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Chapter Two

Sonny stayed downstairs gulping on a drink as long as he could stand it. But after a while, his curiosity and his latent horniness got the better of him. The very ridiculousness of the idea of his father fucking Sonny's wife as he was downstairs having a drink made him get up and move upstairs to at least listen to what he could hear. He had to admit that the idea of his dad fucking his wife turned him on, but he wanted to hear (and hopefully watch) it live.

He slowed down as he approached the room where his wife and his father were inside. They were probably fucking at that very minute. That thought made his cock stiffen and rise and his balls tingle.

His heart thumped when he saw that the door was a good foot opened. He silently crept forward and peeked in. What he saw made his cock hard as a rock.

His father lay on top of his wife between her legs. He saw that he had his prick embedded in her pussy. She had her arms around his shoulders and was nuzzling his cheek with hers as he heard their low talk...

Jerry saw the shadow fall from the door, and out of the corner of his eye he noticed his son standing there peeking in and watching and listening to them. He had left the door opened on purpose because he had figured that sooner or later his son's curiosity would prove his strongest trait, and he would creep up the stairs like Nosferatu to listen and watch.

Knowing that his son saw him with his cock stuffed up his wife's cunt and was waiting to watch them fuck or do whatever they were going to do gave Jerry a feeling of immense power. He felt power over both Sonny and Jeannie. She had indicated by her words and actions that he had just given her the best fucking of her life; and the fact that his son was waiting to watch them “perform” indicated to Jerry that he could control them sexually. He decided to play a little game to see just how much he could control them.

“When's the last time Sonny has licked your pussy?” he asked Jeannie.

“Oh, my goodness,” she replied. “It's been so long, I can't recall. I suppose it's been six months.”

“That's way too long,” Jerry said. “a pretty young thing like you needs her pussy licked and to be tongue-fucked at least once a week.”

“Sonny used to do it quite a bit, but over the past year or so, it's almost as if he's lost interest in a lot of things having to do with sex. I mean, when we were first married, we would fuck a lot. But he seems to have gradually lost interest. We fuck now maybe once a week.”

“That's a damn shame, honey,” Jerry said. “As I told you before, a young woman like you needs to be fucked every day. You want and need cock every day and night. Sonny better start paying more attention to you or someone's going to steal you away—someone who will pay more attention to you and give you the cock you want and need.”

“I do wish he would pay more attention to me—to my wants and needs,” she said.

“How long has it been since you sucked his cock?”

“I do that quite often. It seems the less fucking we do, the more I suck his cock. I probably suck him every other day.”

Jerry pulled his half-hard dick out of his daughter-in-law's pussy and straddled her breasts. “Why don't you suck mine right now. Get those pretty lips around my prick. Suck my dick. Suck every inch of it.”

He held her head and guided his cock to her mouth. She opened her lips and he slid his dick in.

“Ah, yes, with that wide mouth and full lips of yours, you were made to suck a cock. Um, yes,your mouth's warm and wet. Use your tongue and lips on it. Lap, lick, suck it. That's it. Ah, yes, you know how to suck a cock. Ah, you're sucking my dick good now.”

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that his son was now stroking his crotch as he watched his wife suck his father's cock.

The knowledge that his son was now turned on enough by watching his wife suck a dick that he would rub his own crotch made Jerry's prick stiff and throbbing. He grasped Jeannie's head and drove his dick into her mouth. He fucked her down to her throat until his cock was rock-hard and throbbing and his balls were full again.

He glanced over at Sonny at the door and saw him suddenly depart. He was puzzled for a moment until he saw him return with some tissues. He felt like laughing aloud when he realized that his son had merely made a trip to the bathroom to get something to wipe up any mess that he might make.

Jerry realized that Sonny was going to be content to watch his father fuck his wife's mouth till he squirted cum down her throat. The fact that his daughter-in-law was still sucking furiously on his cock and seemed determined to swallow his cum, made Jerry realize that she was content with cock-sucking him.

Much as he would have liked to continue with Jeannie sucking his dick and eventually squirting cum down her throat, Jerry realized that wasn't his job. His job was to impregnate his daughter-in-law. It would be a waste of sperm to squirt it down her throat or up her ass. So he slid his dick out, and got up on his knees and pulled her to him. She straddled his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist.

“That's it, honey,” he said. “Bring that sweet pussy up so I can stuff my cock in it.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and thrust his prick up toward her cunt. She groaned in unrestrained desire as he began stuffing his stiff thick dick up her pussy.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that his son now had his pants unzipped and his cock pulled out and was stroking it lustily. His dick was short but hard, and Jerry knew he wouldn't last long rubbing it as he was doing.

But the fact that his son was so turned on by watching his father fuck his wife made Jerry's prick stiff as a board and his balls fill up even more with semen.

Jerry began banging Jeannie, jamming his long stiff thick prick deep in her cunt, and mashing his fat balls upon her ass.

“Fuck, Daddy, fuck!” his daughter-in-law cried out as she rode his dick. “Dig it in deep, bury it home!”

Jerry heard his son give out a suppressed moan as he saw a spurting fountain erupt from Sonny's cock. He watched fascinated as his son spurted cum into the tissues. At the same time he was captivated by his daughter-in-law, who was riding his cock and panting and gasping and hunching her cunt up and down.

“Fuck, daughter-in-law, fuck!” he cried out. “Your husband's father's fucking you. Your daddy-in-law's screwing that sweet hot tight juicy cunt. Now I'm squirting sperm in your pussy. Knocking my son's wife up, squirting a baby in my daughter-in-law's cunt.”

He spewed a hot stream of semen deep in her pussy's core. Her cunt sucked up every drop of his sperm.

Jerry had to rest and take a break. His daughter-in-law was likewise in need of ministration. He suggested they go downstairs and have something to eat and drink. He figured, since his son had disappeared from watching them, that he had gone back downstairs. And he was correct. Sonny lay on a sofa, looking drained and exhausted.

Jerry wagged his head as he checked his son out. Sonny was no ranch-hand, that was for sure. One little jack-job had worn him out. Jeannie, on the other hand, looked as if she could go for twelve more hours.

Jerry still felt the effect of the stimulant in his drink, and he assumed that Jeannie did too. His cock was half-hard and his balls tingled and he felt them filling up with fresh sperm. He figured on going for another round.

In the financial and legal arrangement Sonny and Jerry had agreed to, Jerry and Jeannie would get together twice a week for fucking, and three days a week for work. But after the experience he had had with Jeannie, Jerry had now changed his mind. He wanted to see much more of her in order to fuck her. But there was no need to let Sonny know anything about it. In fact, it appealed to Jerry's perverse side to not have the husband know anything about what his wife might be doing while he was at work.

Jerry had plenty of plans for Jeannie that he knew Sonny would object to. But there was no reason that Sonny should know what those plans were...

Sonny and Jerry had agreed that Jeannie would help Jerry on the ranch three says a week during the week with the animals. Although Jerry had other employees, including Diana as his “chambermaid,” he could use Jeannie's help. He planned on having Diana take Jeannie under her wing and show her what her duties would consist of.

Jerry knew he had obtained a good deal with Diana as an employee. Not only was she discreet, she was totally perverse. She matched Jerry in perversity.

There was a side to Jerry's life that his son knew nothing about. And there was no need that Sonny learn of that side. But it might turn out that Sonny would actually enjoy learning of his father's perverse side. And even join in. Time would tell. As far as Jerry was concerned, time was on his side with the deal between Sonny and himself. He would continue to fuck his hot pretty daughter-in-law until he impregnated her, and then matters might change, and Jerry or Sonny might want to change the financial and legal arrangements. All that was involved in the present arrangement was that Jerry try twice a week to impregnate his daughter-in-law.

After Jerry had partook of some food and drink, he felt refreshed enough to go for another round. He checked his son out. He had sank into a slumber on the sofa. Jerry didn't understand it. His son had a young hot beautiful wife, and apparently he ignored her. If she was my wife, I'd keep my cock stuffed in her, Jerry thought. But this fool was content to watch his wife being fucked and masturbate to it, and then pass out on a sofa. What a loser, Jerry thought...

He found Jeannie in the kitchen, finishing off a snack. She was still dressed in the short tight silk dress she had worn through all the fucking she'd done. His cock sprang up at the sight of her.

She was without a doubt the sexiest woman he'd ever seen, much less fucked. Her long full tanned legs were crossed, causing the short dress to ride up her thighs. The low-cut dress showed most of her perfect tits. Her long honey-blonde hair lay in tousled waves down to her waist. His mouth actually watered upon seeing her. He felt his prick rise up stiff and throbbing and his balls grow full with semen. He was ready to fuck his son's wife again.

“Get enough to eat?” he asked her.

“Um—yeah,” she answered. “I feel refreshed.”

“I think you could eat a little more,” he said, unzipping his pants and guiding his dick to her lips.

She looked at his cock with both hunger and fascination.

“I can't believe how big it is,” she said.

He pushed his prick upon her mouth and she opened her lips and he slid his dick in.

He groaned at the feel of her wet warm mouth on his cock. He clutched her head and slid his prick in, forcing more and more of it in til he had it down to her gullet.

“Deep throat me, baby,” he grunted and jammed the final inch in. He had every inch of his dick down into her throat.

He fucked her gullet, grasping her head and not allowing her to escape. She had no choice. It was either suck or choke.

He mashed his big fat balls on her chin as he fucked her face.

He felt the cum churning in his scrotum, and he knew he had to slide it out. He moaned with disappointment as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. At least there would be the consolation of squirting his load deep in her cunt.

He pulled her up onto the kitchen table and stretched her out on her tummy, and spread her legs.

He slid his arms around her waist and underneath her chest so he would have access to her big firm tits.

He rubbed his hard dick on her ass mounds. She reached back and grasped his prick and stroked it.

“Oh, ah give it to me, big Daddy,” she sighed. “Give me that big prick.”

He burrowed in between her legs from behind and jabbed his hard dick in without preparation, and she groaned and gasped and shuddered at the feeling and cried out.

He dug his dick up her cunt without halting, clutching her breasts and squeezing them hard as he plowed her pussy.

She spread her legs more and raised her rump up to give him as much access as possible.

He grunted with lust as he felt the final inch of his prick pop into her core.

He quickly slid his cock back and then drove it forward again. She moaned and panted with passionate pleasure, sliding her cunt onto his slick dick, taking every inch of his prick deep in her pussy.

“Ah, you've got a tight hot juicy cunt,” he panted, “you were made to fuck.”

“I want it every day and night, Daddy. I want a big stiff cock deep in my cunt. Oh god, sweet fucking Jesus Christ, I'm cuming now!” she jerked and hunched in the throes of an orgasm as he continued to jam his hard dick up and down her channel.

“You don't have to worry, baby,” he said, “if your husband doesn't give you any cock. I'll get you all the cock you want and need. I'm going to see to it that you get it a lot. ”

He rammed every inch of his dick up her cunt and spewed a gob of sperm deep in her core.

“And knock you up in the bargain,” he huffed as he spurted thick creamy semen up her pussy...

They just lay there for quite a while after they fucked, getting their wind back. He eventually was deflated enough to slide his prick out of her and go into the living room and check on his son.

Sonny lay sprawled on the sofa. He was actually snoring.

“Sonny's out,” he said to Jeannie as he reentered the kitchen. “From the look of him, he's going to be out of it for a while. Why don't I show you around the ranch. You've been around here, but there are still a lot of things you haven't seen.”

They got in Jerry's ranch wagon and they started out on a tour.

“I want to first of all show you one of my pet animals. I have maybe a half-dozen that I keep as personal pets. Your job will mainly consist of taking care of my pets—which will mainly be making sure they're fed and watered twice a day. Don't want to overfeed them or give them too much water.”

He stopped in front of a small barn and they entered the structure. It was cool and dimly-lit. Jeannie heard some snorting and shuffling from a couple of stalls.

She followed Jerry over to one of the stalls. “This is Prince. He's a real live miniature Palomino pony.”

“He's adorable,” Jeannie said..” Perfectly proportioned. I love his colors.”

The mini-pony was about three feet tall and had a long bushy mane and tail. Its colors of gold and white and tan merged into a mixture of lovely colors.

“How old is he?” Jeannie asked.

“He's three years old,” Jerry replied. “He's fully grown. Fully mature.. You might think he gets lonely in the stall, but I stud him out. Every few days I'll have a female give him a visit and he'll take care of business. You wouldn't guess by looking at him, but Prince is a real lecher. He keeps his own little harem fully satisfied.”

Jeannie noticed that Prince had a big bag. Then she saw his cock stretch itself out and he took a leak. She was surprised at the size of the mini-pony's prick. It was long and thick. But she supposed that according to his height and weight and girth, it was pretty normal-sized. It was a good seven inches long and maybe a couple of inches thick. Not overwhelming by any means, but more than adequate for the pony's size.

She was surprised at the length and thickness and longevity of the pony's taking a leak. He pissed a long rope-thick stream of urine for a good minute.

Something told her by the size of the pony's ball-bag and dick and the stream of piss he had just emitted that the length and thickness and quantity of its cum must be enormous. She felt heat between her legs and her tits grow warm and throbbing. Her heart was actually thumping at the sight of the pony's piss and cock and balls. Something incredibly erotic and perverse woke up within the depths of her being...

Later that evening after Jeannie and Sonny had gone home, she had asked him: “Would you like me to lick dicky, honey?”

He thought as she sucked his cock how lucky he was to have such a young attractive wife to pump it in. She thought as he fucked her later: “It feels pretty good, but Daddy's still the best.”

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