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06-19-2012, 06:20 PM
My name is Suzie and Iím a housewife. I wanted to tell you about a truly memorable day that has started a new hobby for me. Finding things around the house that need fixing. When Iíve been desperate Iíve even broken a few things just so they could be fixed. Let me tell you why this is so much fun!!!!
It all started when my husband was off early one morning on a business trip for a week. I had been really horny the night before and had tried to interest him in giving me a good fuck before he left. But he had been too tired the poor baby. That really pissed me off. I had to spend twenty minutes with my favorite dildo that morning just to put myself in a good mood. As I was getting dressed I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good, my 5í5 length was still lean and trim. At 34 my large 36DD tits were still perky, and only need minimal support, my long naturally blonde hair fell in waves over my shoulders, and my shaved pussy looked awesome. Well on with the day.
I had been putting it off long enough. I had to get through the huge pile of laundry that was backing up in the laundry room. Halfway into the second load of clothes the washing machine broke down, leaking water everywhere. Oh great the cap to a wonderful day. Little did I know what was coming. I found the phone book and started calling repair places. The only one that could make it out quickly was one of those handy-man husband deals for single girls or married ones who couldnít get their husbands to do anything. That sounded like it was right up my alley.
Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door and I opened the door to a twenty something young stud; he had on tight jeans, and since it was a hot humid August day, an already sweaty tank top covered a very sculpted body. He gave me a smile that lit up my day. I almost came right there in my panties. Then remembered that since it was wash day I had found the oldest pair of shorts I had which were extremely tight and clung to every curve, they left nothing to the imagination. As well as the little white tank top that I had bought and shrunk a size too small but kept to wear around the house. It fell only just below my tits. Oh and no bra because of course those were all dirty as well. Iíve got to start doing laundry a little more often.
"Hi Iím Andy with Hubby Helper. I was told you had something that needed fixing?"
Boy did I ever!!!!
Then mumbling something about the washing machine I took him back to the laundry room. He took one look at the machine and said that he had to go back to his truck to get some tools and would be right back. I told him that the door was open, just come right back in. After he went out I stood there a moment and realized that the time spent with my dildo that morning wasnít going to get me through the day. Just looking at this hunk I was all shivery inside and promised myself another session as soon as he was gone. He came back inside and told me it was probably something simple, and he would have it fixed in no time. I stayed to watch him work, thinking that the more I saw of him the better my fantasies would be later.
I came up behind him to ask him if he would like a drink or something. At that moment he was pulling the machine away from the wall and the pipe exploded with water drenching us both. He stood up, apologizing, as he turned the knob shutting off the water. When he turned back around he just stood there and stared at me with his mouth open and eyes wide. It was then I realized my tank top had become completely see thru and my nipples were sticking out like pebbles. I looked down and thought I would die from humiliation. I started to back out of the room using my hands to cover my tits, mumbling something about getting some towels. When I looked down so I wouldnít have to look at his face, I noticed the bulge in his pants. He saw me looking at his crotch and said, "Donít go on my account, Iím enjoying the show." I just stood there and stared at him. I think he figured he must have made a mistake. He started to turn around again and was apologizing again when I walked up behind him, reaching around him, and putting my hand over his cock and asked, "Were you just being nice or did you really see something you liked?" He got real still for a moment then reached down and covered my hand, pushing his hardening cock into my hand. "I think this kind of gives me away donít you?"
He turned around again and gazed down at my tits and said, "Oh yeah, those are beautiful." He reached up with both hands and started to caress my tits. I let out a little moan. ďMmmm did that feel good?Ē
"OH Yes."
He leaned down and sucked on my nipple thru the shirt. I put my head back and moaned louder. As he was sucking on one nipple he was tweaking the other one. I reached down and grabbed the back of his head and pushed him harder into my tit. My nipples have always been one of the most sensitive parts of my body even competing with my clit sometimes as to which will make me cum faster. He moaned into my tit and I felt electric shocks all the way to my pussy. I let him feast on my tits for a little bit just enjoying the sensations shooting through my body. I let go of him and reached down to his pants, and started to fumble with the buttons and zipper. I wanted to see that cock. I wanted it in my mouth. I was so busy with his pants I didnít realize he was trying to get my top off of me. He gave up and ripped it from my body. When he saw my tits he groaned.
"Oh god those are just made for fucking."
I said, "You can do anything you want Andy if you will just take off these damn pants. I have to taste that cock."
Andy obligingly reached down and undid his zipper, pushing down the jeans and his boxers.
That beautiful cock sprang into view and I almost came again right there. It was about 8 Ĺ inches long and thick. I grabbed a hold of it and in one swift move went down on my knees and had it almost all the way down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head groaning and held me there as I deep throated him. I reached up and started playing with his balls while I moaned around his cock. He pulled back and started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. I took hold of his hips and kept up the rhythm, swiping my tongue up and down his shaft with each thrust.
He moaned, "Oh Yeah Baby suck that cock."
While he was thrusting his cock into my face I reached down and started playing with my nipples. He noticed this and pulled away, letting his cock pop out of my mouth, slapping his stomach.
Pulling me up to sit on the stool that was in the corner he bent down and started licking my tits all over, then he put his cock in-between them and started fucking my tits. I grabbed both my tits in my hands and squeezed his cock hard between them, opening my mouth and trying to catch the tip of his cock with every thrust.
He moaned, "MMMM you really like to suck cock donít you?"
He was thrusting so fast his cock was a blur. I just left my mouth open and was squeezing my tits and rubbing them up and down his shaft. Just as I thought he might cum all over my tits, he pulled away. Pulling me up with him and lifting me he sat me on top of the machine. Then leaned down and started kissing my stomach tracing a line down to my shaved pussy. I could hear how wet my pussy was when he stuck his fingers in me. I leaned back spreading my legs.
"Yesss, Andy please lick my pussy. Itís starved for attention."
He just looked up at me thru my legs and smiled. He leaned forward and started tonguing my clit. Sliding his fingers deep in my pussy. I was moaning and writhing on the washing machine. I came again and again. I was lying back tweaking my nipples and alternately sucking on them and cumming every few minutes.
Finally I grabbed his hair and pulled him up for a deep tongue kiss so I could taste myself on his lips and tongue.
"That was wonderful Andy but now I want that hard cock deep in my pussy."
I hopped off the washing machine and turned around, bending over the top of the machine. He came up behind me and thrust his cock into my pussy. All the way to the hilt in one stroke. I screamed as he started slamming it into me. I came so hard I was shaking; it felt so good to have a hard dick slamming into my pussy.
"Oh God!!! Yesss give me that cock."
He was slamming into me so hard I had to grab the sides of the washing machine.
"Yeah baby take that cock, you need it donít you?"
"Yess Andy I need it, give it to me."
He thrust it into me over and over for what seemed like an hour then, I felt him stiffen even more and he pulled away. I turned and fell on my knees.
"Please give me that cum. I want to taste it."
He shot his load all over my tits and face. I caught a little in my mouth licking my lips.
"Oh god thatís good."
He kind of staggered back and leaned against the wall.
"Lady that was incredible but I donít even know your name."
I looked up at him smiling while I licked his cum off my tits and said, "My name is Suzie and I think Iím going to have a lot of jobs for you Andy!!!"
So Iím off to find something for Andy to fix. He hasnít been here in a few days and I donít think the dishwasher sounds right. It might have something stuck in there. What do you think??

06-25-2012, 09:03 PM
Nice little story...wish I was a plumber.