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Brigit Astar
04-22-2012, 05:40 PM
Debbie breathed out “Oh god,” in satiated passion.

“God is dead!” Sherry suddenly shouted. “Long live Satan and Lucifer!”

Her outburst surprise Debbie. It almost shocked her with its blasphemous tone and content.

“Satan and Lucifer live!” Sherry again raised her voice.

Debbie was at a loss. She literally didn't know what to say.

“Sherry and I are Satanists and Luciferians,” Rick explained. “We pay homage to Satan and Lucifer. To us, “God” is dead.”

Debbie was both fascinated and repelled. Although she had lost all belief and faith in organized religion, she still believed in God—although if someone were to ask her of what God consisted, she would have been at a loss to say.

“Don't worry about it,” Sherry said to Debbie. “I'm not going to preach to you. If you're interested in it, I can give you some reading material, but I'm not going to try to convert you.”

Sherry and Rick were laconic, laid-back and short-spoken. And they said what was on their minds. Without preamble or excuse, Sherry said, “I'm tired. I think I'll call it a night.”

“I'm getting tired myself,” Rick replied.

Debbie took the hint and said, “That makes three of us. I'm going to go to the house. Hit the sack.”

“Let's get together tomorrow evening,” Sherry said. “We'll continue our fun and games. Oh, by the way, let me give you some materials.”

She walked to the desk and pulled out two books and handed them to Debbie. One was entitled An Illustrated History of Satanism and one had the title Lucifer – Prince of Light.

“I'll think you'll find these very interesting,” she said to Debbie...

The next morning after Debbie had had time to think over what she had experienced over the past two days, she was amazed. It was as if a totally new realm had opened up for her. She felt clear-headed and she had the knowledge of what she wanted to do.

She got the book An Illustrated History of Satanism and began reading it. And her eyes were opened still more...

Late that evening, Sherry called and told her that Rick and she were ready to have a ritual.

“A ritual?” Debbie asked. “What do you mean?”

“A ceremony,” Sherry replied. “But we'll need to perform it in the church.”

“Why the church?”

“Because the church needs a new covenant. The old covenant has to be broken, and the new one established and consecrated.”

Debbie was lost—again. It seemed that Sherry lost her a lot.

“Well, I don't understand,” Debbie said, but okay, we can go in the church. I have the keys.”

“Good,” Sherry answered. “Let me ask you this: does the church have an altar?”

“Yes, it's a big altar—long and wide and low.”

“Perfect,” Sherry said. “We'll be coming over—as soon as it gets dark.” She hung up the phone.

Debbie was mystified. She had heard enough to understand that the Hopps were going to perform some kind of ritual in the church—and knowing them, it would be a Satanic ritual. But as long as they didn't damage the church or the altar, she didn't see why they couldn't do it. She even found herself consumed with curiosity and looking forward to the night. Perhaps she could even take part in the ritual...

Sherry and Rick arrived soon after dark. They held various items in their hands: colored candles, thick long ribbons, whips and a strap-on dildo.

Debbie looked at the instruments with increasing excitement.

“Do you have the key to the church?” Sherry asked.

“Yes,” Debbie replied, holding it up.

“Then let's go,” Sherry said.

They made their way next door to the church. Debbie unlocked it and they entered. Sherry lit some of the candles and their muted light dispelled some of the dark.

“As long as we keep the candles away from the windows, we won't be seen,” Sherry said.

She placed two of the candles on the altar.

“Well, let's prepare for this,” she said. “I suggest we all get naked to start with. There must not be any clothing on during the ritual. Everything must be free and flowing.”

They stripped, and in the dim light, Debbie saw that Rick already was half-hard. She could see Sherry's breasts well enough to make out that they were the size and shape of big softballs. The hair around her pussy had been neatly trimmed.

“Get up on the altar,” she ordered Debbie, “on your hands and knees.”

Debbie complied, and Sherry and Rick tied her wrists and ankles with the ribbons to the legs of the alter. Although they were ribbons, they were thick and strong, and Debbie found she was strapped securely and couldn't get free. Not that she wanted to, for she saw the birch rod Rick held and the straight bamboo cane in Sherry's hand, and she assumed she was in for virtually the same kind of whipping she had received the evening before. She began to really get excited when Sherry began swishing the bamboo cane in her hand.

“You're going to love this on that big soft ass,” Sherry said. You will be whipped for the glory of Satan and Lucifer. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Debbie breathed out huskily and raggedly.

There was a moment's hesitation then came the first whack. Debbie yelped and drew back. The pain was piercing and shot through every inch of her body.

The second blow came from Rick. He swished the birch rod and let it land squarely and sharply on her buttock. Again, Debbie yelped and tried to draw her body up, but she found it impossible. The ribbons held her too tightly and securely.

With Debbie kneeling on the altar, it was just the right height for Rick and Sherry to do their work. They took turns—one coming down with a whack on one buttock and then the other striking the other cheek.

With both of them whipping her, it didn't take Debbie long to enter the pleasure/pain zone. Her whole body tingled and stung; her breasts were hot and swollen; her pussy was on fire.

Debbie turned her head and saw Sherry breathing hard while Rick gasped, his cock now rock-hard. She wanted that cock. She wanted that long fat prick deep in her cunt.

She saw Sherry strapping on the dildo, its eight-inch length sticking out in its full thickness and length. Debbie knew she was in for a royal screwing. She waited in growing anticipation.

Rick climbed up on the altar underneath Debbie and positioned his dick at the spread pussy. He clutched her hips and pulled down. Debbie gasped with passion as she felt the head of the big prick enter in her cunt.

At the same time she felt Sherry's hands on her rump spreading her ass-cheeks.

Sherry clambered upon the altar behind Debbie and grasped her around her waist and moved up close to her butt.

“We're going to screw you good—all for the glory of Satan and Lucifer,” Sherry breathed out hotly.

Debbie spread her legs as far as she could and thrust her rump up.

Sherry thrust forward, driving the rubber dick into her ass.

Debbie winced and gasped at the feeling. It was definitely a mixture of pleasure and pain. She tried to spread her cheeks wide and thrust her butt still higher.

Rick was now pumping her pussy, screwing her with full strong thrusts. Sherry had now pushed the entire rubber cock in and was now buggerfucking Debbie.

All three got in synch and began screwing hard and deep and in total rhythm.

Rick sucked and bit on Debbie's big tits as Sherry squeezed her ass good and hard.

Soon they were all in a state of ecstasy, caught up completely in their fucking.

“All hail Satan!” Sherry called out. “Hail Lucifer! Here is your gift we present you. This delicious young luscious preacher's wife. She is totally willing to suck, fuck and be whipped—all to your glory. We also present this church to you—Satan and Lucifer. The old covenant is broken, and the new covenant has begun. This is now your church, Satan and Lucifer.”

They screwed her hard and deep and fast, bit her tits and squeezed and pinched her ass as they consummated the ritual.

“Satan is fucking you!” Sherry cried. “Lucifer is screwing you!”

In spite of her trepidation, Debbie was caught up in the passion of the moment.

“Fuck me, Satan! Screw me. Lucifer!” she called out in lust.

Debbie reared up, her body straining. She had reached a peak. Her entire body jerked and was rigid as an orgasm swept through her cunt to spread over every inch of her body.

She then lowered herself down as the climax dissipated somewhat.

Sherry screwed till she was tired out. She gradually stopped. Rick shot his load deep in Debbie's pussy, emptying his balls.

Then they all just lay there on the altar, trying to catch their breath.

“It is finished,” Sherry finally said.

They unbound Debbie and she gingerly got off the altar. Her tits and ass were still flaming and stinging.

They all dressed, gathered up all their materials and followed Sherry out of the church.

When they reached Debbie's house, Sherry said, “We'll be getting together real soon. If this keeps up, we'll soon have enough for a coven.”

“Isn't a coven thirteen?” Debbie asked.

“Actually it can be any number,” Sherry replied, “but the consenses number seems to be thirteen.”

Debbie said goodbye to them and entered her bedroom and lay on the bed. She thought over all that had occurred in the past few days. She knew she had made the right decision. She felt no guilt or shame.
Eveything felt right and good. She picked up the book Lucifer – Prince of Light and began reading it...

The next morning Debbie awoke feeling good. Other than being sore in her breasts and ass, she felt in good health and spirits.

She received a phone call from her husband that afternoon informing her that he would be gone three more days at the religious retreat. “No problem, dear,” she said. “I'll see you when you come home.”

He wondered at her cheerful tone and upbeat voice. He felt she should be sad, but on the contrary she sounded actually glad when he had told her he would be gone three more days.

Hubby's going to find out how things have changed in three more days, Debbie thought to herself. He's going to be very surprised, she hummed to herself.


04-23-2012, 02:42 AM
Nope - you lost me on this one. After the first 3 or 4 paragraphs I quit reading and won't continue. Sorry! May be for some folks but not my cup of tea in any way, shape, form, or passion.

Brigit Astar
04-25-2012, 05:24 PM
Everyone has their own tastes in erotica or porn.

04-26-2012, 12:13 AM
I totally agree.

Brigit Astar
04-26-2012, 10:12 PM
The Preacher's Perverted Wife is as close to "blasphemy" as I'll probably ever get. Although I do have plans to write a story entitled Devilish Incest Orgy which will come close to blasphemy.