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(group sex, bestiality, lesbianism)

Chapter One
Her Husband's Surprising Proposal

“Let me get this straight, you have a super-low sperm count, so you want someone else—namely me—to get your wife pregnant?”

Jerry Rockwood looked across his big wide desk at his son who sat there in all his physical frailty and delicacy.

“In short, yes, that's it,” Sonny Rockwood answered. “A number of doctors have determined that I have an ultra-low sperm count, and there's maybe one chance in a million that I can have kids of my own. So I'm trying to remedy the situation. Jeannie and I both want kids—we want a big family. But we don't want them artificially—we want them in the natural way.”

“It's too bad about your situation,” Jerry threw his son a bone of sympathy. “But you've got to understand that you're asking a lot of me. You want me to put my energy into getting your wife pregnant, while I own and operate a large show ranch. You know I have over a hundred animals on this ranch that I have to take care of every day—not to mention the dozens of tourists who come out here every day to gaze at the animals”.

“I know I'm asking a lot of you, Dad,” Sonny replied. “But all Jeannie and I want is a child. We don't want to adopt. And we don't want to do it by artificial means. And we want to “keep it in the family” as much as possible. As for your animals: Jeannie loves animals, and she'd be more than happy to help you care for them.”

“Does Jeannie know all about this?” his father asked.

“Yes, she knows everything about it—including what I'm talking with you about right now.”

“And she's happy with the arrangement? That I—her daddy-in-law—will get her pregnant?”

“Yes, she's in complete accord with it.”

Jerry sprawled back in his big padded desk chair and looked straight into his son's eyes. “There's not the least bit of jealousy on your part?—that I'll be with your wife?”

His son didn't blink as he answered no. “All that matters to Jeannie and me is that we have a child. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter. I'm not trying to butter you up, I'm just telling the truth when I say you're the best candidate”

“Not that this is going to happen, but it could—aren't you concerned about birth defects?”

“No, I'm not, “ Sonny replied, “because look at you: you had six healthy normal kids—boys and girls. If you and mom had not divorced, you'd probably had a dozen kids—all healthy as hell. Chances are, the child that Jeannie would have by you would be normal in every way. In fact, chances are, he or she will be exceptional in more than one way.”

Jerry was silent for a moment mulling over the situation. He was tempted to answer yes, he would do it. Jeannie was a mighty fine-looking woman, and it would be an unmitigated pleasure to fuck her. But she could turn out to be a bitch, and he would have a frigging witch on his hands.

There was no denying her sexy beauty though. She was just eighteen, had deep gray eyes, full pink lips, and long straight honey-colored hair. Actually, it was hard to tell her real hair color. As the sun caught it in different beams it could appear dark, brownish blonde, amber, or even sandy blonde. She had a body that wouldn't quit. From what he had seen of her in a bathing suit, she had big breasts—at least the size and shape of coconuts—and as far as he could tell, shapely curvy hips, a big smooth upthrust rump and long full sleek legs. No matter how you looked at her, Jeannie was a Swedish beauty.

He could only imagine what a sweet pussy she must have—to lick, fuck, and to have babies from.

“You know, the problem could be with her,” Jerry said.

“No, we've checked that possibility out. She's a normally developed woman in perfect health—and she has a perfectly normal fertility cycle. In fact, one of her cycles has already begun. The problem is with me, not her”

“Okay, I'm going to ask you this question one more time—just to make sure: Do you have any problem at all with your wife being with another man—especially her daddy-in-law?”

“None at all,” Sonny replied. “We have a medical problem, and the only way to solve the problem is for another man to be with my wife. Let me ask you a question, Dad., Don't you find Jeannie attractive? I mean, I've noticed the way you look at her. But you seem to have some hesitation about her.”

“Sure I find her attractive. What normal man wouldn't? But like I said before, you're asking a lot of me. You're essentially asking me to work a day a week for no compensation—and that's quite a risk with all the animals I have to take care of.”

“That's why I'm prepared to offer you generous monetary compensation,” Sonny said. “I can have all the legal aspects drawn up by tomorrow. Why don't we do this: have a trial period—say this coming Sunday. If it goes all right, we could have a longer period. I can tell you right now that you won't have any custody or financial responsibility in the matter. Your whole job will be to get my wife pregnant. I'm willing to pay you for it. It would be all business—nothing else.”

Jerry knew that Sonny could well afford the expense of a monetary compensation. He was in the banking business, and he had a $ multi-six-figure income.

“Okay, let's try it this Sunday and see how it works out,” Jerry finally replied.

“So Jerry is okay with it?” Jeannie asked her husband after he had returned home and told her of the conversation he had had with his father.

“Yeah,” Sonny replied. “He had some reservations about certain aspects, such as responsibility and finances and all that, but after I explained that all the legal matters would be taken care of this weekend, he was okay with it.”

Essentially Jeannie was okay with it too, but she felt some trepidation about the matter. The truth was, she had always been half afraid of her father-in-law. He was a bull-like man, big and heavyset with iron-gray hair, and she had always felt a half-threat in his presence. She always felt like there was a gathering thunderstorm in his face and body.

There was no denying that he was attractive. There was a magnetism in him that drew her toward him in spite of her fear of him. But the threat was always there nonetheless.

And yet she felt anticipation growing as Saturday wore on...

Sonny and Jeannie drove out to his father's ranch Sunday morning. They were met at the door by a very attractive young woman. She was full-figured—not fat or chubby, just full-bodied-- with black hair cut in a page boy and dark eyes. She was dressed in silk black slacks and a silk white blouse.

“Hi,” she greeted them. “You must be Sonny and Jeannie. I'm Diana, Jerry's new chambermaid as he calls me—although I prefer the term housekeeper. Let me take you up to your room and get you settled. Jerry will be gone for awhile. He's making the rounds, checking out some new animal arrivals. Would you all like a drink?”

“I would,” Sonny replied, “but I can fix the drinks. Why don't you go on and show Jeannie the room.”

Sonny went to the kitchen and fixed himself a double drink. He wanted to get loaded quickly, so he wouldn't be nervous.

By the time he finished the drink, Diana and Jeannie came bopping and laughing downstairs. He couldn't guess what they were bopping about, but he was glad the ice had been broken.

Jeannie and Diana started in on drinks and by the time Jerry arrived, everyone was pleasantly loaded and relaxed.

“Well, I see I've got some catching up to do with the drinks,” he said. As Diana and Jeannie went to the kitchen, Sonny said, “I brought all the necessary stuff we need to go over with right here. It won't take us long.”

Jerry saw that Jeannie was wearing a short tight low-cut white silk dress. Most of her long full sleek legs were exposed, as well as her coconut-sized breasts. The dress clung to her shapely curvy body like a second skin.

“Just bring my drink in the den, will you?” Jerry said, heading for the study “We can work in there.”

It only took about a half-hour to explain and show Jerry the forms which essentially gave him a substantial sum for his services as a surrogate and showed that he had no responsibility other than attempting to impregnate Jeannie.

When they entered the living room, Diana informed them that Jeannie had retired to the room upstairs and would wait up there.

“Is there anything else you want me to do before I leave for the day?” Diana asked Jerry

“Nope. You've handled everything like the pro you are,” Jerry replied.

“Thank you, kind sir,” Diana made a courtly bow, and left.

“Well, I think I'll mix a couple of drinks and go upstairs and join Jeannie,” Jerry said. “You know, we haven't touched on this, but you're welcome to join us if you like.”

“I think I'll pass this first time on joining you. Maybe the next time,” Sonny answered.

“Suit yourself,” Jerry said as he went to the kitchen. There he mixed a couple of drinks and added an extra ingredient to them—a sexual stimulant which he didn't see any need to tell them about.

Essentially, the stimulant had the effect on females of creating a void aching throbbing sensitive feeling in certain erogenous zones that demanded to be filled. In males, the prime effect was the engorging of the penis for a couple of hours, a growth in sensitivity, and an increase in semen production.

Then he climbed the stairs and headed for the room where Jeannie was waiting...

She was half-reclined on the big wide bed. She had her legs crossed and her dress had ridden up her thighs. Pretty soon those legs would be wrapped around him, he thought. He felt his prick throb in anticipation.

The drinks she had consumed rather quickly had put her in a relaxed, even mischievous mood.

“Care to join me?” she asked him, smiling seductively.

“Thanks for the invite,” he replied.

He handed her the drink with the stimulant and sat down beside her. The stimulant would take only a few minutes to start working its magic.

He sipped his drink and asked her: “What do you think? Do you and Sonny want a big family?”

“Yeah, we'd like to have at least four kids,” she replied.

He looked her body over, and took a big swig of his drink. She had already slugged some of hers down. He noticed that her tanned complexion was flushed and her eyes beamed. He could see her big breasts moving—almost heaving—as she breathed. She was definitely feeling the stimulant.

“I can give them to you,” he said. “I can give you as many kids as you want.” He finished his drink off, and she drank hers down. “But first let's do some preliminaries before we start the business.”

He gently pulled her down on the bed and slid her dress up and slipped her panties down and off. He raised her legs and dipped his head down between them. He got a whiff of what smelled like musky honey. She's sweet-smelling down there, he thought. He noted that she wasn't shaved but was trimmed neatly. That's just the way he liked pussy. Her little cunt-slit hid behind frizzy honey-blonde pubic hair.

He buried his face between her legs and slid his tongue up and down her slit, blowing warmly on her cunt.

She gasped and then raised her legs up and spread them out, giving him free access to her pussy.

He slid his tongue in and began jamming it into her cunt. She clutched his head and began moving her thighs up and down. She was panting now.

He jabbed his tongue deep up her pussy and then began zipping it back and forth over her clit. She hissed with pleasure and mashed her cunt on his mouth.

He began sucking on her clit with his lips as he tongue-fucked her. She tasted good.

She grasped at his head and began hunching her pussy up.

He moved his hands up to her breasts and rubbed and massaged the big heated mounds, scraping his thumbs over the rubbery erect nipples.

“Oh, ah...oh, ah...” she began to breathe out in a regular rhythm.

He jammed and jabbed and twirled his tongue around inside her pussy as he continued to rub and squeeze her titties. They were swollen and hot now.

His cock was hard and throbbing, and his nut-sac full and tingling. He knew it was time to plow that sweet little pussy.

He unsnapped his pants and pulled them down and slid his body up hers, lodging his big stiff prick and fat balls squarely on her hot cunt. He grasped her rib cage with both hands and pushed his hard dick forward. He kept pushing till he felt the head of his prick tap her cunt-slit. He gave a hard push forward, digging his stiff dick into her pussy. It was hot, snug and moist.

He lowered his mouth to her big knockers and began flicking his tongue over the rubbery erect nipples as he sucked on the nubs.

She breathed out hotly and wrapped her arms and legs around him and raised her cunt up to give him full access.

He drove his dick forward, digging every inch of it up her pussy. Her hot juicy cunt gripped his prick like a vise.

He rubbed and squeezed her big smooth ass mounds as he sucked and nipped her tits and pumped his prick deep in her cunt.

She picked up his rhythm and fell into synch with it. Soon they were fucking in perfect harmony.

Could it get any better than this? he thought. I'm being paid by my son to fuck his sexy wife; I'm being paid by him to get his young pretty wife pregnant. No, he decided, it can't get any better than this.

“You like your daddy-in-law screwing you, honey?” he wheezed out.

“Oh, ah, your cock feels so big and good,” she panted.

“Call me Daddy, honey,” he breathed out.

“Oh, Daddy, you've got the biggest cock—the longest, stiffest, thickest cock,” she gasped.

“Bigger than your husband's?”

“Oh god, he's small compared to you,” she breathed out huskily. “Ah, and your balls—oh, they're so big and full.”

“All for you, honey,” he panted as he thrust his prick deep in her cunt. “Every inch of my cock, and all the sperm in my balls—all for you.”

She hunched and jerked and humped as her pussy sucked tightly on his dick. “Oh god, this is heaven—Jesus Christ, I could fuck all day.”

He jammed every inch of his prick up her cunt, reaching her very core as he filled her pussy up with hot meat.

“Oh god, oh big Daddy, I didn't know fucking could be so good!” she gasped.

“A young pretty married woman like you needs a good hot fucking every day,” he declared. “You want a stiff dick in your hot pussy every night.”

“Oh yes,” she breathed out. “I want it every day—every night.”

“Gonna fuck that sweet hot tight pussy,” he wheezed, “till I get you pregnant.”

“Oh sweet Daddy, fuck me!” she panted. “Oh god, now—oh, I'm cuming now!”

She thrashed and jerked and gasped in the throes of an orgasm. He felt her squirt hot pussy juice over his dick.

He rapped his cock hard up her cunt, slapping his bloated balls against her ass. He felt his nuts tingle and grow big, and he knew he was on the verge of cuming.

“Here it comes, baby,” he breathed out. “Hot fucking cum deep in your cunt.”

She cried out in passion and lust as she felt the first eruption of cum. Her cunt sucked greedily on his cock as he spurted what seemed an endless amount of thick semen deep in her core.

“Here's the cum you want,” he panted. “Here's all the baby-making cream you need.”

“Squirt it deep, Daddy. Knock me up, squirt a baby in me. If anyone can, it's you.”

“I'm not gonna give up till I do, honey,” he wheezed.

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