. He had confided in his wife—who was as much of a sadist as he—his desire to practice upon the preacher's wife, to inflict physical pain on her in a number of ways. His wife was all for it, for she found Debbie to be very attractive also, and a fit candidate for masochism...

When a knock sounded on her door, Debbie's heart thumped.

She answered the door, and Mr. Hopp stood there in all his fatness and ugliness. But she also noticed his crotch. His big hard prick poked at his pants.

“Come in, Mr. Hopp,” she said. “I've been caught by surprise. I forgot completely that today is payday.”

“No problem,” he replied as he entered.

His eyes almost bugged out as he looked her over. She had the short silky robe on, and the light caused him to be able to view the outline of her luscious body underneath. His dick jerked in his pants.

She licked her dry lips as she looked down at his crotch. “I'll get the check and fill it out,” she said, walking toward the bedroom. She always kept her checkbook in her purse in the sleeping room.

He quietly followed her, and she was quite aware of it. Her heart thudded and a warm juicy feeling began to flow through her pussy. Her breasts grew warm and began swelling. At the same time, she stayed aware of how fat and ugly he was. A thrill of perversity shot through her body. She suddenly wanted that fat ugly man to fuck her, to mash her body down on the bed as he pumped his fat dick in her pussy.

She didn't care how or where the feeling came from. She just knew that she wanted to be violated, to be raped by the ugly fat man.

Mr. Hopp had fantasized about her quite often. He had finally got up the nerve to expose himself in the window. The fact that she was an attractive young woman married to a minister and wore a thin silky robe with no underwear and he was alone with her in her house, only added fuel to his lust.

He was going to rape her, no matter what. To hell with the consequences.

Before she knew what was happening, he had grabbed her from behind, raked her robe up, pulled out his dick, pushed her down on the bed and was poking at her pussy.

He grunted as he felt his hard prick enter into her tight cunt. She groaned with the feeling.

He slid his arms around her waist and burrowed between her legs. He began pushing his fat prick into her pussy.

He moved his hands up till he came into contact with her breasts. He grabbed the cantaloupe-sized titties and began squeezing them good and hard as he pinched the nipples.

She hissed with the pleasure/pain, and lifted her upper body to allow him to clutch her. As she felt his thick rigid dick plowing into her pussy, she raised her body up to give him fuller access. The feeling of the long thick stiff staff digging into her cunt was indescribable. She only knew she was in for a good hot fucking.

He pulled her up on her knees and stuffed inch after inch of his dick up her pussy, and she began moving her body in synch with his and spreading her legs wider to accommodate his big prick.

“Oh, ah, you're raping me,” she breathed out. “You're raping me with a big hard cock.”

“Ah yeah, honey,” he replied. “Raping that hot-fucking pussy. I knew the minute you answered the door wearing nothing but a silk robe that you wanted it.”

He squeezed her tits harder and pinched her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. She winced and gasped with the feeling. He felt her titties grow hard and throbbing and hot under his ministrations. He guessed correctly that she was a true masochist.

He jabbed his prick full-force up her cunt and she jerked with the pain, and then whimpered and moaned with the pleasure of it.

Yes, no doubt about it, she was a pure masochist. I've got a goldmine on my hands, he thought, as he began pumping his prick deep in her pussy.

“You like me raping you, honey? He breathed out raggedly. “You like me pounding your cunt with a big hard dick?”

“Oh god, I love it!” she cried. “Oh, ah, your cock feels so big and good. Ram it in me. Rape me hard and deep!”

He screwed every inch of his long thick hard prick up her pussy. His full fat balls mashed upon her ass as he drove his dick in to the root.

His hands mauled her tits, squeezing them hard and cruelly and pinching the nipples, as he literally screwed the piss out of her.

She humped her rump up to allow him unrestricted access to her pussy, and he rammed every inch of his hard dick to the core of her cunt.

Even as he pumped his big stiff prick in her pussy, filling her up, she kept in mind how chubby and ugly he was. She couldn't explain it, but it gave her a thrill to know such a fat unattractive man was fucking her. She supposed it had something to do with with the working of masochism. Beauty and the beast and all that. But all she really knew was that she wanted that fat ugly slob to screw his fat prick deep in her cunt, to squeeze his fat hands on her tits, and rub his fat jowls upon her cheek. Nothing else mattered.

He pinched her nipples sharply and a shot of pleasure/pain pierced through her breasts all the way down to her cunt. She felt the hot juice flow from her clit. She actually screamed with the pleasure of the pain as he squeezed her tits roughly and pinched her nipples as hard as he could.

He suddenly flipped her over without sliding out of her pussy and went down on her titties, chomping down on the nubs of her breasts as he mashed and squeezed her butt.

“Oh god!” she cried. “Suck, bite my tits! Squeeze my ass good and hard, ram a a fat ugly duck up my cunt! Oh, ah, this is what I want and need—pleasure and pain mingled into one.”

“Um, I'm gonna cum, baby,” he grunted. “I can feel the cum churning in my balls. Get ready for it. I'm gonna shoot a load in you.”

“Squirt it deep,” she replied.

He cried out in lust as the semen erupted and gushed up his stalk. When it squirted into her cunt, he cried out again with the ecstasy of it.

He spurted gob after gob of cum deep in her pussy, filling her up with it,till it flowed out of her cunt.

“I want a rape every day—just like this,” she gasped.

“I can give it to you,” he answered. “Me and Sherry can,” referring to his wife. “Um, you've got the tightest hottest juiciest pussy I've ever fucked.”

“Something tells me we're going to be doing this a lot,” she said.

“You know it,” he replied.

There was a pause in their conversation as he stroked her rump.

“You've got a perfect ass,” he finally said. “Made for stroking,” he softly rubbed her butt and she murmured; “for kissing,” he nuzzled her rump, and she moaned; “for squeezing and pinching,” he twisted her butt-flesh between thumbs and forefingers and she gasped; “and perfect for biting, paddling—and whipping.”

He chomped down on her ass cheeks, causing her to jerk and squeal. He began nipping her ass but soon was biting it.

At first it hurt her—it was pain alone, but the more he chomped down, the more she began to enjoy it. The feeling was a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. Piercing stinging bolts of pain mingled with pleasure shot through her whole body, but it was especially centered in her breasts and her pussy.

“Oh god, it hurts so good,” she wheezed.

He suddenly got off the bed and went to her dresser and rambled through the instruments lying on it. He finally found what he was looking for: a big hairbrush. He went back to the bed, and with one arm around her waist her raised her to her hands and knees.

“Stick your butt up and out,” he ordered.

She complied, and he got down to business.

He stroked her rump and marveled that such a perfect ass existed—and it was all his.

He raised the hairbrush and brought it down, the back end of it landing squarely on her upraised butt.

“Oh!” she squealed and winced and drew back.

He whacked her again—a little harder and she drew back still more.

“Oh, it hurts, it stings, it burns,” she whimpered.

He clutched her hip with one hand and gave her a third blow.

“Unh! Oh, ooh,” she moaned.

By the time he had given her a half-dozen slaps with the hairbrush straight on her rump, she had begun moving in synch with his whacking. Pleasure was beginning to overpower pain.

He gave her a particularly hard slap with the brush and she moved her ass back to meet the blow. The feeling was indescribable. She groaned and yelped at the same time.

He began to rain blows on her butt, smacking her hard and squarely with the brush, leaving wide red welts on her ass.

She was reduced to gasping and panting and hunching her rump up and down in frenzied movements.

She slid her hands underneath her body and stroked her pussy as she rubbed her breasts. She gasped and jerked as a climax wracked through her body. Then she stretched out on the bed, enjoying the aftermath of her orgasm.

His arm soon grew tired and he ceased whacking her rump. She lay on the bed moaning and hunching as she continued rubbing her cunt and tits.

But Mr. Hopp was far from finished with her.

The smacking he had given her with the hairbrush had ignited his lust. His cock reared up hard and throbbing to its full eight-inch length and thickness.

He rolled her over and slid his body up against her face. He clutched her head and guided his dick to her mouth.

She opened her lips and he slid his prick in. He gasped at the sensation of her wet warm lips and tongue on his dick. He pressed his bloated balls on her chin as he began to fuck her mouth.

For a moment she gagged on the thickness of his dick and tried to draw back, but he held her head too securely.

He began pumping his prick into her mouth and on down to her throat.

After a short while, she got used to the long stiff thick cock running up and down her mouth. She relaxed her throat muscles and let him use her as a receptacle.

He cried out in unrestrained lust as he jammed his dick as far as it would go down her throat and mashed his fat balls on her chin as the cum gushed up his staff and erupted into her wet hot-sucking mouth.

He pumped gobs of sperm down her throat and into her tummy. A warm glow pervaded her entire body as he spurted semen into her belly.

He gave a final heave and eked out the last drop of cum from his balls.

It was the best suck-job he had ever had.

She was a real prize and he intended to keep her. He would of course share her with his wife Sherry. He smiled to himself as he thought of what his wife would do to Debbie.

Mr. Hopp was a sadist in every sense of the word, as preparation and anticipation played almost as important a role as the actual act of sadism itself. But he was also a no-nonsense guy. And after it was over, he was ready to leave.

“Time for me to go,” he simply said.

“Do you have to?” she pleaded.

“Yeah. Let's get together again—tomorrow.”

She studied his face, and then with a resigned smile said “Okay.”

Their parting was brief, laconic and without sentiment. For Debbie had learned what the deal was: they had fucked each others brains out, he had introduced her to paddling, she had sucked his cock, and that had been it. She understood that was what was wanted for that day—that and nothing else. They now had a perfect understanding. They were on the same wavelength, so to speak.

After he had gone, Debbie idly stroked her body, and thought...

She thought of how in a little over six months her life had changed completely. The changes were staggering, but Debbie was quick at grasping and accepting change. She had fully accepted all that had happened. She knew what was now most important to her: achieving as much pleasure/pain as possible. And she intended to do just that. If her marriage suffered, so be it. She even contemplated what would happen if it became necessary to divorce Terence. She would receive alimony, and she could find work on the computer as that had been what she had the most experience with before marrying Terence.

She wasn't worried at all. She intuitively knew that Mr. Hopp would help her. If need be, she wouldn't find it difficult to wrap him around her finger—or so she thought...

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Excellent Brigit. I am not into Sado-masochism at all, but that was HOT!!!!!!!


Brigit Astar
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Thank you