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Brigit Astar
07-05-2012, 10:53 PM
Chapter Six
Jeannie and Prince

That night Jeannie dreamed of Prince. He was in a stall and she came floating in with angel wings. She landed in front of him and immediately saw his cock was extended to its full length. It quivered and glistened. The pony was ready to fuck. Just as she wrapped her legs around the beast's flanks she awoke.

The dream was so vivid and intense. She thought about it all that morning. Periodically, through the morning, she found herself thinking of Prince—thinking of its big fat balls and big stiff prick. She stayed excited thinking about it...

At mid-morning she drove out to the ranch. She found Diana in the kitchen, packing a lunch, as she had been doing on Monday.

Jeannie immediately asked her about Prince.

“He's doing fine, as well as I know,” Diana answered. “ He hasn't been watered or fed yet.”

“I'll do him first,” Jeannie said, wondering as she said it if Diana had caught the double meaning in her words. Apparently not, for the woman immediately said: “Okay. Then, all you'll need to do is water and feed the other show animals. It won't take that long—once you get into it.” She smiled and said, “I don't mean to come on like an old biddy, but I've got to tell you one more time about not over watering or overfeeding. The thing is, recently we had two ponies that died from being over watered. The man who took care of them forgot and left the water running. The ponies literally drank themselves to death. The thing about ponies—other than their big size, is the fact that they don't know when to quit drinking or eating.”

“I'll make sure I don't do that,” Jeannie replied.

“You'll do fine,” Diana smiled.

Jeannie was turned on by the woman. Diana was a little older than Jeannie, but their bodies were a match for each other. Diana's breasts were a little bigger, but Jeannie made up for that with having a bigger more upthrust rump.

She would have liked to stay in the kitchen and gotten it on with Diana, but the animals called, so she said 'bye to her and headed for the door.

“I'll have lunch ready for you in a couple of hours,” Diana called out.

“Great,” Jeannie answered as she left through the door.

As she approached the small barn where Prince's stall was located, her anticipation began to grow. She had been thinking all morning of Prince. Her heart thumped and a hot flash tingled up her pussy and on up to her titties. Her breasts were now swollen and hot.

“I'm going to suck your cock, big boy,” she murmured as she walked around to the side of the barn and turned on the water. She entered Prince's domain and heard him rustling and walking in the stall.

The pony apparently had the small barn all to himself. She didn't see any other animals in any of the stalls.

“You've got it made, don't you, boy,” she said to the beast as she opened the stall door.

She took a moment to just admire the pony. It was a little over three feet high and was golden tan and light brown in splotches all over. Its long bushy tail and long thick mane gave it an exotic look that she found exciting.

“You're a beauty,” she said, borrowing a line that the woman which the pinto had fucked had uttered.

She knelt and lightly stroked the belly of the animal. It was full and muscular.

She softly caressed its scrotum, letting its big full balls roll in her hand. She felt heat from the pony's prick.

She stroked a little harder and felt the pony respond. She felt its moist quivering dick come peeking out from its sheath.

“Oh yes, come on out, boy,” she softly said to the animal. “You and I are going to have some fun.”

Her heart was absolutely thudding now, and her cunt was hot and moist. She was more than ready to suck and fuck.

She knelt down lower and slid her tongue out and twirled it on the pony's prick.

The animal's cock came sliding out faster. It was now growing in hardness and length.

She stroked a little faster and felt the pony's dick respond accordingly. It was now extended to its full length and thickness. It trembled and throbbed and was glistening wet.

She began lapping its fat bag, swirling her tongue around its big balls. The beast's bag was huge for its size—about the same size as a big tennis ball. Even though its scrotum was leathery-looking and full, it was silky smooth.

Its cock continued to grow as she lapped and licked and laved her tongue over its nut sack.

“It's hard to believe how big you are,” she said.

She rubbed its prick fully now. The pony quivered and its flanks trembled and shuddered at her touch.

“Oh, you're such a big boy,” she said, her voice trembling with excitement.

She moved close up to the pony's bag and opened her mouth wide and sucked down on its prick. The animal drove its dick relentlessly into her mouth, never halting till it had every inch down to her throat.

Jeannie was surprised that she was able to take in all the pony's dick. But the proof of the pudding was in the eating, she thought of a hoary proverb. She chuckled. Then she went back to being absorbed in the feel and texture of the animal's dick. It was long and stiff and thick, but it was totally silky smooth-- and hot. It throbbed under her ministration.

But she wasn't going to make the same mistake she had made the two days before. She was going to begin being fucked by the beast--right now.

She slid her mouth off its cock and lay back on the cloth-covered hay bale which was in the same position it had been the day before.

She grasped the animal's prick and moved her body up till she felt the dick touch her pussy.

“Here you go, big boy,” she spoke to the pony. “Here's some pussy for you. You deserve it for being such a big guy.”

She lightly lunged her body forward and up, taking care that the beast didn't move too fast or hard. She made sure of that by clutching its dick at the base and pulling back on it.

The pony settled for a leisurely fuck. It dug its dick up and down her cunt in a smooth even sawing movement.

The animal and the woman were now screwing perfectly. “Slow and easy,” she murmured.

Prince seemed to have settled down for a nice slow ride. He had a glazed look in his eyes and the movement of his flanks were smooth and slow.

“Ah, you're a perfect fucker,” she said softly. “We're going to be doing this a lot. I can see that right now.”

The pony was now stuffing every inch of its dick in Jeannie, mashing its fat balls on her ass. The woman breathed out hotly and raggedly.

“Oh, sweet honey, we were made to fuck each other,” she said.

She moved her body up and down a little faster, increasing the pleasure she was feeling a notch.

She now had her legs wrapped around the pony's hip flanks and her arms around its front legs. She rested her head on the outside of the animal's forward flank. She was now in a perfect position what with her body resting comfortably on the hay bale.

How can this be wrong? she asked herself. Nothing that feels this good can be wrong to do. I guess that's why the puritans banned it.

As the pony pulled back, she felt a momentary emptiness, but when it came forward again, filling her cunt up with big hot meat, she sighed in ecstasy and silently blessed the beast.

She let go of the animal's prick and began screwing it with full long strokes of her pussy.

Only Jerry was as big as the pony. Other than them, no cock had ever reached her core.

“Fuck me,” she said in an ever-growing commanding voice. “Fuck my pussy, you wonderful beast, you heavenly animal.”

In answer the pony smacked and mashed its big full balls against her cunt and pumped its big stiff prick deep in her pussy.

“Oh sweetheart ,” she breathed out in an ecstatic voice. “We were made for this. This is what we're here for—to fuck each other to sweet heaven.”

She hunched forward and cried aloud in passionate lust as the pony pumped its full prick up her pussy.

“Oh darling, I'm cuming!” she gasped. She wrapped her legs and arms tighter around the pony and humped her cunt to meet its full length and thickness. The beast literally filled her pussy up with meat.

“Now!” she cried. “Now, sweetheart, now! Goddamn, Jesus fucking Mary! This is heaven!”

The pony never stopped its lunging movements. It screwed her relentlessly.

She cried aloud in pure lust as she felt the beast's thick gummy cum squirt deep in her core.

“Fuck! Fuck, sweet baby, fuck!” she panted, jerking and hunching in the throes of orgasmic rapture.

The pony mashed its big ball bag against her ass as it spewed long ropy streams of cum deep in her cunt. It neighed and snorted and humped its prick up her pussy. The cum filled Jeannie's pussy up and streamed out of her cunt and down her rump.

The beast didn't stop till it had emptied its balls in her. Never had she imagined anything could have so much thick creamy juice in it.

She panted and sighed in satiated pleasure and dropped her legs from around the pony's flanks. It still dribbled cum onto her cunt.

“Um, so good, so fucking good,” she murmured. “Ah, you and I were made for each other,” she said.

She slowly stood, the cum still dripping from her pussy. She looked admiringly at the pony. “I'll be back,” she said.

She headed for the other barns to water and feed the other show animals. A warm smile of satisfaction glowed on her face. This job has more perks than I thought, she reflected. One thing about it, I'll never lack for long thick stiff cocks with lots of thick creamy cum. There are dozens of animals here that will fuck me. Probably a lot more that I haven't seen....