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Chapter Four
Private Animal Show

Diana and Jeannie finally drove to the ranch house, parked and got out and entered the house. Diana called out for Jerry who answered from the kitchen. He had just mixed some stimulant-laced drinks and he brought them into the living room on a tray.

“It's good to have such a caring boss,” Diana said.

“I take care of my employees—and my daughter-in-law” Jerry answered.

They lounged in the living room, sipping on the drinks. Jerry knew it wouldn't take long at all for the sexual stimulant to start its business, and he needed to explain something to the women.

“How do you like your chores so far,” he asked Jeannie.

The two women exchanged little smiles, and Jerry guessed, knowing Diana as he did—and now Jeannie, that the women had gained a rapport with each other to say the least. He suspected that the two women had already gotten it on with each other.

“I like it fine,” Jeannie answered. “It's not really chores.”

“We refer to everything we do around here—both for pleasure and work-- as chores,” Diana said to Jeannie. Then she turned to Jerry and said “I think Jeannie is going to fit in just fine here. She's a really good worker. She catches on fast.”

They slugged on the drinks, quenching their thirst.

“I trust you've filled Jeannie in on what the private animal show is all about,” Jerry said to Diana.

“Yeah, I've told her what it's about. She's very interested in watching.”

She smiled at Jeannie who smiled back.

“Yeah, Diana told me what goes on in the show. I'm looking forward to watching it.”

“Let me show you one of my toys I was talking about earlier,” Diana said to Jeannie.

She went into the kitchen, and then reentered holding a bag. She pulled out an object and Jeannie saw it was a strap-on dildo.

“Wow,” Jeannie exclaimed as Diana handed her the dildo to examine. “It looks like the real thing.”

The strap-on consisted of a small harness and an exact replica of an erect penis. It was long, stiff and thick. It was made of firm but flexible rubber and had the texture of a cock: hard and yet yielding; stiff but spongy.

“I can't believe how real it looks and feels,” Jeannie said.

“It feels great,” Diana replied. ”You'll notice it has a smaller extension on the harness, so that two can enjoy fucking with it at the same time.”

Jerry finished off his drink. “Let's head out to the show house. The woman who's participating will be here pretty soon.”

The two women drained their glasses. The stimulant was already beginning to affect their bodies.

They headed for a barn. Jeannie noticed that Diana was carrying the strap-on dildo.

“This is a small show today,” Jerry said. “Usually—on the weekends-- there are a three or four people watching and three or four participating. But today there's only one. She's already paid in advance.”

They saw a woman in her mid-thirties waiting in front of the barn. She was somewhat heavyset and tall. Her short black hair was curled and her deep blue eyes sparkled. One could tell by looking at her front that she had big breasts. In spite of her heavy nature, the woman was attractive.

“Hello, Ms. Wills,” Jerry said. “Hope you haven't been waiting long.”

“I just got here,” the woman answered. “Were you able to get the pinto?”

“Yes, I've got him. I'll bring him in in a minute.”

They entered the barn and Jeannie halted in surprise. The interior was furnished just like a big living room. There were a couple of long wide sofas and numerous padded cushy chairs. One wall of the room was devoid of any furniture or furnishings except for a hay bale that was covered with a thick cloth..

“This is furnished just like a house,” Jeannie said.

“Yeah, you could live in here, if you wanted,” Jerry replied.

“Why don't you all relax,” he said to Diana and Jeannie and motioned toward a sofa. “Ms Wills doesn't mind you all watching.”

“Actually, I prefer to have people watch,” the woman said. “It makes it more exciting--and perverse--for me.”

“I'll bring King in now,” Jerry said. “He's in a stall right down the hall.”

Jeannie and Diana sat on a sofa. Ms. Wills slid off a jacket and began unbuttoning her blouse.
When she took the blouse off and the bra she was wearing, Jeannie stared at her breasts. They were big—the size and shape of grapefruits.

By the time she had pulled her skirt off to show that she had long full legs, Jerry came back leading a mini-pony. It was the same pinto Jeannie had noticed earlier. It was big for a mini-pony. It stood about four feet high, and was quite stocky.

He led it over toward the empty wall, and then let it go.

It was clear that the pony was well-trained. It stood there without moving as if it were waiting for a cue.

Ms. Wills approached the pony and began petting it and stroking its flanks.

“Hello, beautiful,” she greeted the pony. “You look great.”

As the woman stroked the pony's belly, moving her hand ever closer to its scrotum, Jeannie began to feel her excitement grow. Both the effect of the stimulant in the drink and the sight of the woman stroking the pony's underside made her tummy flutter and heart start beating faster. She felt a warm glow pervade her pussy, and her breasts began growing warm and throbbing.

The woman's hand moved down till it touched the pony's scrotum. She then began stroking the animal's bag till its cock peeked out and began growing in width and thickness.

She began palming the pony's prick, rubbing it softly up and down. At the same time she caressed its balls.

The mini-pony's dick crept out inch by inch. Soon its entire cock could be seen. It had close to eight inches, and it was very thick and stiff and pulsating.

“Oh, you beauty, you,” Ms. Wills said to the pony.

She knelt down underneath the pony's belly and stuck her tongue out to swipe it on the animal's prick.

The mini-pony nickered and stamped its front feet.

“Um, you want this as much as I do,” the woman murmured.

She swept her tongue around the pony's prick and began sucking it with her lips.

The mini's dick could visibly be seen to jerk and grow in thickness. Its scrotum was the size of a tennis ball.

Ms. Wills began to suck its cock in earnest, letting her lips slide up and down tightly on the animal's prick.

The effect of watching the woman suck the pony's long stiff thick dick was electric on Jeannie and Diana. Along with the stimulant in their drinks, they were hot and throbbing and moist between their legs. Their tits swelled and grew hot.

Diana slid her arm around Jeannie's shoulder and slipped a hand underneath her tee. She palmed one of Jeannie's breasts and squeezed it. The tit was hot and throbbing. Jeannie gasped with the feeling that radiated through her whole body. Her titties begged to be licked and sucked.

Diana raked her tee up and went down on a tit, scraping her tongue over the nipple as she sucked the areola with her lips.

Jerry took the hint from Diana, and went down on Jeannie's other breast, licking and sucking on the hot swollen orb.

Jeannie clutched their heads and poked her titties up to allow them to suck to their heart's content.

“Oh god!” Jeannie gasped. “Suck my tits. Suck them, bite them. Use your teeth on them.”

Both Diana and Jerry obliged her, They chomped down on her breasts, biting the nubs as their tongues flicked on the nipples.

“Oh, ah, lick, suck, fuck!” Jeannie cried.

Diana needed no persuasion. She quickly strapped on the dildo and slid atop Jeannie's body and thrust the rubber prick forward, guiding it into her pussy.

Jeannie gasped and panted as she felt the latex dick thrust into her cunt, digging in deep, inch after inch.

Jerry got up on the sofa, clutched Jeannie's head and guided his cock forward to her mouth. She opened her lips and he slid his prick in. She began sucking his dick fast and furiously. He fucked her mouth with hard thrusts of his cock.

Ms. Wills had not been negligent. She had opened her mouth wide and relaxed her throat muscles. She had therefore been able to take every inch of the animal's prick in—down to her gullet. She was content to suck the pony's dick for a while, but she kept her senses about her, and watched for signs that the pony was about to ejaculate. She wanted its thick gummy cum deep in her pussy, not in her mouth.

Jeannie wrapped her arms and legs around Diana and hunched her cunt up to meet her thrusts. Diana squeezed Jeannie's ass mounds good and hard as she bit the nubs of her breasts and pumped the rubber prick deep in her pussy.

Never had Jeannie felt such passionate lust. A long thick stiff cock fucked her mouth down to her throat, as a long thick rubber prick screwed her cunt to its core; and she was watching a pony fuck a woman—all at the same time.

She jerked and thrashed as an orgasm ripped through her body. She felt her father-in-law's dick jerk and his balls heat up and swell. She could tell he was on the verge of cuming.

Jerry had no intention of squirting his load down his daughter-in-law's throat. All his sperm was going to go deep in her pussy.

He therefore moved down off the sofa and scooted Diana out of the way. She reluctantly pulled the rubber cock out of Jeannie's cunt which caused a groan of disappointment to come from her. But it was soon stifled by the feeling that came when her daddy-in-law stuffed his long stiff thick prick in her pussy.

He began screwing her hard, fast, but fully, jamming every inch of his big dick up and down her cunt.

Diana was content to take off the strap-on and fuck her cunt with the hard rubber cock as she watched the woman and the pony.

When she felt the pony's prick jerk and swell up, Ms. Wills knew it was time to change positions.

She lay back on the hay bale and raised her legs up and drew them back. Her black-haired pussy was wide-opened.

She pulled at the pony's head, causing it to move forward. The animal strutted up to the woman, dipping its head and examining her body.

She moved forward, wrapping her legs around the pony's lower flanks, as she thrust her cunt up, and slid her arms around its upper limbs. Her head she laid on the outside of the animal's flank. She was now ready to be fucked by the pony.

She grasped its dick and thrust her pussy forward, guiding both to their required positions.

She cried out as she felt the animal's hard and big but spongy cock spring forward, digging into her cunt.

The pony was relentless. It kept thrusting its big stiff prick forward, never halting until it had every inch buried in the woman's pussy.

“Oh, sweet fucking Jesus!” she cried. “You've filled me up. Oh, Jesus fucking Mary, this is paradise—this is heaven.”

The animal didn't stop; on the contrary, it began pumping its big hard dick up and down her cunt, screwing her fast and hard and fully, filling her pussy completely up with thick meat with every stroke it made.

Ms. Wills thought she had died and gone to heaven. Nothing in her life could compare with this.

“Oh, you wonderful boy,” she gasped. “I've just got to have you every day. I'm going to buy you. I don't care what the cost is. I've got to have that heavenly cock every day.”

Jerry knew this was something Jeannie shouldn't miss watching. It would cause her to grow even hotter—if that were possible. He pulled her off the sofa and without missing a thrust turned her body around so she could watch the pony and the woman fuck.

The animal was rapping its big hard prick up and down her cunt as it smacked and mashed its big full balls upon her ass.

As her father-in-law screwed her pussy from behind, Jeannie watched both Diana and Ms. Wills being fucked hard and fast and furiously; Diana by her own actions with the dildo, and Ms. Wills by the pony thrusting its long stiff thick dick deep in her cunt.

Jeannie, like Ms. Wills, thought she was in heaven. Could it get any better than this? Jeannie didn't think so. But she had a lot more to experience at her father-in-law's ranch; things that never in her wildest dreams could she have foreseen, that would drive her wild with passion and lust...

All three women climaxed almost simultaneously.

As the pony jammed its long stiff thick cock in Ms. Wills' core and began spewing a thick stream of animal cum in her pussy, and Diana rammed the eight-inch dildo up her cunt, and Jerry began squirting sperm deep in his daughter-in-law's pussy, all three women experienced an orgasm so intense and so prolonged that they all were caught up in rapture and could only cry out and gasp and grunt with passion.

Ms. Wills was the first to recover. Although the pony's prick was still half-hard, it had spurted its whole load of cum in her core, and her cunt had sucked up every drop. Ms. Wills was a practical woman. The fuck was over for her, so now it was time to get down to business.

As she got up and began to dress, she was already bombarding Jerry with inquiries:

“I want to buy him. How much will you sell him to me for? I've simply got to have him every day. Name your price.”

Jerry had slid his shrunken dick out of his daughter-in-law's pussy, and was trying to get back in his practical mind; while Diana and Jeannie were still recovering from the intense fucks they had received.

Jerry's economic sense finally returned and he stood and placed his half-stiff cock back in his pants and zipped back up and engaged Ms. Wills in a capitalistic discussion. They finally agreed on a price for the pony and for its delivery date, and then Ms. Wills, with a vague wave to everyone, headed for the door and was gone.

Diana and Jeannie took a little longer to recover, but eventually they had sat up and arranged their clothing so they were in some kind of order.

Jerry was still feeling the effects of the stimulant in his drink, and he grew stiff again looking at the two young attractive women sitting there looking as if they were waiting to suck or fuck.

He unzipped his pants again, and pulled out his prick and went from one to the other of the women, sliding his cock into their mouths. They avidly sucked his dick, exulting in the feel of their wet warm mouths being fucked by a stiff but velvety-smooth prick.

He continued to fuck their mouths till he felt his balls tingle and throb and let him know he was on the verge of cuming. Then he fell atop his daughter-in-law and stuffed his cock into her cunt and screwed her hard and deep till he spurted gob after gob of semen deep in her pussy.

As they fucked, Diana took the dildo and screwed her cunt fast and furiously till she cried out in a gut-wrenching orgasm....

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