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Brigit Astar
07-05-2012, 10:54 PM
Chapter Seven
The Introduction of Satan the Goat

When Jeannie made it back to the ranch house, she still felt the cum from the pony's prick oozing out of her pussy. She looked down at her shorts. Apparently her panties were soaking up all the cum for she didn't see any stain on her shorts.

Diana told her she was just in time for lunch. Jerry joined them and the three had a long conversation about the different animals on the ranch. Jeannie had a lot of questions and Jerry answered them all. Then he said something that perked her interest.

“There's still a pet I haven't shown you,” Jerry said. “I think you'll be surprised when you see him.”

“Another pony?” Jeannie asked.

“No, he's a goat—a big one too. You'll see how big when I show him to you this afternoon. By the way, you're doing a great job with the show animals. You're keeping right up with watering and feeding them.”

“Like Diana told me: Just take my time,” Jeannie said. “No need to rush.”

After they finished lunch, Jerry said, “Well, if you're ready, I'll show you Satan,” he announced.

“Satan?” Jeannie asked in mystification.

“Yeah, in one of my irreligious and philosophical moods, I named the goat Satan. You'll see why when you look at him.”

“Are you going to join us?” Jeannie asked Diana.

“No, I have other duties to perform,” the woman answered. “After seeing Satan though, you might want to watch him in one of the animal shows. You think Prince is relentless, Satan is insatiable. I might join you for one of the shows.”

Jeannie and Jerry left the ranch house and got into Jerry's wagon and drove a couple of miles to a barn that was secluded from the others.

As they entered the barn, Jeannie heard a loud stamping from one of the stalls and a blaring “Baaa.”

When she looked into the stall she was amazed.

Standing in the middle of the straw was the biggest goat she had ever seen. It was tall and stocky. Its glossy ebony hair made it solid black. It had long thick curved horns and a shaggy coat.

The goat was intent on licking its solid red cock with its long thick red tongue. Its thick tongue—as long and thick as an average man's dick-- had coated its long stiff prick with a glistening sheen of saliva. Its cock was a little bigger than Jerry's. It was a good eight inches long, super-thick and quivering and throbbing in its stiffness which had been caused by its licking of its own prick. Its scrotum was huge, leathery and thick and full.

Never had Jeannie seen anything so wicked-looking. There was something devilish-looking about the goat. The fact that it was licking its own dick and making it stiff sent a thrill of lust shooting through her cunt up to her tits.

The goat suddenly looked up at her and stared at her with unblinking yellow eyes. Its eyes almost seemed hypnotic. It was almost as if she had received a message from the goat: “I have the tongue and cock for you--the one you want and need--long and thick and stiff...I have the staying power you want—I can get it up and keep it up—anytime you want...I am relentless, I am insatiable...Once I lick you and fuck you, you will never be satisfied with anything less than my tongue and my prick...I will fill your cunt up with thick creamy cum...you won't want me to ever stop...”

She forced herself to break away from the goat's stare.

“He's massive, he's huge.,” she said. “How long have you had him?”

“About a year,” Jerry replied. “He's about four years old.”

“Does he take part in the animal shows?” she asked.

“Oh yes. Satan, next to Prince—and like him a special pet of mine—is a star attraction in the shows. He's very popular among the women.”

“I imagine so,” she said. “He's the biggest goat I've ever seen. I was just thinking—about his name. Satan fits him. There's something Satanic about him, something devilish-looking.”

“Yes, I felt the same way when I first saw him,” Jerry said. “I just suddenly thought that Satan was a perfect name for him.”

“Does it fit his personality?” she asked.

“Yes, it does,” he answered. “I half-believe he's a true devil—a real demon in goat form.” He laughed. “I'm not a very religious person; or, I should say, I'm irreligious. It gave me sort of a half-thrill to “violate” the name, shall I say. To call him Satan when I bought him--to sort of laugh in the face of religion.”

“He's hypnotic-looking,” Jeannie said. “I mean, there's something in his stare, in his gaze that could hypnotize you if you looked long enough.”

Jerry laughed again. “I wouldn't know about that. I just named him Satan because it seemed to fit him.”

“It's a perfect name,” Jeannie said. She didn't tell Jerry what she was really thinking: that she believed the goat was a real devil.

Jeannie was religious, in that she believed in God, but she wasn't a church-goer. There was something else about Jeannie, and that was that she received a thrill of perverse lust from violating religious commandments and committing sacrilegious and heretic acts. She didn't pretend to understand the psychology behind it, or her motivations. All she knew was that she felt a thrill whenever she committed acts of perversion. She felt, like Jerry, that she was laughing in the face of religion; but more than that; she felt she was laughing in the face of God...

“I'm going to be putting on a private animal show with Satan on Friday afternoon. You're welcome to sit in and watch if you want. I think you might enjoy it.”

“I think I will,” Jeannie replied. “It sounds like something right up my alley.”

After watering and feeding Satan, they left the barn and headed for the other barns to feed and water the other animal pets.

After they had finished, Jerry said, “Well, you're finished for the day. You're welcome to stay here if you want.”

“There are some things I need to shop for in town,” she replied, “and Sonny will be expecting me too, so I'll head on out. I'll see you Friday.”

“Don't forget the animal show,” Jerry answered.

“No way,” she smiled...

She went shopping and bought some items she needed around the house. Then she took a shower and mixed a drink and waited on Sonny.

When he didn't show up, she went to the bedroom, stripped off her clothes and lay on the bed.

The full-length mirror on the bedroom wall caught her eye, and she got up and checked herself out.

She was pleased with what she saw. Her reflection cast back an image of a woman in her early twenties, with peach-like skin, full pink lips, long shimmering honey-blonde hair, luminous blue-green eyes, big firm upthrust breasts, a tight tummy, and shapely hips. She checked her legs out. They were long and smooth and full. Her little slit hid behind a trimmed thatch of honey-blonde pubic hair. She turned aside and observed her butt. It was perfectly proportioned—smooth and firm but soft and uplifted.

She nodded in satisfaction. She was proud of her face and body. Why not? She resembled a movie star, and she knew it. There was no false modesty about Jeannie.

She dressed and mixed herself another drink and went into the living room to wait for Sonny.

She heard his car pull up in the drive, and she waited expectantly for him to enter. She was still horny and in the mood for some play.

But when Sonny entered, it was apparent that he was bone-tired and not in the mood for playing any kind of games—sexual or otherwise.

Jeannie soon gave up on trying to engage him in playing, and she went to bed early.

It's quite all right, she thought to Sonny through the bedroom wall. I have more than enough tongue and cock at the ranch to satisfy me—and make a dozen of you...

By the time Friday rolled around, Jeannie was so horny she couldn't stand it.

She drove to the ranch house and laughed exultantly. There was nothing to stop her from sucking and fucking all day. And there was the private animal show in the afternoon too...

She watered and fed all the pets, and then went to the ranch house. She found Diana and Jerry sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. She joined them and they talked about the upcoming animal show.

“They'll be just one woman in attendance—along with Satan,” Jerry explained. “But this time they'll be someone watching. Mr. Honeycut will join us. He's been a regular customer of mine for quite awhile. And he even leaves a substantial tip for me, although I make enough from the show and don't really need it”

Jeannie thought about Jerry's income. It must be substantial, she thought. He made money from selling animals, from renting them out, and by putting on animal shows. Whatever his income is, it must be pretty good, she thought.

She found herself thinking about the upcoming animal show. Satan kept intruding into her thoughts. What a devil-demon he was!

She began to think how she could work it out to suck the goat's dick and have it fuck her too as soon as possible. There would perhaps be time later on in the afternoon. There was no way she was going to pass up the opportunity to suck and fuck such a beastly prick. Her cunt grew moist and throbbed in its heat, and her tits began to swell and throb. Jagged bolts of lust stabbed through her pussy at the thought of the goat's long slick thick prick pumping deep in her cunt...

They drove to the barn where the previous animal show had been held. Jeannie noticed that Diana took the bag with her that the strap-on dildo had been in.

A man and a woman waited in front of the barn.

When Jerry got out and went up to them, he said, “Hello, Mr. Honeycut, glad to see you could make it.”

“I'm on vacation,” the man said. “Nothing could stop me from watching the show. I'll be on vacation for two weeks. I'll probably be coming out here quite a bit.”

“Always glad to have you,” Jerry said. He turned to the woman. “Hi, Ms. Steinham. How are you doing today?”

“Horny as hell,” the woman answered. They all laughed.

Jeannie observed that the man and the woman were double in a sense. The man was fat with popping eyes, and the woman was chubby with thick lips and fat jowls. Both were ugly as sin.

“Let's get this show on the road,” Jerry said, going up to the barn door. He opened the door wide and entered the spaciously-furnished barn. The rest followed him.

Jeannie saw that the room was the same—a barn outside and a nice apartment inside, with a bale of hay covered with a quilt lying a few feet away from one wall.

“Let's get the payment out of the way,” the man said. He reached into a pocket and pulled out a wallet. He handed Jerry a couple of bills. The woman rummaged in her purse, and then pulled out two bills and gave them to Jerry.

“Let me ask you both if you mind at all Jeannie and Diana here sitting in on this,” Jerry asked

“Not at all,” the woman answered. “In fact, it gives me somewhat of a thrill to know someone is watching.”

“Me too,” the man said. “Don't ask me why. It just does.”

Jeannie understood completely what the man and woman meant.

“I'll be right back with Satan,” Jerry said, walking away and down a hall.

The woman immediately started taking her clothes off. The others followed suit. Jeannie noticed that the bodies of the man and woman were grossly fat. Their ugliness continued on down to their toes.

Jerry reentered leading Satan by a leash. Jeannie couldn't keep her eyes off the goat. All of its attributes: its black hair, pointed ears, long curved thick horns, murky yellow eyes,its long thick red tongue and its big balls and long thick sheath, combined to make the beast look truly demonic and devilish.

Jeannie felt a hot flash jab through her pussy up to her titties. Her mouth and throat were suddenly dry, and her heart was thumping. Just looking at the goat was turning her on.

She noticed that the animal was gazing at her. She looked into its eyes, and once again it seemed to communicate with her non-verbally: I'm going to give you the licking and fucking of your life, its eyes seemed to say. Whenever we can couple you'll never again be truly satisfied with any tongue and cock except mine.

She had to snap herself out of the seeming trance the goat had cast upon her.

The woman finished undressing and stood there in all her naked fat ugliness. She had the biggest fattest tits Jeannie had ever seen. The man soon stood naked beside her, and he surprised Jeannie. Even though he was grossly fat and ugly, he had a long thick dick with big balls.

The woman didn't waste any time. She knelt before the beast and stuck out her hand and stroked its thick full bag. The man sat on a chair and began to intently watch the woman and the goat. Jerry and Diana sat on a sofa with Jeannie between them.

The effect on the animal of her stroking its ball sack was immediate. Its whole body moved back and it gave out a loud “Baaa,” and then it moved forward again.

The woman caressed its scrotum more vigorously and let her hand move on out to its sheath. She began stroking it, and suddenly she knelt down on both knees and stuck her tongue out and began licking and lapping the goat's sheath.

The beast moved forward, guiding its underside toward the woman's mouth. Its cock suddenly appeared out of its sheath. It grew in both length and thickness as the woman took it in her mouth and began to lick and suck it.

Jeannie's fascination and horniness grew as she looked at the goat's red prick grow steadily as the woman sucked it. It matched Jerry's dick in length but was a little thicker. It throbbed and wobbled up and down as it was being sucked. It was without a doubt the biggest prick she had ever seen.

The wet hot stabbing flashes grew in Jeannie's cunt. Her titties were swollen and throbbed. Her heart thudded.

I'm going to suck your dick and you're going to fuck me, Jeannie silently communicated with the goat as it began fucking the woman's mouth, stuffing and sliding its long thick stiff prick between the woman's thick lips.

She deep-throated the goat, sucking every inch of its cock down into her gullet.

There was something obscenely perverse about the ugly woman's fat lips and jowls licking and sucking on the goat's prick, slurping and laving a layer of saliva all over it, from its head to its root.

The fat man who sat naked in the chair occasionally stroked his dick as he intently watched. Jerry stripped and his cock sprang out to its full length and stiffness. Jeannie and Diana occasionally stroked their naked bodies as they watched the woman and the beast.

The goat suddenly jerked and mashed its big balls on the woman's chin. This was a sign to her that Satan was moving into his highest gear prior to his squirting cum.

She quickly slid her mouth off the beast's prick and lay back on the hay bale and raised her legs and drew them back. She tugged on the animal's dick, pulling it toward her gaping cunt.

The goat didn't hesitate. It jumped her on the bale, landing squarely atop her. Its sudden weight jumping her almost knocked the breath out of the woman. She lay there for a minute catching her breath, and then she locked her legs and arms around the beast's body and hunched her pussy up.

The goat hooked its hooves around her shoulders and began digging its dick into her cunt.

The woman grunted with pleasure and delight and humped her pussy up to meet the animal's thrusts.

It kept stuffing its prick into her cunt, never halting. Her pussy sucked on the goat's cock, drawing more and more of it into her cunt. With a final thrust, the goat drove the last inch of its long thick dick into the woman's core. Its big full ball bag mashed against her fat ass.

The woman halted for a few seconds, and then began fucking back at the beast, hunching her pussy on its thick prick.

The animal lowered its head and stuck out its long thick tongue and began lapping her big breasts as it pumped her pussy full of meat....