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Jack Smathers
04-29-2012, 01:00 PM
Never in a million years had I planned on things working out this way……….I was in my late teens, athletic, popular and had a hot steady girlfriend who I fucked regularly. I hung out with the guys, drank beer and was just a normal guy who had a very good life. Like every normal young man I had wondered now and then what it might be like to be with someone of the same sex, but always bypassed these crazy thoughts by telling myself that it was wrong and that I wasn’t gay in no way, shape form or fashion……….Strangely enough that all changed one day and following is the story of that memorable event.
This one friend of mine, Ricky, was a neighbor in my community and he and I were always doing things together. We had been friends since childhood, and now went on double dates with our girlfriends, fished and camped together, played sports together, hung out almost all the time and were really close friends. When we were alone together we laughed and talked about various things, and the conversation always seemed to turn to sex. We would go in depth and share stories about the various ways which we fucked our girlfriends and it seemed we were always trying to outdo each other in trying new things and screwing our female friends in new and exciting ways.
It was mid-summer and my parents were gone, they went away quite often on weekends as they would go to our lake house as often as possible to escape and relax following the work week. I had begun staying at home most weekends to enjoy hanging out with friends and having the house to myself. This particular weekend my friend Ricky and I had planned on going out with our girlfriends and then coming back to my place and exchange stories, drink a beer and just relax and hanging out. I arrived home around 11:30 this particular Saturday evening and was quite disappointed that I hadn’t got lucky with my girl. I changed into shorts and a t shirt, turned on the TV and sat on the couch knowing he would soon be there, and hoping he had a hot sex story to share. Ricky came in about midnight and was a little pissed as he and his date had had a slight dispute that evening, and he grabbed a beer and started telling me about he and his girlfriend’s uneventful evening and how he hadn’t gotten any either. He quickly calmed down as we relaxed and began laughing about women and their moodiness, and we started surfing the cable TV for some late night flicks.
We found a fairly hot movie on the tube and sat drinking a beer, and as usual our conversation seemed to turn to the sex subject. We were both quite horny from not getting any from our dates and the conversation seemed to get really in depth about the sex acts we had performed in recent times with our female friends. I had a semi hard on as we talked more and more and I eventually suggested that we get out some porn which I had hidden under the bed take a look at this. Ricky was in full agreement and I invited him into the bedroom and dug out the magazines from under the bed, and we opened these up and started turning the pages. This one magazine had some very hot hardcore porn which showed full penetration and featured a threesome with two beautiful women and a hung male. We loved these hot photos and commented on each page as to how great that would be to experience something like that in real life. As we turned on through this hot magazine I had a full hard on and he was squirming a bit as he adjusted his pants to allow his cock to stand upright in his jeans. I laughed as he reached into his pants and adjusted his cock and I told him to change into a pair of my shorts to get more comfortable.
He kicked off his shoes, stood and stepped out of his pants and walked to the dresser to get a pair of shorts, and I couldn’t help but notice his hard on pushing his boxers outward. Damn, I thought to myself, why does his hard cock seem somewhat inviting???? I quickly suppressed that crazy thought and watched as he pulled on the shorts and sat back down beside me on the bed. We turned through more of the pages and both of us started loosely commenting on what a turn on it was seeing these two women kissing, sucking each other’s titties and licking each other’s hot pussies.
It was a real turn on for both of us and we seemed somewhat embarrassed at how much we liked seeing this. He commented once that he wondered why and how two women could enjoy each other so much as they were fucking this lucky well hung guy. I too wondered why this was so damn hot and I was somewhat worried as I caught myself several times looking at his crotch and seeing his raging hard on bulging in the shorts. We finished paging through this magazine and looked at a couple more and then returned to the couch and settled back to drink another beer and watch some more TV. There was a hot R rated movie now on the TV and we sat back and began watching this and our conversation continued. Ricky commented once again about how hot the magazine shots were with the two women fucking each other and the guy, and I agreed at how much I enjoyed seeing that as well. He then asked me to go back to the bedroom and get that magazine and let’s look at that again. I walked into the bedroom and got the magazine and when I returned he was sitting on the couch with his shorts off and was stroking his hard cock. “What the hell are you doing?” I remember asking with a slight laugh, and he answered by saying how Horney he was from viewing those photos and from the fact that he hadn’t got any from his date this evening. I quickly agreed and watched him for a minute as I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by watching him stroke his cock. I sat down somewhat close to him and continued watching as he stroked his hard cock. His cock was normal size, with a nice mushroom head on it and I loved the sight of watching him stroke it… I then slid my hand into my shorts and fondled my hard on and began jacking my cock as well. Damn this is weird I thought as I stroked myself and kept turning my eyes toward him. He had opened the magazine once again to the threesome and we were both now looking at these hot photos as we jacked our cocks. I then bravely commented on how hot these two women were together, and with a slight laugh I said that maybe he and I should do some experimenting this evening as well………………..
He smiled and said he thought I would never ask. At that moment my whole life changed!!!!!!!! I stood and stepped out of my shorts and boxers, dropped to my knees in the floor, crawled between his legs and reached down and started stroking his hard cock. He looked down at me and smiled, watched for a minute and laid his head back and started moaning with excitement. I jacked him for several minutes and I felt my hungry mouth being drawn to his cock. I couldn’t resist now if I wanted to and I opened my mouth and gently slid it over his cock head. I could not believe how much I enjoyed this awesome feeling as my mouth pushed down farther and farther and I did my best to deep throat his hard cock. He was fucking my face and I absolutely loved it. I licked and sucked for several minutes and I then felt Ricky moving and he asked me to back off a second as he stood to the floor. He stood behind my head and I bent my neck back and once again I was licking his cock. I was loving this so much that it was unbelievable. I bent my head backwards and he then placed his balls over my face. I quickly opened my mouth wide and took each ball in my mouth as I was going crazy with excitement at how good this felt. Sucking Ricky was so much more exciting than eating my girlfriend’s pussy and I couldn’t get enough of the taste and feel of his crotch. I sucked his balls, licked the base of his shaft and was almost trembling with excitement as precum began oozing from his cock. I quickly turned my body around and faced his cock and was licking and sucking him with all my might.
After just a short time of me sucking him like this Ricky slowly backed away and suggested that we talk for a minute……..I looked up into his eyes and agreed, and he asked how far I wanted to go with this experiment.
I took his hands into mine and pulled him downward onto his knees as we were now face to face and discussing the acts which we were experimenting. I told him that never in my life had I wanted anything more and I had a good feeling about what we were doing. He agreed and told me that the blowjob that I was giving him was the most pleasurable act that he had ever experienced. I then commented that sucking his hard cock was an unbelievable thrill, and I was now craving more from him. I calmly suggested that we continue the experiment and that we should let go of any worries and not hold back in trying all acts together this evening. He smiled and whispered that he wanted it just as much as I did and that we should continue and fulfill our fantasies and desires. Ricky then looked into my eyes and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me toward him as our lips met and our tongues began wrapping together. We French kissed for what seemed an eternity as we wrapped our arms around each other and began continuing our quest to fulfill our fantasies. Our tongues curled together as our lips were pressed tightly together and I felt an overwhelming passion which I had never before experienced. We eventually broke the kiss as Ricky laid me on my back and slowly crawled on top of me in a 69 position. I quickly opened my mouth and began licking and sucking his cock and balls once again and I then felt his wet lips begin wrapping around my cock head. My body quivered with excitement as he went down on my throbbing cock and jacked it with one hand as he gently sucked up and down in a rhythm. I pushed his hips upward just a bit in order to enable his rock hard cock to bend downward enough so that I could get his entire shaft in my mouth. Precum oozed from his shaft and I loved the taste of this as I continued sucking and licking his cock and balls. I had to ask Ricky to back off from time to time in order to avoid me cumming too quickly as he was sucking me in an unbelievable way.
My mind was swirling with wild thoughts when I then remembered how each time I ate my girlfriend I always seemed to pay special attention to her asshole and how I loved the taste and feel of her tight hole. I then asked Ricky to sit up for a minute so that I could experience the feel of his ass spread across my face. I knew what I wanted and I put my hands on each of his ass cheeks and pulled them apart to fully expose his hole to me as I slowly started licking the outer regions of his hot hole. I opened my eyes widely to enjoy this beautiful sight and then shoved my tongue deep inside him. He started moaning with pleasure and sat up a bit more to give me full access to his manpussy. I licked and sucked his arse wildly and he began squatting downward even more on my face as my tongue thrust deeper and deeper inside his hot hole. He seemed to love this as much as I was as he was working his ass up and down and almost riding my tongue. He then reached back down and started stroking my cock and after just a minute I had to ask him to back off once again to avoid me cumming. Ricky then rolled off me and we lay beside each other still in the 69 position with each of our faces at the others cock.
I immediately wrapped my lips around his cock and got back to sucking him and he did the same to me. I knew this wouldn’t last long as I was so hard and horney I could barely stand it and the excitement that this was producing was something I had never before experienced. I knew at this point that Ricky too was not going to last much longer as I felt his hard cock pulsing each time I went down on him and mine was doing the same. My mind wondered for a split second what I was going to do once he got to full climax and it was a no brainer that I had to taste his hot load in order to fulfill this ecstasy that had overcome my body. I now placed my hand around the base of his cock and stroked as I sucked so that I could pump him fully when the moment arrived. He continued sucking me and tonguing my cock in a wonderful rhythm and suddenly it happened……………………. Ricky’s cock began erupting and he was almost screaming as his cum spewed into mouth almost gagging me as it filled my mouth and covered my tongue. Almost instinctively I was swirling his load in my mouth and absolutely loving the taste of his cum as I swallowed the first couple of spurts from his cock. I was squeezing his cock and jacking him from the base while keeping my lips tightly wrapped around the head to capture every drop he could produce. I swallowed every drop of his sweet cum and continued to suck and stroke almost hungrily begging for more. He now had me at the same point and almost consecutively I started cumming like crazy as he performed the same act to my cock. I was struggling to maintain a grip on his cock while I began cumming in an unknown fashion. Ricky did an incredible job emptying my cock completely as he sucked and stroked me until I almost passed out with excitement. He too swallowed my full load and stroked every drop out of my cock until this incredible orgasm was complete. We now lay there sweating and out of breath, with the taste and remains of each other’s cum still filling our mouth, and our cocks softening a bit as we began catching our breath and allowing our quivering bodies to recover.
My mind was now wondering how to accept what had happened, and I was almost shocked to realize how much I had enjoyed this incredible experience of kissing a man, sucking his cock and rimming his ass. I suggested to Ricky that we get a hot shower and relax, and he laughingly agreed that we needed to wash our sweaty bodies. We got up and walked into the bathroom and I turned on the shower as we stood there for a minute to let the water get warm. Neither of us were quite sure how to react at this point as I quickly stepped into the shower and pulled the door closed, almost embarrassed as I began soaping my body. I saw the door sliding open, and Ricky stepping in the shower with me without saying a word as he took the soap and started washing my body. He gently washed my chest and slowly moved both his soapy hands down and caressed my soft cock and balls. We didn’t speak a word as I smiled and took the soap from him, returning the favor and washing his body and paying special attention to his cok and balls. We finished the shower, dried each other and crawled into bed together, two exhausted naked bodies that each had been fully satisfied in a fashion that was new to both of us, and incredibly exciting and pleasing. My mind was already working and planning as I knew what I wanted once we would awake the next morning………….The taste and feel of cock was something I would crave from this moment on, for the rest of my life.
We lay face to face, kissed each other goodnight and began drifting off to sleep…..

04-29-2012, 05:51 PM
nice tale but hard to read, try using more paragraphs.

05-09-2012, 05:40 PM
Queers SUCK