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Incest Master
05-01-2012, 04:07 AM
As you all know and read I,m into incest been doing female members of my family,but mom as you read is my sex slave and I fuck her regularaly,she loves it,now this may seem a little crazy or wild I let my friends fuck her and she enjoys it,heres my thought
she always says she can handle what ever I give her,SOoooo!!! thinking on giving her a gangbang,she,s such a little slut anyway, and I think a good old fashine gangbang is
just what she needs,not to many to start just me and 2-3 of my friends the most 4 of them,also thinking of getting her started into a little female on female fun have a few female friends that are Bi and would love to do her too,Anyway all sugestions are welcum thanks for reading by for now,I guess vote on it
Thanks once again

05-01-2012, 11:18 PM
If your Mom doesn't know your friends give her the extra treat of the "unknown". Take her out for a night of bar hopping but let some of your buds know where you will be last. Then you could "pick em up" for a gang bang. The lure of the unknown is exciting. And of course who's to say one of your cohorts in crime might just "happen to have" his girlfriend with him to extend the action.