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Brigit Astar
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Chapter Three
Jeannie's “Work”

The next morning, Jeannie went out to the ranch to start her first day of work. According to her father-in-law, all she would be doing (under the guidance of Diana) was watering and feeding some of the animals.

Jeannie dressed in cut-off jeans and a tee which would serve well as a work uniform—or for whatever Jerry had planned.

She felt a rush of heat between her legs when she thought of her daddy-in-law. He was so big and heavyset with a huge cock and big fat balls which served to fill her pussy up and squirt her full of sperm.

By the time she reached the ranch, she was hot and horny.

She entered the cool, dimly-lit living room. She called out and Diana answered her from the kitchen. She found the “chambermaid” preparing lunch. She was dressed in shorts and a halter.

“Hi there,” Diana gave her a cheery greeting. “I'm fixing up our lunch early. What we'll do is feed and water a couple dozen animals and then have lunch later out in the “field.”

“Where's Daddy?” Jeannie asked. (She had gotten into the habit of referring to her father-in-law as “Daddy” to both Diana and her husband.)

“He's making his morning rounds. He spends most of his time checking on the animals. He's got some workers who actually care for the animals, but Jerry likes to check on them himself too.”

“How many animals does he have?” Jeannie asked.

“Over a hundred,” Diana replied. “You wouldn't believe how much work is involved in just taking care of the show animals, and making sure the spectators don't harm them in any way.”

“Are all of his animals show animals?”

“Most of them are.”

“And people pay to just come out here and look at the animals?”

“Most of the people, yes,” Diana answered. “There are a couple of other things people do with the animals that brings Jerry in quite a substantial income.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, some people just want company from a pet, you know. So they pay a fee and they get to keep the animal for a certain length of time. There are also animal shows Jerry puts on—private animal shows.”

“Private animal shows? Jeannie asked. “That sounds exotic and mysterious.”

“It's not, really,” Diana replied. “It's essentially people paying a fee to watch other people interact with some of the animals—all in a private setting. The people who interact with the animals also pay to do it.”

“What do they do with the animals?”

“They essentially treat them like people. The animals are well-trained—most of them by Jerry himself. They know what to do and how to interact with people. But the interaction is mainly of a sexual nature.”

“Wow!” Jeannie exclaimed. “You mean, the animals are actually trained to have sex with people?”

“Sure,” Diana replied. “Most animals, with enough patience and repetition, can be trained to lick and suck and fuck with people.”

Jeannie had heard of bestiality, but never in her wildest imaginings would she have thought that her father-in-law was involved in training animals to fuck people.

“And the animals actually fuck women?”

“Yes. A few men prefer to fuck female animals but most of them prefer to just watch, say a mini-pony fuck a woman. And of course the woman pays to be fucked by the animal too.”

Jeannie thought of Prince the pony. “Is Prince involved in this too?”

“He sure is,” Diana chuckled. “He's one of the most popular animals here. The women love him.”

“But he's so big,” Jeannie said.

“Compared to his size, yes, he's big, but compared to some men he's not as big. I've known quite a few men who are bigger than Prince. You forget that Prince is a mini-pony.”

“I guess Prince has got seven or eight inches,” Jeannie said. “I saw him yesterday evening relieving himself. He's big.”

“He's not quite eight inches,” Diana said. “But he knows how to use it,” she chuckled.

“You've watched him with women?”

“Sure,” Diana replied. “It's not part of my job but Jerry lets me occasionally watch the private shows. He knows what turns me on.”

Jeannie found herself breathing hard and her heart thumping with Diana's account.

“When's the next time there's going to be a private animal show?” Jeannie asked.

Diana looked steadily at Jeannie. “Maybe today,” she finally answered. “ Would you like to watch?”

Jeannie's throat was dry and her heart thudded, and her pussy throbbed and was hot and moist and aching. Just the idea of watching a pony stuff its long stiff thick prick in a woman was enough to get Jeannie excited.

“Yes, I'd like to watch.”

“Okay,” Diana replied. “The next time there's a private animal party, I'll let you know, and you can watch. Jerry wouldn't mind, that's for sure.”

It took a while for Jeannie's heart to stop its thumping or for her breathing to return to normal.

“Well, I'm finished with lunch,” Diana said. “Let's go feed and water some of the animals. I can show you around the rest of the ranch at the same time—what you haven't seen of it...”

The ranch was a big outfit. It was a hundred-acre spread. There were dozens of outbuildings. Jeannie supposed the animals were housed in those.

Diana pulled the ranch wagon up to a barn and got out. Jeannie followed her around the side of the barn where Diana turned on a hydrant that had a big hose leading into the barn.

“This is how we water them,” Diana said. “The main thing to watch is not to over water or overfeed any of the animals. Leave the water running for about five minutes.”

Jeannie followed Diana into the barn. It was big and spacious with numerous stalls. She looked in one of the stalls and saw a pinto mini-pony. It was big for a mini, but about half the size of a horse.

Diana opened the stalls and all the ponies—a half-dozen of them—came ambling out and headed for a trough where the water hose was filling it up.

“The animals are pretty well-trained with their feeding and watering,” Diana said, as she slit a huge bag of feed and let it just spill out into the hay. “They've developed their own hierarchy. The biggest minis drink first, and then the smaller ones. They follow that with eating too. One of those bags of feed is enough for a morning's feeding for these six. Do another bag this afternoon—and water them again. I'll emphasize it again—because it is so important: The main thing is not to overfeed or over water them.”

Jeannie noticed that some of the mini-ponies had slid their cocks out. They hung there long and thick. Their ball bags were huge.

“They're just airing themselves out,” Diana said who had noted Jeannie's look. “Some of them are pretty big, aren't they,” she smiled. “Well, let's cut the water off, and we'll be done with this group.” “We can go on to the next barn.”

“Do the animals stay in the barns all the time?” Jeannie asked.

“No, you'll need to come back by in about a half-hour and let them out of the barn and let them go where they will. We have riders who will round them up this afternoon. And then you'll go through the same procedure of watering and feeding them. It really takes little to care for them.”

They went to another barn and repeated what they had done with the first group of ponies.

On their second trip to a barn they ran into Jerry who was driving a ranch wagon. Diana got out of her wagon and went over and talked to him. He gave Jeannie a wave and she waved back. She wondered what they were talking about. Their conversation went on for more than five minutes. Every once and awhile, Jeannie noticed that Jerry gave her a thoughtful look.

Finally Diana broke away and walked back to the wagon and got in.

“Jerry wants to meet us for a drink early this afternoon and a little talk at the house,” she said as she started the ranch wagon up. “He said he was going to supervise a private animal show this afternoon, and you were welcome to watch. We're about half done. You'll find that the actual job of watering and feeding all of the animals you'll be responsible for will take a couple of hours. No big deal. You don't have to rush it.”

Jeannie was quiet and thoughtful as they continued with their work. Diana noticed and said “You're awfully quiet. What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, just thinking about the animals,” Jeannie replied.

“Let me guess,” Diana said mischievously. “You were thinking about the mini-ponies.”

Jeannie looked at Diana who had a leering smile on her face.

“How did you guess?” Jeannie asked.

“Because I'm thinking of them myself,” Diana answered and chuckled...

She looked over at Jeannie, who was breathing hard and whose heart was thumping again. The sight of all the mini-ponies' long thick cocks had really gotten to her. Diana stopped the wagon.

“You're turned on, aren't you,” Diana said. “ I have to say the ponies keep me turned on too. Their pricks are so long and thick.”

She kept looking at Jeannie, and then she licked her lips. She moved over to her and slid her arm around her shoulder and slipped a hand under her tee. She palmed and stroked Jeannie's warm throbbing breasts. Her nipples were rubbery and erect. Diana could feel that her titties were swollen and thumping and hot. She kept rubbing them, scraping her thumbs over the nipples.

“Oh, ah, that feels so good. Don't stop,” Jeannie breathed out hotly.

“I don't intend to,” Diana replied. “I'm going to love your body.”

She unsnapped Jeannie's jeans and pulled them down and off. She noted that Jeannie had no bra or panties on.

She lifted Jeannie's legs and drew them back. Her honey-blonde pussy stretched out in all its pulsating splendor.

She groaned and dipped her head down between Jeannie's legs and began lapping her cunt-slit and blowing hotly on it.

Jeannie panted and gasped as Diana licked her pussy-slit. She grasped the woman's head and mashed her cunt up onto her licking sucking mouth.

Diana jammed her tongue into the sweet-tasting pussy. She began tongue-fucking Jeannie, jabbing her tongue into her cunt as she sucked the clit-bud with her lips.

Jeannie gasped and panted with passion and lust. She hunched on Diana's mouth, letting the older woman fuck her pussy with her experienced tongue. Then Diana reached up and clutched Jeannie's titties, rubbing and squeezing the big hot throbbing tits, and Jeannie went ballistic.

“Jesus fucking Christ—I'm cuming already!” she cried. She lurched up and mashed her cunt all over Diana's face. “Eat me! Goddamn, eat my pussy up! It's yours anytime you want it.!”

Diana kept tongue-fucking Jeannie till she had climaxed once again. Then she moved up onto her knees and stripped her jeans off. She moved up onto Jeannie's body, lifting her legs and once again began digging her tongue into her cunt. At the same time, she straddled Jeannie's head, lowering her spread-out pussy onto her mouth.

Jeannie dug her tongue into Diana's cunt, lapping, licking and sucking it till she had the woman grunting with lust.

The two women lay in a sixty-nine, licking and sucking each others pussy, and rubbing their hot swollen tits upon each others body.

They both climaxed simultaneously, their bodies jerking and hunching as they continued to tongue-fuck each others cunt.

Over and over they kept licking and sucking and rubbing till the pussy-juice flowed down to drench their asses in a warm balm.

In its own way, this was one of the most satisfying sexcapades Jeannie had ever experienced. She intended for it not to be the last...

The two women, finally satiated, separated and pulled on their jeans.

“I think I'm falling in lust with you,” Diana said.

Jeannie gave out a raspy chuckle. “Something tells me this won't be the only time we do this.”

“You're damn right, it won't,” Diana answered. “I've got some toys I know you'll like. We can try them out as soon as we can work them in. Which something tells me won't be long. Damn, girl, I think you're hotter than me—and that's pretty hot.”

As a reply, Jeannie kissed Diana's mouth, still filled with her pussy-juice. They sucked each others tongues and stroked each others breasts...

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Hmmmm - still hard and wanting to rub it a little ----but not too much. Good story Brigit.

Brigit Astar
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Thank you--glad you liked it. What I'm worried about the most is some who read the whole thing might think it gets repetitious.

07-07-2012, 01:41 PM
Very perceptive. That is why I stopped after 3. Thought I would put some distance between the first animal foray and whatever happens next.

Brigit Astar
08-01-2012, 01:37 PM
I tried to have variety in the scenes. I hope I succeeded