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Brigit Astar
04-21-2012, 12:55 PM
Mr. Hopp called her late the next afternoon. He came straight to the point: “Sherry wants to meet you and get to know you. Why don't you come over?”

“I'll be over soon,” she answered.

She took a shower and dressed in tight short shorts and a strapless low-cut halter. She decided to dispense with panties and bra.

When she went next door, the Hopps greeted her with a drink. Debbie tasted it and other than its being a little sweet was fine. She wasn't aware that Mr. Hopp had added a little something to the drink: a sexual stimulant. It took it about ten minutes to take effect. In the meantime Sherry had turned the DVD on and had inserted an erotic Swedish film.

Sherry Hopp was in her late twenties, tall and slender with sharp features, short ebony hair, dark eyes, and a pale complexion. There was a look about her that could only be described as cruel.

She sat close beside Debbie on the long wide sofa. Mr. Hopp sat on Debbie's other side.

“This is quite an erotic film,” Sherry said. “It's been banned in a number of countries.”

As she watched the movie, Debbie found herself being turned on, both by the film itself and the effects of the aphrodisiac. Her skin turned ultra-warm and her breasts began to grow hot and throbbing. Warmth pervaded her pussy and a tingling swept up her channel. She felt an empty aching in her cunt—an aching that only something long, thick and stiff could fill and satisfy.

Sherry noticed some of the changes in Debbie and knew from personal experience what she was feeling. She began to grow excited, for Debbie was indeed a prize, and she and Rick were going to open that prize.

The film was a short one, and by the time it was over, Debbie was panting and juice was seeping from her clit; her breasts were hot and throbbing. The pulsating in her cunt had increased to where it was now an empty aching feeling.

“Let's go to the Romper Room,” Sherry suddenly spoke.

“The Romper Room?” Debbie asked, giggling.

“That's what Sherry calls it,” Rick said. “I call it the Playhouse.”

“It's our little room of forbidden pleasures,” Sherry said.

“It sounds intriguing,” Debbie replied.

“It is,” Sherry answered. “It's a room that Rick and I only invite select guests to.”

“I'm flattered,” Debbie said.

“You'll like it,” Sherry answered.

They followed Sherry downstairs to a basement room. It had wall-to-wall thick carpet, muted lighting, two long wide soft sofas, a kitchenette and a bar. It also contained a padded barrel on stands in the center of the room. Debbie noticed that there were straps and hooks on one of the sofas and on the barrel. A vague idea began to form in her mind of what the evening's entertainment would consist of. She was both attracted to and repelled by the idea of being restrained. She had not experienced being strapped, but she had sometimes thought about it. The idea of being strapped down and totally helpless at the hands of someone was an idea both attractive and somewhat frightening.

They all sat on one of the sofas with Debbie in the middle. The stimulant had now hit her full-force. She felt she would explode if she didn't have her breasts and pussy ministered to.

Sherry didn't waste any time. She slipped an arm around Debbie's shoulder and slid a hand under her halter. She began stroking the hot throbbing breast.

Debbie gasped and moved one of her hands under Sherry's blouse. Soon the two women were busily engaged in rubbing each others titties.

Rick unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard throbbing cock. It was stretched to its full length and stiffness. He began stroking it as he watched the two women.

Debbie noticed him rubbing his big stiff dick. It strained and throbbed in its eight-inch length. She suddenly had a desire to suck the long fat prick. She leaned over and took his cock into her mouth and began licking the head as she sucked down on the shaft.

He gasped at the feeling of her warm wet lips and tongue on his dick. He thrust forward and sank half his prick into her mouth. She sucked his prick avidly.

Sherry didn't want to be left out. She quickly unzipped Debbie's shorts and tugged them off her legs. She lifted her thighs and spread them back. Debbie's pussy was spread open before her in all its delicious beauty. She gave out a cry of delight and buried her face on Debbie's cunt.

She slipped her tongue into the luscious-tasting pussy and gave Debbie's ass a good hard squeeze as she slid her tongue into the hot tight sweet-tasting cunt.

Wet slurping sounds pervaded the room as the three licked and sucked each other.

Sherry dug her tongue up Debbie's pussy and began tongue-fucking her. Debbie thought she would go crazy with the thrilling feeling of having her cunt fucked with a smooth wet tongue. She clutched Sherry's head as she mashed her pussy against her mouth. She didn't neglect Rick. She sucked his dick fast and fully as Sherry ate her cunt out.

Sherry suddenly broke away, sliding her tongue out of Debbie's pussy, and standing, breathing hard.

She walked to a desk and opened a drawer and pulled out an instrument with straps.

Debbie's eyes widened as she realized the instrument was a strap-on dildo.

“You like this, honey?” Sherry said. “You'll like it a lot better when its in that tight little cunt of yours.”

She strapped the dildo on. The prick jutted out a full eight inches. It was made of stiff but flexible rubber, the size and shape of an erect penis with the same texture.

She decided that the straps were not needed. Debbie was obviously hot and wanting to be screwed.

She laid atop Debbie's spread legs and grasped her butt as she guided the rubber cock and pushed her crotch forward.

Debbie groaned as the prick made contact and entered her pussy.

She automatically spread her legs and drew them back and thrust upward to give the dick complete access. Sherry took full advantage. She clutched Debbie's butt as she strained forward and drove the hard rubber cock into her cunt.

Debbie gave out a strangled groan as the prick slid in inch by inch.

“Oh god, it feels just like a real cock,” she gasped. “It's so long and stiff and thick. Oh sweet-fucking cock—filling me up—stuffing my pussy full.”

In her excitement and passion of being fucked, Debbie had neglected Rick's dick. She had slipped her mouth off of it and was stroking Sherry's cheek with her own.

Rick decided to remedy the situation. He moved up and grasped the two women's heads and guided his prick to their mouths.

He took turns with them, letting one of them suck his dick for a few minutes, and then allowing the other access.

Sherry rapped the rubber prick in Debbie's pussy, pumping it up and down fully, filling the cunt up with a big stiff rubber cock.

Debbie wrapped her arms and legs tighter around Sherry and humped, meeting the woman's thrusts with hunches of her own.

Wet smacking sounds and groans and cries filled the air as the three licked and sucked and fucked.

They all three reached climaxes at about the same time. They gasped and panted as they emitted their hot juices into each other.

They stretched out, relaxing in the afterglow of a delicious suck and fuck.

But as Rick and Sherry knew, the fun and games had just begun...

They refreshed themselves with drinks, and Sherry dimmed the lights down even more as Rick tuned the stereo to a nice jazz station.

Debbie stretched out on the sofa, reveling in the aftermath of their suck and fuck.

Sherry and Rick looked at Debbie stretched out in her nakedness and their lust was suddenly renewed.

But this time they meant business.

“How would you like to try our “instrument of truth” out?” Rick asked Debbie

“Instrument of truth?” Debbie asked.

“Yes,” Rick replied. “It will provide the true feelings of the person who rides it. It never lies.” He indicated the padded barrel with a nod of his head.

“How does it work?” Debbie asked.

“Let me show you,” Rick answered, getting up and pulling Debbie toward him.

Sherry joined them and before Debbie was aware of what was happening, they had her strapped down over the barrel. Her hands and feet were securely bound. Her luscious ass stuck up big and smooth and rounded.

“Now begins the moment of truth,” Rick said solemnly. He walked to the desk and pulled out a narrow stiff leather paddle and a riding crop.

He handed the crop to Sherry and spoke to Debbie: “You're in for the whipping of your life. Just lay back and enjoy it.”

Debbie whimpered with real fear. The narrow stiff leather paddle in his hand and the look on his face, plus the fact that she was strapped down and couldn't move with any real freedom, was frightening to her.

“Don't whip me with that leather paddle or that crop,” she pleaded. “It'll hurt too much.”

“Only at first,” he replied. “You'll soon be begging us to whip you.”

Sherry checked the straps and said “She's ready. Let's give it to her.”

Sherry was left-handed, so they stood on either side of Debbie. She raised the riding crop and whacked it down straight on the young woman's upthrust butt.

“Oh!” Debbie cried and jerked her rump back.

Sherry gave her another slap with the crop—this time a little harder—and the girl yelped with pain. “Please, stop,” she cried. “It hurts too much.”

Sherry's reply was to give her another whack—this time even harder.

“Unh—oh!” Debbie cried again which only seemed to make Sherry more violent. She began raining blows on the young woman's rump, smacking her squarely on her ass with each blow.

Rick watched for a moment, and then he joined in. He let loose with a volley of blows with the stiff narrow leather paddle. He aimed for one buttock and his aim was true. He began smacking Debbie with smart blows, each one on a different spot of her buttock.

Debbie winced and lurched back, but all to no avail. The husband and wife were too accurate in their aim.

They covered her buttocks with a neat network of whip marks. Red welts began to appear on her rump. These served only to encourage the couple to greater efforts.

Debbie began to enter a realm she thought couldn't exist—a more intense pleasure/pain realm that she had never experienced. There was still real pain—sharp piercing cutting pain—but it began to be mingled with intense pleasure. It was as if one could not exist without the other. Each smack of the stiff leather paddle or the riding crop produced a pain so sharp she actually screamed. But then the pain would be punctuated by a glowing feeling so lovely in its intensity that she could only moan with pleasure.

Both Rick and Sherry were experienced sadists. They knew how much one could take and still be engulfed with pleasure/pain. They knew the limits they needed to follow. There was a fine line between the giving of pleasure/pain along with their receiving of pleasure, and the mere giving of pain.

They knew they had not yet reached that line.

No matter how much Debbie cried or yelped or even screamed, they knew she could take more. And they proceeded to give it to her.

Soon enough, Debbie had crossed over into the realm of pleasure/pain she could never have imagined.. She had never dreamed that something could feel as good. This is ecstasy—pure and simple, she thought. This is what I want and need. I'll do anything to achieve this—I'll give anything—I would even pay money to achieve this.

Rick was the first to grow tired. His arm began to ache, and so he gradually stopped his whipping. Sherry soon followed, and Debbie was left in a glowing state of a realm that never in her wildest dreams she could have imagined.

This is all that matters, she thought...staying in this realm...it's beyond pleasure/pain...it's ecstasy—pure and simple. And I'll do anything to maintain it...

They released her from the straps and it took a moment for her to recover enough to be able to even stand. They guided her to the sofa and she stretched out, still glowing warmly from the state of ecstasy she had achieved.

But Rick needed some relief. The whipping he had ministered to Debbie had caused his cock to be at its fullest and most rigid, and his balls were filled with thick sperm. He simply had to stuff it in her and shoot his load.

He pulled at her till she was halfway off the sofa. Her bare red ass stuck upthrust. He grasped her around her waist and moved his legs between hers, and then he pushed forward, thrusting his prick hard between her butt cheeks. He had decided he wanted a piece of her ass.

He squeezed the head of his dick into her asshole, and she winced and drew a little back, but he knew that would change soon enough.

Sherry also needed some relief. She was in the mood to have her pussy licked, so she got on the sofa in front of Debbie and clasped her head and pulled it forward.

She sighed with pleasure when she felt Debbie's tongue slip into her pussy.

Rick kept pushing his prick into Debbie's ass. She was incredibly tight. Her butt felt like a vise on his cock.

He ignored her whimpers and her wincing. Nothing could have stopped him from buggerfucking that tight ass.

Sherry mashed her cunt against Debbie's licking sucking mouth. She cried in passionate lust as an orgasm—so powerful it made her tremble—shot through her body. She went rigid for a moment, and then fell, released from the power of the climax.

Rick pumped his prick in Debbie's ass—fast and hard, jack hammering it in as she cried out in pleasure/pain. She began rubbing her pussy and her tits as Rick jammed his dick in her cunt.

He gave a mighty heave and rammed every inch of his prick up her pussy and let her have it. He gave her a half-dozen good spurts of semen deep in her cunt.

All three just lay there for a while, breathing hard and trying to get their breath back.

Then they began stirring and thinking of what they wanted to do for round two...

04-21-2012, 04:24 PM
Dang -- just what I didn't need!!! LOL - I had a session scheduled with a young lady for this morning and it got cancelled and now I read this and have an amazing hard on. What to do? What to do?

Brigit Astar
04-22-2012, 05:38 PM
I'm glad you like the story. One of my intentions was to get you in the condition you're in.

04-23-2012, 02:40 AM
Ok - you got me there, now can you help me out??????

Brigit Astar
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It's just something you'll have to work out of.