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Incest Master
05-08-2012, 12:44 AM
Like I,ve written before been doing mom for some time now and the sex is awsome she has becum one hell of a slut whore fuck toy for me,taking my cock in all her hole,s, but one thing I got to admit she has a an great ass,nice shape firm well pretty firm till I started pounding it,anywaway on afternoon she was over and her ass was looking so hot in these tight jeans that just hugged her checks,and told her I want to fuck your ass all day she smiled and said what not my pussy told her yea later but want your ass now it looks fucking awsome in those jeans took her to my room and proceeded to take her close off and I took mine off we hugged and kissed for a while told to get on her knee,s and suck my cock till it,s hard she did,got her upbent her over my bed and plunged my stiff rock hard cock in her ass she joled for a second from the impact but settled down,and went with the motion of me in her ass I pounded it good and hard,going faster deeper and deeper with each thrust slapping her ass checks from time to time,she loved it started saying yea mmm yea give it to me give it to me fuck my ass little the little dirty slut whore that I am, and I did her tits were bouncing all over,I leaned foward and grabbed them and pulled back on them,causing my cock to go in even deeper she loved it and begged for more,she was begging for it,give it to me mmm yea yea ohh yes yes more more and I did my load shot out into her ass I pumped till it felt like every drop was out rested for a few minutes and started again this went on for hours till we both nearly passed out,we showered went to bed and woke a few hours later and made love and had sex and of course I went right back to fucking her great ass,she is now my ass whore too,so great having a mom thats a slut whore fuck toy and I own her thats right I said I own her,will write more soon thanks for reading

05-08-2012, 11:46 AM
Good story, but really needs the use of a spell checker! Lots of mispelling, lack of paragraphs and proper sentencing! Other than that, I enjoyed it!

Incest Master
05-08-2012, 12:21 PM
Thank you sorry for the mispelling,not my strong hold and the run ons I just as it happens,

Incest Master
06-09-2012, 06:31 PM
Anyone want a mature,well train slut and great piece of ass to fuck,to use and abuse how you please