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Slut of Mine Ch. 01
by oldfart4fun

My wife Brenda and I met at a very young age, both in high school and full of life. Her slender body and sky-blue eyes were the first things I noticed about her. We dated on and off through the years and finally decided to take the plunge soon after we graduated high school; and found out she was pregnant with our daughter Nicky. Shortly after Nicky was born, we moved to the Florida panhandle where my parents lived. We rented a small trailer two blocks from Panama City Beach. It was spring of "79".

One day I was looking thru some Penthouse Letters magazines when Brenda picked one up and started reading with me. We were chatting about the stories as we read thru them when she came across a story about a husband watching his wife with another man. As she started to read it aloud, I put my magazine down and started listening. She read along and I noticed her looking up to me as she got to the point of intercourse, as the husband watched with excitement. "This is a good one." She replied, and started to read on. She was wearing a pair of cotton panties and I noticed a wet spot form on her crotch as the story intensified. That night we made love several times, a lot more than usual.

Brenda always had an enormous appetite for sex, especially if something excites her. During the next few months, we had several "reading" sessions, with Brenda doing the reading and me the listening. She seemed to pick out the stories where the girl was married and having one or more sexual partners other than her husband. Then one night, after we had a rather long love making session, she asked me if the stories got me as excited as her. "I just like to see you get excited and what they do for our sex life." I answered. She almost seemed to pout as she snuggled to my side.

"Have you ever thought about it happening to us?" She mumbled.

"Is it something you would ... like to happen to us?" I whispered in her ear.

"It depends on you, if you think it would excite you to see me with another guy ... or guys, I have been thinking about it a lot." She replied.

"I have to be honest; I have often pictured you with a stranger when we make love after you read those stories, but never thought it would really happen." I said while I caressed her silky smooth breast and twisted her nipples lightly.

"So you like the idea of sharing me, watching as I take another man inside me." Her breathing got deeper and heavier as she spoke.

"If you would like to try it, I think I could handle watching you with a friend and see what happens from there." I moved my hand down to her trimmed bush and slipped a finger inside her.

"No, it has to be a stranger," She said as she let out a slight moan, "Someone that doesn't know us; or our friends. We could go to Ft. Walton Beach and find someone there." Her hand cupped mine as she pushed hard on my hand and shuttered a bit as she licked her lips.

I mounted her and she guided my hard cock to her opening, as I slipped inside her. I nibbled on her neck and kissed her deeply as I started fucking her. She wrapped her legs around me, pulled my head up, and looked me in the eyes. "Are you thinking about a stranger fucking me while you watch?" she asked as she fucked back at me.

"Yes baby ... he's fucking you hard, as I watch." I quickened my pace as I fucked her harder. "So you really want to get fucked by a stranger, do you?" I picked up my rhythm as she wrapped both arms around me and panted.

"Yes, I want to feel other guys inside of me, fucking me hard and being nasty to me." She placed my hands on her tits, "Squeeze them, and squeeze them hard." She demanded.

I gripped her full breast in my palms and squeezed, "Like that, you like that don't you, you want me to be nasty to you, and you want to be my little whore, don't you?" I played with her nipples and squeezed her tits a little harder as I fucked her with hard pounding strokes.

"Oh yes baby, make me your little whore. I'll fuck anyone for you." She started to tremble as her climax came close.

"I'll make you my little whore; I'll watch as you fuck strangers ... I want to watch you fuck strangers." I was getting close to coming too.

"YES, I want you to watch me fuck other guys, and watch them fuck me hard ... Oh God, I'm going to come ... I'm coming now baby ... oh YES!" She shook as she climaxed, bringing me over the edge as I filled her pussy full of my juices.

We cuddled and kissed for a few moments, I rolled over, and she snuggled next to me. As she lay there, she told me to see if my parents would watch Nicky that Friday night so we could go to Ft. Walton Beach.

That Friday, I dropped Nicky off at my parents and hurried home. Brenda was already showered and dressed when I walked in the door. She looked stunning, with her tiny five foot two, hundred and five pound body dressed in a little white dress, which came to her mid thigh. It had very thin spaghetti straps tied in tiny bows on her shoulders. The material was thin which made it apparent she was not wearing a bra. Her long blond hair neatly tied in a French braid that went to the middle of her back. She smiled as I smiled back at her, her sky blue eyes seemed to sparkle as she spoke. "Do you think the boys will like this?" She asked as she spun in a circle, with her hands on her very slim waist.

"If they don't, they aren't boy's sweetie." I said as I headed to the bathroom to get ready.

As we drove the forty-five minuets to Ft. Walton, she seemed very excited as she thought out a plan. "We could go in separately and I'll try to flirt with a lot of guys, is that ok with you?" She seemed nervous.

"What ever happens is ok with me, just let it happen, it will be just fine." I tried to reassure her. "But we need to get some protection; I do wish we would have gotten you on the pill before this." I pulled into a convenience store and turned off the car. I asked Brenda if she was sure about this and she insured me that she wanted to do this, but was worried about how I would feel the next day. I just smiled at her, went inside, purchased six condoms, and returned to the car. I slipped the condoms in a side pocket in her purse and told her that if we are separated for any reason not to do anything with out a condom.

We headed up the main road in Ft. Walton, Racetrack Road as I recall, and came to some neon lights, "Z's Lounge" lit up in gold letters. I pulled up to the side entrance and we kissed as she got out and headed in the door. I sat there for about twenty minuets and smoked a few cigarettes before going in.

I walked into the bar and noticed Brenda did not wasted any time. She was standing at the bar and talking with a group of men as she sipped on a drink. To my left were four pool tables in the front section of the bar with several neon signs and various poster ads for alcohol on the walls. To my right was a wide short hall that opened at the end with a couple more pool tables and a small sitting area. I approached a large "L" shaped bar that was between the large room and hall. I went to the far side of the bar, ordered a beer, and watched as Brenda flirted relentlessly with her new friends. The bar had a large crowd for a small place but not overly packed. As the night progressed, Brenda had several drinks as she paraded her tight little body around the bar. I could hear some of their conversations, but the music was loud and muffled most of it. I struck up a conversation with a man sitting next to me, trying to blend in as I moved on the other side of him to hear more of what my wife was saying.

"I'm not really that good at pool, but since I like you, I'll try." She said in a sexy. Flirty voice and excused herself to the restroom.

When I saw her returning to the bar, I got up and passed her. "Meet me out side." I told her quickly as she walked by. I went out and lit a cigarette. She came out as I finished the smoke and started to giggle.

"These guys are so hot for me; one of them just kissed me." She said as she smiled.

"Are you are getting drunk?" I laughed lightly as I spoke, "You are so gorgeous." I kissed her and hugged her tight.

"Do you mind if I show off a little for them?" she asked as she untied one of her spaghetti straps.

"You do what ever you want to honey, as long as I get to watch." I said as I reached over to retie her top loose so it would give a peak of her tits.

"Looser." She told me. I let out a little more string. "More!" she giggled, "I want to give them a good show." She was still giggling. I did as she asked and as she turned to go inside, her tits were visible from the side; she was going to get a lot more attention.

I waited for a few minuets before going in. Brenda was getting a pool stick from a rack as one of her friends racked up the table in front of the bar. I took my seat and ordered another beer. Brenda took her place at the bar and started chatting with the bartender. "It's your turn Brenda." I heard a person call out. Brenda walked around the table and bent down to take her shot. Her top opened up and everyone facing her could see clearly to her belly button, her tits in full view. I looked at the men at the bar as their eyes locked on her naked tits, as she stood motionless for several seconds. The men were all smiling and some even shook their heads.

As the night went on, my wife got braver. I watched as she played several games of pool, allowing the men to fondle her tits and ass as she bounced around the bar. The bar seemed to thin out to just a few groups of people, and Brenda with her group of friends. Several of the men were freely groping her as she stood next to them. I watched as she would go from guy to guy as she let them feel her body as they kissed her deeply. Another game of pool started and Brenda wanted to play. She was almost staggering as she approached the table. This time her back was to us, as she spread here legs wide and leaned over the table. Her dress was barely covering her ass as she aimed for the ball. One of the men came behind her, leaned over her and placed his hand on her ass. "You want some help honey?" he asked, rubbing her ass thru the thin material causing the hem of her dress to ride up, exposing the bottom of her checks.

"Oh my, that's just the help I need baby." She replied as she stood still.

"Really hon, How bout this then?" he said pulling slowly on the back of her dress, as the bottom slid up and over her ass, fully uncovering her as everyone watched. She wasn't just braless; she didn't wear panties either, as her open pussy lips came into full view.

"That's what I wanted." She said as she laid her head on the table. "Don't be shy."

His hand went between her legs and a finger slipped inside her pussy as everyone at the bar stood in silence and watched. "Let's move to a table in the back sweetie." He told her as he took his hand off her ass and pulled her dress back down.

"Yes, let's do that." She said as she stood up and straightened her dress.

Brenda was visibly drunk as she staggered to the back room as one of her friends helped her. When all of them had moved, I took a seat on the corner of the bar; getting a better view of the back rooms. I could only see part of the pool table they were at, as six men passed my wife around as they kissed and molested her body. One of them put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him as she put her arms around his neck as they fell into a deep kiss. His hands went to her ass as he pulled her dress up to her waist and freely felt her bare ass. Another guy came up behind her and pulled the tiny bows on her shoulders and the thin strings fell open as her top dropped down leaving her topless. They all passed her around as each took their turn feeling her exposed tits and ass, taking her out of my line of view. Then I saw her white dress fly into view and land on the edge of the pool table. My wife was now naked, in the back of a bar, with six men. I looked around and counted nine other guys in small groups around the front room. I heard Brenda moaning as they were most definitely fucking her by now. I turned to the bartender and ordered another beer, and then I noticed something sitting on the bar, Brenda's purse. As the bartender went to the other side of the bar I peeked in the small side pocket, the condoms were still there.

I pondered what to do next but decided that it was too late; besides, I had a raging hard on thinking about what they were doing to my wife in their hidden corner of the bar.

I watched as one guy walked into view, fastening his jeans as he took the dress from the pool table and walked to the bar. "Later Tom, see you tomorrow night." He blurted out as he turned to the exit and left ... with Brenda's dress.

After four more men fucked my wife and left, the fifth guy finished with her and walked over to the different groups of guys in the front room. He pointed toward the back room, then to me, whispering something to each of them. As he left the first group, all three of them walked to the back room and I watched as they laughed and disappeared in the corner as her sixth guy walked out and left her with them. When the man going around the room came to me, he placed his hand on my back. "That is one sexy little wife you have, hope you enjoyed the show." He said with a smile and slapped me lightly on the back and left.

"Do you two do this often?" the bartender asked as he wiped the counter in front of me.

"No, this is a first for me." I answered as I finished my beer.

He grabbed the glass and turned to refill it. "I guess you don't mind if I take my turn with her?" he asked in not so much of a question, but a remark, as we both watched as four more men headed toward the back room.

"I don't think it matters now, I can't believe she took on everyone here." I took another gulp down as three men walked out of the back room and headed outside. I heard the men cheering on their friend as he fucked my wife. "Fuck that slut, fuck her harder." They chanted. I had just finished my beer as I heard them yelling and laughing. "Come in her pussy, she's asking for it, come in that slut's pussy!"

I got up and walked into the back room, a man hooking his belt smiled at me as he passed me. Brenda was sitting on the edge of the pool table with her back to me as a tall, older man stood in front of her as she guided his cock to her pussy. "Oh my ... you're huge!" my wife said aloud as he slid inside her. I heard her let out several grunts as he rammed her hard and started thrusting in and out. "Deeper ... get it all in there baby." My wife urged him as he looked at me. He placed his hands on her ass and pulled her to him, as his eyes never left mine, Brenda let out a low steady moan as he forced his length inside her pussy. He started a balanced rhythm as he would pulled out and ram his cock deep inside her with each plunge, bringing a loud groan from my wife each time. He never broke his sight with me as he fucked her hard. She started to shake as she neared her orgasm. "I'm going to come," she told him, as he looked me in the eyes. "Oh shit, I'm coming now baby, oh shit that feels good, oh, oh shit." He started to fuck her harder and faster, still staring. After she calmed down as he continued fucking her, he slowed his pace.

"I'm going to come," he whispered to her, "I'm going to come in your pussy." He was still looking at me.

"I know, I know, I can feel you getting bigger." She replied as she took deep breaths. He smiled at me for a few seconds.

"Oh yes baby, here it comes, oh my god, here it comes." His face tightened as he took one last thrust and held in deep as he came inside her, as he looked me in the eye.

"Oh yes, that feels so good, oh yes baby, come deep in me." My wife softly spoke.

I watched as he pulled out of her, gave her a deep kiss, and moved to the side. He pulled his pants up and winked at me as he passed by me on his way out the door.

The next guy stood in front of my wife. When he pulled his pants down, his cock sprang out fully erect. He was bigger than the previous lover was. He walked up between my wife's legs as she took him in her hands and guided him to her opening. His strokes were slow and long, as my wife quickly climaxed as he fucked her deep. I watched as his pace quickened as he fucked her thru her orgasm. "Fuck me hard, Fuck me with that big cock, you feel so good inside me, fuck me harder." She spoke as her head lay on his shoulder.

"You like this fucking you're getting; you are such a slut baby, such a little slut." He badgered her as he fucked her harder, looking straight at me. "I'm going to come soon baby, I'm going to come deep inside your little pussy."

"Yes, I want you to come inside me, fill me full, fill me deep." Brenda told him between her heavy breathing and loud moans.

He was fucking her faster now as he slammed his pole in and out of her. "You ready baby, you ready for my sperm?" He was pounding her harder.

"Yes, Yes, Oh God I'm going to come too ... Oh God, Oh God!" She tightened her grip around his neck as he sank in her all the way and held his cock inside her pussy as he filled her with his sperm.

"Oh my god that was good, you are a true slut honey, you are a dream come true!" He whispered in her ear.

The bartender was now standing at the side of the table as he unfastened his pants and positioned himself between her legs. "Oh my, the bartender, thank you for not stopping the fun." She told him as she guided his cock to her pussy.

"I was hoping I'd get to fuck you too; you are a beautiful thing." He said as he slid inside her and started to fuck her.

I watched as the last two men from the front joined the show and watched as the bartender fucked my wife. He soon came inside her too and pulled out as he gave her a deep kiss.

"I need to close the bar so if you guys want to finish, please take her outside." He said as he pulled his pants up.

Brenda slid off the table and leaned against the wall with her back to us. I could see a steady stream of sperm flowing from her pussy as it pored to the floor and down both legs. After a few seconds, she turned to me and smiled. "Should we go outside baby?" she asked me.

"If you want to, it's up to you." I said as she walked around the table.

"You want to fuck me too?" she asked the other two men.

"Hell yes we want to fuck you." One of them replied as she took both their hands and led them out to the parking lot. I grabbed her purse and told the bartender we might see him again.

"Anytime you want to repeat this, call me and let me know, I'm Tom by the way. I can set up a hotel room for the night across the street. Hell; I'll even pay for it." He handed me a card and smiled.

I walked out the door and the two men had Brenda beside a car. There was a streetlight shinning brightly above them as one of them sat on the hood of a car while Brenda sucked his cock. The other one was fucking her from behind with long hard strokes. I stood at our car and watched, as they fucked her at both ends. Her hands were on her knees as the man on the car had her head in his hands forcing her mouth up and down his shaft. The one behind her fucked her with the same rhythm as they both thrust in and out at the same time. His hands were on her tits as he squeezed and pulled them roughly. I could hear her grunting and squealing as they used her as they wished. The cock in her mouth came first as she was forced all the way down as he came. When he finished he slid out from under her and she placed her hands on the edge of the car hood.

This gave the other man full access to her body as he fucked her as hard as he could while he mauled her tits.

"Squeeze them hard, harder, harder ... pull on them, ah yes, harder." Brenda edged him on as he did as she said. "I'm coming, oh god I'm coming, harder, harder." She started to shake as she came.

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Slut of Mine Ch. 01
by oldfart4fun

He plunged into her pussy and came with her as he held his cock deep in her pussy. "Oh yes baby, Oh Yes you feel so good." She said as her climax eased and he pulled out of her.

The two men got in their car and pulled out as she stood under the bright light. She seemed to be confused, standing there for a moment; then walked over to me and leaned against our car. "Let's go home baby." She said as I watched a stream of sperm run down her thigh. I placed her naked and well-fucked body in the back seat of the car and drove around to the back. I opened the back door and the dome light lit up her naked body. She had a river of sperm flowing from her pussy, and her tits were bright red. I took off my pants and climbed on top of her. As I slid my cock in her pussy, she was so loose I could barely feel her. I fucked her hard but came fast, pulling out and coming on her belly. I got dressed and took her home.

She was past out when we pulled in the driveway. I carried her inside and laid her on the bed. Her pussy was still leaking sperm and redness on her tits had turned to light bruises. I got undress and mounted her again. I fucked her limp body as I repeated the same abuse on her tits as she had instructed the last man. I gave no mercy as I fucked her as hard as I could while brutality squeezing her tits and nipples. I pulled out of her as I came hard, spewing my load over belly and on her tits. She was so passed out she never woke.


This is part one of three, watch for the series with more to come.

This story is purely fiction; please do not try this in real life, this was written for your entertainment only.

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this is a gooood story ,, and no i wont share.lololol thank you

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Hhahaha glad you enjoyed it..just a little something I picked up along the way

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Great stuff ;drool

Looking forward to reading the rest ;drool