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Strap on for the Ride
by FlyontheWall99

Campus was deserted for spring break, most students choosing to go home rather than hang around. That meant a lot of dark windows in the women’s accommodation block, all except for one, where bright lights flashed on and off, followed by the occasional laugh.

Inside three young women, Mel and Jessie both 20, and there cross-hall friend Amy, 19, were all enjoying a quiet night in, watching movies and chatting. It was an interesting mix for anyone on campus who knew the people involved. Certainly many a tongue was left wagging when Mel and Jessie walked by, the most prominent lesbians on campus. They were very forward about their sexuality and left a lasting impression on all their fellow students when they came across the flamboyant duo.

On the other side of the scale was Amy, a reasonably average college girl just trying to get through her degree and land a good job. She fit in with almost every social group on campus and had befriended the two outgoing girls when she first arrived in the accommodation block and was allotted the room across the corridor. Ever since she had been dodging rumors that she was the ‘third’ member of the campus lesbian connection. Something which at first which bothered her, but now was no big deal.

The three girls were part of the handful of students who didn’t go home for break, choosing instead to hang out and generally have a good time. For Amy it was a chance to get away from her overbearing parents. For Mel and Jessie it was business as usual.

Amy was a gorgeous strawberry blonde; she had a young trim figure which got its fair share of notice on a campus dominated by the female population. She played a number of sports and was an avid gym member. She stood about five foot five, with straight shoulder length hair and captivating blue eyes. Her slender lines were accentuated by a casual pair of hipster jeans and a sporty black boob tube which displayed her taught stomach, even tan and navel stud.

Mel also sported a trim frame; she had closely cropped black hair which highlighted her high cheekbones and deep brown eyes. She was a real take charge kind of woman who always said what she thought. She stood about five foot four and wore a low slung pair of hipster shorts with frayed edges, barely covering her underwear and a tight fitting white shirt.

Jessie had a slightly curvier figure, although she was still slender, sporting a larger bust than the other girls, she wore a low cut sleeveless blue shirt and slinky skirt which only covered a quarter of her thighs. Jessie had shoulder length sandy blonde hair which she had tied up in a rough pony tail.

The three girls shared a few smuggled drinks, campus security was non-existent, which led to a few loose tongues when conversation rolled by. The topics were innocent enough, college, lecturers, people they didn’t get along with, people they found hot, the list went on.

Amy enjoyed hanging out with Mel and Jessie, despite their reputation; they were very outgoing and pleasurable to be with. Neither girl cared much for what other people thought or said; in fact they reveled in the notoriety. When they invited Amy over to watch movies and have a couple drinks Amy was a little curious as to what they did in private. She wondered if they were as forward as some people had suggested.

“So Amy, I’m pretty bored with this movie, let’s do something and let Mel finish watching,” said Jessie, breaking the silence. She could tell from Amy’s squirming and impassive reaction to the movie that she hadn’t got into it. Mel however had her head lying in Jessie’s lap and was intently watching on. Mel whispered something to Jessie as she crawled out of the cushy couch and headed to the dimly lit kitchenette. Amy followed close behind.

“So what do you have in mind?” asked Amy with her slight country drawl. Her accent was an endless source of amusement to both Jessie and Mel. Jessie passed Amy another drink, heavily laden with vodka. Amy took a sip and commented about how much punch was in her glass.

“Nothing much, Mel wants to be a stick in the mud and watch that boring movie,” said Jessie just loud enough for Mel to hear and elicit a mumbled response from the couch. “I thought you and I could have a chat. Any ideas, stories?” smiled Jessie her pearly white teeth catching Amy’s attention.

“What kind of stories?” posed Amy with a grin, taking another sip from her strong drink. “You aren’t trying to pump me for dirty stories are you?” Amy was very much the modern liberal chick, something the other two girls liked, she wasn’t flustered if they kissed in front of her, and she loved to get out and party. But under all that she had a very innocent character.

“I might be? Got any?”

“Ummm, I don’t know if I should share them,” replied Amy. Amy smiled broadly getting a cheeky giggle from Jessie as she took a swig from her equally strong drink.

“I got to say it’s great that you came over, Mel and I really like to hang out with you. You’re one of our few friends, with things the way they are around campus it can be a little hard to find genuine friends,” Jessie said with a twinkle in her eye. Amy took a moment to take in the praise and then tried to dismiss it looking down at the floor. Jessie watched her reaction and jumped in quickly. “No I mean it; you don’t realize how hard it can be for the two of us to make any real friends. Some people just look at us funny, others act like friends but are just trying to dig up some gossip.”

Amy could tell that Jessie was being sincere, she had heard the way some other students talked about Mel and Jessie, most without ever meeting them, they were considered by some as the campus freak show. Amy finished her drink, the vodka burning its way down her throat and causing a brief rush to her head.

“Wow, go easy Amy, or you’ll get wasted before the night is over,” laughed Jessie. Amy was feeling a little light headed and through her jumbled thoughts resolved to not have another drink for a little while and allow herself to sober up. However, before she could say no Jessie was topping up her drink, heavy on the vodka again.

“Thanks,” Amy mumbled. “So I hope I’m not intruding but what is it really like?”

“What do you mean?” Jessie said coyly. “How people act around us, or what it’s like being with another girl?” Jessie’s grin exposing her pearly white teeth again.

“Ummm, I meant what it’s like around campus, not …” Amy stammered. “It’s not like I wanted to …” Amy’s face lit up bright red with embarrassment as she blushed. She struggled to look up into Jessie’s eyes.

“Well it can be difficult finding true friends and getting away from it all, but …” Jessie replied noticing that Amy was still avoiding her eyes. Amy was looking beyond her and around the kitchen as if she had never been there before. “But I think your mind is somewhere else.”

Amy didn’t know quite what Jessie was trying to say, but knew that her little display had betrayed her momentary thought. It had crossed her mind what it was like to be with another girl, but that wasn’t the point of coming over tonight. Or was it?

Jessie reached out and gently cupped Amy’s chin with her hand and straightened Amy’s face so she was looking directly into her eyes. “Seems I’ve hit a nerve,” Jessie said in a fairly serious tone, “you’re not comfortable admitting your little secret are you?”

“I’m sorry I don’t know what …” Amy responded but was cut off by the gaze of Jessie’s brilliant blue/green eyes. She tried to say something but her lips felt totally dry and the words wouldn’t come out.

“Have you ever been with another girl?” asked Jessie, not sternly but not in a joking tone either. “Is that what you’re wondering?”

Amy knew she was sprung, although it wasn’t a conscious idea that she came to their place with, she did wonder what the other side was like.

“I didn’t want to pry, I mean …” again Amy had trouble spitting out the words. “I’ve kissed another girl before, but never,” her answer sounded like a poor excuse and it echoed in Amy’s mind.

“Oh your not prying, everyone gets a little curious now and then,” offered Jessie, her voice warm and inviting. “Mel and I certainly aren’t ones to keep it bottle up. We don’t mind sharing our experiences with others if they are genuine.”

Amy didn’t know if it was the slight degree of intoxication or the precarious situation she found herself in, but she couldn’t help but read sexual undertones in what Jessie had said. Surely she didn’t mean ‘sharing our experiences’ as being literally sharing a bed with other people, or were the rumors about them being crazed sex addicts true?

“How about you kiss me,” offered Jessie pouting her lips in a slow seductive manner. Amy felt drawn to the beautiful blonde. Jessie unhurriedly placed her glass on the kitchen counter and then stepped closer to Amy who remained motionless. Amy saw Jessie close in on her and watched as her lips grew nearer, then felt the soft moist touch of her lips. Jessie broke the soft kiss almost immediately and smiled at Amy. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“No,” trembled Amy. She felt as though all the air had been sucked out of her the moment their lips connected. Amy placed her glass down as well and dropped her hands to her side, which was all the permission Jessie needed to return. Again Amy was exhilarated by the gentle caress of Jessie’s warm lips, the two holding the kiss for a moment and then breaking apart.

“You’re a pretty good kisser,” offered Jessie, she grinned and then looked over Amy’s shoulder into the living room. Amy turned, remembering that Mel, Jessie’s girlfriend, was only in the next room while she had been kissing Jessie. Jessie just smiled and turned her attention back to Amy. Amy wasn’t sure if Mel had seen the two of them or noticed Jessie’s gaze, but forgot as soon as Jessie looked back into her eyes.

Jessie pushed up against Amy’s warm body, the bare skin of Amy’s stomach coming into contact with the fabric of Jessie’s shirt. The close contact of their bodies made the fine hairs on the back of Amy’s neck stand on end. Jessie placed her hands on Amy’s hips, just touching her tanned skin, the two kissed again for a little longer. Amy wrapped her arms around Jessie’s waist and felt her sides as the kiss escalated.

Jessie slipped her tongue between Amy’s lips, finding little resistance. Amy welcomed the exploring touch of Jessie’s. Soon their tongues were intermingled and the two were in a full French kiss, their breathing becoming deeper and more labored trying to keep in contact with each other as long as possible.

“Ummm,” murmured Jessie as she looked intently into Amy’s eyes, “that was nice.” Amy could feel the passion in her own body, and could sense Jessie’s. She felt guilty for a moment that she was kissing another persons girlfriend, but then again Jessie had initiated the contact. How she wanted to kiss her again.

Jessie took a sip from her drink, never breaking eye contact with Amy. Amy leaned over to Jessie and this time planted a firm wet kiss on her moistened lips, the slightest hint of vodka crossing her lips as the two began to passionately kiss again. Both Amy and Jessie’s hands searched each others hips, waist and back as they held together in the moment.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Mel’s booming voice startling both girls, they broke apart instantaneously and turned to face Mel. Mel didn’t appear angry or surprised, she seemed calm and sedate, her face impassive. “What were you two girls getting up to then?”

Amy pondered what to say, but Jessie jumped in quickly, “nothing, we were just …” Mel glared at Jessie, her deep brown eyes almost cutting. Amy thought they were in big trouble now.

“Doesn’t matter does it,” Mel said. “Well don’t let me interrupt the two of you,” her voice stern as she walked past Amy over to Jessie. Amy didn’t know what to make of the little display; she prepared herself for a heated argument between the two lovers. Jessie and Mel whispered a few things to each other, it all looked rather serious. Amy stepped back towards the living room.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Mel in a commanding voice. Jessie smiled briefly from over Mel’s shoulder to ease the situation. “You’re not going to kiss my woman and then just leave are you? That wouldn’t be very polite would it?”

“Ahhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to … I hope I haven’t caused any …” stumbled the confused and slightly scared Amy.

“Trouble, haven’t caused any trouble,” said Mel in a dismissive tone. She left Jessie’s side and stepped over into Amy’s face. “That depends on what your intentions were?” said Mel cryptically. Her face remained impassive, but her eyebrows appeared furrowed as if she was a little angry about what she had just witnessed.

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you … my intentions … I was just talking to Jess about …”

Mel cut Amy off with a wave of her hand. “Your intentions with my girlfriend, were you trying to steal her, or were you going to share?”

The question almost knocked Amy over, all of sudden Mel’s rigid exterior became more welcoming and her gaze softened, she drew Amy closer as if by gravitation. Mel reached out and embraced Amy, pulling her to her own hard body and kissing her firmly. Mel’s lips were a little colder but her force was ever more noticeable as Mel’s tongue burrowed deep into Amy’s mouth and searched her out. It was punctuated by Mel squeezing Amy’s firm ass with her hand causing her to jump noticeably.

Jessie appeared behind the two after they finished, Amy’s head still spinning. “Well what do you say Amy, do you want to find out what it’s like?” Jessie’s tone alluring, her smile broken only to peck Mel on the cheek.

“What better way to find out than with two of the best,” offered Mel with a glimmer in her eye and a raised eyebrow. Jessie wrapped her arms around Mel and kissed her from over Mel’s shoulder putting on a seductively little display for Amy as Mel continued to hold her. Mel looked back at Amy, “now that we are all friends again, maybe we should get started.”

Mel took Amy by both hands and led her into the living room, followed closely by Jessie. All three stood in front of the couch, Mel planted another kiss on Amy’s lips then let Jessie follow her. When Jessie finished Mel positioned Amy in the center of the well worn couch, kneeling towards Mel who climbed in with her. Mel kissed her again.

Amy felt the familiar supple hands of Jessie run over her midriff as she climbed onto the couch, also kneeling, behind Amy. Amy was pinned between the two hot bodies of her hosts as they both took turns running their hands over Amy’s body. Amy concentrated on the captivating Mel as she alternated between kissing and whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

Jessie reached under Amy’s shirt, grabbing the hem on each side she began to tug it up over Amy’s breasts and under her armpits giving her just enough time to raise her arms and let the shirt slide over her head. Mel buried her head between Amy’s B cup cleavage; all the time reaching around her back to unfasten her bra. Before she knew it Amy’s bra was being flung onto the floor with her discarded shirt, Mel and Jessie certainly weren’t wasting any time.

Amy felt a tug on the rear of her hipsters, followed by one to her side, both Mel and Jessie were giving her the signal to lift her rear so they could remove her hipsters. Mel plucked her button and fly open just as she thrust her rear back into Jessie who yanked the tight fitting jeans down to her knees. Amy then voluntarily kicked them off to her ankles and on to the floor with the rest of her clothing, now only wearing her small cotton panties.

Jessie hugged up against Amy’s bare shoulder and kissed her on the cheek, giving Amy enough time to turn her head and meet her warm embrace as their tongues danced together. Mel kissed Amy’s chest gently sending shivers up her spine and causing her nipples to harden ever more. Amy felt the seams of Mel’s shirt blindly in front of her as she continued to kiss Jessie. Mel pulled back from her abruptly.

“Let me get that for you,” said Mel with a smile as Amy turned to see why she had withdrawn. Mel quickly pulled her shirt off, unhooked and then tossed her bra away revealing her pert little breasts. Mel was almost flat-chested but had a great angular body with a tight profile. Her hard nipples stood on end and drew Amy’s momentary attention. That was until Mel propped herself up and pulled down her cut offs to reveal her shaven pussy, no underwear in sight. A devilish grin crossed her face as she pushed her hard body back up against Amy’s warmth.

Amy felt a bump in the back, followed by a quiet apology from Jessie. She turned to her side and caught a glimpse of Jessie peeling her shirt off over her head, then unzipping her skirt and tossing it to the growing pile of women’s clothes. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Jessie’s breasts bounce free of their bra. She felt the soft flesh and heat of Jessie’s breasts rub against her shoulder blades, just making out the hard edges of her nubs as they dragged up and down her back.

Everything was moving a million miles an hour in Amy’s mind. Mel’s hard body pushed up against her from the front, contrasted by Jessie’s soft curves almost cushioning her from behind. Both lesbian’s mouths and hands searching all over her hot flesh trying to elicit the smallest amount of pleasure.

Jessie reached around and cupped Amy’s breasts, Amy leaned back into her as Jessie planted a sloppy kiss on her neck and shoulder. Amy could feel Mel disappear from her neck and down between her breasts. Then a sudden rush hit Amy as Mel flicked her tongue over Amy’s erect nipples, lashing them with copious amounts of saliva. Amy moaned as Mel sucked back on one of her nipples, then reached for the second.

Amy could feel Jessie run up her back and then pear down from almost above her as both girls watched Mel do her thing. Mel nursed each of Amy’s sensitive nipples in her mouth and hands, Jessie murmuring in content as she took in the spectacle, no doubt wishing it was her tits that Mel was playing with.

Jessie reached down Amy’s side and grasped one of her hands, she pulled it back behind her body and ran it up her side, trying to give Amy the okay to touch her. Amy was hesitant at first but then began to search out the contours of Jessie’s body, noticing that Jessie also did not wear any underwear, it awoke her mind for a brief moment, and she averted touching any of Jessie’s sensitive zones.

Mel broke away from Amy’s well sucked tits with a content look on her face, she saw what Jessie had done, and grabbed Amy’s other hand leading it down her shoulder and over her pert breasts, gasping as she crossed her hard nipple. “Just like that, don’t be afraid,” purred Mel as she passionately kissed Amy, Amy’s hand not wandering to far from where Mel had left it. Mel ran her body over Amy’s stationary hand.

“How do you feel?” cooed Jessie from behind, not stopping to wait for an answer before lightly nibbling on Amy’s neck. Amy broke away from Mel’s kiss and sighed as both girls nibbled at opposing sides of her neck.

“I feel great, mmm, don’t stop doing that,” moaned Amy. Mel broke away after lashing Amy’s neck with her wet tongue.

“If you think that feels good, wait a moment and then tell me what you think,” said Mel that devilish grin never leaving her face. Mel proceeded to kiss Amy’s shoulder on the opposite side to Jessie who was now tonguing Amy, her arms wrapped around her waist.

Amy didn’t take any notice of Mel; she was to caught up in her embrace with Jessie as the two blondes searched each other out, Jessie leading Amy’s hand over her stomach and up to her breasts. The mere touch of their soft flesh was enough to send a quiver through Amy’s body.

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Strap on for the Ride
by FlyontheWall99

ll me what you think,” said Mel that devilish grin never leaving her face. Mel proceeded to kiss Amy’s shoulder on the opposite side to Jessie who was now tonguing Amy, her arms wrapped around her waist.

Amy didn’t take any notice of Mel; she was to caught up in her embrace with Jessie as the two blondes searched each other out, Jessie leading Amy’s hand over her stomach and up to her breasts. The mere touch of their soft flesh was enough to send a quiver through Amy’s body.

Suddenly Amy’s body jerked up, she could feel the presence of Mel’s fingers as they ran over her clothed pussy. Amy’s breathing became shallower, as if in a panic attack before she regained her composure. Then the cool air hit her as Mel slid her panties down her thighs in one foul swoop. Amy looked up at the ceiling as Jessie gently ground into her back, and Mel finally worked her panties around her legs and out of the way.

Amy didn’t know if she could go through with it. It was obvious what Mel intended to do, which Amy had never experienced before, leading to her nervous reaction. Mel began to nuzzle and kiss Amy’s breasts again, her inviting mouth working wonders on Amy’s body causing her to forget her worries for the moment.

Jessie led Amy’s hand down her stomach and over her mound. Amy’s fingers brushed Jessie’s curly pubic hairs, causing her to immediately stop in her tracks, any further and she knew exactly where she would be. Jessie could sense Amy’s hesitation and nervousness; she broke away from Amy’s neck to whisper in her ear.

“What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable with this?” asked Jessie in a genuine tone. Amy half whispered a muted no, but Jessie could feel a little coolness in her reaction. “Just forget what you’re doing and go with the flow.”

Jessie grabbed Amy’s wrist and guided it down over her engorged labia, Amy feeling the softness of Jessie’s pussy. For all her effort at distancing her nerves Amy just couldn’t do it, she couldn’t explore another girl’s crotch. Jessie began to rub her dripping wetness over the flat of Amy’s hand giving her some impetus to join in, all for naught.

Amy’s apprehension about what was happening behind her was shattered by the sudden touch of Mel’s rigid fingertips as they met the outer reaches of Amy’s folds. Amy’s body went immediately stiff as she felt every fine detail of Mel’s probing of her pussy. Amy again looked into vacant space, her breathing quickening again, reaching a crescendo as Mel’s middle finger plunged partially into her pussy entrance.

“Are you okay?” whispered Jessie as she felt Amy’s body tighten up. Amy couldn’t respond at the moment, she just stared into nothing like a deer caught between the headlights. “Say something,” beckoned Jessie.

Mel was oblivious to everything going on, she was wrapped up in Amy’s flesh, kissing and kneading ever part of her shoulder, chest and tummy. Her fingers danced across Amy’s pussy as if to tease her, a tactic which drove Jessie wild in bed.

Amy threw her head back to speak to Jessie, “I don’t know if I can … if I can do …” her words interrupted by deep breaths in an attempt to regain her composure. “I don’t know if I can follow through with … ahhh.”

Mel’s tongue deftly stroked Amy’s mound, her fingers prodding, looking for that special place. Mel let her tongue out its full length and ran it up Amy’s entire labia. She could just hear Amy’s cry as she did so. Suddenly she felt Amy’s hand run down the back of her head and around her ear, prompting Mel to remove her head from Amy’s crotch and look up.

“What’s going on?” said Mel almost annoyed at being stopped. Jessie conveyed a look of concern through her eyes which her lover understood, Amy had frozen up.

“I’m really sorry guys. I am, it’s just …” Amy said, “it’s just that I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that, I mean I liked it when we were all kissing and fondling but I just can’t at the moment do the rest of it,”

“That’s okay Amy, we don’t want you to be uncomfortable,” said Jessie in a conciliatory tone. “If you want us to stop then we will.”

“Speak for yourself,” interrupted a bemused Mel, “I don’t know about you Jess, but I am well and truly horny now, I need to get off, you know how I get if I don’t have a good time.”

“Jeez Mel I’m horny too, but we can’t force it upon Amy, she has a right to say stop,” responded Jessie. Amy could tell that an argument was on the verge of breaking out, and she was the root of the problem.

“Look guys, I didn’t mean you had to stop, I mean I was enjoying it, it’s just I was a little uncomfortable with the last little bit, I’m just not ready for that. If you guys want to carry on, then go ahead just let me do things a little different.” Amy’s compromise brought a smile back to both Mel and Jessie’s faces and the three each exchanged a brief kiss. Jessie embraced Amy again and the two began to kiss each other.

“Well if you’re not ready for the lesbian way, then maybe we should find a more traditional solution to your problem,” grinned Mel as she climbed out of the comfy couch in full view of Jessie and Amy.

Amy watched as the gorgeous Mel with her tight body strolled sexily across the room and disappeared into the bedroom. She forgot about it as soon as Jessie’s warm mouth clamped on her ear lobe and began to suck gently, eliciting a moan from Amy as Jessie caressed her tits.

While Jessie kept Amy occupied Mel was preparing her solution in the bedroom. She stepped back into the living room to find the two blondes moaning and groaning as they fondled each other and kissed and licked each other’s skin.

Amy opened her eyes sensing Mel had returned, she looked up in astonishment. Standing before her was Mel, the same Mel she had seen before, this time she sported an eight inch rubber strap on cock, attached to a customized holster. The cock was a luminescent pink and stood on end as if erect. Mel raised her eyebrows when she saw Amy’s attention turn to her rubber cock.

Mel climbed back into the couch on her knees the same as before. She pushed hard up against Amy’s body yet again and let her tongue roll across Amy’s lips and deep into her awaiting mouth.

“How’s my thinking?” said Mel cheekily. Amy grinned; she had played with her own dildo before and managed to convince herself that this would be no different, except the added benefit of another person attached to it kissing her.

“Go easy on me,” giggled a reenergized Amy. She could feel the tip of the lubricated strap on rub up and down her tummy as Mel continued to grind against her once or twice more before pulling back. Jessie reached around and grabbed the cock about to guide it down when Amy placed her hand over Jessie’s and the strap on. “No I think I can do this bit.”

Jessie smiled and resumed her sucking on Amy’s neck as Amy led the rubber toy over her mound and across her awaiting entrance. She gleamed towards Mel who had a look of total lust in her eyes as she imperceptibly thrust the cock forward into Amy. Amy gasped as she felt the cock burrow deep inside her just like her own dildo or any guy she had ever been with. She could feel that inane sense of fullness that only a cock could bring. Mel let it lie in her for a moment before slowly retracting and beginning again.

Amy could feel her desire rise and with it an oncoming orgasm, the strap on sliding in and out of her with ease as Mel handled it like someone with plenty of experience. Between Mel’s probing tongue and the shaft of the cock she hadn’t realized that Jessie had gotten up and left her side.

Amy continued to search out Mel’s tongue with her own as the boisterous lesbian subtly worked the strap on deep inside Amy. She alternated between slow deep thrusts and quick shallow nudges, driving Amy into a state of ecstasy. Amy moaned as she felt Mel’s thumb brush her clit and gently stroke in time with her thrusts.

Jessie slipped back into the couch, Amy feeling her breasts press back up against her shoulder blades, her familiar luscious lips locking around her ear lobe. Amy was in heaven as the two girls worked her over, then she felt a hard poke on the small of her back. She opened her eyes and turned over her shoulder to see an impish Jessie.

“We couldn’t have your first lesbian experience pass without doing something out of the norm,” hinted Jessie with a wink of her eye. Amy could just make out the head of another strap on cock hanging around Jessie’s crotch. “Ever taken it up the ass?” queried the seductive blonde.

“Ahhh, no,” mumbled Amy caught between thrusts from Mel. Mel found her way back to Amy’s sensitive nipples, gently caressing them with her tongue. Amy breathed in deep in response to the new stimulus still maintaining eye contact with Jessie.

“I see we have a virgin. It’s a night of firsts for you,” announced a jovial Jessie. Jessie pushed up hard against Amy, the cool touch of her hand resting on Amy’s hip. “It’ll hurt a little at first, but that’ll pass, then you’ll wonder why you never did it before.”

Amy felt the slick head of the strap on run down her back as Jessie guided it down between her buttocks. Jessie’s finger reached out in front of it, tracing a path over Amy’s virgin hole. Amy quivered as Jessie rubbed her puckered hole with soft circular strokes.

“You ready?” panted Jessie in Amy’s saturated ear. Amy felt the head of the dildo run over her anus and stop right on top of it. She nodded approval and drew a deep breath in preparation. “Here it comes.”

Amy jerked rigid, held down by the firm grasp Jessie had on her hips, Mel resting her hands on Amy’s thighs. Amy could feel a sharp pain as if someone had just poked her with a knife. The pain past in seconds and was replaced by a dull burning sensation around her sphincter, her anus stretched to meet the girth of the rubber cock, Jessie letting it rest deep inside her hole.

“Fuck,” moaned Amy in a low voice, almost doubling over onto Mel who maintained her slow steady pace with her strap on in Amy’s pussy. Jessie’s rubber cock squirmed a little, the slender wall of flesh between Amy’s pussy and ass squished between the two toys. Jessie let her cock slip back out a fraction, the sensation of its removal even more pleasurable than its penetration. Amy was getting close to a massive orgasm.

“How do you like having two cocks fucking you at the same time?” asked Mel in her devilish best, she accentuated the question with a quick hard thrust.

“Oh God, I don’t think I’ll last much longer,” moaned Amy as both lesbians smiled and eased the strap ons back inside her. A rush of desire coursed through Amy’s body bound for her nether regions, the two cocks alternating between thrusts. “Mmmm, I’m going to cum, ohhh.”

The sound of Amy’s voice consumed by lust and desire prompted both Mel and Jessie to quicken their thrusts, the double pounding finally sending Amy over the edge.

“Fuck …” moaned Amy in a deep voice, “Ohhh, I’m cumming.” Amy’s long awaited orgasm caused her body to shake violently for a brief moment then all her muscles to go limp. Both Mel and Jessie gently caressed Amy’s neck as they waited their turn to kiss the gorgeous blonde. Jessie eased her strap on out of Amy’s ass, followed closely by Mel’s. All three kissed and embraced each other in the afterglow of Amy’s first lesbian experience

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