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06-02-2012, 11:31 AM
I was having a party one night to celebrate my friend visiting from out of town. She was only going to be staying the weekend so I went and bought loads of booze, smokes and food. She arrived on the friday afternoon and we were joking about giving my fuck buddy a joint blow job. She seemed pretty keen and I knew he hadnt had any experiences with multiple women and would LOVE the idea! We were getting ready for the party and I pinched her ass and told her to hurry up, with a wink. She just laughed back and carried on doing her make up.
Everyone started arriving. My fuck hadnt met my friend before and when he saw her, his whole face lit up. She went to meet him and told him to come have a drink with me and say that she'd catch up with me later on in the night.
Well, a few many drinks later and I had headed to the bedroom with him for a quickee. Everyone knew and she told them to buzz off and stop trying to perve. (I wouldnt have minded if all the guests had seen!!) Once the last few people had left she came in to get her silky pajamas and I was sitting, naked, on the lap of my fuck who was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. I asked her why she needed pajamas and told her to come to me. She walked over and kissed me. It was the horniest thing for me to be in the lap of a man with his cock in me and have my gorgeous friend kissing me deeply! I lifted my hand and started playing with her huge tits. I mean, absolutely massive motorboat boobs! ;) She had a light, shimmery dress on with no knickers and no bra.
She leant into us and my fuck put his arm around her and, starting from behind her knee, he felt up her skirt. I could feel him get even harder and loving the idea. I lifted up off his lap and told him to stay sitting there to watch the show. I also told my friend to wiggle up to the pillows, lay down and get comfy. She did and I leant over to keep kissing her. She ran her hand over my side and felt down the groove of my hip to my pussy. I was so horny from fucking already and starting moving against her hand. She ever so slowly put her middle finger into but just kept going until she was grinding against me with her knuckles. She was going in and out with her fingers hard. It felt so good. She started kissing my neck, then both my tits, onto my tummy and then lightly flicked my clit with her tongue. I started making heaps of noise and getting really wet. It was the first time Id had a girl ever lick my clit and she was so delicate. She kept flicking her tongue over me sooo softly while her finger was going in and out as hard as her hard could handle. It was such a change in feelings. My fuck started rubbing his cock and then leant over to stuff it in my mouth. I lay there wiggling round and moaning all the time at the different feelings. It didnt take long and I could feel myself starting to cum. I moved to tell my friend to move places with me. She lay down and I dropped my head straight to her pussy knowing she would be soaking from all this. She was!! I started licking her pussy and fucking her with my tongue. Pushing it as far into her as it would reach. She grabbed my hair and started pulling it really hard and saying my name when Id push into her. While I was tasting her my fuck had come up behind me and start fucking me doggy. He was fucking me hard and it felt amazing. I was squashed between two really hot, super horny people. He grabbed my hip and just kept pounding into me. We kept going for ages like that and my friend started cumming, I got four fingers in her and was licking her as fast as I could. She started getting really loud and wouldnt let go of the back of my head. Everytime my fuck would push into me it would make me move into her more. She came everywhere. It was awesome. My face, bed and hand were all soaking with her. She told me in this breathless voice to lie down where Id been before. So I lay down and she started fingering me. My fuck plunged his cock into her and I saw her eyes light up and she beamed a huge grin at me. She said she knew why I liked him so much. She dropped her head and started licking my pussy in time with her fingers and his thrusts. God it felt amazing. He leant over her and touched my face then pulled out and came all over both of us. On her back and shoulder, and on my tits and tummy. I was completely covered in cum from both of them now and that was it. I couldnt hold on anymore and held onto the sides of the bed and came so fucking hard it almost hurt. That was fucking amazing!