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I was hanging out in my house when the phone rang.


“Hello, Al. This is Karla. There is something that I need to talk to you about. Greg and I are having problems. Could you come over? You are someone I trust because you know us both so well.”

“Sure, I can. But wouldn’t you prefer to talk to Hanna she knows you both as well.”

“No, this is something that I need a guys opinion about.”

Now Karla and Greg had been our friends for a while. We met them while taking a parenting class together. Both Karla and my wife were pregnant at the same time. All four of us hit it off right from the beginning. So it was not a problem to my wife that I take off in the evening to head over to Karla’s.

“Tell Karla that I hope everything is alright and that I am here if she needs me.”

I got in my car and made the drive over. “What could Karla want to talk about that she could not talk to Hanna about? Why did she insist on me coming over when we could have talked about it over the phone?”

Well, I finally arrived at Karla’s house. I rang the doorbell.

She opened the door. “Hey Al, come on in. We have to go upstairs and talk since the baby is sleeping.”

Not thinking anything of it. I followed Karla up the stairs and into her bedroom. The baby’s room was right next to the living room. So, when Hanna and I would come over, we would go up to their bedroom to hang out, watch movies, or play games.

Karla and Greg had a huge bedroom where one side was the sleeping area and the other side was like a small living room. This is where we would go to hang out. I sat down on the couch and Karla sat down next to me.

“So Karla, what’s up.”

“Greg and I have been having problems. I think that he is having an affair but I am not sure.”

“Karla, from what I know about Greg, there is no way that he is having an affair on you. He loves you and the baby too much. He would never throw it all away.”

“Al, I will be frank with you. The reason I think he is having an affair is because he has lost interest in sex. We have not made love in six months.”

“Wow, really. I still don’t think Greg would do anything like that. We are supposed to have lunch together. I can talk to him if you want.”

“Oh Al, would you do that?”

“Yeah, you two are like brother and sister to Hanna and me. We would do anything for you guys.”

At that point, Karla stood up and extended her arms to me. So I got up and walked over to her. We had hugged before but there was something different about this one.

“Karla, are you okay?”

“Yeah Al, just hold me.”

With that, Karla squeezed me tighter and I became aware of her anatomy as she held on to me. My cock started to respond to what was happening and I was enjoying it a little too much.

“Karla, I’d better get going.”

As I tried to pull away, she held me even tighter.

“It is so good to be in your arms. I have not been held like this for a long time.”

Then she looked me in the eyes and gave me a slight kiss on my mouth. Being lost in the moment and her beautiful brown eyes, I returned her kiss.

“Karla, we’d better stop. This could get us both in a lot of trouble.”

Secretly, I had always found Karla attractive. She had long flowing hair. Big beautiful brown eyes. Also, I am an ass man but Karla had the largest tits that I had ever seen. There were times were I could not take my eyes off of them. She had an hour glass figure. She worked hard to lose her pregnancy weight. And I appreciated all of her hard work. Now, she was fitting nicely into my arms.

“Remember when you said you would do anything for us.”

As she was talking, her hands we sliding lower down my back.

“There is something that I need you to do for me.”

Now her right hand was rounding my hip.

“I need you to satisfy me Al.”

With that, she put her hand flat on my cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Uuuhh Karla, you make it hard for a man to say no.”

“I would never do this with just any man. I know that you care about my family and you would not take advantage of me. But I want you so badly right now. I must have a cock in me and I like the feel of yours right now.”

As she was talking, she worked my zipper down, pulled my cock out and started giving me head. She worked my cock into her mouth. I could feel my head working its way to the back of her throat. She pulled my cock out and looked up at me.

“I have wanted to do this a long time. I would fantasize about your big black cock fucking me. I have never had one and I wanted you to be my first.”

Then she went back to expertly sucking on my cock.

Right then, I thought that I heard something in her closet. I jerked and looked over in that direction.

“That was nothing. Now, let me suck this glorious cock some more.”

She proceeded to move faster up and down my cock. I felt myself on the verge of cumming in her mouth. Then I heard it again. I knew this time it was not my imagination.

I pulled out of her mouth and put my cock back in my pants. I walked over to the closet and opened the door. To my surprise, there stood Greg. He had his cock out and it was obvious that he was jacking off.

“What’s going on here?”

“Okay, Greg do you want to explain it to him.”

“Al, every since we met you my wife has talked about your cock. Do you remember that time we all went to the beach together?”


“Well, my wife saw the outline of your cock as we were coming out of ocean. That night she made me pretend that it was you laying the pipe to her.”

“Al, tonight was my idea. I wanted to give my wife a chance to fulfill her fantasy of fucking a big black cock. But, I wanted it to be with someone that we knew and trusted. However, the stipulation was that I get to watch.”

As Greg was talking, Karla was unzipping my pants to work my cock out again.

“So Al, this is her one shot.” My dick is out of my pants.

“This is going to be her once and only deal to sleep with another man.” Karla starts to suck my cock right in front of Greg.

“You are someone that we trust to respect that wish and fulfill her fantasy.” Karla’s head is bouncing up and down on my cock at this point.”

Greg backs up and sits in his chair to watch.

Karla opens the jacket that she was wearing to reveal that she only had one layer of clothing on the whole time.

I lay Karla on the couch right in front of Greg and begin to slide my cock into her.

“Oh Greg, Honey, his cock is so big.”

I looked over and saw Greg jacking off at this point. Even fully erect, his cock was half the size and thickness of my cock when was limp.

“Her pussy felt incredibly tight. It was almost like working my way into a virgin.”

“Mmmm Karla, your pussy feels incredible. I am going to give you the fuck of your life.”

I lift her legs above my shoulders. I angle my cock to enter in the deepest way possible.

“You wanted a big black cock Karla, then you are going to get it.”

I start to pound Karla. Karla begins to moan to the pace of my fuck.

“mmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmm mm mm mm mmmmmm mmmmmm mm mm mmmmm”

At this point Greg comes over to get a better view. He is also jacking to the rhythm of me fucking his wife.

“I am about to cum. You wanted a black cock. You are going to get my black seed.”

I start to pump faster. Karla is moaning louder. Greg is jacking harder. Right then, Greg bends and cums all over Karla’s face. Just the scene in front of me is enough to send me over the edge and I cum inside of Karla.

As I am cumming, Karla screams in her orgasm. We all collapse on the couch. I look over and Karla has a big smile on her face.

This was not the last time that I fucked Karla. There would be one last time and Greg would get to fuck my wife Hanna.

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