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Chapter Five
Jeannie, Diana and Prince the Pony

Diana knew the routine well around the ranch. “We'll finish the feeding and watering when we do Prince. He'll be the last one. Would you like to watch Jeannie and me with Prince?” she asked Jerry.

He caught her drift immediately. He understood that the two women had already worked it out between themselves.

“Yes, I would,” he answered. “I never get tired of private shows.”

He checked Jeannie out to see if she was ready. She had an eager look in her eyes and she licked her lips.

“We can all go in my wagon,” Jerry said. “It won't take us long with all three of us feeding and watering the pets.”

Jerry got behind the wheel of his ranch wagon as the two women climbed into the rear. He felt his prick growing stiff as he checked out the women in the rear-view mirror. This was going to be fun.

He could hardly believe how lucky he was. The two women were young and attractive. They looked like movie stars. Diana was a black-haired, dark-eyed beauty, while Jeannie was to die for with her long honey blonde hair and killer body. And they were both into ponies. His cock grew even harder and began to throb as he anticipated more and more the show coming up.

They fed and watered the rest of Jerry's pets, and on their way to Prince's stall, Jerry asked Jeannie how she thought she was going to like her new “job.”

“I think I'm going to really like it,” she replied. “It has a lot of perks with it.”

“I think you're going to do just fine,” Jerry said. “You know, in a number of ways, you and Diana and me are a lot alike.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Diana remarked.

“We do seem to be interested in the same things,” Jeannie said. “That's an added plus.”

They reached Prince's stall—a big roomy one filled with fresh hay. Prince stood in a corner looking like he was ruminating about something.

“I wonder what he's thinking,” Jeannie said.

“He's thinking how glad he is to see us,” Diana said. “ He's thinking: “Now the fun begins.”

All three of them were still feeling the effects of the stimulant. Hot vibrations tingled up and down Diana and Jeannie's pussies, while Jerry's cock was still half-hard and his balls were full.

“There's no need to waste time,” Diana said, .pulling off her shirt and unsnapping her shorts. “We all know why we're here. And Prince does too. He's had enough practice.”

Jeannie followed Diana's lead. She stripped naked. Both women looked at each other. Both admired the others body.

Jerry admired them too. His cock was now rock-hard and his balls were big and full and tingly. He couldn't wait to stuff his stiff prick in both of the women, and squirt his load in Jeannie.

“I'm going to get me a piece of that cock,” Diana nodded toward Prince, who was absolutely prancing around the stall. His pale pink prick had slid out of its sheath and was glistening and throbbing, fully extended to its seven-inch length. The women could actually see his tennis-sized nut bag throbbing and trembling.

Diana got down on her knees underneath Prince's belly and grasped his dick and balls and stroked them. “God, he's so big—so long and thick and stiff. He was made to satisfy a female, no doubt about it.”

Jeannie fell to her knees before the beast and slid her tongue out and lapped at the pony's bag. It was leathery-looking but the actual texture of it was smooth and soft. “His bag's full of cum,” she said. “Absolutely full of it.”

Both women began licking and lapping Prince's nuts, their tongues working overtime. The pony stamped its feet and gave out a snort. Its dick grew even harder, thudding and rigid.

“Jesus, he tastes good,” Diana remarked.

She opened her mouth and went down on his cock. She slid her lips down the shaft, using her tongue to lap around the staff. Soon she was giving him a full suck-job, sliding her wet warm mouth up and down on the pony's dick.

The animal began jerking, humping its prick into her mouth, down to her throat.

Jeannie kept licking and lapping its balls, twirling her tongue up and down and around the pony's nuts. Then she swept her tongue up Prince's shaft, joining Diana in sucking its cock.

The two women kept licking and lapping and laving their tongues and lips on the animal's dick till they had him dancing around the stall, his big stiff prick throbbing and thudding, and his fat balls dangling and thumping. His long bushy tail swept arcs through the air, while his mane shuddered and jerked.

Jerry's cock was as big and hard and throbbing as Prince's. He unsnapped his jeans and pulled them down. His dick sprang out, fully rigid and extended to its eight-inch length. His balls were full of sperm and they tingled and throbbed in anticipation of dumping his load.

He got down on his knees behind Jeannie, wrapped his arms around her waist and moved his legs up between hers. He thrust forward and groaned as he felt his prick make contact with her cunt.

“Goddamn, I'm gonna fuck the piss out of both of you,” he gasped.

He dug his dick up Jeannie's pussy, never halting till he had every inch impaled in her hot cunt. He then began pumping his prick in her pussy, screwing her hard and fast with full jabs of his cock.

“Damn, that feels good,” she mumbled around Prince's dick as the pony drove its big prick into her mouth, down to her gullet and Jerry dug his dick deep in her pussy. At the same time, Diana was using her lips and tongue on the animal's cock-base, driving it into a frenzy of humping and hunching. It snorted and wheezed and breathed out heavily as it fucked the women's mouths and throats.

Jerry slid his dick out of Jeannie's cunt and moved over to Diana. He grabbed her waist and pushed forward, driving his hard prick into her pussy from behind. Diana spread her legs wider to allow him as much access as possible.

Both women were wild with passionate lust. Sucking an animal's long stiff thick cock and licking its big puffed balls, as well as being screwed from behind by Jerry had driven them into a state of frenzied perversity. They were ready to do anything to satisfy and satiate their lustful perversion.

Jeannie, especially, felt a state of freedom and lust she had never before experienced. Diana and Jerry had both experienced different acts of perversity, but this was a first for Jeannie. She reveled in the state of free lust and desire she was experiencing. She made a vow to herself as the pony fucked her throat and Jerry screwed her cunt that she was going to do anything and everything she wanted to satisfy the itch that had been started throughout her body. She thought there was nothing to stop her from committing any deed or act of perverted lust she wanted. Her husband certainly couldn't stop her.

Both women experienced orgasms simultaneously. They dug their hands into the straw of the stall and hunched and humped as climaxes ripped through their bodies. They grunted and moaned in their ecstasy.

Jerry pulled his dick out of Diana's pussy and dug it back into Jeannie's hot cunt. The woman panted and gasped and jerked her ass back to allow his big hard prick as much room as it required. Jerry cried aloud in unrestrained passion as he rammed his cock up her pussy.

In her wild state of frenzy, Diana grabbed Jeannie and squeezed and pinched her body as she sucked the pony's dick in unrestrained gleeful lust. She then began rubbing her own cunt and slid fingers deep in it and began finger-fucking herself.

Never before had either woman experienced such a free state of lustful perversion. They both screamed in wild unrestrained laughter.

Jerry found himself screaming with the women. All three were so caught up in perversity that they were literally crazy with lust and screaming their heads off.

Jerry felt the semen suddenly erupt from his nuts. He couldn't stop it. And he didn't want to. He shouted as the sperm gushed up his stalk and spewed into Jeannie's pussy. The knowledge that he was squirting semen in his daughter-in-law's cunt, probably aiding in impregnating her—all with his son's knowledge and consent, and her desire, gave him a feeling of freedom he had never known before. He vowed to keep screwing her even after he had impregnated her.

Jeannie humped her pussy back, sucking up his sperm, storing it in her womb. She was sure he had knocked her up this time—if not already.

He emptied his balls in her cunt, spurting gob after gob of semen deep in her core. She sighed and moaned with satisfaction and enjoyment.

She wanted him to fuck her every day. She was sure he would. He seemed to want to screw her every time he saw her. There was nothing to stop them from fucking every day. Even after she got pregnant. And then after she had the baby, they could start screwing again. She smiled with the thought of her husband sharing her with his father. They all wanted it, and there was nothing to stop them from doing it. So why not do it? Every day?

After Jerry had spurted the final drop of sperm in his daughter-in-law's pussy, he sprawled back in the stall, resting and recuperating. But the two women were far from being done.

Diana looked around till she found the dildo. She strapped it on and smiled at the look of it. The rubber cock jutted out eight inches—thick and flexibly stiff.

She decided to give Prince a rest. She didn't want him to spew his cum just yet.

She looked at Jeannie, lying on her tummy in the hay, her big rump firm and upthrust. A jolt of lust stabbed through Diana's body at the sight of the honey-blonde beauty lying sprawled in the straw. Bolts of wet fire jabbed through her cunt as she looked at Jeannie. This is paradise, she thought. This is as close as it's possible to come to unrestrained heaven of lust on earth.

With a grunt of desire, she grabbed Jeannie and pulled her ass up against the eight-inch rubber dick.

“I'm going to screw the piss out of you,” she rasped.

Jeannie whimpered, half in desire and half in trepidation, for she knew what it felt to have the thick rubber prick pumping deep in her cunt.

Jerry was content to rest and watch Diana fuck Jeannie. It would give him a chance to recuperate and build his strength back. He felt semen slowly building back up in his balls. He had a feeling that this was going to work out perfectly. By the time Diana had made Jeannie cum again, he would be ready to screw her once again and pump sperm deep in her pussy—all the way to her womb.

For a moment he wondered how it would feel to be a father once again. He had six kids but they were all grown up. It had been years since he had been a new father. He felt it would be all right as long as he didn't have to care for the baby. He would help support it financially, but that was all. He sighed with satisfaction. This arrangement was working out just fine.

He watched as Diana wrapped her arms around Jeannie's waist and thrust the rubber cock into her cunt. She squeezed Jeannie's tits good and hard as she began pumping the prick in her pussy. Jeannie gasped and panted with pleasure and desire as Diana screwed her fast and hard and deep. She spread her legs and thrust her ass up to give Diana full access to her cunt.

She began sucking Prince's dick again as Diana fucked her from behind. There was something so perverse about all this that she felt a thrill shoot through her whole body. It was the thrill of unrestrained lust, and Jeannie loved it. She was sucking a pony's cock as a woman pumped a rubber prick in her pussy, and her husband was at work and knew nothing about it. Her heart actually thudded with glee at the thought of the perverted lust of it all.

The pony pumped its big stiff prick deep down in her mouth, all the way to her gullet. She loosened her throat muscles and relaxed her mouth as much as possible. She was somewhat surprised when she was able to deep-throat the animal.

The pony shifted its stance and neighed as it fucked the woman's mouth down to her throat. It slapped and mashed its ball bag upon her chin as she sucked every inch of its dick.

Diana found the animal's rhythm and matched it, pumping the big stiff rubber cock in synch with the pony's movement. Jeannie was in heaven. The two long thick stiff pricks fucked her throat and her pussy deeply and fully and in full rhythm with each other.

Diana found that by moving up onto Jeannie's back that she could reach the pony's dick with her opened mouth. Both women then proceeded to suck the animal's cock. Diana concentrated on the head while Jeannie sucked the shaft.

Jerry was getting turned on watching the two women. His nut sack was full and tingling as his prick throbbed and thudded in its stiff fullness.

Then the unexpected suddenly happened.

The pony jerked and nickered and jammed its dick down Diana's throat. And its cum suddenly erupted. A great spurt gushed out of its cock in a ropy stream.

Diana was forced to gulp the cum down. It was either that or choke. She chose to suck.

Jeannie joined in, sucking the animal's thick creamy cum. It tasted musky and randy.

The pony kept spurting its semen in big ropes of sperm, emptying its bag of cum.

The women sucked till the pony's juice ran down their mouths. It streamed down their chins and onto their tits.

Diana kept pumping the rubber prick deep in Jeannie's cunt as the animal emptied its nut sack into their overflowing mouths. She was determined to make Jeannie cum, and she succeeded. The woman thrashed and hunched and then froze as an orgasm swept over her body. Then she loosened up and began sucking with her pussy on the rubber dick.

Diana screwed her till she lost her breath. She gradually slowed down her humping till she gave a final heave of the rubber prick. Jeannie gave out a long “Ah,” as she lowered her body down onto the hay.

Jerry was now ready to dump his load into Jeannie's cunt. He pulled Diana out of the way and slid his cock into his daughter-in-law's wet pussy. He screwed her with fast hard full jabs, jamming his dick like a piston in and out of her hot slick cunt. After a couple dozen hard full jabs of his prick he gushed cum deep in her core. He collapsed on her back, causing her to fall into the straw of the stall.

The three lay there as if dead for a few minutes till they stirred and showed signs of life. Then they began breathing, getting their wind back.

It was, to say the least, the most energetic fuck any of them had ever experienced.

Without exchanging a word, they all understood this was the final stamp in their screwing with each other for the day.

They didn't say anything to each other as they left the stall and slowly climbed into the ranch wagon. They weren't upset with each other at all; they were simply fucked out. Both women were a little disappointed that they had sucked on the pony's dick too long. Even ponies had their limits, and the pinto had reached his, and then nature had taken over and it naturally spewed its cum in the nearest receptacle—which in this case happened to be Diana and Jeannie's mouths...

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Save it. You'll probably be able to go twice tomorrow if you save it

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